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"Today" in Calendar
"Today" is highlighted for every month. If "Today" is Dec. 22, then Jan. 22, Feb. 22, etc. are also
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(calendar) permission display wonky
Permissions are displayed incorrectly on the
"Assign Permissions to this Object" page of
tiki-objectpermissions.php for a Calendar (other object types not tested)

If there is more than one group assigned then the boxes show the correct permissions

If there is only one group assigned no permissions show

If a 2nd or subs group is added then the boxes show the correct permissions

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1.10: Calendar shows ok date number on header, but date +1 in cells of the calendar (month view)
Using recent 1.10 (end of november'07):
today December 8th 2007 I've set a new event at a calendar:

If you view this calendar as anonymous you see the correct date in both places:
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# Cel (current and focus) date: 12/08

However, if you login as plain registered user, this same url:

...it takes you to: "Focus: Friday 07/December/2007" (user abel, for instance), which is wrong: it should be 08/Desembre/2007

And if you login as user with admin rights (user Xavi) , the same url shows:
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# __BUT Cel (current and focus) date shows__: 12/07,
+ which is wrong: it should be 08/Desembre/2007
+ (if you click at teh event view, the date is set right: 08/12/07)
Further Update:
This is kind of weird: I had prefference for new users as "site default", and site language was either English or Catalan, amnong the few allowed languages for users.
I checked language of user "abel", and it had "Arabic" (which was not among the pre-selected as available for users).

I changed default language for all users as Catalan, and ensure the only Catalan, Spanish, English and French were allowed. Then, again, tried viewing this date:

with user "usuari", which has language selected to English: date in calendar is shown fine.
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# Cel (current and focus) date: 12/08

However, if I login as user "abel" (with Catalan interface), weird change in date shown is produced:
# Focus: Dissabte 08/Desembre/2007 (08/12/07, Saturday)
# Cel (current and focus) date: 12/07 __1 day less than it should__

I can enable an account there for any admin who want to track/hunt this bug, if needed.
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12.x fullcalendar: Can't click on event anymore to see full record and use clicable links
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Renaming a group doesn't update the name in the corresponding group watches
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12.x: PluginTrackerCalendar (fullcalendar resourceviews) stopped showing events with 'Lucene (PHP)' Unified Search Engine
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13.x: TrackerCalendar info in the popup box when hovering on items shows content without parsing (ok in 12.x)
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Tiki Calendar Locations don't sync with database
The locations drop down menu in my Tiki calendar does not sync with the database.
As I'm new to Tikiwiki, how on earth do I fix this short of dropping the table and re-entering the data?
Thanks for your time.
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popup box to select visible calendars shown underneath events details (using fullcalendar)
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Calendar WYSIWYCA issue with events plugin
1- Go here as anonymous:

2- Click on a link

You are requested to logon even though Anonymous has tiki_p_view_calendar permission

This was working fine in 1.9.11

But now in version 2.0, there are two permissions:

|| Can browse the calendar | tiki_p_view_calendar
Can view events details|tiki_p_view_events||
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Calendar item start/end hour selection is broken in Tikiwiki 2.0 using PHP 4.3.2 or previous - Patch
On TikiWiki 2.0, when adding or editing events in a <span class= "highlight_word_0">calendar</span>, if you're using PHP 4.3.2 or previous, you will only be allowed to choose 0, 1 or 2 as the <span class= "highlight_word_1">start</span>/<span class= "highlight_word_2">end</span> hour, even if the <span class= "highlight_word_0">calendar</span> is configured to offer 0-23 or something along those lines.

This is because of the following line in the file $TW_HOME/lib/smarty_tiki/function.html_select_time.php:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
$hours = $use_24_hours ? range($hour_min, $hour_max) : range(1, 12);

The range function, as explained [http://php.net/manual-lookup.php?function=range|here (see ChangeLog)], in PHP versions previous to 4.3.2 inclusive, treats numeric strings as strings and not integers which <span class= "highlight_word_2">end</span>s up meaning that "23" is seen as "2", hence producing the problem.
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3 hours discrepancy between upcoming_events module and calendar items
Adding an event to the calendar adds 3 or 5 hours depending if user is at local or UTF time.

Bug reproduced on Tikiwiki.org

Bug is present with or without jscalendar.

{draw name=CalendarTimeBug}
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3.0beta1 Calendar bug with adding events
Two problems:

1. When adding an event to a Calendar using the 'add event' icon, the start and stop time are initialised to 1 hour BEFORE the minimum time set when creating the Calendar. If the times are not changed and an event created/saved with these 'early' times and the Calendar is then exported the date is exported as 1 day earlier, even though it shows correctly in the various Calendar views. If the event is then edited the start times are automatically reset to the correct earliest possible time and the fault is corrected when the event is saved.

2. When adding an event using the "Add event" button, the edit screen does not show any additional parameters e.g Priority, Location etc if they have set for the individual Calendar.
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3.0beta1 patch: automatically extract Admin time/date settings for month/day display
__Now applied in 4.0 so this item is closed__

Current calendar displays always display month/day no matter what the
Admin time/date setting is for display_field_order.

This suggested patch follows on from [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=2314|item 2314] and modifies tiki-calendar_calmode.tpl and tiki-calendar_weekmode.tpl in 3.0beta1 so that the display is either month/day or day/month dependent on the Admin setting.

The patch also includes the logic changes for an additional check to NOT show the 'add event' icon in the day cell if no calendar 'visible'

Files attached for anyone that wants them as a patch - and for consideration for inclusion in the next 3.0 cycle?
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3.0beta1: Calendar iCal patch for recode issue
__Fixed in 4.0__

My hoster does not install the Recode extension as part of their standard PHP (5.2.6 being used) so when testing the Calendar export function I was getting Fatal errors with "undefined function recode()"

I have therefore changed line 105 in tiki-calendar_export_ical.php to use iconv instead.

I don't really know how common this issue will be ie is iconv always available and recode rarely?? but I've attached the changed code, which I have tested to some degree, for anyone with the same problem and perhaps the developers could decide which is the 'safest' approach.
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Edit Calendar Event by Registered User - No Description
When a registered user tries to edit an existing calendar event, the Edit/Delete page shows up but there is no description that displays on that page nor is there an edit interface where the event can be edited.
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Hide Upcoming Events if No Records
There should be an option on the upcoming events module to just hide the module if there are no records to display at that time.
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Calendar doesn't display WYSIWYG. Displays w/html code
In displaying a calendar event it doesn't display as written in the edit window using WYSIWYG. Instead it displays with the HTML code.
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[Wishlist] Add Recurrent Calendar Option
The recurrent option is missing the ability of choosing a recurrent monthly event happening on a specific day of the week. Ex: the First Friday of the Month.

You can only choose a specific day of the month. It would be appropriate to have a "day of the week" option and not just a numerical day.

BTW - I've tried to upload two screenshots, using Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 10.4, but the pop-up window never fully loaded. It just remained in loading mode. So if the bug staff isn't getting screenshots, that's probably a site bug that needs to be fixed.
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4.2 Calendar pop-up full of "n"'s
New TW 4.2 installation via Simple Scripts

The Calendar shows a number of n characters and no date


I've also reproduced this in
*a manual upgrade to a working 4.1 installation
*a new installation from svn

Just tried on a new dedicated server (Ubuntu) with an installation by SVN and got exactly the same results.
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Calendar view displays incorrectly
Steps to reproduce:

1. Goto http://tikiwiki.org/TikiFeatures and click on an upcoming event.

2. click on the calendar tab. choose monthly view.

3. now navigate backwards or forwards with the "Week" navigation buttons.

3. If the currently selected cell is prior to today's date the dates display correctly. If the currently selected cell is after today the entire month view displays incorrect dates.
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A Tiki Calendar wish list and bug report

Minor annoyances:
-Manually entered times in "add item" do not always show up in the calendar as entered (often an hour off). Simply editing the item and re-entering the time fixes this.

-I ran across a limit on the number of calendar items. I had entered a large list of events and later ones disappeared from tha calendar -even in whole year view. I deleted old events and they came back. maybe this is isolated.

-If I mistakenly created a calendar, I could not delete it until it had at least one event entered.

Nice to haves:
-Some way of differentiating calendar entires from different calendars when they are combined. Ex:one calendar shows events people can go to volunteer to actually do something , one shows speaking engagements people can go and listen to. I now simply use HTML bold tags in the description of one of the calendars. This works but maybe some other way? Colors, different font perhaps?

-Ability to easily add link for a Google Map. Perhaps fields to enter address info and then auto generate a map link. Google Maps has this and can be put into a Tiki page but Google Maps lacks important features, like a list view and multiple calendars, that Tiki Calendar has.

tracker item
Action_Calender module showing HTML
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Actions calendar : unable to reach the popup
Fact : with the module action_calendar the popup can't be reached.So it is impossible to access to the command buttons of the popup

Analysis : conflict or bad logical test between :
*the popup activation condition "on the date cell"
*"the need to let the popup opened or when the pointer remain over the popup"
*"sticky popup"

Same remarks as for the previous tracker about calendar feature.
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Add "Add Calendar" and "Edit Calendar" Buttons to the Admin Calendar Page
I'd like to see the UI on the Admin Calendar page get more consistent with the Admin Groups page.
Current behavior: Select Admin Calendars from menu. List of Calendars and "Create/Edit Calendars Label comes up in Entry Area. After entering and saving a new calendar, the last information stays in the text entry boxes. The user must click on Admin Calendars and re-load the page to clear the boxes for the next entry.

Desired Behavior: Select Admin Calendars from menu. List of Calendars and a form with "Add a Calendar" are opened. Buttons for "Edit Calendar" and "Create Calendar" are located below the Admin Calendar heading and load the appropriate forms.
Thanks for considering this request. dthacker.
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Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.php
After a new calendar is created, the create calendar form is still populated, and subsequent changes will edit the already created calendar instead of creating a new one. This behavior is not apparent to the user until the edit has taken place.
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Add ability to have custom status (and select default) in the Calendar
In the Tiki calendar admins can create custom priorities, locations, etc. We need a way to create custom Status, too.

Additionally, it would be nice to let the admin decide which status is the default for newly created calendar events.

See [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=25557|this forum thread] for more info.
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add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
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Add calendar data to the search
Calendar data is in the "Modified since your last visit module"

However, event data is not findable via the Tiki search engine.
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Add Event to Calendar broken
tracker item
Add IP to syslog and/or action log when anons (at least) add content (for spam protection)
Add ip to syslog and/or action log, so that when anons (at least) are allowed to add content and it's spam (robots seem to be able to post with our current antibot captcha), there is way to identify the ip of the spammer.

So far, antibot captcha is added (in trunk, at least) to:
* wiki edit
* wiki page comments
* forum posts
* tracker item comments
* freetags
* calendar items
* newsletter subscription

The action of adding content on those features should be logged in syslog and/or action log and IP recorded.
tracker item
Add multiple selection for calendar event deletion
tracker item
Add recurring events
Recurring events are an important missing feature of Calendars.
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add watch calendar event in tiki-user_watches.php
I know that calendars can be watched by users through links like:


But this link doesn't work like this other one:

I mean, Anonymous users clicking on the first link (calendar watch event, as it is right now), would not be offered any message to login or register first.
With the second link (watch article), the user will be shown the login box to login first, before the action can be executed.

This is to make more easy for new users to know that they can subscribe by email to get info from calendars if they register to that tiki site.

tracker item
Adding calendar returns notices: categorize_list.php (lines 42, 48) & tiki-admin_calendars.php (67)
Using latest 1.9.cvs code (from today - 13 june 2007). Using simple.css and tpl's.

Related to [http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1136&show=view&offset=0&reloff=2&status=op&trackerId=5&sort_mode=created_desc|this other bug report].

When adding a new calendar like "Comisión Web" (without double quotes), cateogrized to 1 cateogry called "Comisión Web" (child of Category "Comisiones"), and seeting all the other settings as n (default values), I got these messages on top of the page:

^Notice: Undefined offset: 86 in /home/httpd/tiki19/categorize_list.php on line 42

Notice: Undefined index: categId in /home/httpd/tiki19/categorize_list.php on line 48

Notice: Undefined offset: 87 in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67

Notice: Undefined index: categId in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/httpd/tiki19/categorize_list.php:42) in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 75

Calendar seems to have been created.

Update: confirmed using tikineat.css and tpl's

Update July 26th 2007:
Admin calendar produces to me:
Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67

Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67

(... repeated like 50 times or so)

But not categorize list any more...
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Admin calendar: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for 2nd arg. on line 67
Using latest 1.9.cvs (from today - 13th june 2007), cleaned caches, etc. Using simple.css and tpl's.

When attempting to admin calendars (http://www.moviments.net/precarios/tiki-admin_calendars.php) : I get plenty of messages at the top of the page, like:
Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67

Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/httpd/tiki19/tiki-admin_calendars.php on line 67


And after that, the page is displayed, but first central column getting the full width, and below, left column getting the full width also.

Update: Confirmed using tikineat.css and tpl's
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Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objects
It would be lovely to set some new user defaults at
* Admin (home) > Login > User defaults, and/or
* Admin > Groups > (Edit a single group)

The ability to Subscribe/watch/monitor new users in the site or to that specific group, to specific Tiki objects.

Which tiki objects?: I would say, in this order:
# specific forums
# specific blogs
# specific calendars
# specific newsletters (ML: we can already subscribe groups to newsletters)
# specific wiki pages
# specific structures
# specific trackers
# specific categories
# new articles

This is specially useful for new users of the site, where they don't know yet how to subscribe to specific areas, etc. Very needed for educational scenarios, but I can see many other places where new users are a bit lost for some time while they learn how to use the Tiki site.

*[wish988|Forum: Let forum admins/moderators add groups and/or users as watching the forum]
*[tiki-index.php?page=Business%20Plans|Let small business start ups access collaborative sharing where the document being shared is not visible by anyone else]

Anywhere there is a watch eye, it should be possible for an admin to have group members watch this category
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Agenda and tasks Link beetween tikiwiki and other systems with standards (ICS, XML structures, LDAP)
There are no universal products....

I do think so, that each is specialized, even so open as tikiwiki, any user of products try will to connect with others specialized products.

In fact the connection between systems takes a long, long time because, a product uses an implicit meta-vue of real, so there is a core of meta-model of datas which is progressively developped and connection are more and more simple, they become an element of culture of a community more and more large. This take decennies. This begin to exists for
*text calendar and tasks with ics files structure (but there is a confusion betteween taskd and event which generates a lot of bugs),

*text with ldap models for address management etc...
*text various contexts

About this my proposal is about calendar, task, and workflow is to have a bi-directionnal connection of the calendar and tasks.

Why bi-directionnal, because tikiwiki is an information generator that can be hold with ics shared files, and these must be easily connected with coherent others tasks and events that can be managed by specialized tools.

The main tikiwiki purpose is production of text and documents, may be it can go to GED (management of electronics documents), but technical documents have too specialized tools for technical documetns production etc...

But I don't se any (many but that can be solved) reason not to link a tiki event linked with a date held by Gannttproject (xml clear structure) and/or ics.

You will find the same with links with thunderbird calendard (oriented mail communication), SUGARCMR (relation and commercial action) yet connected with thunderbird and tikiwiki.
The main tools are ics and xml (complex structures for ganttProject)

This is future, this must be well thought because in these domain an error can generate year of delays.

I hope to have launched some ideas able to identify axis.

These are ways of work
tracker item
alarm field type in trackers
Trackers are great in Tiki, it provides a way to build quick and easy register solutions.
When used in any context related to monitoring, it would be nice to have a way to associate a record with one or more events in time. For instance you would like to receive an email at the time the issue related to the task should be controlled and/or be resolved.

Thinking on it as a feature, the following could be considered in the solution:
*It could exist more than one "timer" in the tracker record,
*It should be added like any other tracker field to the record definition,
*It could have different ways to alert: email, rss, ... (maybe only one choice when instance),
*It could have rules, like auto disable when the record is closed (or other condition),
*It could be (as an option) reprogrammed,

and also
*Maybe a user wants to know about all his/her pending "timers".
*Maybe timer implementation could be independent objects that are linked to (special fields in) tracker records (or other objects), so global management is possible.

I guess that a good part of above functionality is already in Tiki in some form.
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All day events span two days
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Allow Copy / Duplicate Calendar event
Our users have requested the facility to "copy" a calendar event.

This would be via the means of a "Copy" button when previewing an event, on clicking the button you would then see the event details and be able to change any of them before clicking "Save".

Where upon a new event will be created with these details.
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Awkward interface for multiple calendars
in version 3.2, I would like to add a second calendar (public access television programs - the first calendar is an events calendar. see http://www.progressiveomaha.com/tikidir/tiki-calendar.php ). I would like the user to be able to easily switch between the two or view both as an amalgamated calendar, if they wish.

However, first the user has to click on "visible calendars" which displays a popup window that gives check boxes which gives the option to check one calendar or the other or both with an additional option to "Check/Uncheck All". Once they have made a selection there, the user must then click on "Refresh" to see the calendar or calendars they wanted to see.

People may want to switch back and forth between the calendars several times in one session. Having to go through multiple steps to accomplish that is a disincentive to using the calendar.

tracker item
Blank Page with tiki-calendar.php
on the test environment i can access tiki-calendar.php without a problem but as soon as i want to create a calendar and then access it on the live server i only get a blank page.

wether it is an already populated tiki or a clean install (wether using a completely new db or telling the tiki installer to clear the previous db and create a new one, wether using our theme or using the standard theme) i always get a blank page.

are there any special options in php/mysql/apache the calendar needs which i need to change?

the live server is a suse linux with php 5.3.3 and mysql 5.1.46
the local server is some xampp on a windows machine

tested it with Tiki 6.3, 6.4 and 7.1

While it is a blank page in Firefox, Google Chrome says it is a 500 server error

Apache Error Log says:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in .../lib/tikidate-php5.php on line 298, referrer http//...
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Brand New 5 RC-1 from SVN: No Calendar View
Brand spanking new 5 RC-1 from svn. I applied the Personal Blog profile (which was advertised to have a calendar, but doesn't). Then I turned on the Calendar feature, then created a calendar and made an entry. This appears in the list view, but no Calendar view ever appears.

The Tiki is here:


There's a user tiki with pwrd wiki if anyone wants to poke around with it.

I'm stuck.

On an svn installation of 5.x (just upgraded to latest b2 version May 9th am) We do not see a calendar view, at all.

The list view works and the items are there, but clicking "Calendar View" button invokes the javascript and produces the process-working graphic briefly, but then a blank where the calendar view should be. No calendar.

Tried 5 ALive theme, Strasa, and the News. No calendar.

What could we be missing that the calendar does not appear in calendar view?


tracker item
*New all-day events are not created.

To reproduce:
*Create an event, select a start-day in the future, select "All-Day", and then save it.

*The event doesn't get created because the end-day is before the start-time.

*This is confusing for the user.
*No error message or warning is generated.

tracker item
calendar - update end date of event after start date exceeds it
When creating (editing) some event and change start date to the value that is newer than end date, user must change end date manually
tracker item
Calendar -Choice to show or hide Group and tools calendar box
I have only one calendar and my users keep asking me what that Groups and Tools box is for. How 'bout a setting to hide this box?
tracker item
Calendar : No way to create a calendar
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Calendar "preview" new event : unusable : data lost
Fact : when you submit "preview" for a new event, a great part of data are lost, there is no real preview, and when you return to creation most of optional data are lost.

Too many things don't function : the job is not ended.
tracker item
Calendar 28February does not show newly added event
I am newbie on this. I found the error/bug when I added an event on the 28th of February. Newly added event did not show up on the monthly calendar but shows up in the View List.

Maybe this is resolved on version 3. i don't know. Just downloaded v 3 but did not install yet.

As to priority well, its passed February now, but next year target date is enough time.
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Calendar 5.3 and later ? : Error view event from popup => data not sent
The fact (analysis result) : view from the popup od calendar module has no data set up

Details :
When you actions the into modules calendar the event from a date, you get the popup (if prefs) which shows the events of the day, then :

1- there is no choice for an event if an alone or several
2- the data of the event are not set up
3- the action button "view" shows a "pseudo empty event" the lonely data are the default value for a new event...

The function is not completely implemented. Job not ended. Functionality not operational.

It had no time to look at 6.0.
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Calendar allows for event end to be before event start
Calendar allows for event end to be before event start

also when asked for duration it asks for a time not an amount of time.
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Calendar at Tiki.org, page keep refreshing
tracker item
calendar can not display next year

Calendar displays only this year when adding an event.
I can not select next year or any other year in start/end date box.

tracker item
Calendar can not select any other year but this year
Calendar can accept only this year when adding an event.
I can not select next year or any other year except this year.

tracker item
Calendar class 'opaque calBox' broken
tracker item
Calendar crashes in Year mode
tracker item
Calendar does not highlight selected date
tracker item
Calendar does not show creator of events in mouseover
tracker item
Calendar Enrtries not showing
On Month and Quarter Calendars, I have not managed to test semester. If the last day of the period is displayed in the bottom right corner of the grid it will not display any events. All other times it displays them.
tracker item
Calendar event (Community event) not visible for anonymous
tracker item
Calendar events "Tentative" status does not work
The "Tentative" status for a calendar event always reverts to "Confirmed" after it is saved.
tracker item
Calendar events: end date should be later than start date
There is currently no sanity check
tracker item
Calendar Feature: can it be like a spreadsheet instead of many clicks?
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Calendar filter doesn't work for blog posts
According to the Calendar Module docs, "For the blogs system any weblog will only display posts with dates equal or lower than the date selected in the calendar." But this doesn't seem to work. There is no change in the blog posts displayed even when a date prior to one or more blog posts is clicked.
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Calendar iCal export causing 500 internal error
When our users attempt run the Calendar export (either via tiki-calendar.php or tiki-calendar_params_ical.php) a 500 internal server error occurs.

From apache access.log:
{CODE(caption="access.log")} - - [30/Apr/2010:07:33:27 -0400] "POST /eiadwiki/tiki-calendar_export_ical.php HTTP/1.1" 500 - "http://eiadwiki/eiadwiki/tiki-calendar_params_ical.php" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3"{CODE}

From PHP error log:
No error reported log.

HTTP Request:
{CODE(caption="HTTP Request")}POST /eiadwiki/tiki-calendar_export_ical.php HTTP/1.1
Host: eiadwiki
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3
Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5
Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7
Keep-Alive: 115
Referer: http://eiadwiki/eiadwiki/tiki-calendar.php
Cookie: javascript_enabled=y; menu=@menu42__50%3Ac@menu42__600%3Ac@menu42__1050%3Ao@menu42__200%3Ac@menu42__350%3Ac@filtercal%3Ao@exportcal%3Ao; tab=1; activeTabseiadwiki%2Ftiki-adminusers.php=tab1; local_tz=AM; PHPSESSID=mkiu7d2r4jlj74f7hlt2brvvj4
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 41


HTTP Response:
{CODE(caption="HTTP Response")}HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 11:37:38 GMT
Server: Apache
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.2-dev
Expires: 0
Cache-Control: private
Pragma: dummy=bogus
Content-disposition: inline; filename=calendar.ics
Content-Length: 0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Connection: close
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We are running in a multi tiki environment on Windows Server 2003, tikwiki 3.2 and php 5.3.
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Calendar Import
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Calendar in category system
The calendar should be in the category system.

Would each calendarID be assignable to a category?
Would each event be assignable to a category?
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Calendar in theme control center
Calendar is missing from the theme control center
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Calendar inexplicably jumping when in quarter mode
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Calendar items: adding a comment
To be able to add a comment to an existing calendar item.
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Calendar links ignored in Wiki
Calendar can not be linked to from a Wiki page. The Wiki Syntax parser for URLs does not recognize Calendar URLs, so they do not get linked. Apparently the brackets in such URLs cause problems: tiki-calendar.php?calIds[]=1
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Calendar localization breaks layout
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Calendar missing Event on 2009.02.28
If I add an event for the 02/28/2009 the event does not display within the month mode, in list and week the event is shown.
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Calendar Module list view bug.
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Calendar Month view displays incorrect in most browswers
Calendar(month view) displays and highlights incorrectly in all browsers except IE6
I've tried Chrome and 2 versions of firefox.
they show the entire previous month, the current month and a week past the current month. not all the correct days are highlighted either.
In IE 6 only a few days pre & post month are shown and the current month is correctly highlighted.

update - I tried with IE 8 and it looks fine.
So apparently this display issue is only in Chrome and Firefox.
Also another noticed bug, the date is shifted by 1 day.
so if i set a calendar entry for 6/8/2011, it will show as 6/7/2011
once you go into the item, it displays the correct date.
it just shows incorrectly in FF & chrome. but shows correctly in all versions of IE
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Calendar new event 24hr choices only
Calendar needs a setting to choose 12Hr time. Now when you add a new event you can only choose times in 24hr mode. This is true even if you have set your preferences for the application to use 12hr time. (Marc Laporte is now aware of this problem).

It might be best to have the Calendar new event time reference the time (and date)settings in the "general" admin screen.
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calendar overlaps on right column
http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-calendar.php -> calendar overlaps on right column
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Calendar patches to provide more logical menu/feature access
Sorry - these patches were committed quite a while ago - just forgot to close the item


I have recently started to use the Calendar function in a new v2.2 site and I found a number of illogical/inconsistent functions that I changed by simply editing the .tpl files. I think some of these are sufficiently useful that I'm submitting them as patches - I'm not really set up to do the whole SVN/developer thing at present.

Here is a summary of the changes/adaptations

__tiki-calendar.tpl__ - original source {* $Id: tiki-calendar.tpl 13045 2008-05-29 07:07:56Z chibaguy $ *}
# logic changed so that Config/Options button is ONLY shown if the user is the admin
# logic changed so that Add Event button is only shown if $displayedcals|@count >0

__tiki-calendar_calmode.tpl__ - original source ?not shown?
# explicit ~np~%d/%m~/np~ used for day/month on each day 'cell' to show European style of date. This is just an interim patch to change the existing 'hard coded' version which shows ~np~%m/%d~/np~. It should be possible to change the logic to extract the right format from the General Admin time/date settings - am still looking at this
# logic changed for additional check to NOT show 'add event' in day cell icon if no calendar 'visible'

__tiki-calendar_nav.tpl__ - original source ?not shown?
# swap ~np~%B %e~/np~ to ~np~%e %B~/np~ in several lines in the "calnavigation" div - again to adopt a European style. Still looking to see how this can automatically extract the right info from the general Admin time/date settings
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Calendar permissions: User can not add events when belong to a group with a category
When you register with a user who belongs to a group which has a category and try to add an event, "you dont have persmission to edit this page is displayed"

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Calendar Popup CSS errors
__Calendar Popup Misplaced__

5.0 RC1 r27394, still applies in trunk r28611.

CSS errors in the popups in weekly and daily view.
*first time an item is clicked, the popup shoots to the top of the page
*2nd and subsequent times it appears in a reasonable place
*produces a question-mark mouse pointer
*apparently independent of theme
*Monthly view behaves ok and no "?" pointer
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calendar reminder patch
tikiwiki v 4.3 does not have possibility of reminding on events in calendar
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Calendar setting "detect browser time zone..." shows date labels wrong (-1 day) in month view
Using the same 1.10svn from March 29th 2008 on two sites on the same hosting.

If "Time zone" setting at "Admin > login > default values" was set as default: "Detect Browser time zone if possible and site deafult if not" (or something similar) in the first tiki site, but unset on the second tiki site, then dates in site 1 are shown in tiki-calendar.php month view with a label which is wrong: it shows date -1 day. Site two shows the right date.

I.e.: today Wednesday April 2nd, on site one would say 04/01 (on the wednesday column, which is the correct one), and on site two, it would say: 04/02 (also on the wednesday column, the correct one).

When viewing the event at item view, then the date is shown correctly on both sites.

Once I set "site default" as default seting for new users on site one, dates were shown ok.

I'm afraid that previously registered users on tiki site 1 will have the wrong setting and thus, I will have to change their setting manually....

I would suggest that, if somebody else can confirm this bug, the default setting onp tiki.sql and 1.9_to_1,0.sql would be "site default" and not "browser based thingy....
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Calendar should support endless repetition
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Calendar shows Sunday as 1st day of week even if set to Monday, when prefs are 1.10-$prefs.feature..
Sometimes, first day of the week is Sunday, even if you set that to be Monday on Calendar settings.

This bug shows up for us (catalan interface, time zone "Europe Madrid (UTC+1)" when we have in tiki-admin.php?page=general, at preferecnes syntax:
"1.10 - $prefs.feature_foobar..."

When we swich this parameter to
"1.9 - $feature_foobar"

then fist day of the week in calendar is Monday, as expected
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Calendar shows wrong week numbers
This issue was reported here:

Here in Germany, and most likely in other parts of the world as well, we use an ISO based week numbering system.

The Calendar display the week starting Monday, January 5th 2009 as week 1, while in fact, as least here, week 1 starts on December 29th.

TW seems to use Date.getWeekOfYear() to get the week number. That must be considered a bug, since that doesn't take locales into account.
Instead, TW should use strftime with %U, %V or %W, depending on the locale or depending on settings.

This is backed by PHP "bugs" 19719 and 14422 for example, which were identified as not being bugs at all. The docs of Date are not very clear on what getWeekOfYear() really returns. Both bug entries show how to determine the week number correctly.
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Calendar sticky popup not working
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Calendar Synchronisation
There are a lot of different PIM applications using the iCal format, that Tiki can export.

As example I showed a usecase, where s.b. needed a synchronisation between Tiki and Google calendars, to make Tiki generated events visible in his Google Calendar, to ease the effort of sheduling between Tiki generated events and his personal google events.

I suggest a project for Calendar Syncronisation.

Please see: ((Calendar Synchronisation))
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Calendar template tiki-calendar_nav broken
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Calendar uses wrong permissions
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Calendar uses wrong separators
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Calendar v2.2: Custom "url" and "Subscription List" options do not change options
Setting the Custom URL option in a Calendar to either Yes or No still allows a single field for a URL to be added to an event and in neither case do the inputs 'accumulate' into drop down options like the other other Custom options.

Setting the Custom Subscription list option to either Yes or No appears to not change anything and no new options are available for an event.
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Calendar V3.0rc1 preview loses Priority, Category, Location and Participant data
Still a problem in 3.0rc1

If you have a Calendar where the Custom Priority, Category, Location and Participant options have been set, when editing an event if you Preview the edits then the refreshed screen no longer shows these options in the edit area and saving the event loses the data previously typed in.

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calendar view does not show events created in the table (they do show up on the upcoming events)
When logging in and choosing calendar the upcoming events (selected to be shown on the right column) are visible, but are not visible in the calendar (table or graphical view) in the calendar view.

After editing and saving (without changing) an event, the event is and remains visible in the table or graphical view of the calendar. However after closing the browser and logon again the same problem returns.
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Calendar view hides menues
I tried andreas09 theme on themes.tikiwiki.org. When viewing the calendar, the menues the 2nd level is displayed behind the calendar. This applies to other themes as well - e.g. FMSC.
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Calendar won't jump into next month if in week or day mode
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Calendar, Reccuring events: ignores multi-day events and other problems
See here: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=3&comments_parentId=35848&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc#comments

I found that bug in 3.3. and now upgraded to 4.1. but it is still there. If I add a reccuring event in the calendar it ignores that I want to add an event which started yesterday and goes for one week - and that every month. After hitting save the event is always stored as happening today and only today - and is not added to happen again next month. Editing is ignored too. Played around with that now for quite some time, at least with my install the "recurring" feature seems totally messed up. Sometimes it works (for existing multi-day events after editing those, but the added recurring events are only one day entries). Creating a new single day recurring entry from scratch doesn't work for me too (no entry at all is created). Can someone confirm that?

Missing information: How is one supposed to enter that an event happens indefinitelly often? There is "end before" as "number of times" and "day before it should end". So what number should I enter?
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Calendar: "Permission denied" when trying to add a calendar item before creating calendar
"Permission denied you can not view this page" when trying to add a calendar item before calendar id is created. Should be : you need to create calendar first.

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Calendar: "This event is not recurrent" should not be indicated in view mode
In version 3.0, recurring events are now handled. This is great.

However, in view mode, the extra line "Recurrence This event is not recurrent" and the blank line below (which contains hidden recurring event details" causes confusion

For example:

It conveys the message that this event is not recurrent but this is an annual festival.
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Calendar: Email reminder before an event + a pop-up if user is logged in
Calendar has been great for a while now as an event calendar. But what about for appointments?

For this use, notifications would be sweet. I would like to be able to configure an email reminder before an event (+ a pop-up if user is logged in.)

Time of email reminder should be configurable per event. Sometimes, I want a reminder 15 minutes before. Sometimes, I want 3 days. I could configure to send an email (or SMS) to my phone.

I guess we'd need a cron job for this to work efficiently.

Related: [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=806|Watch calendar (receive email notication of changes)]
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Calendar: recur, but not by date; rather, they recur by designated weekday
Congratulations on the work put in on the calendar. I love the recurring event feature!

Of course there is always more: I would like to be able to post an event that recurs, for example, the second Saturday of each month.

Currently, I can only post an event that recurs by date. Many of the events that I post occur on the first Wednesday of the month, or the second Thursday. They recur, but not by date; rather, they recur by designated weekday.

Thanks for any help you can provide on this.

P.S. Also, some events occur the same time each weekday (but not Saturday or Sunday). Providing for weekday recurrance would be a nice addition as well, but less important than the above.
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Calendar: Upate all events with this repeat rule doesn't update any event
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Calendars path doesn't load, just sits and thinks
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Calendars: error saving event when feature_jscalendar disabled
tracker item
Calenday errors - Daylight savings time?
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Calender date picker jquery unlocalized
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Calender: Edit broken
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Can't erase or change a recurrent event in a calendar
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Can’t use the date picker to change date anymore
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Canceled calendar events appear in the Upcoming Events module without
Seen in Tiki 5.x and 6.x:

Events that have been canceled still appear in the list of upcoming events in the Upcoming Events module without any end-user notification that the event has been canceled.

Tiki should either:
* Not display canceled events in the module
* Display the event with a strikethru (or some other visual cue) to let end-users know that it is canceled.
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Cannot see events in Calendar view
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Change focus of date in Calendars lost with FullCalendar UI
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Clicking on Calendar on next.t.o takes you to the info.t.o calendar
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Conference management system : agenda of sessions

Some examples:
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Convene plugin missplaces the counts in columns after the winning choice
tracker item
PluginConvene: avoid duplicating content under some circumstances
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convene plugin: prevent the user to add default info (Add or Add user string) instead of the real username or a different string
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Create a Tracker field type UUID similar to autoincrement field
tracker item
Creating calendar events creates doubled entries
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Creation of tracker items with relative dates from profiles shows the right date in view item but empty when editing item
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Database error when adding calendar item
Cannot create a calendar item. Working as user admin. Receive error "An error occured in a database query!".

System config: Win XP SP3. Tiki 3.0, IIS version 5.1, MySQL 5.0.24, PHP for Windows

Error text follows:

File tiki-calendar_edit_item.php
Url tiki-calendar_edit_item.php?
INSERT INTO `tiki_calendar_items` (`user`,`calendarId`,`name`,`description`,`status`,`url`,`lang`,`allday`,`start`,`end`,`priority`,`locationId`,`categoryId`,`nlId`,`recurrenceId`,`lastmodif`,`created`) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
0 admin
1 1
2 A test event
3 This is text for a test event.
4 1
7 0
8 1243332000
9 1243342800
10 0
11 0
12 0
13 0
15 1243280012
16 1243280012

Built query was probably:
INSERT INTO `tiki_calendar_items` (`user`,`calendarId`,`name`,`description`,`status`,`url`,`lang`,`allday`,`start`,`end`,`priority`,`locationId`,`categoryId`,`nlId`,`recurrenceId`,`lastmodif`,`created`) VALUES ('admin','1','A test event','This is text for a test event.','1','','','0','1243332000','1243342800','0','0','0','0',NULL,'1243280012','1243280012')
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Dates format in all GUI

Because of partial translations of pages, I use French or English GUI translated and sometimes Spanish, Italian or German.
Because I Have defined complementary of elements of GUI dictionary, it is not so evident to take care the whole time with which language you are working and more the associated date format.

It is the reason, while, after, some errors in input dates in a wrong format that I do believe that the current format to input a date should be always repeated into display tpl or input title (displayed).

This is a long and progressive but useful job in my opinion.

Each time I can do it, I do.
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Default Duration length in calendar events misscalculated (2h while times were from 18h to 19h)
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