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'There is no class to handle the event wiki_page_created.'
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"Most Active Users" (module users_rank) broken link on user name
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11.x: issues with greenvalley theme style
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9.x - trunk: Can NOT export fields nor synchronize a big tracker
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Add more params to PluginYouTube and update to latest URL syntax
tracker item
add site name to Daily Reports
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Add support for Optimizer+ stats in the performance admin panel
tracker item
Admin toolbars should be available from WYSIWYG, like it is from Wiki
tracker item
Ajax Error when using WYSIWYG Wiki or HTML
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alarm field type in trackers
Trackers are great in Tiki, it provides a way to build quick and easy register solutions.
When used in any context related to monitoring, it would be nice to have a way to associate a record with one or more events in time. For instance you would like to receive an email at the time the issue related to the task should be controlled and/or be resolved.

Thinking on it as a feature, the following could be considered in the solution:
*It could exist more than one "timer" in the tracker record,
*It should be added like any other tracker field to the record definition,
*It could have different ways to alert: email, rss, ... (maybe only one choice when instance),
*It could have rules, like auto disable when the record is closed (or other condition),
*It could be (as an option) reprogrammed,

and also
*Maybe a user wants to know about all his/her pending "timers".
*Maybe timer implementation could be independent objects that are linked to (special fields in) tracker records (or other objects), so global management is possible.

I guess that a good part of above functionality is already in Tiki in some form.
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Areas / workspaces / perspectives: domain name doesn't change when I switch perspectives
tracker item
BigBlueButton fails to load
tracker item
BigBlueButton: Recording is happening even if the plugin is at off
tracker item
Blog post html encoding problem with WYSIWYG editor when viewed as RSS feed
tracker item
Border for he forum table in tiki.o are not displayed for forums when section are used
tracker item
Calendar Feature: can it be like a spreadsheet instead of many clicks?
tracker item
Can't assign subcategories
tracker item
Can't delete an item from a Structure directly after adding it
tracker item
Can't drag and drop modules to blank spaces
tracker item
Update Category plugin documentation - won't filter blog posts
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catorphan plugin only works with wiki pages - but should be extended to other features
The very useful wiki plugin catorphans only works with wiki pages.

The documentation suggests it is sort of set up to deal with different types of uncategorised objects by setting the objects=> parameter to various values ie wiki|article|blog|faq|fgal|forum|igal|newsletter|poll|quizz|survey|tracker.

But looking at the plugin code, the code comments make it clear that the development is not yet complete and only the 'wiki' object has been coded.

The documentation has been updated to make this clear - but extending this plugin to the other features would be very useful now that Categorisation is the major permission/access control mechanism in Tiki

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Child option applied when parent option unchecked (multilingual case)
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Clicking "Click here to use the file" after uploading an image. It should insert syntax and close window
tracker item
Double check footer links on tiki sites after upgrading
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dev.tw.o: Sorting items from trackerlist plugin doesn't work for anons due to cache issue
dev.tw.o: Sorting items from trackerlist plugin doesn't work for anons due to some conflict with the wiki cache. Example:



both pages show the same sorting on date (for instance) if the user is not logged, but the sorting works if you are logged.
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Display of categories has changed
tracker item
doc.tiki.org feature list (which is populated from trackers) is not appearing all the time
tracker item
duplicating files through elFinder fails with perm error message (for admin)
tracker item
Edit Session Preserved When Editor Window/Tab closed.
tracker item
edit wiki page with strasa.css shows popup boxes hidden below the text area
tracker item
Editing a tracker field text area which contains the Flash plugin, breaks the plugin (such as for jCapture)
tracker item
embed image out of elFinder
tracker item
Error in show.tikiwiki.org install_log (testing)
tracker item
Error when displaying a tracker item and tpl is not found
tracker item
Extend include_path for Net/LDAP2.php
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Admin panels: False feedback to the admin when activating or deactivating prefs (phantom prefs).
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File Galleries Failing to Display in Tiki 11.0 -- A Fix
tracker item
File Gallery backlinks are a dysfunctional mess
tracker item
File Gallery Download dead loop if folder is customized
tracker item
File Gallery Handler Parent Gallery
tracker item
File Gallery title link download a picture
tracker item
File Gallery upload not working
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Forum & Maillist Sync shows full email for list contributors not registered on tiki
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Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
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http://dev.tiki.org/wish2000 used to work, but no longer, maybe because of changes in tiki-route.php
tracker item
http://tiki.org/Lists+of+members+of+all+Teams UI issues
tracker item
https://dev.tiki.org/Webmail page layout is broken
tracker item
Icon missing for Plugin File (or to upload a file) in default and upgraded toolbars
tracker item
IE10: plugin inserting and editing doesn't go where the cursor is
tracker item
Image does not display correctly when width differs from that of actual image
tracker item
Infinite Carousel on themes.tiki.org breaks between Tiki10 and Tiki11
tracker item
Inline editing: add support to Plugin TrackerList
tracker item
Inline Tracker edit should be for status as well, not just the regular fields
tracker item
Invalid pagination in trackers history
tracker item
Replacing tracker items at import time inserts them as new items
When you import tracker items, if you don't select the checkbox to create new items, they are supposed to replace the previous items that are there.

But this fails, and new items are created, without replacing the old ones.
confirmed still in trunk, SVN (11.0svn): Monday 22 of April, 2013 15:40:50 UTC- REV 45673
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11.x: composer fails behind a proxy
Fixed in trunk, at least.
tracker item
Tracker field descriptions show above the pretty tracker form

See source of http://dev.tiki.org/Bug+Tracker+Input+Form
Happens with any tracker plugin form using a wiki template.
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File Gallery permission broken (using category)


I set category (photo1 - Id=1) and set File Gallery Photo (category perm test) - Id = 7 and categorize it photo1.

Anonymous have following perms:
''Can view file galleries (tiki_p_view_file_gallery)
Can download files (tiki_p_download_files)''

I set user (bernard/12345) member of group registered and in admin Category,category photo1 id=1, i add the following perm:
''Can upload files (tiki_p_upload_files)''

The user bernard (or any registered) should be able to add files in this Files gallery. This is not working.

As long as i don't give the perm:
''Can admin file galleries (tiki_p_admin_file_galleries)''

The upload option is not set right.
There are many case we want to have users/group able to add files in a gallery but not to admin the gallery.

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11.x: JS minify broken when interface in Catalan

SVN (11.0svn): May 15 2013 - REV 45953

In a multitiki install of mine, I tested an upgrade from tiki9 to tiki11, and then, switching tabs in admin panels, stopped working.

Once I disabled the js minification setting, tabs worked again.

Tried in demo.t.o/Tiki11, and it works well with or without js minification. So I was that's where the issue must come from.

the issue is still present in : Monday 10 June, 2013 23:33:08 CEST- REV 46275, and seems related to the Catalan interface.
Once the interface is set to Catalan, and page reloaded twice, js features stop working.

Reproduced also here in dev.t.o
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11.x: Cartograf applied shows: failed to execute module in header which worked fine before the profile

^About this bug tracker interface:
For some misterious reason, I can't find "Modules" under the dropdown "Sub-category" (cone Area is set to Feature). Hiding those things don't make it easy to find what you look for, besides the ordering in the dropdown looks random.^

I applied Profile Cartograf in Tiki11, on a site like this one http://gavarrespedia.org (on a separate install in which it was upgraded to Tiki11), and after profile application I got this error message at the header:

Failed to execute "capçalera_2012" module
Syntax Error in template "a8e6a8b0c69c18e14a83f1790bf93f51de024ee3" on line 4 "<div class="imgbox" style=" width:708px; height:152px"><img src="dl84?display" width="706" height="150" style="display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" alt="Image" class="regImage pluginImg84" /> </div><a href="tiki-edit_draw.php?fileId=84" onclick="return $(this).ajaxEditDraw();" title="Draw on the Image" class="editplugin pluginImgEdit84" data-fileid="84" data-galleryid="9" data-imgparams='{"fileId":"84","randomGalleryId":9,"stylebox":"border","class":"regImage pluginImg84","checkItemPerms":"y","noDrawIcon":"n"}'><img width='16' height='16' class='icon' alt='Edit' src='img/icons/page_edit.png' /></a> <br />" - Unexpected ":", expected one of: "}" , " " , ATTR

"capçalera_2012" is the name of the header module which displays random images from a file gallery.

{sign user="xavidp" datetime="2013-09-11T12:05:39+00:00"}
Current revisions of Tiki11 don't show this error anymore when applying the profile.
tracker item
FILES plugin not working correctly
r45987 - still a problem in r46589

FILES plugin (in either the wiki or wysiwyg (full html) editor) is not working correctly as follows:

*the "FileID" parameter is being ignored - FileID list should allow just specific files to be shown.
*if the "Show Parent Gallery Name" (showgallery="y")is set, then the table headings/contents get out of alignment
*--Plus in the WYSIWYG editor it now breaks completely producing garbled content. THIS OK NOW--

tracker item
FILE plugin shows icon too large

When the showicon option is used with the FILE plugin the image is shown too large (its the same in both the wysiwyg and the wiki editors).

tracker item
Tiki SMARTY Plugin no longer works with 'eval' option
Since Tiki10 the Tiki SMARTY Plugin, using the 'eval' option to simply display a smarty variable, no longer works because the underpinning smarty function.eval.php is no longer part of the Tiki distribution - the SMARTY Plugin code checks for the availability of function.eval.php in either lib/smarty/libs/plugins/ or the lib/smarty_tiki/ folders and gives an error message "Incorrect parameter"  if it is not found. Its removal is probably due to the move Smarty 3  but it is not clear whether there is Smarty 3 version of eval available. The Tiki 9 version of function.eval.php does not work in 10/11/trunk (gives fatal errors) so this doesn't give us a 'quick fix'.  

Solution needed to be able to 'eval' and display any smarty variable type not just strings
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test dynamic items list per Bernard Sfez email of 24 May
In Bernard's email he recommends the following:

Go to https://dev.tiki.org/tracker5 Insert new item, go to "Area" select any.

As I'm creating this enter, after selecting Area: Main Feature, in the Drop-down for Sub-Category I'm seeing, as he said a list of meaningless catId's. (Bernard: "Check sub-category, instead of showing category name, it show catId.") As far as I know this problem exist since the rewrite of tables in v.9.x During TikiFest in Montreal in April, ca 12-14 April, Louis-Philippe fixed this problem for me in 11.x (then still Trunk). Sorry but I'm still in Africa, with expensive, and very unstable internet, so I can't check updates, but perhaps this can help someone find the solution. I'll be available for the group again, but only starting someone coming Monday, 27 May. No promises but perhaps I can find a solution then, but it will take time. olaf-michael (omstefanov)
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Server I/O error in dev.t.o uploading an image

Uploading an image to a file gallery in dev.t.o (thorugh the icon "Choose or upload images" in the textarea toolbar, in case it matters) produces:

"Server I/O error"

It seems that the file gallery is set to use that flash file uploader.
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11.x: jq popup boxes fall below main panel => buttons hidden

In our case, we are using "Strasa" theme style, in 11.x svn.

As admin, we go to Admin home > Workspaces & Areas > Create a workspace:

The jquery popup box fell behind the main panel in the central column. Therefore, the buttons where hidden behind that panel in the central column.

{img fileId="249" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}


The same with the button the "change highlighter" (codemirror) in a text area in a wiki page: the popup bux is not shown (falls behind the edit area, it seems).

Same with plugin file, plugin to upload images, etc. If you are in full screen edit mode, then you see nothing from that popup shown (behind).

The problem seems to be somehow with the strasa I had in my installation, which came from upgrades. I cound't reproduce the issue in show.t.o, nor in my site with another theme style.
tracker item
Paste on a wiki page with wysiwyg shows nothing; same effect through the 'paste' button in the toolbar; only works through 'source' button + paste


Created a few pages through the Workspace UI. My settings were wysiwyg optional, displayed by default, reopen with same editor, content is parsed like wiki page, use wiki syntax in wysiwyg. Ah, codemirror is on, even if I wonder if it matters for this bug. When I went to paste some content to one of those new pages, I opened the page, pasted content from somewhere else (another wiki page with simple text editor, som plain ascii), and nothing was shown in the wysiwyg editor. I tried again through the button to paste content, but same effect: nothing is displayed on the page (in the editor, still in edit mode, I mean). Then I clicked at "source", and pasted the wiki syntax there. It was shown in the editor. then saved. and the content was parsed, and displayed properly also in the wiki page (in display mode). ~~#FF0000:Edited by Bsfez:~~ Could be related, paste in this field (text area with wysiwyg) show only a string "undefined".
tracker item
jCapture screencast: Detect for Java and provide a link to download
tracker item
jquery-migrate.min.map 404 and jquery.min.map 404 (Not Found)
tracker item
Linking to a shared or local drive or directory
tracker item
sh setup.sh to run composer: should check PHP version before trying to run Composer
tracker item
Make Unified Index optional
tracker item
MAP Plugin data corruption with WYSIWYG editor
tracker item
Menu Wiki: TAB Focus
tracker item
Module months_links (blog or cms archive) can't display more than 12 months
tracker item
Multiple Redirects to Single Page pluginRedirect WYWIWYG Bug
tracker item
nextdev.t.o in mobile: unable to click on the watch icon for a tracker item
tracker item
nextdev.t.o: mobile not working for wiki pages (it is working for tracker items)
tracker item
Argument Variables are parsed even in "No parse" (np) zones
tracker item
9.x and 11.x, sometimes, when previewing, it's no longer possible to save page (data lost)
tracker item
Page Break
tracker item
Page break syntax ...page... no longer working in Tiki 11
tracker item
Page break syntax with collapsible sections breaks site layout
tracker item
page name finishing with .txt -> route error
tracker item
Pagination doesn't work on 11.x
tracker item
Parser regression on -> between 6 and 9, and still present in 10 and 11
tracker item
Permission inheritance (default category) are not checked prior creating a wiki page
tracker item
Permissions for perspectives are not working
tracker item
Plugin dialog is hidden when full-screen is on
tracker item
Plugin to remove a tracker item
tracker item
Plugin to remove items with item-link fields pointing to deleted items
tracker item
Plugin-Files: Unable to show file name without description
tracker item
PluginCODE no longer working on some pages
tracker item
PluginIMG: Mouseover no longer works
tracker item
PluginModule interface Crash on Custom Module Insert
tracker item
PluginTracker does not show input form after saving an item
tracker item
pluginTracker url parameter does not work
tracker item
PluginTrackerFilter: can't sort after a filter
tracker item
Preference filters show weird features choice (regression)
tracker item
Private blog postings should not appear in the linked list
tracker item
Quick permissions on a BigBlueButton object permissions
tracker item
Remarksbox: Allow users to tick a checkbox "Don't show this again"
When we have the ability to close repetitive remarksboxes and save some user space it would be nice to allow users to tick a checkbox and opt-out to not show that remarksbox up on next page reload again...
tracker item
Reset chat content
tracker item
Revamp upgrade notification
tracker item
rss icons not displayed when switching language (site wide or wiki page translation)
tracker item
Search Engine Optimisation
tracker item
Search module replaces specific unicode letter with question marks
tracker item
The second editor of a page in wysiwyg mode will see an empty editor bloc when overriding
tracker item
Select All should mean select all
tracker item
Signature tooltip covered up by right column
tracker item
Slideshows break between Tiki10 and Tiki11
tracker item
smarty_security and tiki_cdn cause Icons missing when using own content delivery network
tracker item
Specifying :_: as a namespace seperator cause PHP warning
tracker item
Strasa theme does not seem to work properly in V11.0
tracker item
Switching perspectives should have URL of the home page of that perspective, instead of tiki-index.php
tracker item
Switching themes has no effect
tracker item
The tracker popup setting are applied instead of the trackerfilter popup setting.
tracker item
The version lifecycle is not being respected
tracker item
There should be a None option for syntax highlighter in PluginCode (or fix current null option)
tracker item
Tighter integration with Apache's > .htaccess (error messages, etc.)
When you try to access a wiki page which doesn't exist, Tiki offers you a list of similarly named pages, to search for that word, to create the page, etc.


When you try to access other contents in Tiki (articles, blog posts, etc.) that don't exist (either have been deleted, moved, not yet published, protected, etc.), you get a Tiki error message.

__Good as well.__

But what if you try an URL which is just not possible?

Ex.: If you migrated from another system to Tiki and you are still getting hits with the previous URLs?

Of course, you could check your access logs and add nice redirects. But how can we make this easier for site admins?

The bundled _htaccess file (which you need to rename .htaccess to make active) has an example line:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
ErrorDocument 404 /tiki-index.php?page=Page+not+found

__This is good.__

Now, how could we use this to provide the Tiki admin with a top-x error pages? And thus, it would help to detect broken links, etc.

Could .htaccess include some configuration info from Tiki? So a Tiki admin could add configuration information without using FTP, all in Tiki, possibly with a secret "system" wiki page.

Great inspiration:
tracker item
Tiki Calendar Permissions--they're kinda messed up.
tracker item
Tiki Plugin with long content broke wysiwyg edit display
tracker item
Tiki wishlist bug
tracker item
tiki-adminusers.php email filter is no longer working
tracker item
tiki-pagehistory.php : there are two drop-downs for picking side-by-side type
tracker item
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