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Article ratings apparently not working
First of all, the template checks for a $use_ratings variable to display the article's rating which, in my case, appears to be always null even though ratings are activated. Why do I think they are? Because the form to submit a rating shows up, because depends on $prefs.article_user_rating and $tiki_p_rate_article being 'y', which they are.

On my particular site, all articles have a rating of "7/10". Which is weird, because most of them haven't been rated and the configured rating options range from 1-4, and not 1-10. If I try to actually submit a rating, the actual rating still is 7, even though the "generate rating" is set to "on vote".
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Banner display setting: To and From Time loads incorrectly
When configuring a banner, it is possible to set a to- and from-time when the banner can be displayed. Setting and saving these times work OK.
The times are stored as specified (assumed local time for server)

However, when the settings are reloaded/reviewed, the times seems to auto-adjust the times, based on an assumption that the times are stored in UTC.
I am in the GMT+2 timezone, thus both times are incremented by 2 hours when they are reloaded.

Unless this error is detected and manually corrected before re-saving, the time settings will be altered. This will occur every time.
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Integration with MantisBT
I would like to suggest an enhancement to TikiWiki 8 to integrate with MantisBT. Specifically the desired outcome would be:

(1) A single sign-on. If you are logged into to TW, you are logged into Mantis and visa versa;
(2) A unified view of user. If you are a registered user on the TW, then you are a user on Mantis and visa versa. Creating an account on TW also creates an account on Mantis.
(3) Either a center module to deliver Mantis content or a menu link to take you to the linked Mantis website.
(4) Users can create links between forum topics and Mantis bugs. Each forum topic links to zero or one Mantis Issue, and each Mantis Issue links to zero or more TW forum topics.
(5) Develop a TikiWiki syntax enhancement to enable users to easily reference Mantis bugs by Bug ID.
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Cant add modules in Tiki8
I upgraded my Tiki from 4 to 8. Perhaps it was premature to upgrade a busy Tiki with many users to Tiki8. Anyway, I found a few issues. I am not sure if they would be characterised as bugs, or just stuff that has not yet been implmented. Here are the issues:

(1) The login prompt kept floating around the screen, appearing and disappearing in random places at random times, so I went to Admin-Modules to try to fix it.

(2) The next issue, is that in Admin-Modules, the tabs do not work. Clicking on a tab does nothing. Fortunately, I can proceed by clicking on the "No-tabs" button. Good idea that.

(3) Editing the login module didnt seem to help. So I came up with a cunning plan: Delete the module and then add it back in again. In hindsight, that was a pretty risky thing to do in beta software.

(4) I deleted the login module, but now I cannot add it back in! According to the instruction text, new modules can be dragged from the "All Modules" tab. But this either doesnt work or has not yet been implemented.

My Tiki is at http://lockbox.seanbdurkin.id.au
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Display tracker item title in the sefurl
In tiki-admin.php?page=sefurl, we have
* Display blog title in the sefurl
* Display article title in the sefurl

which is really nice.

Even better would be to also have:
* Display tracker item title in the sefurl

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Non-parsed wiki feature (np) doesn't work correctly anymore in plugins

After upgrading my web site from tiki 7.0 to 7.2, I've noticed that the non-parsed wiki feature in the wiki pages is not working correctly anymore.
Indeed, from the tests I've done, it seems that in case of multiple use of the non-parsed wiki feature on the same line, only the last one is taken into account.

For exemple, for the following wiki text, only the second ~np~--css~/np~ is taken into account, the first one not so the text is striked through.

***use the ~np~--css~/np~ option (ex: ~np~--css~/np~ test)


Ticket update:

Note that the problem occurs mainly in fancytables.
I've enabled "Allow HTML" for the problematic pages. That also corrected the problem with non-parsed wiki syntax. (:eek:)
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alarm field type in trackers
Trackers are great in Tiki, it provides a way to build quick and easy register solutions.
When used in any context related to monitoring, it would be nice to have a way to associate a record with one or more events in time. For instance you would like to receive an email at the time the issue related to the task should be controlled and/or be resolved.

Thinking on it as a feature, the following could be considered in the solution:
*It could exist more than one "timer" in the tracker record,
*It should be added like any other tracker field to the record definition,
*It could have different ways to alert: email, rss, ... (maybe only one choice when instance),
*It could have rules, like auto disable when the record is closed (or other condition),
*It could be (as an option) reprogrammed,

and also
*Maybe a user wants to know about all his/her pending "timers".
*Maybe timer implementation could be independent objects that are linked to (special fields in) tracker records (or other objects), so global management is possible.

I guess that a good part of above functionality is already in Tiki in some form.
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Avoid huge pages which force horizontal scrolling (CodeMirror, PluginCODE, etc)
In view mode:

PluginCODE should have horizontal scroll bar when there is too much code on one line. This used to work a while ago on some browsers, but not all.

In edit mode:
CodeMirror seems to force the page to be super large

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Calendar: recur, but not by date; rather, they recur by designated weekday
Congratulations on the work put in on the calendar. I love the recurring event feature!

Of course there is always more: I would like to be able to post an event that recurs, for example, the second Saturday of each month.

Currently, I can only post an event that recurs by date. Many of the events that I post occur on the first Wednesday of the month, or the second Thursday. They recur, but not by date; rather, they recur by designated weekday.

Thanks for any help you can provide on this.

P.S. Also, some events occur the same time each weekday (but not Saturday or Sunday). Providing for weekday recurrance would be a nice addition as well, but less important than the above.
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Can't login: Error message "You have to enable cookies to login to this site"
On many machines, and with both Firefox and IE, attempting to login as a user or admin results in an error message "You have to enable cookies to login to this site". Both in IE and Firefox cookies are enabled.

This problem has shown up recently on Tiki.org forums

"Forums » Architecture/Installation » You have to enable cookies to be able to login to this site"

It has also been reported as a bug "Cookies with Tiki 6.1"


Seems to disappear when I use a different theme, "darkroom" instead of "jqui"
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Completely multilingual Tiki not just Wiki
I wish the wonderful multilingual features that the Wiki side of
TikiWiki has were available/applied consistently throughout the Tiki package.

So, it works really well to view wiki pages in your own languages,
translate into others and keep these in sync collaboratively.

While you stay in the Wiki side of things.

As soon as you leave to use files, forums and FAQs etc. etc. multilingual is patchy at best.

I'd like to be confident that whatever feature I enable, its possible
for all content in that feature to be truly multilingual.

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Floating top and/or bottom (footer) menu items (and why not left & right too)
We should have some ready-made zones, where template designers can just

It should be possible to populate these zones with Site Identity or in the templates.

Please examples of floating boxes here:

It could also be pull out thingies or horizontal bars
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Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
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HTML line break tags displayed within PluginCode when nested within PluginSplit
In 6x, 7x and 8x, the <br /> tag is displayed when there is a line break within PluginCode when PluginCode is within PluginSplit. This can be seen at [http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=PluginFancyTable&preview=41#Example].

Perhaps related to [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=3883]
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Big avatar in forums, elsewhere
"If a user upload a big avatar (more than 45x45 px) tiki 2.1 not 'avatarize' and show the big image in the forums. This problem may be very uncomfortable when you read a forum topic."

I can confirm that this still occurs on tiki.org and whatever Tiki version it is running presently, specifically with GIF images. -- ssanders
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8.x & 6LTS: machine translation broken
Machine translation ( http://doc.tiki.org/Machine+Translation ) seems to be broken in Tiki 6 LTS, at least.
No content is translated from the page.

The same site (before upgrading months ago to tiki6) had that feature working.

Is this feature working for anyone on any stable (non deprecated) tiki version?
I've just checked on localhost with 8.x (r38429), and the feature still exists in admin panels. When enabled, and attempted to request to have a wiki page google-translated, a blank page is shown :-/

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Unknown column 'tweetId' in 'tiki_shoutbox'
Upgrading from 7.2 to 8.x revision 38517
Upgrading from 7.2 to 8.2 tweetId still missing

Operations failed: 1 SQL queries.

ALTER TABLE tiki_shoutbox modify tweetId BIGINT(20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL default 0
Unknown column 'tweetId' in 'tiki_shoutbox'
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After Upgrading 6.3 -> 8.0rc1 split shows ~lt~br /~gt~ instead of linebreaks
I updated a copy of our wiki to 8.0rc1 to have a look whats new

but the first thing i saw was that all line breaks in the heavily used split-plugin were actually displayed as ~lt~br /~gt~ instead of being actual line breaks
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After Upgrading 6.3 -> 8.0rc1 split shows ~lt~br /~gt~ instead of linebreaks
I updated a copy of our wiki to 8.0rc1 to have a look whats new and just wanted to tell you the first problem i immediately saw:

but the first thing i saw was that all line breaks in the heavily used split-plugin were actually displayed as ~lt~br /~gt~ instead of being actual line breaks
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In Tiki 2.4 the syntax below work:

~np~{img src="img/wiki_up/cabeçalho" }~/np~

In Tiki 6.4 and trunk it doesn't (I haven't tested with other versions).

The problem is the special character "ç" in the image file name.

This bug was introduced in r22212 (http://tikiwiki.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tikiwiki?view=revision&revision=22212). If you remove the call to htmlentities() the problem is solved but I'm assuming this function is there for a reason.
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Category field in tracker not displayed
A category field in a tracker is not displayed in list view, nor in item view/edit.
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User tickets listing not well filtered by status

There's a small issue on dev.tiki.org. So that should be the same with the corresponding feature (tracker) on tiki 8.1.

When looking at my "bug and wish list", all my tickets are listed in the 3 categories: open, pending and closed. Apparently the status filtering is not done correcly.

Attached a "screenshot" of what I see.

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File type detection does not work when uploading images bundled in a zip file

Reporting this bug, which is apparently still present.
Other users are facing that issue: http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.comp.cms.tiki.user

When uploading a bundle of images contained in a zip file, and selecting the option "Unzip zip files", all the images are well extracted and added to the gallery. However, the file type (in my case png, but I guess this is the case for all file types) is not reconize and the files have the type "application/octet-stream". Consequently, inserting the image in a wiki document for exemple, and changing its size, will produce the message "File is not an image"

I was able to reproduce it on tiki 7.2. Attached some screenshots of the problem.

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Tracker Edit Attachment Field POST 500 Error
If I edit an attachment field on a tracker and click OK, in Firebug I get a 500 internal server error when it POSTs with something like the following, and it does not save my changes...

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Crash with blank screen at starting for new users (unknown) visitor with 8.1
Main bug.

A new user can't at all connect and get a blank screen.
This without crash.

If the user have an analyser he will find that tiki has sent this code

{CODE(caption="The page sent content")}<html><header</header><body></body></html>{CODE}

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At the end of installer from 4.x to now 8.1, the run of session crashes with an exception "session start"
At the end of the installer when launch is run we can get a crash with an exception :

__"Session already opened"__

This has been reported since two years may be six times.

I have not made various test, so may be it depends of the context which is :

#Data upgraded from existing connection
#Run without inhibiting installer

This should not have effect. So I don't understand why others don't seem to observe the problem that I had always.

I need to run again directly index.
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Tracker page : little ergonomy enhancement
A proposal of enhancement :

If the tracker can be edited a tab can remain but why not display too the familiar standard edit icon used for content edit allowed ?

It is sure that not everything can be edited, but it is the edition of a tracker.
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Avatar PNG Background Transparent to Black on Resize
If I upload a large transparent PNG as an avatar which Tiki must resize, it ends up with a black background instead.
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Login Hover
If one is typing in the login hover and mouses out, no more typing is entered until one hovers over the login again.
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Tool for wiki links in WYSIWYG editor (wiki mode)
When trying to create a Wiki Link using the WYSIWYG, the auto page find doesn't work anymore making it almost impossible to link to another wiki page without knowing exaclty the page name

{img src="https://img.skitch.com/20111124-r2ai2a29x2xyriua1mu3a3996h.jpg"}
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Using Plugin editor causes the Author's style of a wiki page to revert to default
If you use the plugin edit icon to edit a plugin on a page, after submitting the changes, the 'List Authors' setting for the page reverts to the default, losing whatever setting it had before.
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Read-only mode (ex.: when migrating a Tiki to a new server and you want the old one to still show content but not have edits)
We have a site_closed preference which is very useful.

However, this permits only the admins to access the site.

What if we want a read-only mirror?

It would be nice to a have a preference for this, along with a message to users: "This site is in read-only" and admins could change this message to indicate where the live site is.

Perhaps it could be interesting to check if the mysql user is "read only" as well...

This could also be interesting if a project is completed and we want to keep a site an an archive but no longer have any changes.

Things like tiki-logs, date of last login, etc. will need to considered.

Perhaps there could be a check: If current users has an edit/add permission (we'd have to make a list), then, he gets a warning that site is read-only (a message that the admin could change) and that any changes will be lost.
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File is not an image

i've upgrade my site at 8 version.

now when i upload an image and i try to use with img placeholder appear the error "file is not an image"

i read that is couse by Ajax uploader, indeed i've activated this feature recently.
so i 've unactiveted this feature but the uploader is still in Ajax.

can anybody help me?
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Tabs in the Admin interface don't work in Chrome
The tabs in the administrative interface use an onclick to run some AJAX code to change the interface. The problem is that they don't work in Chrome 17. They seem to work fine in Chrome 16.

More strangely, the method signatures of the tikitabs function actually appears quite different between the two browsers.

On Chrome 17 it is

function tikitabs(focus,max,ini) {
var didit = false, didone = false;
if (!ini) {
ini = 1;

function tikitabs( focus, tabElement) {

The problem appears to be that the ini variable is not set, so it we set the ini to 1, then it skips down all the way to if (didone && ...) which gets bypassed, and we exit right away.

Why do you have different code for different versions of the same browser?

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Cannot use PluginFile more than once inside PluginFancyTable after upgrade from 6.1 to 8,1
In 6.1 I successfully used this code:


In 8.1 it now renders this result:

2011|[tiki-download_file.php?fileId=602|Jan~</td> <td class="odd" style=" width; background-color:"> 7.5%;">body2~Feb~</td> <td class="odd" style=" width; background-color:"> 7.5%;">body4~Mar~</td> <td class="odd" style=" width; background-color:"> 7.5%;">body6~Apr~</td> <td class="odd" style=" width; background-color:"> 7.5%;">body8~May~</td> and so on...

If I replace all but one instance of PluginFile the results are OK. If I add a second instance the results are as shown above.
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Crash SQL State 23000 error 1092 duplicate entre in tiki_unstranslated (if option used)
In tra.php (8.1) it is necessary to check if an entry exists, the function used is always "getOne".

Unfortunately the instruction used {CODE()}! $tikilib->getOne(....){CODE} seems to return always true and generated the crash.
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Login problem for admin - need a full reset -
After 8.1 installation, I need a long time to be able to login as admin (not tested till now for other, two many problems to solve, test are programmed).
I was upgrading data from 7.2.

In fact the lonely way needs all these steps :
- clear all local cookies
- clear caches of server (temp/cache; module/cache)
- reinit as new (tiki.sql and some complements as the length of passw is we don't change the admin pass, no object, the SQL import file reset admin user and checks admin configuration)

Then when you login admin admin you are normally asked to set a new password, as for new installation. Everything seems OK, it is not true.
!!!~~#F00:__If you quit the browser you will be reconnected automatically even though "you have not checked remember me".
!!!~~#F00:But if you quit~~, for example to login for test with another login (the reason why for dev I don't check remember me) ~~#F00:and try to reconnect you get __"Invalid login or password"__ ~~

No other solution than a full reinit of admin login.
I checked :__
*clear local cookie alone : no result
*clear only tiki caches : no result
*clear cookies and cache (the db data are good for admin identification) : no result
*clear cookies, caches, reset admin as new install : OK
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Fixed width for layout (for style which support) when changed parameters in admin module don't functions and always generates more than full width
The default value for styles which supports "fixedwidth" parameter title "layout... " is 990px.

This option is useful and should be included in a module (I will do when if will function globally). Depending of the job done 990px on a 1920 is often a straight workplace.

If it is activated and you set any value you will get as the option "fullwidth".

This option make a wrong calculus of the real available width (a problem with js functions and margins) and generate a larger layout that the width of the display device.
tracker item
Many lists overlap the layout with fixedwidth styles
with 8.1 (and before) a __fixedwidth style__ (default 990px) like twist, __when it has to display a list like "wiki pages" overlaps the center column outside the layout of 450px.__

What do you think of this ?
Do any solutions have been studied ?
Do anybody works on this problem ?

The function has "no error bug" but it is not a professional way, a tester said to me whoa !!! you are going to try to propose this...

!!Working on :

Several solutions can be studied and combined :
# __embed these "tables" into tables__ so that they can't overlap but have hscroll (with all fields for selection). This is technically valid but __not at all sufficient because it is unusable__ quite heavy... but can be useful to have studied for later
# Add table with a minimum of 9 cells :
** Title and fields which fits the center column (col2) on span 2 c
** Empty
** second tr :
*** The title of element
*** content table with span 2 c and hscroll
** third tr
*** Footer span 2c (width of col2
*** Empty
# Cut the bottom of middle (col1,2,3) overlapping centered and use 100% width of screen, with automatic hscrool if too large with standard browser zooming
# The same hiding the "middle" (basic col 1,2,3) : needs to display the header with 100% width, and a new content header (enhance all styles to be able with good reliability to hide cols - a good check).
# use solution of "embed table" but with a "button to swap" to full width layout fitting the width of the screen
# option for automatic swap to full width when large tables are displayed
# swap fullscreen for tables described above
!!Waiting for ideas and project, thanks
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The results of a search in text or title with beginning of text don't decode any text
After a search (general by text) the beginning of text which is displayed is not decoded-re-encode for the context.
On the screenshot joined you can see parts of text with tiki tag (!! for h2), HTML tags, problem of encoding UTF8 probably or old text not re-encoded (not yet checked).

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After an install with upgrade, tiki-admin displays the error "invalid database" ad-vitam
(Not yet checked for trunk)

After running installer with upgrade we get the message "Invalid database run installer..."

Running installer don't changes anything to database, but the message is still displayed.
It is a consistency "deadlock by soft".

The lonely thing generated by installer is a reset which needs to reset manually the admin account and clear all caches and cookies (see #4066 admin login problem).

~~#090:!!!Going on 12/06/2011~~

I need to check the soft.

The message is sent by "installer" $installer instance of class installer in installib
It checks before the validation of patches on db using $installer->recordPatch($patch) for each one.
recordPatch function in installer records the patch into tiki_schema as done with his full date.

The concerned (got by a var_dump) patch is "20110904_shoutbox_def_tweetid_tiki"
is not into the tiki_schema table.
So the test functions, but the tiki-install failed to make this patch on another version OK, as it is defined.

__~~#F00:When it runs now (installer at 8.1 level) it don't tries to make the upgrade. This is the deadlock.
__What is done if an old patch is not there !!!__

More there is no report at all.~~__

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Bugs and whishes (tracker on dev.tiki.org) and tiki version 8.x : tab "comments" title with 'num'
As the title describes :

In the panel of a tracker (Bugs and wishes tracker on dev.tiki.org) the tab title for "comments" don't gives any information if exists comments, while the numbers of uploads of files have the number of uploads.
It should be a progress to see into tabs headers if a tracker have generated and how many comments and with a symbol (stars ?) the volume of comments

This concerns tiki version 8.x and site dev.tiki.org
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Some of the Spreadsheet settings do not get saved.
The following settings do not get saved when you create a new sheet or configure an already created sheet.

Class Name:
Header Rows:
Footer Rows:
Wiki Parse Values:
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Don't work page name display stripper ::
When I setup page name display stripper as __::__ don,t work wiki link wishout |

lib\parser.lib line 1705
// Center text
if ($prefs['feature_use_three_colon_centertag'] == 'y') {
$data = preg_replace("/:::(.+?):::/", "<div style=\"text-align: center;\">$1</div>", $data);
} else {
$data = preg_replace("/::(.+?)::/", "<div style=\"text-align: center;\">$1</div>", $data);

This code replase __::__ on "<div style=\"text-align: center;\">$1</div>"

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Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_read_data
On host without exif support tiki-8.2 gives blank page with
Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_read_data() in /.../public_html/lib/images/abstract.php on line 236
when there are .jpg images on the page.
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Post new comment gives "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach" tiki 8.2
Tiki-8.2 Wikipage: Comments --> Post new comment
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../public_html/lib/init/tra.php on line 57
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Setting Admin Home>Comments>Comments below wiki pages>Display by default does not work
I've enabled the option "Admin Home>Comments>Comments below wiki pages>Display by default" but I still need to click on the "comments" button at the bottom of the wiki page to see or post a comment
tracker item
Two options naming the same in "Admin Home" comment sector
There are two options in comment configuration page naming the same -- "Default number per page:".

It seems that they are on control of the same thing. I have to modify the both otherwise my setting will not be applied.
{img id="127"}
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Bad behavior of the icon flag (eye.png) for "Monitor topics (and threads) of this forum"
The two icon flags (eye.png and eye_magnifier.png) that are used to show the "watch" status of a forum are always switched together, so one doesn't really know what kind of watch he set on the forum.
See also {img id=128}.

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Only image ID and imalign attributes work in the {img} tag
If an attribute other than imalign or image sources are used, then a preview of the page cannot be made and a white page is shown when a save is attempted.
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@user wiki syntax
Related to {wish id=1409}, it would be nice to have a syntax to leave messages to people or groups on wiki pages
* It could send an alert

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Glossary by way of Hotwords
I was recently looking for a way to easily make a Glossary when I came across the Hotwords feature. I immediately took to the feature and began using it. But I got to thinking, it would be nice if I could enter a description, check mark a box(to include the word in a glossary page) and check mark a box(to use the word as a Hotword).

Then just have a wiki page with a {glossary} tag or have a predefined wiki Glossary page.
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Integration data from spreadsheet.

I just updated to tiki 8.2 and found the problem with data integration from spreadsheets to wiki pages. I did the upgrade to tiki 8.1 before that and there was a problem mentioned in release notes that "Spreadsheets cannot be viewed (via view_sheets). The table quickly disappears when the page loads. Spreadsheets can nevertheless be viewed by editing them, if the user has the appropriate permission." Same thing happened when you integrated cells in wiki page. In 8.2 that problem was fixed, but now whet i type something like

{CODE(colors="c")}''Telephone number:'' | {SHEET(id=>4 range="A6:A6")}Table{SHEET}{CODE}

on wiki page in result I get the whole table showed like in default mode without range instead of only one cell. I tried to find something about changes in module or so, cause may be syntax changed, but no success. In 7.2.1 everything works just fine.

Thanks in andvance
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Solved: Multiple domains to single site modules in the wrong place
I use Tiki Wiki for many of my sites and some of them have multiple domains associated with them. So domain.ca, domain.com and domain.co.uk all point to the same folder on the same server using domain redirection.

The main domain works and looks fine but if I go to any of the other domains everything is there but it is out of place. The modules were in the wrong place on the screen and it looked like the theme CSS was messed up. I tried playing with perspectives, multi-domain, areas, domain redirects (within Tiki), category, themes, and anything else that looked promising.
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Linking ItemsList to ItemsList fails
I tried this on the community forum but got no response.

I've found a problem with interlinked trackers that shows up when you look at the items.

Tracker "Course Type" has fields
F1 Course Type Name: Text
F2 Course Duration: Text

Tracker "Scheduled Courses" has fields
F3 Course Reference: Text
F4 Course Type Name: Item Link to F1
F5 Course Duration: Items List to F2 using F1,F4
F6 Course Start Date: Date

Tracker "Attendee Registrations" has fields
F7 Course Reference: Item Link to F3
F8 Course Duration: Items List to F5 using F3,F7
F9 Course Start Date: Items List to F6 using F3,F7

This mostly works, except when I view the items in the third tracker field F8 is blank

This is an ItemsList to an ItemsList to a Text field.
At each level there is only one result - the second tracker works fine

In addition, a TrackerList or TrackerItemField that should return the value of F8 also fails and while a Trackerlist that should return F7 works fine, a Trackeritemfield that should return F7 does not work.

Having delved into the code it looks like the cases where a tracker list points to a tracker list is just not handled well. There is clearly a need to recursively resolve the value to display (and how to display it) but this is not being done.

I'll continue to work on the code and see if I can solve it but wondered it anyone more familiar with the code is working on this or knows how to fix it quickly.

Many thanks

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Multilingual option in tracker field prevents from filling fields
Create a tracker field, of type Text or Text Area (possibly other types are also buggy).
Hit "Add field and edit advanced options", then check "multilingual".
Save the field.

Afterwards, get to tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=<number> and attempt to "Insert New Item":
All fields with option "multilingual" lack any input field. They can't be filled (even when mandatory). → Problem!

Going back to edit the field and removing "multilingual" option corrects the issue.
tracker item
"no tabs" does not work in tracker items creation.
When in tiki-view_tracker_item.php or in tiki-view_tracker.php there is a nice useful "no tab" button on the upper right.
It does not do anything

Firefox 7.0.1 on linux
tracker item
Tiki installer with Softaculous on webhostingpad.com: failure of regular click to apply featured profile
Install a Tiki 8.2 via Softaculous on a site managed by http://www.webhostingpad.com/

Then, after the install, click on the regular link to get the featured profiles, and you get an error message.

If you type a profile name in the search box, it works fine.

tracker item
Blank page upon applying Small Organization web presence 8.x on http://www.softaculous.com/demos/Tiki
This is the first thing people will try
tracker item
Error moving tracker items from category X to Y
On dev.tiki.org, I want to merge all items from category "jscalendar" to "calendar".


Duplicate entry '1983-29' for key 'PRIMARY'
The query was:

update `tiki_category_objects` set `categId`=? where `categId`=?

The built query was likely:

update `tiki_category_objects` set `categId`='29' where `categId`='128'

* /var/local/dev.tiki.org/www/tiki-admin_categories.php : 0 -> {main}(array ( ))
* /var/local/dev.tiki.org/www/tiki-admin_categories.php : 41 -> move_all_objects(array ( ))
* /var/local/dev.tiki.org/www/lib/categories/categlib.php : 1474 -> query(array ( ))
* /var/local/dev.tiki.org/www/lib/core/TikiDb/Bridge.php : 27 -> query(array ( ))
* /var/local/dev.tiki.org/www/lib/core/TikiDb/Pdo.php : 118 -> handleQueryError(array ( ))
* /var/local/dev.tiki.org/www/lib/core/TikiDb.php : 148 -> handle(array ( ))

And the organizer is not working either...
tracker item
Tracker item modification, not appearing in tracker item history
I modified

but nothing appears here:
tracker item
Modifying a tracker doesn't affect the "last modified by" field
To reproduce:

Modify this tracker with user "marclaporte" (who is admin):
tracker item
No username autocompletion
After updating from 6.x to 8.x (fresh install, database upgraded), the username in the "To:"-field is not autocompleted any more when composing a new message.
tracker item
Related-to field type in tracker is not working
Try to edit a wish on dev.tiki.org and link it to another

Search for "jQuery" and you will see many are missing compared to: http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=5&status=o&sort_mode=f_41_desc&filterfield=26&filtervalue[26]=jquery&filter=Go
tracker item
File Gallery: quiet upload failures because error message is in a hidden iframe
>> clever, but this causes quiet upload failures (which happen when
>> PHP doesn't allow a sufficient uploaded file size, POST size,
>> memory limit, or with an insufficient MySQL packet size limit).
>> When the upload fails, the error is displayed in a hidden iframe,
>> and the page keeps showing "Uploading file...".

> Maybe we could trap the error and send a error message... shouldn't be
> too difficult with a error_handler I think !
> As it is really easy I let it to the reader ! :DD


This problem is also for WebDAV (could webDAV client show error message?)
tracker item
Zend_Search_Lucene doesn't work on certain servers
To reproduce, search "wiki" in the admin panel here:

And you will get:
"No preferences were found for your search query."

Ideally, the problem is solved, but this is maybe tricky. It could be related to:

{QUOTE(replyto="http://framework.zend.com/manual/1.11/en/zend.search.lucene.index-creation.html")}"Zend_Search_Lucene uses flock() to provide concurrent searching, index updating and optimization. According to the PHP » documentation, "flock() will not work on NFS and many other networked file systems. Do not use networked file systems with Zend_Search_Lucene."{QUOTE}

At the very least, Tiki should detect and report to the site admin that he should use MySQL Full Text Search instead.

Ideally, MySQL Full Text Search would work for tiki-admin.php
tracker item
SPAM: Make it easier to delete a comment or edit and to ban that user
After deleting spam, we can ((doc:Ban)) users but this should be easier/faster.

Ex.: after deleting a comment or rollbacking a wiki revision, have a link to ban the user.

Or maybe a "ban user" link from tiki-adminusers.php
tracker item
CODE plugin causes edit plugin to fail.
The wiki "edit plugin" feature fails when the CODE plugin is used to quote a plugin that is used further down the page. "edit plugin" is not properly ignoring the contents of the CODE plugin.

For example, if I have the following in a wiki page:




If I click the "edit plugin" button to change {EQUATION()}B{EQUATION} -> {EQUATION()}D{EQUATION}, instead the edit is applied to the EQUATION plugin in the CODE block, resulting in:




The "edit plugin" function is apparently counting the number of EQUATION() plugins when it edits and is not properly skipping the ones embedded in the CODE plugin.
(This happens for any plugin, not just EQUATION)
tracker item
Add empty lines after each section of records not just bold text for the first entry of the new section of records
Add empty lines after each section of records, not just bold text for the first entry of the new section of records as it is nowadays.
tracker item
Daily reports: Emails sent mostly every two days instead of daily as indicated in the feature
Daily reports: Emails sent mostly every two days instead of daily as indicated in the feature
tracker item
Differentiate in Daily reports changes made in general objects and in objects created by the user that is receiving the report
Check if there is an easy way to differentiate in the daily reports changes made in general objects and changes made in objects created by the user.
tracker item
Search index could not be updated. The site is misconfigured. Contact an administrator.
__unified_incremental_update doesn't check for feature_search__

Unified Search with Lucene is awesome and is "the future of Tiki".

Now, on certain server configurations, it doesn't work well. An easy workaround is to simply revert to the legacy MySQL Full Text Search.

However, even when using MySQL Full Text Search, unified_incremental_update is defaulted to yes, and tried to update Lucene index, and generates an error message

Workaround is to deactivate unified_incremental_update, or even better, upgrade to 12.x and use Unified Index, with MySQL as storage.
Update: this issue has been reproduced in 12.x svn (and untested in 14.x so far, afaik) also with Mysql Full Text Search as unified search engine (on a multitiki install). See: [item5673] . {sign user="xavi" datetime="2015-05-19T09:10:57+00:00"}
tracker item
Unable to view tracker rss seed
We just updated our tikiwiki from 6.2 to 8.3 and came across a difficulty when viewing the rss-seed of tracker items. We cloned the database and have not changed anything about permissions, but it seems that only people from a certain group (and admin) can view the rss seed of the tracker while logged in, while others can't. This wasn't previously the case.

We kept the old wiki (6.2) and the tracker rss seed works. See for the example:

The rss tracker in the new wiki doesn't. See:

Both have a different database, but they are identical. Also all the permissions concerning trackers are identical.

Is this a bug or has the functionality of the tracker changed? Tried to search in the tikiwiki and bug-reports but couldn't find anything.

EDIT: Apparently this wasn't working in 6.2 either but we created a workaround for it, which also seem to work for 8.3 (see below).

tracker item
Deleting a tracker item: problem with notification email title and body
On dev.tiki.org

If I delete a tracker item, the notification email is entitled:

"Bugs & Wish list" item "" was modified at dev.tiki.org by "Marc Laporte"

1- So it's missing the decription of the wish

2- The content is
{CODE()}ItemID 2855 was deleted in the tracker Bugs & Wish list

Author: Marc Laporte
Date: 07:40 UTC{CODE}

So, it's missing the last info before it was deleted. What's the point of watching if I don't get a copy before it's deleted?
tracker item
FAQ won't list
FAQs do not appear in the 'list FAQs page' tiki-list_faqs.php
"No records found."

This bug is visible with fresh install 8.3
or content upgraded from 6.6 to 8.3.
(feature work ok in 6.6)

Adding a new FAQ work (the new entry is seen in database with select * from tiki_faqs;)
but it will not display in the FAQs list either.

Looking at the PHP code, it seems it is a permission problem.

in tikilib.php
function list_faqs()
code below: //FIXME Perm:filter ?

By removing the test on permission :
if ($objperm['tiki_p_view_faqs'] == 'y')
the FAQs do appear correctly.

It could be related with the 6.6->8.3 changes in user_lib.php function get_permissions() or the
way FAQs permissions are retrieved with tikilib.php
$objperm = $this->get_perm_object($res['faqId'], 'faq', '', false);.

They are quite a number of other //FIXME Perm:filter ? comments in the tikilib.php,
so it is possible that this bug affects other features (or is already reported!)
tracker item
Avoid breaking the layout when there is some very long text (ex,: URLs)
"htmlwrap() is a function which wraps HTML by breaking long words and preventing them from damaging your layout. This function will NOT insert <br /> tags every "width" characters as in the PHP wordwrap() function. HTML wraps automatically, so this function only ensures wrapping at $width characters is possible. Use in places where a page will accept user input in order to create HTML output like in forums or blog comments.

This function will not insert line breaks within HTML tags or HTML entities such as  . It treats all HTML entities as single characters, when taking them into account for string length. It will also attempt to find logical line-break insertion points (like after periods or slashes) before inserting breaks at $width characters."

tracker item
Files cannot be deleted from filesplugin actions or from wiki attachment actions
Both the wiki page attach file and filesplugin feature an action icon. When this icon is chosen a pop up box appears with several actions that can be taken on the file. When the delete or red X is chosen the page reloads but the file is still in the file gallery.
tracker item
Auto-create corresponding categories not working properly
Steps in 6.3:
*create tracker, set Auto-create corresponding categories
*define tracker_item like name, add two items.
As result category is created (as tracker name) and items are added as subcategories:

*Informatics Projects(0/1)
** Item1(0/0)
** Item2(1/1)

Same steps in 8.3, result:

*Tracker 1
**Tracker Item
***Name Type Category
***# Projects tracker item Tracker Item
***# Projects tracker item Tracker Item

Result, instead of tracker name category 'Tracker 1' was created, than subcategory 'Tracker Item' and empty object inside, displayed as table with links to non existing "http://localhost/tiki/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=1&itemId="

tracker item
LDAP Group Synchronisation broken
With revision 31581 the LDAP group synchronisation has been limited to only happen 60 seconds after the login:


So far as I can see this method is only called during the LDAP login procedure, so the if-statement in line 1415 will always be false, thus no synchronisation will happen.

I checked this problem with 7.1, 7.2 and 8.3 and never succeded to get the groups from an AD although the LDAP login worked. After disseminating the code and removing this if-statement the feature works again.

I wonder what the the use of this if-statement was? The commit message refers to webdav changes - how does it affect this?
Can this statement be removed so LDAP group synchronisation works or is there another way to fix this?
tracker item
Tiki-Log sort by ID broken
in debug mode (eg. when debugging ldap logins) many log entries are created at the same time so sorting by time is not sufficient to get the entries in their real order. Sorting by ID is better then.

Unfortunately sorting by ID leads to an unexpected result.

Looking at the code the problem can be fixed easily: The problem is that two tables are being joined (actionlog and actionlog_conf) and sorting by ID leads to sorting by actionlog_conf.id instead of actionlog.actionID.

Both needs to be fixed - in the SQL query the table for sorting must be added in the sort statement, in the template the columnname must be changed from Id to ActionId.

See patch.

tracker item
Fix dependency of LDAP group sync to external directory
LDAP group synchronisation is dependent on the "corresponding user attribute", a setting which is only needed if an external directory is used for group synchronisation.

The fix is simple - the combination of if-staments just need to be adjusted slightly - see patch.
tracker item
Enhancement: Add option to select whether LDAP group synchronisation creates new groups or only sync existing ones
When groups are synchronised with a big LDAP organisation many empty groups may end up in Tikiwiki.

This enhancement / patch adds an option to let the administrator of a tikiwiki instance decide whether during synchronisation of groups only the user assignments to existing groups will be done or if non-existent groups will be created in tikiwiki.

The default behaviour - as of now - is that when a LDAP user logs in all the groups he belongs to will be created in tikiwiki and he is being added as a member of these groups.

This enhancement adds the preference "ldap_create_groups_tiki" which is "y" by default - which corresponds to the current behaviour.

If "ldap_create_groups_tiki" is set to "n" and a LDAP user logs in the group synchronisation process will silently ignore groups that exist in LDAP but not in tikiwiki. Existing groups will be synced, though.
tracker item
Unable to upload files larger then ~30Mb
Uploading a file larger then around 30Mb results in an endless view of "Uploading file..." while the upload was actually finished. Found a previous ticket about this problem explaining that an invisible error is shown. It is assumed that this error has something to do with settings of upload_max_filesize or other settings in php.ini. See ticketID 4107.

However, this is clearly not the problem here. Especially since our old wiki (6.2) (which uses the same configuration and php) has no problems uploading files. So this sounds more like a bug in tikiwiki 8.3, then an wrong setting in the configuration files. I also checked all of our .htaccess files, which do not overrule the settings of php.ini.

Because the uploads do work in 6.2, but it doesn't in 8.3, I fear it is a bug in the new tikiwiki.

If there are more places that I could check that may cause the problem, please let me know. The upload feature on our wiki is quite important, so I would like to find a solution as soon as possible.


Edit: It seems that when I upload a small file, which gives no problems, and then replace this file with an other file of 50Mb, then there is no problem.

Edit2: It seems that the upload is also dependent on the memory_limit value, but this should not be the case. At least, it wasn't before. When the memory_limit is increased larger files can be uploaded. We had set our memory_limit to 64Mb, which allowed an upload of files around the 30 Mb (probably 32?), so there may be a factor two involved.
tracker item
tiki-admingroups.php -> When removing a user from a group, I am sent to tiki-adminusers.php
I am sent here


tracker item
Tiki v8.3 fatal error on Admin Page
Fatal error: Call to a member function toArray() on a non-object in /var/www/rtsdata/apps/WiP/tiki/tiki-8.3/lib/prefslib.php on line 243

New install, following "Tiki for Smarties" examples,
Install is successful. No problems.
Log in as admin. ... good.
change password ... good.
go to Admin page from menu ... good.
select "general" ... fatal error.

try ..."Getting started using Profiles" ... same error.
tracker item
wrap option of code plugin doesn't work anymore
I discovered that the wrap option of the code plugin doesn't work anymore. don't know from when exactly, but at least it was working with tiki 7.x
Exemple page: first code on [http://www.tontonitch.com/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=test|http://www.tontonitch.com/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=test],
tracker item
The add element of structure panel his behind C2 and c3 can't be accessed (8.1, 8.3) - twist style

!!!This problems concerns quite all table and forms (in tables or not) with fixedwidth themes.
This is the reason while it appear in so many functions.

!!!As for most of tables in many functions, with "twist" (no other style tested) the tables of the middle (C2) either overlap C3 or are behind C3 and sometimes C2. They just have a little part outside the 990px large (in twist as the width is written into css it can't be changed by prefs).

__~~#F00:The corresponding functions are then completely unusable.

Here I write this for the example elementary function "add an element to a structure" givin in screenshots joined documents

Three scrennshots proposed are :
#What a user see
#The limit of the div as shown by firebug
#The whole div zone hidden
tracker item
not search not full russian world
Search the full Russian word gives a result in the Russian word wiki-pages successfully.

When searching for part of the Russian word search finds nothing.

Search by part of the English word or full word - search is successful.

[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/29/18619205.png/|image 1]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/861/17424549.png/|image 2]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/809/25798887.png/|image 3]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/831/71733976.png/|image 4]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/69/43517748.png/|image 5]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/708/31417838.png/|image 6]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/21/59250827.png/|image 7]
[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/824/86604157.png/|image 8]
tracker item
After an upgrade (7.2 to 8.1 and 8.3 or 8.x RC 8.4) the admin can't login anymore in some situations
!!!After upgrade the admin can't login anymore

!!!The failure sequence :
#Create a new directory or repository for the new version
#Update with your files (particularly images or icons)
#Site enable (example a sub-domain) on Apache
#Copy the database on new name
#Install manually .htaccess (compare and insert your valid options )
#Update "local.php"
#run <your new domain>/tiki-install.php. Goto the end (note an error occurs if your say at the end "run tiki" without locking or not because tiki-setup tries to re-open a session already automatically opened by installer). You just launch again (default tiki-index)
#~~#F00:__Try to login as admin : You will be rejected as wrong password __~~

!!Analysis - many possible reasons :
There are a lot of reasons to be in this situations. So to be successful a lot of conditions must be satisfied :

#If your new version uses the same current domain (after upgrade for my own I defines the same "servername" as current one and then keep the other when a particular name containng the version :
- The Cookies of session will try to reconnect an older version and a trace shows that the password is not the one you have given (generally empty). So the cookies of the site name must be cleared on your navigator

#The temp files or session table contain too wrong data : they must be cleared on server for your current copy (SVN update case)

#Your admin record in user_user record contains sessions data : they create a conflict which makes crash your login

#Be careful of the fact that you can have an open session in your navigator with the same site (sometimes we uses a lot of tab management which can create this : on firefox use showcase and search to clear your old sessions

#Generally avoid these problem is sufficient but at the end you will be prompt to update your password (as for the first login as admin with password admin). This can fail for the following reason : if the .htaccess is not set or modrewrite not well operational the <site name> will include the "port" used by your server. If your NAT translates the port address (i.e. 80-> 4397) you will get the following url <site>:4397/.... which fails

It is sure that if you use only one site close everything and upgrade you will get the minimum of problems but you will get someone anywhere.

!!~~#099:This situation is common and complex for whom have to manage product and data migration from one version (or several) of tiki to a new one.~~
It is not seen generally by developers, because it is not at all their common upgrade process nor test.

tracker item
redirect plugin in articles redirects on edit article
as the topic says

if you youse the redirect plugin in an article you cannot edit the article as it redirect the page even in edit mode
tracker item
Tracker Import from csv does not import date and time properly
Tested in version 3.3 and 7:
Importing tracker items through CSV does not properly process the date field.

My exported CSV contains e.g. "24/12/2010 19:55"
The imported data only contains "24/12/2010" The time has been left out.

{CODE(caption="incorrect code 3.3" colors="php")}# Version 3.3
Line 1697
} elseif ($field['type'] == 'f' || $field['type'] == 'j') {
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = split('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = split('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);

Replaced by following code :
{CODE(caption="correct code 3.3" colors="php") } elseif ($field['type'] == 'f' || $field['type'] == 'j') {
$l = strlen($data[$i]);
switch ($l) {
case ($l == 10):
# Field does not contain the time
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 16):
# Field contains HH:MM
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 19):
# Field contains HH:MM:SS
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);

The same for the latest version 8.3

{CODE(caption="Incorrect code 8.3" wrap="0" colors="php")} case 'f':
case 'j':
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = preg_split('#/#', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = preg_split('#/#', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = preg_split('#-#', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);

{CODE(caption="Correct code v8.3" wrap="0" colors="php")}# Line 1730
case 'f':
case 'j':
$l = strlen($data[$i]);
switch ($l) {
case ($l == 10):
# Field does not contain the time
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 16):
# Field contains HH:MM
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 19):
# Field contains HH:MM:SS
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
list($hh, $mm, $ss) = explode(':', $ft);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
tracker item
WYSIWYG & Mobile: check if browser is supported and provide relevant error message
Android browser on Tiki8: It just says "Loading..." forever

[http://cksource.com/blog/CKEditor_3.6.2_released|Recent iPads and iPhones should be OK]

If browser is not supported, should Tiki revert to entering text (or manual HTML?)
tracker item
Organizing objects in categories
When I attempt to organize objects in categories and I either click on the orphans link or attempt to search for objects, the action fails and the error reported below occurs. Note that on our system tiki is configured to use legacy search (mySQL) since when I configured it to use Lucene the "Search index could not be updated. The site is misconfigured. Contact an administrator." error occurred.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Search_Lucene_Exception' with message 'Index is under processing now' in D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Zend\Search\Lucene.php:280 Stack trace: #0 D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Zend\Search\Lucene.php(529): Zend_Search_Lucene::getActualGeneration(Object(Zend_Search_Lucene_Storage_Directory_Filesystem)) #1 D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Zend\Search\Lucene.php(211): Zend_Search_Lucene->__construct('temp/unified-in...', true) #2 D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Search\Index\Lucene.php(40): Zend_Search_Lucene::create('temp/unified-in...') #3 D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Search\Index\Lucene.php(123): Search_Index_Lucene->getLucene() #4 D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Search\Index\Lucene.php(82): Search_Index_Lucene->internalFind(Object(Zend_Search_Lucene_Search_Query_Boolean), Object(Search_Query_Order)) #5 D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\t in D:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\tiki\lib\core\Zend\Search\Lucene.php on line 297
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Tracker Import from csv does not set created and lastModif properly
Importing tracker items through CSV only sets the created and lastModif value properly if the dates from the CSV file are in the numerical php date format.

When you import a csv file where the created and lastModif dates are written as proper dates, the imported tracker items have a created and lastModif date/timestamp of the date & time of the import action.

example csv :

"itemId","status","created","lastModif","VRID -- 265"
"849","o","07/12/2009 13:24","07/12/2009 13:24","4"

Whenever I export a csv file, it contains the dates as shown above, so you can't just export data and import data on the fly without modifying all the values...

c.f. [https://dev.tiki.org/item3500|bug 3500]
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Exporting Spreadsheets as csv
In the version 8.3 there are some errors if one wants to export a spreadsheet

The first one appears if one click on the export button. An error () shows up.
I have tried to fix it by inserting the code
"$sheetlib = TikiLib::lib("sheet");" at the line 11 of the "tiki-export_sheet.php" file.

After this fix the export menu appears but exporting the spreadsheet as csv file does not work. (exporting as V 1.0 does not work either, exporting as TikisheetFile V.1 seams to work)
For the case of exporting as csv: After clicking on the "Export" button, the browser ask for saving the file. Depending on the option I choose for saving ("Save as" or "DownloadThemAll") different behavior are observed:
* Save as: A file of 0kB is downloaded (for info the .tws file as 141kb)
* DownloadThemAll an "Server error*" error is shown in the program.

tracker item
"Change" and "Save" buttons are missing when typing a "new wiki page" name with forbidden chars (such as &) and proceeding to the editor-page for this site.
After clicking "create new wiki page", i typed a name for this site containing a forbidden char (in this case "&"). I prompted this entry (not knowing this char is forbidden) to add content to this page.

the "invalid character" field popped up and forced me to rename the page. looked similar to the normal "rename page" input, but without a button to "save" the change.

unfortunately, the save button was also missing in the editor field for my new page and "previewing" the new site didn't change anything in this behaviour.

so in the end - content as well as the page were lost.

please add "save" buttons to this areas.
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Path for file upload can't be changed
I'm am experiencing a severe problem about my files upload path: I once must have set the path to the absolute path "/files/uploads". When I now try to
* change the path to a relative path like "files/uploads" or "./files/uploads"
* change the path to the correct abs path like "/var/htdocs/wiki/files/uploads"
* change the file storage to database

nothing else happens. It keeps trying (and failing) to upload to the path "/files/uploads". The only workaround currently was to create the path "/files/uploads" so that tiki can upload files into that directory (what really strikes me, I don't want a /files directory in my root). But even after this workaround I cannot change my path or change to database storage.

Please help. Thanks.
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Blog posts with "Mark entry as private" are published in RSS feeds
Blog posts marked as private are published to other sites as RSS feed from Tiki. The post content as well as the title is published.
tracker item
Tiki 8.3 | Tiki Importer - Doesn’t import mediawiki xml file - no error displayed

i am pretty new to tikiwiki (please point my to any guides if i am missing something here) and currently testing the 8.3 release.
As i do have several mediawiki installations it is a must for me to be able to import data from mediawiki to tiki.

I did export an .xml file via dumpBackup.php from one of my mediawikis which resulted in a 85mb file - which opens without errors in a random selected webbrowser.

As a next step i tried to use the Tiki Importer.
- Choosed source type (mediawiki) & pressed ok & got forwarded to next page
- used the default selections (uncheck, uncheck, 1, option 3) & selected the xml local file -> pressed the 'import' button
- warning id displayed that a script will be started and may take some time & that i should have a backup -> i do select 'OK' here

-> 3 sec later i am back at the start page of the tiki importer.

- no error is displayed
- no import is done

- is that function supposed to work?
- could it be related to the size of the xml file? even then i would consider an error.
- can i offer any additional informations?

best regards in advance

seems to be related with the size of the .xml file.

case 1: small file - around 1 MB -> worked (i do see a progress window)
case 2: big file - around 85 MB -> failed - see above for a detailed description)

Main problem i do see here is that in case 2 the user/admin gets no feedback at all.
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PATCH: messu-compose hangs on french locale
When attempting to send messages to other tiki users whilst working in french locale, the messu-compose.tpl script hangs.

The problem is due to the different interpretation of commas and semicolons on french and english locales. The call to the quickhint (popup help) feature hardcodes the commas and semicolons, and this frustrates the french locale.
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PATCH: wikiplugin_userlist.php handles privileges the opposite way
When using the UserList plugin, the links on the user names leading to their personal information pages, are shown and hidden depending on privileges of the logged in user. Unfortunately, the logic is reverse of what it should be.

Correct logic is: show links for all users that when either A.) You have admin privileges. B.) User listed is yourself. C.) User listed has chosen to make his profile information public.

Current logic is: show links when A.) You have admin privileges. B.) User listed is NOT yourself, AND user listed has chosen NOT to make his information public.
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LDAP/Active Directory Multiple Domain Support
I am referencing forum post: https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=43682&topics_offset=1

I would like the ability for users in child domains to access the TikiWiki site the same way users in the parent site are able to access it. According to the forum post, "Tiki is not currently capable of authenticating against multiple domains (or multiple LDAP servers)" and "The code could be modified to search, say, the global catalog for the user's DN and then authenticate against the corresponding domain, but this would be custom coding"

I would like an option to specify multiple domains, or a custom code I could use to search the global catalog for the user's DN.

Basically I want all of my users in all of my offices to access the Tiki site. Not just the home office users.
tracker item
Insert image wysiwyg chrome
This is a minor issue, and not sure if it something for tiki or google to fix. However I try to push Chrome as the default browser in my school because we use Google apps and it works better for that.
I don’t want to have to tell my users they need to switch browsers to insert an image. This will not get tiki accepted very fast.

I have tested this on a fresh install of 8.3, svn pre8.4, and svn pre9.0

I am on a windows 7 system with Chrome 18, Firefox 11 and IE9.
In wiki syntax mode the file galary image selector works fine.

In WYSIWYG mode the image slector works fine in Firefox and IE, in Chrome I have a new window that tries to open. The window is listed in the task bar but I cannot access it.

I have turned off pop up blockers and disabled all extensions while testing with the same result.

I have also tried from different computers.
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Compare generated HTML for all *.tiki.org sites between versions (to check for regressions/changes of behavior)
Some changes in Tiki code (especially the parser) between versions cause slight changes of behavior. Devs have no comprehensive way to test the result of a change on a large data set.

We have a large data set with all *.tiki.org sites.

Similar to ((tw:Pre-Dogfood servers)), we could have a script which checks the HTML output for all wiki pages for a given version, and compare this to another version.

And thus, we can check if this is a desired behavior.

The HTML entities change in Tiki9 would be a great 1st test of this. It would have been nice to have it for UTF-8 changes in Tiki5 as well...

This should be done as part of the script for ((tw:Pre-Dogfood servers)) so we have daily reports on issues. (and we know that it's the same data)
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Tracker WYSIWYG Field Broken If Another Field Has "Add New Item.." Script
If you create a tracker with one field which is a text area set to WYSIWYG, plus another field which is an Item Link that has the "Add Items" options set, the WYSIWYG editor will not load using the TRACKER module. It must be a conflict in the two scripts. Disabling the "Add Items" option allows the WYSIWYG editor to load fine.
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maketoc problems on dev.tiki.org
Maketoc fails to parse headers which contains other tags.
See [http://dev.tiki.org/WYSIWYG+testing] for an example.

(This page also shows that the maketoc plugin has other issues, since the title is corrupted and no numbering is displayed.

Strangely enough maketoc seems to work well on my other Tiki8 sites. So, maybe this is a regression.
tracker item
Category field does not handle 0 as Parent Category
When 0 is put in the Parent Category option of the Category field, no category selection is offered in the item creation form.
Even for admin.

This makes it impossible to offer a way of selecting first-level categories in tracker items.

So, tracker items can not be categorised in the first-level categories that way.

I suppose the workaround would be to create a useless category and put all the others as children. Nobody will figure that out and it is uselessly complicated
tracker item
Only first-level categories can be selected for categorizing a tracker
Go to tiki-list_trackers.php → Edit one Tracker → Categories tab → Only first-level categories can be selected.

With this bug and bug 4208, it seems totally impossible to design elaborate category-based permissions with trackers.
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Plugin Lastmod
Plugin Lastmod does not default to current page when page name is not specified.

The documentation for the [http://doc.tiki.org/PluginLastmod|Lastmod Plugin] says if you don't specify the page name, Lastmod defaults to the current page.

From forum [https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=40353&post_reply=1&comments_threshold=0&comments_reply_threadId=43856&comments_offset=0&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc&comments_per_page=20&comments_grandParentId=40353&thread_style=commentStyle_threaded#form|thread] posted by user TomJarvis:

I have now tested:
in the HomePage of Tiki versions 2 through 9.

In each version of Tiki, the plugin with the pagename specified worked correctly (other than the '%0' in Tiki 2 mentioned in the documentation).

When Lastmod is coded without specifying the page name, the current date and time are returned in Tiki versions 2 through 6, and nothing at all is returned in Tiki versions 7 through 9.

There appears to be a problem with how the Lastmod plugin get the page name when it is not specified.

This is a bug that could be reported. The workaround is to specify the page name.
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PluginShowpages broken v6.7, 8.x and 9.x
Have just upgraded from 4.3 to 6.7 and find Plugin Showpages is no longer producing output.

Looked at [http://doc.tiki.org/PluginShowpages] for inspiration and notice that the examples there do not seem to be functioning.

Suspect plugin Listpages now has --equivalent-- similar functionality. --but we have at least one other broken plugin (WantedPages), so want to ask if there is a wider issue here, please?--

Was using ~np~{SHOWPAGES(find=>FAQ_ display=>desc) /}~/np~ but I don't see how to simply display the page description with ListPages.

--Also is there an easy way to find all the pages within our wiki where ShowPages has been used so I can change them to Listpages??--



Updated 08May12. The issue with WantedPages is now felt to be a separate issue and I'll open a new ticket for that.

Have also now found new to v6 Mass Search & Replace tool within Wiki Admin which is great.
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PluginTabs does not show edit button of other Plugins used inside a tab
Any other Plugin used within PluginTabs doesn't show the edit button. It is not possible to edit them itself like it was before.
For Example, Tab1 with CODE and Tab2 with FANCYTABLE:

{TABS(tabs="code|fancytable|box" toggle="y")}
tracker item
PluginFancyTable has display problems when using plugins inside
several problems in Fancytable:
1. Field separator '|' (pipe) is not working with plugins. (must use '~|~' to get it work)
2. any plugin which is used in fancytable is looking fine when only one line is in. When you add a second line, you will get a lot of html viewed.

here is an example i used to figure out these problems:
{FANCYTABLE(head="code|box" colwidths="50%|50%")}{CODE(caption="code with 1 line" colors="sql")}select sysdate from dual;{CODE}~|~{BOX(title="box with 1 line")}1st line in a box{BOX}
{CODE(caption="code with 2 lines" colors="sql")}select sysdate from dual;
select sysdate from dual;{CODE}~|~{BOX(title="box with 2 lines")}1st line in a box
2nd line in a box{BOX}{FANCYTABLE}
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Limited number of single nested plugins, which should not be limited
When you place more then 167 nested plugins of for example DIV (so not nested in nested in nested..., just plugins with only one nested plugin each). It will eventually not parse the plugin anymore.


The result will be:


This is due to a counter (passes) within the PluginMatcher.php which is limited to 500. But I'm guessing this counter is meant to avoid 500 nested in nested in nested in nested...etc (which indeed make sense to me), but not that this keeps counting when you start a new plugin.

I think there should be some attention to the levels. It seems that level zero is the whole text and that level one is simply the detection of the plugin, level two is the detection of a nested plugin, level 3 is the detection of a nested in nested plugin etc.

I haven't figured it out completely, but I have found a workaround to make the counter count as espected. But this is again a workaround and a real solution is needed.

Edit: More info...it "goes wrong" when the performReplace function is called, which itself calls the getSubMatcher function again, which increases the level (for which I believe should not happen the first time it is called). Whithin the findMatches (which also calls the getSubMatcher) there is a test whether the $this->level is empty and if so, the passes-counter is restored to zero. This test is missing within performReplace, but should maybe also be added? The problem is then that the passes-counter should be also known by the other functions. Shouldn't be difficult to do.
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Nested equal plugins are not detected correctly in plugin-edit mode.
When nested divs (or other nested plugins of equal name) need to be edited, the edit-plugin-window, does not detect the plugins beginning and ending correctly. Eg:
{CODE()}1. {DIV()}
2. {DIV()}want to edit the nested plugin{DIV}
3. {DIV}{CODE}

If your mouse is within the "want to edit the nested plugin" text and you select the plugin-type because you want to edit using the gui (usefull if the text is quite long), it will pop-up the gui with the text:

~np~{DIV()}want to edit the nested plugin~/np~

Thus it detected the ending of the plugin which started at line 1, to end in line 2, which is not correct. Also, when the mouse is within a nested plugin, the gui should detect the beginning of the plugin in line 2, instead of line 1.

Hope this make sense...quite an annoying behaviour.
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Syntax coloring in edit mode
It would be nice if it was possible to enable something like a syntax highlighting/coloring when in edit mode, such that plugins are easily detected or that layout is also colored. Wouldn't a tikiwiki syntax highligher be cool! Or is that already available? :)
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Fail to save edited wiki pages or articles
When trying to save an edit on wiki pages or articles I get a blank screen.

Turning on debug I get the following error reported:

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'Zend/Search/Lucene/Storage/File/Filesystem.php' (include_path='/home/craigcam/public_html/lib/pear:.:/usr/local/php52/pear:/home/craigcam/public_html/lib/core:/home/craigcam/public_html/') in /home/craigcam/public_html/lib/core/Zend/Search/Lucene/Storage/Directory/Filesystem.php on line 183

I would be grateful for some help with this issue as it is holding back my implementation.

Regards and thanks in advance,

tracker item
Tiki logs sort by Id or Message not working
Tiki v8.3

When attempting to sort the Tiki logs by either Id or Message, the lines do not sort as expected. The actual order appears to be random, regardless of the requested sort direction (ASC or DESC.)
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Quick Edit (both module & from List Pages) bypasses category permissions when improper case used.
Typing a page into Quick Edit, either in the Quick Edit module (I know it is depreciated but was testing this as well) or from the Create a Wiki Page tab on the List Wiki Pages seems to bypass category permissions and allows editing of pages which should be locked for the user. This happens if the page which is entered does not EXACTLY match the case of the existing page.
For example, in Global Permissions, Registered Users have Edit permissions; a category Alpha has Edit permissions assigned only to group Alpha, Registered Users have no edit permissions on this category. A page called Alpha exists in category Alpha. If a Registered User who is not part of group Alpha tries to create/edit page "Alpha", they receive the proper error about not having permissions to edit the page. Should that same user try to create/edit page "ALPHA", "alpha" or any variation which does not match exactly "Alpha", they will be allowed to edit the existing page "Alpha". This will also work if they enter the URL to edit the page directly with a different case (i.e. "tiki-editpage.php?page=Alpha" will prevent editing whereas "tiki-editpage.php?page=ALPHA" will allow editing).
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modifier.sefurl.php does not contain a case that handles calendar urls
Spotted by a user who noted that the URL of a suggested Calendar at the bottom of a wiki page returned an 'invalid URL' error. I tracked the error down to the sefurl modifier in the template not handling calendar URLs properly. The tested correction to modifier.sefurl.php is:
{CODE(caption="add after line 95" wrap="0" colors="php")} case 'calendar':
$href = $sefurl ? "cal$source" : "tiki-calendar.php?calIds[]=$source";
tracker item
Newsletter - problem in get_all_subscriber when login name contains uppercases
A user registered himself, and chooses as login a name with uppercases (Stephane).

Two newsletter are created, with different subscriptions:
1) group subscription, including the aforementioned user
2) user self subscribe

When sending newsletter 1, the email is sent to the user.
When sending newsletter 2, the email address of the user is not found in the database and cannot be sent (despite finding the correct number of subscribers)

I traced it to two libraries:
first in ./lib/newsletter/nllib.php, in the function get_all_subscriber, we can see in the first part of the function how the email adresses are collected based on the subscribed groups. The select is mostly direct, and gets the correct information.
Later in the function (line 215 and following), individual users are added to the list of emails. Line 218, the "email" from the table tiki_newsletter_subscriptions (which is the login for registered users) is brought to lower case. (Note: I'm not sure, but it could be that the subscription module also puts the login in lower case in that table...)
Finally, line 232, the function get_user_email uses as parameter this lowercase login name to find out the actual email address.

This function is defined in the library ./lib/userlibs.php on line 5581.
This function compares the login passed as parameter to the login in the users_users table, but with a "binary" comparison, i.e. case sensitive! Removing the binary keyword lets the newsletter module find the correct user, and then its email.
tracker item
tiki-user_reports_send.php from command line doesn't find ip_address
I am following instructions in [http://doc.tiki.org/Daily+Reports].
When I run:
php tiki-user_reports_send.php

from the Linux command line or in cron, I get an error:
This script can only be called by the server.

$tikilib->get_ip_address() returns not

I am in a shared hosting environment (A2Hosting),
which could certainly contribute to the problem.
tracker item
Calendar Displays Wrong Date. Events Jump Around
The calendar Week view shows an entry one day BEHIND the event's actual date. The Day view and Month view are correct. See this example. The entry is correct, the event begins and ends on the 26th and this shows in the sidebar module and the month view, but the Week view (which the module displays when you click on an entry) is wrong.

{img src="http://worldfreemansociety.org/display1212"}


Now the event is jumping around in the calendar, and the calendar thinks it is now tomorrow. After using the site for awhile, just adding an article and reading some pages, suddenly the Calendar is wrong.
The Event has NOT been edited by anyone, yet it has changed.

Also notice in Week View the event now appears in the past, and --the calendar thinks today is tomorrow. -- The "today" display was caused by the time/date setting being set to a different time zone. The rest is still wrong.

Calendar: Completely unusable.

{img src="http://worldfreemansociety.org/display1215"}

P.S. It is inconvenient that I can't upload an image to this bug tracker post directly and I have to upload it to my site first. What if the problem had to do with the file gallery not working ;-)

tracker item
Can not edit content templates with WYSIWYG editor
Using my version is 8.4 (MyISAM), installed via softaculous, when WYSIWYG is enabled the editor does not show up on the Admin>ContentTemplate page. I looked at the generated source code where the editor should appear and what it shows is this :

instead it should show:
(code for WYSIWYG editor goes here)

Both features work fine independently, just not simultaneously.
tracker item
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Oauth_Consumer in /usr/share/php/libzend-framework-php/Zend/Oauth/Consumer.php on line 279
TikiWiki version 8.4
I attempted to apply the Company Intranet profile and my site (locally hosted) is no longer available.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Oauth_Consumer in /usr/share/php/libzend-framework-php/Zend/Oauth/Consumer.php on line 279


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