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Update Notifier: many versions are misreporting available upgrades
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Admin Cannot Delete File Gallery
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alarm field type in trackers
Trackers are great in Tiki, it provides a way to build quick and easy register solutions.
When used in any context related to monitoring, it would be nice to have a way to associate a record with one or more events in time. For instance you would like to receive an email at the time the issue related to the task should be controlled and/or be resolved.

Thinking on it as a feature, the following could be considered in the solution:
*It could exist more than one "timer" in the tracker record,
*It should be added like any other tracker field to the record definition,
*It could have different ways to alert: email, rss, ... (maybe only one choice when instance),
*It could have rules, like auto disable when the record is closed (or other condition),
*It could be (as an option) reprogrammed,

and also
*Maybe a user wants to know about all his/her pending "timers".
*Maybe timer implementation could be independent objects that are linked to (special fields in) tracker records (or other objects), so global management is possible.

I guess that a good part of above functionality is already in Tiki in some form.
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Border for he forum table in tiki.o are not displayed for forums when section are used
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Comments don't show if 'Display comments form by default' is enabled
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Datachannel / Tracker Functionality
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doc.tiki.org feature list (which is populated from trackers) is not appearing all the time
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Dogfood Forum and List Synchronization between tw.o forums and SourceForge Mailing Lists
Thanks to this:


Should be mirrored here:
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Drop Downs and Hovers Stopped Working (Popper.js)
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Extendable meta-data for all features
File Gallery backlinks are a dysfunctional mess
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Fixed HTTP Expires Header is in year 1981
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Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
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Green background on uploaded video to tv.tiki.org (Kaltura)
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Improper Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit MIME header in Mail
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Screencast & Copy-Pasting an image
Discussed on wiki pages:
* ((Screencast))
* ((Copy-Pasting an image))
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redirect plugin in articles redirects on edit article
as the topic says

if you youse the redirect plugin in an article you cannot edit the article as it redirect the page even in edit mode
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PATCH: wikiplugin_userlist.php handles privileges the opposite way
When using the UserList plugin, the links on the user names leading to their personal information pages, are shown and hidden depending on privileges of the logged in user. Unfortunately, the logic is reverse of what it should be.

Correct logic is: show links for all users that when either A.) You have admin privileges. B.) User listed is yourself. C.) User listed has chosen to make his profile information public.

Current logic is: show links when A.) You have admin privileges. B.) User listed is NOT yourself, AND user listed has chosen NOT to make his information public.
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tags columns in tiki-listpages.php
We already have categories, etc.
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Edit CSS and Edit template: add version control (ex.: by saving in wiki pages)
((doc:Edit CSS))
((doc:Edit Templates))
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Custom fields for wiki pages (structured data / meta-data for wiki pages)
Please see: ((Extendable meta-data for all features))

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Error in tiki-editpage.php
Today I found an error in "tiki-editpage.php".
The error is on the Line 1092.
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Compare generated HTML for all *.tiki.org sites between versions (to check for regressions/changes of behavior)
Some changes in Tiki code (especially the parser) between versions cause slight changes of behavior. Devs have no comprehensive way to test the result of a change on a large data set.

We have a large data set with all *.tiki.org sites.

Similar to ((tw:Pre-Dogfood servers)), we could have a script which checks the HTML output for all wiki pages for a given version, and compare this to another version.

And thus, we can check if this is a desired behavior.

The HTML entities change in Tiki9 would be a great 1st test of this. It would have been nice to have it for UTF-8 changes in Tiki5 as well...

This should be done as part of the script for ((tw:Pre-Dogfood servers)) so we have daily reports on issues. (and we know that it's the same data)
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Improve search results with click popularity (learning search)
Every time a link is clicked, add the keywords of the search result in the index...

See also: ((Machine Learning))
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Tracker field type relations: should be viewable and editable
Relation should be
* visible in view mode:
* and editable in tracker item edit mode

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Edit/add multiple tracker items in one operation (mass edits)
Say I have a ((doc:TrackerList)) report: I want to edit several items, I would like the whole report to become editable with a single save button
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Trackers: have a spreadsheet view for multiple edits at once, and to use fill down and copy-paste from another Spreadsheet app
Say I have a desktop spreadsheet file. I can copy-paste this to Tiki spreadsheet and it makes it fun & fast to move data to Tiki. (It's also easy to export to .csv to re-use in the desktop spreadsheet).

But what if I want my info in a tracker?

((doc:PluginTrackerList)) has displaysheet=y which displays in spreadsheet view. This is nice but we'd need to be able to edit existing records, and easily add records.
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modifier.sefurl.php does not contain a case that handles calendar urls
Spotted by a user who noted that the URL of a suggested Calendar at the bottom of a wiki page returned an 'invalid URL' error. I tracked the error down to the sefurl modifier in the template not handling calendar URLs properly. The tested correction to modifier.sefurl.php is:
{CODE(caption="add after line 95" wrap="0" colors="php")} case 'calendar':
$href = $sefurl ? "cal$source" : "tiki-calendar.php?calIds[]=$source";
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Upon registration, if "User already exists", offer a link to "reset password" (if activated)
Often, we don't remember if we have already registered...
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Need a way to detect when two wiki pages have the same alias (because the redirect fails)
Conflict detection when page is saved would be nice too. Often happens when people are translating pages.

It should offer disambiguation page...

For example http://dev.tiki.org/Download gives an error but it does contain
{CODE()} (alias(Download)) {CODE}
As you can see here:

So the page is not found, but when you try to create, you get:
{img fileId="562"}

So clearly it exists...
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Replacing tracker items at import time inserts them as new items
When you import tracker items, if you don't select the checkbox to create new items, they are supposed to replace the previous items that are there.

But this fails, and new items are created, without replacing the old ones.
confirmed still in trunk, SVN (11.0svn): Monday 22 of April, 2013 15:40:50 UTC- REV 45673
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Trackers: Address field type with province/state and Postal Code
* http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.locale.functions.html
* http://code.narendrasisodiya.com/JavaScript-Country-State-Dropdown/
* https://github.com/sgruhier/jquery-addresspicker
* https://packagist.org/packages/sirprize/postal-code-validator
* https://packagist.org/search/?q=postal&orderBys%5B0%5D%5Bsort%5D=downloads&orderBys%5B0%5D%5Border%5D=desc


And SabreDAV support would be ideal:
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Detect empty page names and permit to delete or rename
There is weird bug that sometime permits to create a page with no name. This has been in Tiki for several versions. Since the page has no name, it's not possible to delete from tiki-listpages.php

We have seen is here: http://profiles.tiki.org and it broked the profiles for several days.

Ref: [http://irc.tiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2012-10-01,Mon&sel=379#l375]

@Mani: you should use a copy of doc.tiki.org to see a real example.
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Webmail enhancements
Many ISP's have separated pop/imap and smtp accounts. Or just they require SMTP auth when sending email outside ISP networks.

Just to be sure :
User may have separated incoming(pop3/imap) and outgoing(smtp) accounts
User may have one account for incoming&outgoing (pop3/imap/smtp)

Both cases should be supported and with ssl support.

Current (v9.1) webmail implementation does not allow separated pop/imap and smtp account settings. Also SMTP is missing ssl possibility.

So in these cases webmail is unusable.

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sh setup.sh does not change directory permissions
Although the files are owned by the same user that runs the script the directory permissions do not get changed.

firedragonvbs@FiredragonVBS:~/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x$ sh setup.sh -u firedragonvbs -g firedragonvbs
You are not root or you are on a shared hosting account. You can now:

1- ctrl-c to break now.


2- If you press enter to continue, you will probably get some error messages
but it (the script) will still fix what it can according to the permissions
of your user. This script will now ask you some questions. If you don't know
what to answer, just press enter to each question (to use default value)
> Press enter to continue:
> Multi []:
Checking dirs :
db ... ok.
dump ... ok.
img/wiki ... ok.
img/wiki_up ... ok.
img/trackers ... ok.
modules/cache ... ok.
temp ... ok.
temp/cache ... ok.
temp/public ... ok.
templates_c ... ok.
templates ... ok.
styles ... ok.
maps ... ok.
whelp ... ok.
mods ... ok.
files ... ok.
tiki_tests/tests ... ok.
temp/unified-index ... ok.
Fix global perms ...
You are not root. We will not try to change the file owners.
Change group to firedragonvbs ... done.
Fix normal dirs ... done.
Fix special dirs ... done.

Tiki is not properly set up:

The directory '/home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x/dump/' is not writeable by www-data.
The directory '/home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x/img/wiki/' is not writeable by www-data.
The directory '/home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x/img/wiki_up/' is not writeable by www-data.
The directory '/home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x/modules/cache/' is not writeable by www-data.
The directory '/home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x/temp/' is not writeable by www-data.
The directory '/home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.x/templates_c/' is not writeable by www-data.

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PHP Notice: Undefined index:
Running installer for: db/local.php
PHP Notice: Undefined index: session_protected in /home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.1/tiki-setup_base.php on line 73
PHP Notice: Undefined index: session_lifetime in /home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.1/tiki-setup_base.php on line 86
PHP Notice: Undefined index: tiki_cdn in /home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.1/tiki-setup_base.php on line 119
PHP Notice: Undefined index: feature_fullscreen in /home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.1/tiki-setup_base.php on line 146
PHP Notice: Undefined index: tikiroot in /home/firedragonvbs/public_html/cms/tiki-9.1/lib/prefs/cookie.php on line 30
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Using Wiki cache can show the wrong language to other users
Using wiki page cache, it happens that page cache is generated by a user who set his language to Italian. And then, the page is visited by someone who has language to something else, but sees Italian.

Workaround: turn off wiki page cache if you have a multilingual site
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Broken system on Filter call
Use this link to see error:


Tracker breaks and spills code onto the page.

This happened when I attempted to filter for only bugs in version 9x.

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Problem with Displaying File Galleries after upgrading to Tiki 10.0, Possible Related Issue with file "function.quotabar.php"
This should perhaps be dealt with by Tiki contributors since it has come up before (when I upgraded in Dec. 2011 to Tiki 8.2). The issue has to do with displaying file galleries in Tiki 10.0. When I first attempted to display the file galleries, I got a blank page. A quick check of my server's error log (edited to remove private data) showed the following:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyCompilerException' with message 'Syntax Error in template "/templates/tiki-list_file_gallery.tpl" on line 223 "{quotabar
length='100' value=$smarty.capture.use}" unknown tag
"quotabar" in …/lib/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:657

Possibly related to this problem is that "/lib/smarty_tiki/function.quotabar.php" is (if memory serves) the one file in
Tiki 10.0 that I was unable to upload to the server via Filezilla FTP
transfer. There may be something wrong with the file that's causing the error message listed above, and I remember that it wasn't possible to upload this file to the server when I was upgrading to a couple of previous versions of Tiki, so it's a persistent issue.
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Turning Tiki-Calendar off in Features creates scripting loop issue, causing Tiki 10.0 to stop working due to max queries server issue
Recently, I went into Admin and turned off one of the features in Admin at tiki-admin.php?page=features. The feature was Calendar in Global Features. But that brought up a problem that I was able to investigate in my host server's error logs:

PHP Warning: PDO::query(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1226 User ... has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 75000) in .../wiki/lib/core/TikiDb/Pdo.php on line 78

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../wiki/db/tiki-db.php on line 152

PHP Warning: PDO::query(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1226 User ... has exceeded the 'max_que ...
... /wiki/tiki-lastchanges.php
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v10 Gallery >Action >Replace not working
Have just installed v10.0, replacing previous v8.1. The new website seems to be working well except for >Gallery, >Actions <wrench icon>, >Replace file. Nothing happens. Worked fine under v8.1.
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Unescaped '\e' in lib/equation/class.latexrender.php
I couldn't get the equation plugin to work. Tracked it down to a '\end{document}' latex command that should be '\\end{document}' since PHP saw the '\e' as an escape.

The problem is around line 189 in lib/equation/class.latexrender.php.

Suggest that all strings that are written to the latex file should have lead with a '\\' within the 'wrap_formula' function, even though the only line that was giving me a problem was the '\end...'.
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NP NoParse mark-up being dropped from source when subsequently editing
For example, if I include the following line in a wiki page
{CODE(wrap=1)}__~np~{toc maxdepth=4 shownum="1" structId="1" pagename="Test_003a"}~/np~__{CODE}
it is successfully saved and then rendered correctly.

If I view the source it is correctly held.

When I then came to edit the same page and view the SOURCE whilst within edit mode the non parse mark-up has disappeared.

Discovered whilst testing on http://demo.tiki.org/10x/ site
I have screen shots available if required.
%%% %%%
Please look at the source, since I'm struggling to get the code correctly shown here.%%% %%%The code plug-in closure follows the end of NP tag and end of bold mark-up, but that is not what is showing above.
%%%I see a similar issue with the CODE plugin on your documentation page at [http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Text&structure=Tiki+User+Guide#noparse_-_not_parsing_WikiSyntax]
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Add support for WinCache in tiki-check.php and Performance Admin panel (same as APC and XCache)


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10.x dev.t.o/t5: clicking at a star in the rating field of the Bug Tracker does nothing
As user "xavi" (plain registered user, I mean, not a user with admin privileges, etc), I created a new bug report here at dev.t.o/t5. Once saved, I attempted to:
* click at the Rating field - Stars (system), and I saw no effect.
* edit the tracker item, and clicked at one radio button option, and saved, but saw no effect.
In both cases, I still see that zero votes have been casted, etc.

As far as I remember, the choice of the user was stored, and showed somehow highlighted or similar. Nowadays, it seems as if nothing is stored.

Reproduced, as example, here:

I confirm that these perms are granted to registered users on the tracker object permissions, as well as at global permissions:
* Can view rating result for tracker items (tiki_p_tracker_view_ratings)
* Can vote a rating for tracker items (tiki_p_tracker_vote_ratings)
* Can re-vote a rating for tracker items (tiki_p_tracker_revote_ratings)
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Provide spammer test for new accounts
Using services like http://www.stopforumspam.com can help to identify and handle spam-related mail addresses trying to create an account.

stopforumspam provides an API to test a mail address against a "known spammer"-list. This could be used to warn an admin before confirming an account.
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Item Link in Tracker Does Not Obey User Permissions
PROBLEM (summary):
A Item Link field appears to be missing a condition to limit the list of items in the dropdown on a tracker form to those that the user has permission to see.

(Reproduced on demo.tiki.org site. See details below)

Imagine you are using the Tracker functionality NOT for user registration but for allowing users to create a home inventory.

You have 3 trackers created:

*1 a tracker of Location that has fields "Friendly Name" - Text Field, "Relation to Another Location" - Item Link to "Friendly Name" items in Location, and "Specific Location" - Text Area (Note: DO NOT give "Relation to Another Location" Item Link the ability to Add Item..., or you will zap all the memory of your Tikiwiki! )
*2 a tracker of Items that has fields "Friendly Name" - Text Field, "Location of Item" - Item Link to "Friendly Name" items in Location tracker, "Value" - Text Field
*3 a tracker of Inventory that has fields "Item" - Item Link to "Friendly Name" in Items (with an "Add Item..." option) and "Photo" - File

All 3 trackers have a mandatory User field with auto-assign to creator

Registered Users have ONLY the following tracker permissions:
tiki_p_remove_tracker_items permissions

Data input is carried out via wiki pages with tracker/trackerlist

ALMOST everything is working - 2 users (TEST1 and TEST2) can input data and neither can see the other's inventory. - That's Good.

The Item Link drop-down shows ALL the items of the tracker from both users.
In other words, when TEST1 is selecting a Item from the Tracker List, TEST2's items show up.

Fortunately, if the Item List is rendered as a link in the trackerlist, TEST1 will get an error when trying to click on TEST2s stuff (presumably, to see the Value field to come over to his house and steal his stuff ;) )

But, the problem is that, with a lot of users, the dropdown list becomes unusably long.

Reproduction on the 10X Demo site:
Log in as TEST1 or TEST2
Password 12345
Go to the Home Inventory Form wiki page
Test1 has: Television in Office in Test1s Home
Test2 has a vase in bedroom of Test2s home
Admin has a Linux computer in the living room ;)

Now, if you go in as, say, Test1, on the Home Investory Form page you will only see Test1s stuff, but in the dropdown box of locations, you'll see Test2's bedroom, Test2s home and Admin's living room.

I had to change (limit) Registered group's access as describe above in the details.
Sorry to anyone out there using it!
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9.x svn to 10.x svn: files don't get uploaded to file galleries
I confirm that I saw this serious issue in a production site of myself using tiki 10.x (svn r44603). This site of mine was upgraded in early january from tiki 9.x svn to 10.x svn. And nowadays when uploading some jpg images, they are not displayed, the image name seems to be truncated the extension (foo.jpg is converted into foo, it seems). And the error message in my case indicates a valid path (as it was working fine for a year in the server, etc.; no changes on that side; I doubled checked and perms are fine for apache to write in those folders, etc).

The hash corresponding to the file (as indicated in the error message shown in the browser) does not exist in the server, so it seems that the file does not get uploaded to that folder.

I can provide more details (or even maybe access to my production server) to some dev willing to debug this issue.


I started to see report in the user forums in t.o about (potentially) similar issues. Example:
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Unable to enter a fresh tiki install
After installing a new (WampDeveloper) server instance -- to make sure my server wasn't broken

I've just attempted to install Tiki trunk,
all appeared to go fine, installer progressed through to the
"enter Tiki" stage without complaint

upon attempting to enter Tiki (this is a new install, so change __admin__ password is the first page), I see a horribly disfigured Tiki page and an error message -- see attached image

the Error seen is:
"Required features: change_password. If you do not have the privileges to activate these features, ask the site administrator."

I'm running
Apache 2.2.23
PHP 5.3.17
MySQL 5.5.27-log

DB tables are INNOdb (server default)

at the populating the DB stage, only 881 queries were processed
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10.x: mass search and replace (wiki) doesn't replace even if it reports as if successful
Mass search and replace (tiki-search_replace.php) indicates as if the replace is successful, but string not replaced.

Matches show the right content. But no replacement is done in the wiki pages even if the message reported from tiki is that those pages where updated.

In my case, I did that to replace:
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No access to tiki wiki due to session problems

This bug affects version 9.x, but after having a short look at the 10.x source code, that version is probably also affected.

It happened after upgrading from version 3.9 to 9.3.

When accessing my.host or my.host/index.php, tikiwiki should redirect to tiki-index.php but gets stuck in an endless redirection loop by redirecting to my.host.

When accessing my.host/tiki-index.php directly,the following error message is displayed:
Required features: feature_wiki. If you do not have the privileges to activate these features, ask the site administrator."

Similar errors when accessing other features.
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Maketoc not working with WYSIWYG for structured pages
Essentially as the title says, I am unable to use the {maketoc} tag to work correctly on a page in a structure using the WYSIWYG editor. If I switch to the wiki markup, it works, but then I lose my WYSIWYG formatting (eg for tables and the like).

I've tried {toc} but it won't show headings in the page.

If I try {maketoc} on a wiki created page, the headings will be created in the WYSIWYG editor.
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File Gallery Did not transfer from v9 to v10
On my site, the files hosted in the file gallery live in an "uploads" directory. In the admin area, the path to the directory appears to be correct. Also, I have checked to make certain that directory does exist.

I am not able to upload any files and any files that are there are now dead links.

http://sportmachines.com/wiki/tiki-list_file_gallery.php(external link)

The files are stored in a directory, not in the database.

This occurred when upgrading from v9 to v10.


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Item link showing multiple entries for a drop-down menu.
Currently following the guide to create Dynamic Items List found here: http://doc.tiki.org/Dynamic+items+list

I've followed it all the way but there seems to be a problem with the "Operating System" drop down menu. I keep getting a reflection of the item list rather than the options specified. I've added a screenshot of what I mean.

Is there anything different that I should be doing in 10.x that's not specified in the doc?

{img src="display77"}
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File upload reports missing function error
Receiving an error from lib/core/FileGallery/Wrapper.php indicating function get_gallery_save_dir does not exist when uploading a file.
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Wiki diff of some bigger pages breaks
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Tracker Field Factory Error: Pref ... required for field type ...
There are a few variants of this:

Tracker Field Factory Error: Pref "trackerfield_stars" required for field type "Tracker_Field_Rating"

This is caused because in more recent versions of Tiki, each tracker field type is a preference. It should have been handled by an upgrade script but there must be a bug:


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All blog posts footnotes parsed and mixed as one post footnotes on a blog homepage
When tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=x lists many posts, each one using footnotes, the footnotes numbers are false except for the first post.

As each post of the list is parsed, its first footnote number is not 1, but the total number of all the footnotes of the preceding posts of the list.

Versions : 6, 9, 10.
See : [http://demo.tiki.org/10x/blog2|http://demo.tiki.org/10x/blog2]
and [http://demo.tiki.org/9x/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=6|http://demo.tiki.org/9x/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=6]
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Logout script with home redirect problem
How to reproduce:
1. Allow Group Homepage
2. Set homepage for anonymous group: agr_home
3. Set homepage for registered group: rgr_home
4. make default page agr_home page
5. login -> you ll be redirected to rgr_gome -> thats ok
6. logout -> you ll be redirected to http://yoursitename.com/agr_home (note: not index.php?page=agr_home)
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format error in geolocation parameters, in some local conventions
French (at least) conventions use commas as decimal separator. This causes errors in parsing parameters when passing geolocation coordinates (Maps don't center on the good coordinates).
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Show subcategories objects creates an SQL error
I saw this on my 10.0 install and recreated it on the demo 10.0 site.

Sign on as admin.
1. Select "Categories" on the left side admin menu.
2. Select "Show subcategories objects"
3. You should have the error page :

The query was:
SELECT DISTINCT c.*, o.* FROM `tiki_category_objects` c, `tiki_categorized_objects` co, `tiki_objects` o WHERE c.`catObjectId`=o.`objectId` AND o.`objectId`=co.`catObjectId` AND c.`categId` IN (?,?,?,?) ORDER BY `name` asc

I looked through the other errors and didn't see this one so I am adding it.

I'm not to deep into Tiki ... yet, so I don't really know if the problem is big or small, so I set the measure in the middle to 5.
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Expanding the Excersise Plugin so that user data is stored in database
The plugin Exercise is a nice way to for students to get feedback on their learning. For an instructor or an admin it would be very useful to have a way of checking student's success. That way, the instructor could evaluate how easy the material is, or if certain students need extra help with something.

As far as I understand, right now exercise input data is not stored in the database so there is no way to track the exercise outcome. It would be great if a table could be added to the database where the this data could be stored and accessed.
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colon in definition lists
When you are using definition list plugin, if you want to use a colon in the definition, there is no way to do this that I know of because the colon is used to separate the term from the definition. If you have a second colon on the line, the second colon and everything after it is cut off (not displayed).
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10.x page history selected versions are lost
Selection of left version is lost after clicking "compare"

{flash type="url" movie="display158" width="823" height="520"}
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Failed to Warn 'edit confict' with PluginWysiwyg or PluginSheet in wiki pages
I've just noticed with some potential new users of a Tiki site that the warning of "edit confict" is not working if the wiki page is using either the PluginWysiwyg or PluginSheet (tiki spreadsheets).

I mean, for PluginWysiwyg:
* UserA visits page "foo" clicks on the section surrounded by the wysiwyg plugin: that section opens for edition (not the full wiki page but just that section).
* While UserA has that section open still in page foo, UserB visits page "foo" and clicks on the same section in order to edit it.
__There is no warning about concurrent edition conflict.__

And similarly for PluginSheet (no warning for UserB that the same sheet is open for edition at that time by UserA)

Is this easily fixable (and backportable to 9.x LTS)?
I've reproduced the same issues here with 10.x:
* http://demo.tiki.org/10x/HomePage#PluginWYSIWYG
* http://demo.tiki.org/10x/HomePage#PluginSheet

The downside is that there is no safe way right now to edit big tables in a wysiwyg mode in Tiki 9 LTS.
* A Wysiwyg page losses editions every now and then (not recorded in history, for some mysterious reason, even if simple text edits were done some times; other times saves properly; I couldn't identify a common pattern to reproduce it always).
* WYSIWYG plugin does not warn about concurrent editions.
* The approach with sheets doesn't work either: no warning about concurrent edition.

(sad story: Those users decided to go back to attached spreadsheets saved elsewhere aside of Tiki :-/ )


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user tracker gets input also on registration error
I use email as username and user tracker for more information at registration.
If a user types in an invalid email address and wants to register. He gets an error, no user is registered BUT the user tracker gets an entry.

mostly I have to hit the save button twice. Perhaps that helps to find the bug?
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When i Click on Red Delete Button then it is Display Blankpage on Tiki 10.2
I have updgrade Tiki 10.0 to 10.2. i have facing problem with both version.
Problem is when i click on Red Cross Delete button then it will displayed Blank page. but if i select remove option then it is working properly. so i have facing problem with delete button.
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Unable to set Object level permissions to articles in 10.2
Was using Tiki 6.x, backed up databases, did a fresh install of version 9, then upgraded to version 10.2, moved article database back. When I create an new article, then tried to assign object level permissions. {img fileId="197"}

The assign permissions area needs a feature selected (see {img fileId="196"}. When I go to Select Features, none of the installed features show up. However I can check the box for "Show permissions for disabled features" the missing ones show up but still can't set the article permissions.

Not sure what the issue can be, I verified that Administrators have all the proper access. I can set global permission for the same "missing" features. Not sure what to do at this point.
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How to create a form using Tiki

Here is a wish in regards to my learning curve.

I heard that Tiki is good at allowing others to create forms.

Here is the print screen of __this form_, which is quite impressive.


::{img src="http://yogapartout.com/extlinks/ftp/useCase/imgs/printScreens/wishToLearnViaVideoHowToCreateAformLikeThis.jpg" link="http://yogapartout.com/extlinks/ftp/useCase/imgs/printScreens/wishToLearnViaVideoHowToCreateAformLikeThis.jpg" width="800"}::


I'm actually _the Tiki's most populare Newbie_ as I am still learning the basics about Tiki.

Here is my panel box of what my form, the only one I have looks alike on my admin panel


::{img src="http://yogapartout.com/extlinks/ftp/useCase/imgs/printScreens/LearnViaVideoHowToCreateAform.jpg" link="http://yogapartout.com/extlinks/ftp/useCase/imgs/printScreens/LearnViaVideoHowToCreateAform.jpg" width="800"}::


Is there a video somewhere that shows how to create (this actual form I'm using to communicate this need) a form?

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userlink does not return a link for the current user if user information pref != 'Public'
The smarty function that generates a user link (lib/smarty_tiki/modifier.userlink.php) will only return an actual link if the user's user_information preference is set to 'public'. In the case where the user link is to the currently logged-in user, however, there is no reason not to display the link even if that preference is set to 'private' as the user should be able to view their own preferences. This is easy to demonstrate; set your user_information preference to private and then look at your name in login module. The name will not be a link to your user preferences.
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Incorrect logs truncate before inserting to database
It happens, when multibyte strings is recording to database.
Function "substr" work incorrect with multibytes string.
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10.x & PHP 5.4.x: Icon of the pdf file uploaded is not shown (Strict Standards: Non-static methods should not be called statically in /path/tiki-download_file.php)
From http://irc.tiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2013-05-08,Wed&sel=42#l38

*(13:59:23) xavi: in case it's related, we have an issue to see the icon of the pdf file uploaded (icon is not shown)
*(13:59:50) xavi: and when attempting to see the img source, in a url like dl2&thumbnail=y&x=16 (sef is on), then we see this other messages on a white page:
*(14:01:37) xavi: Strict Standards: Non-static method Image::is_supported() should not be called statically in /path/tiki-download_file.php on line 253 (& 257)
*(14:01:37) xavi: Strict Standards: Non-static method ImageAbstract::icon() should not be called statically in /path/tiki-download_file.php on line 278
*(14:01:37) xavi: Strict Standards: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Image::get_icon_default_format() should not be called statically in/path/lib/images/abstract.php on line 183
*(14:01:37) xavi: Strict Standards: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Image::is_supported() should not be called statically in /path/lib/images/abstract.php on line 189

That seems to happen only when php is 5.4.x. Downgrading php to 5.3.x seems to be a valid workaround (provided that all caches are cleared, etc)
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Tracker field descriptions show above the pretty tracker form

See source of http://dev.tiki.org/Bug+Tracker+Input+Form
Happens with any tracker plugin form using a wiki template.
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Video CMS - Unable to upload objects
The bug has already been submitte via SourceForge and posted on the [https://tiki.org/Video+Team|Video Team page]
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Tiki SMARTY Plugin no longer works with 'eval' option
Since Tiki10 the Tiki SMARTY Plugin, using the 'eval' option to simply display a smarty variable, no longer works because the underpinning smarty function.eval.php is no longer part of the Tiki distribution - the SMARTY Plugin code checks for the availability of function.eval.php in either lib/smarty/libs/plugins/ or the lib/smarty_tiki/ folders and gives an error message "Incorrect parameter"  if it is not found. Its removal is probably due to the move Smarty 3  but it is not clear whether there is Smarty 3 version of eval available. The Tiki 9 version of function.eval.php does not work in 10/11/trunk (gives fatal errors) so this doesn't give us a 'quick fix'.  

Solution needed to be able to 'eval' and display any smarty variable type not just strings
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test dynamic items list per Bernard Sfez email of 24 May
In Bernard's email he recommends the following:

Go to https://dev.tiki.org/tracker5 Insert new item, go to "Area" select any.

As I'm creating this enter, after selecting Area: Main Feature, in the Drop-down for Sub-Category I'm seeing, as he said a list of meaningless catId's. (Bernard: "Check sub-category, instead of showing category name, it show catId.") As far as I know this problem exist since the rewrite of tables in v.9.x During TikiFest in Montreal in April, ca 12-14 April, Louis-Philippe fixed this problem for me in 11.x (then still Trunk). Sorry but I'm still in Africa, with expensive, and very unstable internet, so I can't check updates, but perhaps this can help someone find the solution. I'll be available for the group again, but only starting someone coming Monday, 27 May. No promises but perhaps I can find a solution then, but it will take time. olaf-michael (omstefanov)
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LDAP password will not be accepted when using > or < in the password string
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Make Unified Index optional
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Module months_links (blog or cms archive) can't display more than 12 months
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Argument Variables are parsed even in "No parse" (np) zones
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Parser regression on -> between 6 and 9, and still present in 10 and 11
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Performance Problem with structure menu
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Permission inheritance (default category) are not checked prior creating a wiki page
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PluginModule interface Crash on Custom Module Insert
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PluginTracker does not show input form after saving an item
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Remarksbox: Allow users to tick a checkbox "Don't show this again"
When we have the ability to close repetitive remarksboxes and save some user space it would be nice to allow users to tick a checkbox and opt-out to not show that remarksbox up on next page reload again...
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rss icons not displayed when switching language (site wide or wiki page translation)
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Survey Plugin Will Not Update Options To Redirect
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Tighter integration with Apache's > .htaccess (error messages, etc.)
When you try to access a wiki page which doesn't exist, Tiki offers you a list of similarly named pages, to search for that word, to create the page, etc.


When you try to access other contents in Tiki (articles, blog posts, etc.) that don't exist (either have been deleted, moved, not yet published, protected, etc.), you get a Tiki error message.

__Good as well.__

But what if you try an URL which is just not possible?

Ex.: If you migrated from another system to Tiki and you are still getting hits with the previous URLs?

Of course, you could check your access logs and add nice redirects. But how can we make this easier for site admins?

The bundled _htaccess file (which you need to rename .htaccess to make active) has an example line:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
ErrorDocument 404 /tiki-index.php?page=Page+not+found

__This is good.__

Now, how could we use this to provide the Tiki admin with a top-x error pages? And thus, it would help to detect broken links, etc.

Could .htaccess include some configuration info from Tiki? So a Tiki admin could add configuration information without using FTP, all in Tiki, possibly with a secret "system" wiki page.

Great inspiration:
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tiki-print_pages.php should allow to choose tikiversion for all pages, if PluginVersion is used
tiki-print_pages.php should allow to set the parameter tikiversion at printing time, if Plugin Versions is being used. Example: doc.tw.o of twforsmarties: print documentation for veersion 1.9.x, 2.x or 3.x.


Right now, if I want to print the full structure of the documentation, I can't chose version (so that the default is shown)

marclaporte: and the same idea should apply to language. Show me doc in my language, if there is none, fall back to available language.
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Tracker fields of Radio buttons and multiple selection pre-select value 0 when it's one of the options even if not manually set as default
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User information link is broken if language is not english (user preferences -> tracker)
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When moving a part of a structure to a new structure the structure_id will not be updated
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Wiki alias links are broken when a page is rolled back
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wiki help - plugin list sorting
The plugin section of the wiki help is listing the plugins aplhabetically based on their english name. When it is translated to another language the sorting remains based on the english name, it is quite confusing and looks a bit chaotic in other languages in my opinion. Is there a specific reason why the code here is written this way? If not, can this be fixed for Tiki 4? I dont know how to do it but would appreciate it :)
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools