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"Allow others to post to this blog" should be possible to omit as an option when creating blogs
I use TikiWiki as a platform for teaching at the college level, and one of the main things I do is require that students create and maintain their own blogs -- each student has one blog and should post only to that blog. My suggestion is that although I understand why there's an initial option to "allow others to post to this blog" in the blog create dialogue box, it would be a good idea to leave this option's availability and visibility up to the administrator -- in my situation, this option, if accidentally checked by students, creates confusion at posting time. I don't want students to see this come up as an option when they create their personal blog.
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13.x dev.t.o: Print version of blog post has no CSS assigned
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All users can post in private blogs
I'm currently having a major problem after upgrading to 1.9.5 from 1.8. Apparently, now all users can post to all the blogs, whether they are marked public or not. I ran the various database upgrade scripts, but it doesn't seem to have an effect. Users can post to whatever blogs they want by using the blog pull-down menu in the blog posting/editing screen.

If the user clicks "list blogs," there are no options shown to post to the unauthorized blogs. This seems to be a problem with the "blog" dropdown bar in tiki-blog_post.php. Somehow it's bypassing the check and letting users post in whatever blogs they want...
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Comments that must be approved before being posted
Comments can be used on wiki pages, blog posts, etc

There is Spam protection (CATPCHA) but nothing against trolls.

A comment moderation feature would be nice.

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Users able to post to all blogs - confirming and extending previously reported bug by others
On clean installs (empty databases) of TW 1.10 and 1.9.11 (also tested and confirmed on the clean 1.9.11 install on opensourcecms.com).
After users (perms tiki_p_create_blogs and tiki_p_blog_post enabled)create a blog they can proceed to post to any other user's blog. More precisely, on the post blog page, a user can select all blogs from the "Blog" field
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New blogpost using wysiwyg editor adds a lot of empty lines to the beginning.
After creating a new blogpost and saving it, the post shows a lot of empty lines at the beginning of the post.
Looking at the html result, there are about 9 <br/> entries before the actual text.

The branch is downloaded on wednesday, 25th of June 2008 8AM GMT.

A 1.10b1 release of about a month ago did not show this behaviour.

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Blog post titles truncated after 78 chars. aprox.
Blogs post titles are truncated after posting (saving the post, not just previewing) in a blog when title is longer than 78 characters aprox..
I have no idea if this is an issue related to bbdd (mysql in my cases) or php.
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html don't work in blog
html code are altered or disappear in portion or totally after save blog article. works fine on wiki page but not in blog page.
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Missing translation call in smarty_tiki/modifier.tiki_short_datetime.php
Showing a comment to a blog entry that has been posted the same day, only the time when the comment was posted is displayed. We use the German translation of TikiWiki, but the English "at" in "at 12:34" is display, not the German "um".
After having a look into the code, it seems the translation function is not called in lib/smarty_tiki/tiki_short_datetime.php
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External RSS feed tag in blog post now causes error
Inserting a RSS ex:~np~{rss id=6}~/np~ feed into a blog post now causes the following:


Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/nwoadmin/public_html/wiki/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php(1934) : eval()'d code on line 7
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updates to lang/hu/language.php
Bugs & Wish list
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Add status update and support the open microblogging specification
Please see: ((OpenMicroBlogging))
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Adding images to blog posts is no way as intuitive as it should be
1- "Upload image for this post" is not offered at first post. Only after I save and come back to edit?

Html is offered:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
<img src='tiki-view_blog_post_image.php?imgId=44' border='0' alt='image' />

It should be wiki syntax:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
{img src=tiki-view_blog_post_image.php?imgId=44 }

Related: [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1492|It's too difficult to re-use image gallery images in wiki pages, trackers, etc]
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Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objects
It would be lovely to set some new user defaults at
* Admin (home) > Login > User defaults, and/or
* Admin > Groups > (Edit a single group)

The ability to Subscribe/watch/monitor new users in the site or to that specific group, to specific Tiki objects.

Which tiki objects?: I would say, in this order:
# specific forums
# specific blogs
# specific calendars
# specific newsletters (ML: we can already subscribe groups to newsletters)
# specific wiki pages
# specific structures
# specific trackers
# specific categories
# new articles

This is specially useful for new users of the site, where they don't know yet how to subscribe to specific areas, etc. Very needed for educational scenarios, but I can see many other places where new users are a bit lost for some time while they learn how to use the Tiki site.

*[wish988|Forum: Let forum admins/moderators add groups and/or users as watching the forum]
*[tiki-index.php?page=Business%20Plans|Let small business start ups access collaborative sharing where the document being shared is not visible by anyone else]

Anywhere there is a watch eye, it should be possible for an admin to have group members watch this category
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Adsense does not display
Google adsense does not display.
This error occurred in FiveAlive and "thenews".
I tried using "Banners".
I tried using "Template".
I tried using "Module: AdSense".
I tried using "Module: User".
I tried using "HTML plug in".

In an Article and Blog, I used the HTML plug in, authorized the HTML, and nothing displayed.

By experimentation, I added the carat (box) around the plug in, and it displayed in PREVIEW mode. But when I saved it, an empty box with no adsense text displayed. (No, the carat didn't trigger it, just was the reason I previewed it.)

"Allow HTML" box is checked.

When I look at the page source, the HTML is there.

~np~<script type="text/javascript"><!--
~/np~~np~google_ad_client = "pub-0000000000000";
~/np~~np~/* 468x60 wiki */
~/np~~np~google_ad_slot = "9690243348";
~/np~~np~google_ad_width = 468;
~/np~~np~google_ad_height = 60;
~/np~~np~<script type="text/javascript"
~/np~~np~<br /></script>
The xhtml br / is the only discrepancy that I can find between the "PREVIEW" versus the "SAVED" version.

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Allow a user role or group to automatically generate a personal page, an image gallery, a weblog a
When I was testing various CMS/Wikis for a project, I ran across a module for another (Joomla or Drupal, can't remember which) CMS which allowed a user role or group to automatically generate a personal page, an image gallery, a weblog and any type of content page. It would be extremely useful for my project, but one of the few things missing from Tikiwiki (which is why I am implementing Tikiwiki, it has all of the other features I need in one install).
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Allow Choice of URL name that includes page name, not number, for articles
When you view an article, the URL simply includes the id# of the article. On wiki pages, however, the URL lists the article title.
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Associate forums with categories in wiki, articles, blogs, files, etc.
No problem at all, but a request for more integration with the wiki and forums.

At this moment (in version 3 (after the bug is corrected)) there is only one forum, which can be used to discuss a wiki page. This is really great.
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Blog and Post heading preview broken in Tiki 6.1
When creating or editing a blog, the __Display Options__ tab includes two fields:
* Blog heading
* Blog post heading

There is also a __Heading Preview__ button on the tab.

1. The __Heading Preview__ does not show any sort of preview -- it simply reloads the page.

2. When ''editing'' a blog, there is a second __Heading Preview__ button, also which does nothing.
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Blog comment notification
Blog post comments are often overlooked by the blog owner, because the owner doesn't get notification of blog posts. I propose we add the option of getting notified when someone comments on your blog.
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Blog content corrupted when stored
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Blog description contrast inappropriately low in Journal theme
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blog doesn't respect feature_tell_a_friend=n
Setting feature_tell_a_friend=n doesn't affect the "Email This Post" functionality for the blog, so visitors is always offered to mail the link for a post. Imho the admin should be able to choose if this is allowed or not.
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Blog entries displayed differently using view_blog and view_blog_post
Review this blog entry on tw.o:
Using view_blog_post:

Using view_blog:

Notice that with view_blog_post, this line __is__ displayed:
And change it to:
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="tiki-editpage.php" id='editpageform' name="editpageform">

But with view_blog, the code is __not__ displayed.

Blog entries should be displayed identically, regarless if you are view the blog or blog post.
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Blog local perms are not deleted if group name contains spaces or special characters
You create a blog, Assing local perms to a group which name contains an space (or special characters such as é, è, ñ, ç, ...). Then when you attempt to delete the local permission, you don't succed. The url is something like:


And it produces the error message saying somerthing lie "there is not enough information to show this page".
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Blog options WYSIWYCA (especially trackbacks)
In Tiki, even if the feature is off, you can see references to trackback pings in tiki-view_blog.php , tiki-view_blog_post.php, tiki-edit_blog.php and tiki-blog_post.php

Proper feature checks for {$feature_blogposts_pings}, {$feature_trackbackpings} and if the feature is activated per blog should be done.

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blog post editions through xmlrpc.php make post dissapear from Tiki blog
I have posted several items to a blog through xmlrpc.php, using bloGTK 1.0 (GNU/Linux), and they are posted in Tiki (except for the title, which I already reported another bug at this tracker).

I can select afterwards any of the posted items, and edit from bloGTK. When I post the edition,I get the message (in local) that the post have been successfully updated, but then at Tiki, the blog post dissapears from the list of posts.

Using "Blogger" Blogging system, in BloGTK configuration.
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Blog post html encoding problem with WYSIWYG editor when viewed as RSS feed
tracker item
Blog post title doesn't display in preview mode
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Blog post: editing a post (as admin) changes the author
If a user edits a blog post (ex.: to correct a typo), it becomes the post author and after, the original author can no longer edit it.

author should not change, or even better, let the admin pick the user from a drop-down list.
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Blog publish date not recognized by last_blog_posts module
When you publish a blog post using an upcoming publish date, post appears right away in last_blog_posts module even if the publish date is stll in the future.
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Blog Revamp
Blog This
We need a "Blog This" thingie.

I'm talking about something similar to Blogger's BlogThis gizmo. This is a button you can add to your browser toolbar, configured to connect to your Blogger blog, so you can make an entry right from a web page you're browsing, without having to go to your blog creat a new message, post the url, copy the text, etc... instead you just click the BlogThis button and it pulls up a form right there.

Here's the description.


It would be SUPER.
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Blog Title Display Awry
There is a bug in

The BLOG TITLE is invisible.

By accident, I ran the mouse over the area, and the invisible blog title was highlighted.

The current theme is Five Alive, if that's any help.
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Blog: WYSIWYG doesn't work in IE, ok in Firefox
See attached screenshot

This WYSIWYG code is provided by htmlarea, which is no longer maintained.

So we should replace with http://www.<span style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66;">fckeditor</span>.net/, which is the chosen editor in Tiki 1.10
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bloglist plugin ignores permissions
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Blogs don't show any headings
With the prefs.feature_blog_heading perm enabled and tiki_p_edit_templates dissabled, users - with the perm to create blogs - will be able to create blogs but no heading will be shown when their blogs are viewed in tiki-view_blog.php.

In essence, unless both above named perms/prefs are enabled a user won't be able to create a heading, and no heading will be saved in DB for the blog.

And since the conditional to handle situations when $heading is empty has been removed in rev 9146 the blog will show no heading what so ever when it is viewed.
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Blogs: Visits counter remains 0 despite actual visits.
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Broken RSS Feed on post level
WHen using Yahoo! to subscribe to an RSS feed from TikiWiki, the site generates an RSS feed that is being displayed correctly by Yahoo!, but any specific post that is hyperlinked will generate an error on the TikiWiki side (once jumped) since -there is no specific post given in the feed-. TikiWiki gets confused and displays the following error
No post indicated

Go back

Return to home page
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Calendar filter doesn't work for blog posts
According to the Calendar Module docs, "For the blogs system any weblog will only display posts with dates equal or lower than the date selected in the calendar." But this doesn't seem to work. There is no change in the blog posts displayed even when a date prior to one or more blog posts is clicked.
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Can't add blog post title through xmlrpc.php (using blogtk, or gnome-blog-poster)
When Posting to a blog through the xmlrpc.php, I can connect to the server and post all content to the chosen blog, but I can't add title text. From blogtk (linux), I can't even see the title field in white (fillable) but in grey (unfillable, non-available). Si can't even write the title text from blogtk.

From gnome-blog-poster, I can insert text in the local form, but after I submit the post, the content is saved correctly but not the title content.

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Can't delete blogs or blog posts
When I click on the red X to delete a blog or a blog post, I am taken to another page. This page has a button that says "Click here to confirm your action". I click on the button, I get on the status bar, "Waiting for mywebsite.com...", then the same page comes back up. No matter how many times I click on the button, I get back the same page. This is with the account that created the post, blog and has admin rights.
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Can't remove picture ,can't turn to next page..
My tiki site was updated from 2.x to 3.0 .

Wiki don't work when i turn to next page in blog/Forum.

I found it work when i change & to ? .for example
forum13&comments_offset=40 don't work
forum13?comments_offset=40 ok change by manual

also i find some bug in imageGallery

when i want to delete a pic
gallery44&remove=730 don't work
gallery44?remove=730 ok change by manual

hope some guys help me..thanks!!
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Categorize individual blog posts
Bloggers often have blogs that are about ''them'', rather than about a topic. But within their blog, individual posts should be categorized by topic(s). I.e., it's the post, not the blog, that's the right unit of categorization.
I have seen a RFE for this on tikiwiki.org, where there's an interesting page on Tiki Blog suggestions of vintage about 2004. See [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=BlogIdeasPaulap]. Possibly we should make a pass over this page and either add these suggestions as tracker items or identify them as out-of-date.
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Update Category plugin documentation - won't filter blog posts
tracker item
Comment on blog post could be smoother
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Comments: anonymous editors must input anti-bot code:
For wiki pages, we have this option. It would be nice to port to comments so we could open our blogs to anonymous comments without getting spammed.
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Creator text box missing when creating blog in tiki-edit_blog.php
When a user attempts to create a blog, the Creator text box is missing and the creator value is not stored when the record is committed.
tracker item
Default path for file upload in blogs property dialog (general properties)
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Deprecated (in HTML5) anchor name attribute is being used in blogs
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Display external wikis and abbreviations in editor
Folks would probably use external wiki abbreviations more if they and their full equivalents were displayed on the editing screen. Even better if there were an explanation of what they are for, how to use them. Maybe a tooltip?
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Editing older blog post changes Publish date
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Edit blogs : the size of the panel is automatically smaller than the text width....
As the calculated size of the line, depends of the size of the panel (resizable) is wrong (too of some ... <unable to translate, in printing in french the length unit "point">).
Then the line is always too long of a few for the panel (words or half of words cut before splitting the line).

This makes the blog edition unusable in normal conditions because to edit a text we have to make horizontal scroll continuously.

Analysis : the calculation of the length of line written in text editors is always complex. Generally today there is no problem, but the system which is behind editors is very complex to take in account all display configurations.

(nota : For my own I had developed some years ago a draw system - for engineering, Computer Assisted Drawings - system for windows displaying HPGL2 language drawings with fonts conversion from HPGL2 fonts system to True type, then I know well in details the whole problem)

~~#F0C:__With this problem, I can't let use the tikiwiki 5.3 by my bloggers.__~~

So I have written a warning take care "sorry very difficult to use"
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embed youtube, google etc
I know that there is a flowplayer plugin but if I want to embed something from youtube or google videos, the code gets broken displayed.

This would be useful for articles and blogs.

I know there's a security reason for breaking the embed code, but still...
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Excerpt and wysiwyg doesn't work
Cannot use wysiwyg editor in blog if we want also to use excerpt feature.

If any temporary or fixed solution can be found...

Many many thanks
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Flickr Photo Album for Tikiwiki
Same as the [http://tantannoodles.com/toolkit/photo-album/|Flickr Photo Album for Wordpress], but for tikiwiki.
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hits (reads) counter not working
tracker item
Import blog
It should be easier for new users to migrate to tikiwiki: an import blog function (e.g. from wordpress) would help.
tracker item
In the trenches
News about the front line. What's upcoming in the next major release from the developer's point of view.

No marketing allowed.
inserting image to blog post opens file gallery instead of image gallery
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Blog text characters changed when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2
After upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 in blog posts some characters get converted to a ? surrounded by black diamond (as shown below)

As part of Revenue�s - This should be an apostrophe Revenue's

examples of letters being changed
' " long dash - Bullet Points

All get changed to the same symbol �

see site bookkeepersireland.com

MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
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RSS Feeds and blog posts
After upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 RSS Feeds not working.
I had a similar error when upgrading from 7.0 to 7.1
There was a bug fix for 7.1 and tried it with 7.2 but it did not work.
I was asked for a log last time, can I have name of log file again and I can enter information here.
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Blog posts with "Mark entry as private" are published in RSS feeds
Blog posts marked as private are published to other sites as RSS feed from Tiki. The post content as well as the title is published.
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tracker item
Left column formatting of blog posts broken in Tiki 9.1
Left column formatting of blog posts seems to be broken in V9.1. This worked in V 7 and 8. The function called is BLOGLIST. It is called via Dynamic Content.

"{BLOGLIST(Id=>12, simpleList=>n, Items=>6)}{BLOGLIST}"



tracker item
How to search in Author in tiki??
I have a problem with search in tiki.I wish i can search blog,article,forum... belong to author or creator.I'm researching Zend_Search_Lucene.If you have a solution of this problem.Please help me!!!thankful for all.
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All blog posts footnotes parsed and mixed as one post footnotes on a blog homepage
When tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=x lists many posts, each one using footnotes, the footnotes numbers are false except for the first post.

As each post of the list is parsed, its first footnote number is not 1, but the total number of all the footnotes of the preceding posts of the list.

Versions : 6, 9, 10.
See : [http://demo.tiki.org/10x/blog2|http://demo.tiki.org/10x/blog2]
and [http://demo.tiki.org/9x/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=6|http://demo.tiki.org/9x/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=6]
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Main Feature
Features Classification
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Last blog posts title is not consistent - needs to be Bold and Underlined.

A vanilla install was accomplished.
Added last_blog_post and last_changes and last_articles to right side menu.
The title for the area "last_blog_post" is not consistent with the others in that the title is not Bold, Underlined.
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Links pointing to nowhere
When the Wiki feature is disabled, some links are created pointing to nowhere.


First link points to:
http://www.vic-fontaine.com/forum/tiki-index.php?page=Fw: LOVE WORDING WALLPAPERS

"This feature is disabled: feature_wiki"

Similar in articles:

A link to is automatically created for the key word TikiWiki:


Test user/password: smarty
tracker item
Links produced by RSS module for blogs do not work.
when using the RSS module on blog posts (would like to see the title and body really, or at least a link to the relevant post. The link produced is a tiki-view-blog-post, but the parameters contain only a blog id but not a post id, so results in an error message when clicked.
tracker item
Links to blog posts aren’t working
Try this path link:
You'll get an error message and you’ll be asked to create the page ''blogpost309''.

tracker item
LIST plugin failure in blog posts
tracker item
tracker item
Make Blog Post link more context-sensitive
It's a little annoying that when I want to post to my blog, and click on the post link, I am given a pull-down menu of blogs, all but one of which is not mine. Any reason not to filter this list to the set of blogs that I can post to? And, even better, jump to mine if there is only one such blog?
tracker item
Make title of blog post clickable
Currently there is only one (two) methods to come from blog view (tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=<int>) to the view blog post page: Clicking on the small "Permalink" or "Comments" Link at the bottom of the post.
I find it more intuitive (or I'm just familiarized to this by the other blogging solutions out there ;-) ) to click on the title of the specific post to view it with its comments.
tracker item
Mark blog entry as private doesn't work
Blog post edit page (tiki-blog_post.php) has a "Mark entry as private" check box, to restrict viewing to the author. But it doesn't work; any user can read the post.

Needs to be fixed or the option removed from tiki-blog_post.php in time for 1.10.0
tracker item
Missing Blog Entry
When one tries to VIEW BLOG, there's no listing / access to the post

To access the post, I had to use the "Since your last visit" history.

This makes it almost impossible for visitors to read blogs.

After posting a second entry, the first entry is still not available for viewing. But the second entry did appear. No navigation to the first post was evident.

Am not sure exactly what the mechanism of failure is.

If I understand blogs, each titled blog should be accessible.

Once the third entry was made, the first post became visible in the list. I do not know how / why it happened. I have not tried to recreate the error by making a new blog.
tracker item
Missing Blog Tag
Blog Title area, in FIVE ALIVE (grape) Theme, the TAGS do not display correctly.

This may be related to Ticket 3452, Blog Title Display Awry.

I had not found this bug earlier, because I had not used "TAGS". The data following the "TAGS:" is only visible if you highlight the area with a mouse.

tracker item
mod blogroll doesn't work for me
I tried the mod blogroll with an example opml file from wikipedia, and the rss icons doesn't link to the expected mp3 but to the same url as the url of the browser in tiki (tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=1, tiki-admin_modules.php, ...)

This happened with this blogroll:

The one I used for documentation. After fixing the problem, if so, please, check documentation page to see if it's correct (I didn't understand that much about the whole thing myself ...):

Moreover, with this other opml file:

The rss icons point to xml files, but no text is shown between the number of the item and the rss icon. (error). See attached image to this tracker item.
tracker item
Forbidden 303 error when trying to save a blog, caused by mod-security
tracker item
Module months_links (blog or cms archive) can't display more than 12 months
tracker item
Multilingual (i18n) for blogs

It would be nice to have multilingual support for blogs. I mean, I'm a native spanish speaker,and even thought I can write in english, it would be nice to keep my blog in both: english and spanish.

Currently, I could create two blogs, and maintain them in parallel, maybe, add a manual link to the translated page on each of the blogs posts, but it is not an elegant solution.

tracker item
Need a way to NEXT/PREV specific blog posts
When viewing a specific blog post (tiki-view_blog_post.php), users should be able to go to the NEXT / PREVIOUS post in the blog.
tracker item
New Tracker Field Types to relate trackers with "anything"
Real examples:

I created a tracker "Books" with fields like "Cover" (image) and "1st Chapter" (attachment). It would be great if by inserting a new item in Books, the cover and the 1st chapter would automatically be created in File Gallery.

I have a blog that show events as posts. It could be integrated with Calendar by a tracker, making it possible to insert a blog post and a calendar event at the same time and relate them.

tracker item
Newsletter - Clipper - Articles - Blog
Hey there,

I know, that somebody (Xavi? Nelson?) is working on a functionality, called "Clipper", that should allow to choose certain articles headlines and to send them by newsletter.

I think it would be nice/importand to have the possibility, to send not only the header, but also the teaser for every article like the following:

author, date ...

bla bla bla


next topline
next Headline

Another guy did request this feature for blogs, to give operational stuff the possibility to send the management daily or weekly reports.


So I think this "clipper" feature would make sense for blogs aswell.

tracker item
OpenID support using the provided PHP library
For sites with open content it's very important that a visitor who came through a link from search engine or somewhere else would have minimum problems with adding new information to the wiki.
My personal example: I have a blog on livejournal.com and now plan to create a homepage based on tiki, but I don't want to make all of my friends from LJ to pass registration on my site. Even if they all would, it's unreal to make them all use the same logins as there.
tracker item
OpenMicroBlogging specification
tracker item
Plugins broken in Blog in 1.9.2
When putting a plugin onto a blog post which requires parameters, the parameters are not passed in or are passed in as an &. This happens when the => syntax is used, or quotes are used around the parameter. These are otherwise fine when in a wiki page.

Most plugins appear to be affected on my installation - which was an upgrade from 1.8.4 to 1.9.2.

They render okay when viewing individual posts, or previewing, which leads me to beleive it is in tiki-blog_view.php somewhere.

After diffing the files, the largest visible change was the addition of categories into the blog, this is however not affected by turning off the feature in admin.

I am putting this high on my own priority list as I cannot upgrade my live site to 1.9.2 (although it has had some secuirty fixes put on it) until this is solved as I do not want to break my history of blog posts using plugins.

Perhaps it is worth a shot on this site or tikiwiki.org to see if plugins are affected here as well with that.
tracker item
Plugins broken in Blog inn 1.9.2
When putting a plugin onto a blog post which requires parameters, the parameters are not passed in or are passed in as an &. This happens when the => syntax is used, or quotes are used around the parameter. These are otherwise fine when in a wiki page.

Most plugins appear to be affected on my installation - which was an upgrade from 1.8.4 to 1.9.2.

They render okay when viewing individual posts, or previewing, which leads me to beleive it is in tiki-blog_view.php somewhere.

After diffing the files, the largest visible change was the addition of categories into the blog, this is however not affected by turning off the feature in admin.

I am putting this high on my own priority list as I cannot upgrade my live site to 1.9.2 (although it has had some secuirty fixes put on it) until this is solved as I do not want to break my history of blog posts using plugins.

Perhaps it is worth a shot on this site or tikiwiki.org to see if plugins are affected here as well with that.
tracker item
Print icon in Blogs does not work. It does work in Articles
Print icon in Blogs does not work. It does work in Articles
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Printing/ e-mailing Multiple Blog entries based on date
Hi there everyone, newbie calling.

I work in a technical operations area. Currently developing the wiki as a wiki for operational staff across various areas but thought I would use some more of the functions that are available.

As an operations area there is a requirement for logs to be written daily by operation staff across different departments and to be e-mailed to management staff.

My idea is to give each department (5 in total) a separate blog. Only members of each department can write to their blog but any member of each department can read the other blogs. So far so good. By tagging each entry searches across blogs can identify faults across departments. This works perfectly and therefore preferable to a forum based solution as I need it to be as simple as possible for the operational staff.

However there is a requirement to print each log on a daily basis and ideally e-mail it to non-members (managers) possibily dependent upon tags. Obviously it is simple to print each separate entry but what I am looking for is a way of printing a 24 hour period of blog entries, or exporting them to a text file (word or e-mail body for example) to be distributed and printed. This is because there can be as many as 100 blog entries per day and it would be time consuming (and forest destroying) to print each one out individually.

Apologies if this is covered in a document that I have missed but I am still trying to absorb all the variables. I have also posted it in the forums to see if someone has any ideas with existing features or indeed using it in this way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Private blog postings should not appear in the linked list
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Publish Date field skews on post preview where site default time zone is UTC and user time is UTC or inferred
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RSS Feeds do not work
Updated from 5.1 to 7.0, now RSS Feeds not working. Also not working with 7.1 RC1.
Chrome browser reports HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.
No page displaying in firefox. Tested on Blogs and articles, both have same error. PHP-XML is installed (report of this error in community section discussed PHP-XML as being the solution)

This is RSS feed
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RSS should have permissions checking
The RSS feeds seem to have no permission checking. The feeds should only include information that is available to Anonymous.
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Scoring feature causes intermittent blog access error in v1.9.8.3
Two users received the following error when trying to access a blog for which they have permissions in TW v1.9.8.3:
__An error occurred in a database query!__
File tiki-view_blog.php
Url tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=2
insert into 'tiki_users_score' ('user','event_id','expire') values (?,?,?)
0 [redacted username of blog creator]
1 blog_is_read_[redacted username of bug victim]:2
2 1200929940
Error Message Duplicate entry '[redacted blog creator]-blog_is_read_[redacted bug victim]' for key 1

No other users (~60) reported this error. The two affected users reported that other blogs were accessible.

~~#FF0000:__When Scoring was turned off, this error did not repeat until Scoring was turned back on.__~~
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submit new blog entry to mailinglist
I'd like to send a new blog post (configurable for each blog) to a mail adress (in particular a mailinglist). It is of cause possible to create a new tiki-user for the mailinglist and watch the blog, but we do not want the unwatch-link to appear in the mail, and we do not want to change the template for the blog-watch-mail.
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support media casting (e.g. podcasting) from blogs
Support inclusion of media in blogs to provide podcasting, vodcasting, etc.

- Attachment of media files to blog posts
- Association of URLs to other media files on Tiki or elsewhere to blog posts
- Automatic recognition of relevant data from media files using getid3
- Creation of fields in database to store relevant media data
- Creation of enclosure and media XML tags in RSS feed
- Display of media controls in blog entries
- Test using iTunes and iPod, iPodder, Thunderbird, among others

This should be an optional feature, admin through the Blogs Admin panel
Should allow choice of db or file storage, but probably file storage will normally be used, as media files tend to be quite large.

Existing image attachment functionality in blogs will need substantial improvement to support this.
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System error when attempting to enable blog comments on a blog created by a profile
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t.o (13.x) months_links module error: invalid variable value: $_GET["blogId"] = 2,29,26
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Tags from blogs can't be searched
When creating a page, include quick tags in the Folksonomy Tags box. They show up in the Most popular tags module, but when clicked on in the cloud none of the tags entered on a Blog page can be found. Tags from gallery and wiki pages are found and listed, but nothing from any Blog page.

This is consistent across three Tikiwiki sites. Although they are all hosted on the same server.

Have tried it with Linux & Windows, Firefox, IE, Opera & W3M.

Tiki version: 3.1
PHP Version: 5.2.9
Apache version: 2.2.13 (Unix)
MySQL version: 4.1.22-standard

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Bugs & Wish list
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The field with the smilies does not appear in places where they should be available
In certain instances when editing a page through the text editor (or creating a new blog post), with the wysiwyg-available available (though hidden) the smilies field is not displayed.

The problem is probably due to the fact that the variable $wysiwyg contains an 'n' if the editor is hidden while in some instances the value is NULL. This is probably because if the wysiwyg feature in admin-features is disabled then the $wysiwyg value is NULL, but if it is enabled but hidden the value is 'n'.

There is a conditional in templates/tiki-editpage.tpl that does not take this into account.

(The problem may be present in other versions as well)
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The print "blog" feature is unusable for any production or serious test
The template tiki-print_blog_post.tpl uses the classes posthead for div and span which are not defined...

This is not ended it is good for an alpha version. Not a publish release.

The title or the blog post is then displayed are small...

The title of the blog is not at all displayed
The site name is not at all displayed
The subcomment of the blog at all displayed

__Even Copyright is activated nothing is defined.__

__This print function can't be used.

If you can't print the text of post of a blog which under Copyright the blogs themselves are not usable.__

__The admin of such a site is then not in good conditions when this function is used.__
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Theme dependency of Plugin Bloglist showicons
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tiki-list_object_permissions.php -> Needs tabs for missing features
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Tiki-Mailin drops email body?
When sending an Article-Put, Tiki seems to process the email--indeed, if spits out a long array message. But on looking at the homepage, the item does not appear. List Articles shows the item, but with no body.

The Array message is attached (a series of attempts, separated by //Attempt

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tiki-send_blog_post.php doesn't check for real -email address in field
When a user fills the e-mail address field at tiki-send_blog_post.php?postId=XX with non-email-string, an e-mail per sentence is tried to send from the server.

A simple check for a well written e-mail adress in the field should prevent silly mistakes from novice users in tiki, but very annoying for the server mailing efficiency and sys admin annoyance redirecting mal-formed e-mail...

It happens in 1.8.5, and also in 1.9.0.
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Track number of reads by specific blog post ID
Although Tiki tracks reads for specific blog, it would be nice if Tiki tracked reads for a specific blog post.
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Trackback spam: better protection and easier to cleanup
I noticed today a bunch of trackback spam in my Tiki-powered blog.

According to Wikipedia, "Many blogs have stopped using trackbacks because dealing with spam became too burdensome."

If you get trackback spam in Tiki, here is how to clean:

Using phpmyadmin, go to the table: tiki_blog_posts

And find the colums "trackbacks_to" and "trackbacks_from". They should contain:


instead of the spam.

Now, a more permanent solution to avoiding Trackback spam would be nice. Checking how other blogging software does it should provide some tips.

Some ideas:
0- A way to turn it off (this exists in more recent version of Tiki 1.9.x, see "Trackbacks Pings" in the admin panel)
1- Easier mass deletion
2- Email notification to blog owner
3- Using an online service to check for spam.
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Unable to see blog-level comments from tiki-view_blog
When viewing a blog (tiki-view_blog), the post-level comments are not visible (there is no COMMENTS button). This forces users to first select the post's PERMALINK in order to see if there are any comments for a specific post.

The COMMENTS button should be visible for every blog post -- regardless if you are looking at tiki-view_blog or tiki-view_blog_post.
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Users (without admin perms) are able to create blogs in other user's name
With the 1.10b (and latest svn changes) it is meant for admins to be able to change the creator of the forums.

Unfortunately, all users with permission to create blogs, can now create blogs for any other user - even if they can not post to them.

It seems that the latest file templates/tiki-edit_blog.tpl and .php requires that a value for the creator is passed back from the field Creator. Thus, the field has to be present with a valid content.
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Users cannot use "POST" button in main menu to post in blogs
I just upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 and discovered a problem with posting in blogs. The problem before was that users selecting "POST" from the main menu could post in anyone's blogs, even those who selected that no one could post in their blogs. Now the problem is they get an error message that says they do not have permission to post, even if it is their own blog. They can only post in their blogs if they do a "list blogs" and then use the pencil icon to post.

In summary:

1. Users can create a blog
2. Users can list the blogs and click the pencil icon to post in their blog.
3. Users cannot post in their blogs by clicking "POST" from the main menu.
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using wbloggar, raven, qumana blogger api
I have enabled blogging and xmlrpc
and am attempting to use w.bloggar, raven or qumana to post to the blog.

w.bloggar is able to access prior posts only intermittently, though it does work usually on the second or third try. It can post, and use the more text feature if the more text is changed to ...page..., but modifying an existing post seems to delete the post or make it invisible.

raven can post but the title is missing. revising post also "deletes" it or makes it inaccessible via web. it seems ot be able to read prior posts.

qumana tells me that "this operation is ont supported by the blog" when trying to read prior posts. it posts, but title is missing.

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Wanted: default class for images added in wiki editors
Images that are added using the wiki editor (anyway the normal editor, I didn't check the wysiwyg editor yet) don't have a default class. This is the simple case of no containing box or anything added along with the image. Therefore it isn't possible for them to have a default style such as margin or border unless it is added manually by the page author. Or if it is specified by the stylesheet (.postbody img or .wikitext img, etc.) then ''all'' images in those divs get the treatment, including smileys and external link icons, etc.

I suggest adding a default class like "contentimage" to enable a default style. Page authors can always add a second class if needed.
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Wiki: CODE block may not contain "$0"
When you try to create a ~np~ {CODE()} {CODE}~/np~ block in the
Wiki which contains $0 somewhere (which is, e.g., quite
common in Unix init scripts), the page won't be
displayed (white screen).

this is easily reproducable by inserting the following
into a Wiki page:
~np~{CODE()}$0 {CODE}~/np~

The bug was not present in previous versions (I
recently upgraded from 1.8.5 to 1.9.0).

And as you can see, it works correctly here in the Tracker:
{CODE()}$0 {CODE}
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