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IP addresses can be hidden in wiki history
Bugs & Wish list
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Page creators are admin of their pages, but unable to remove them
"Page creators are admin of their pages" allows the page creator to lock and unlock, but not remove. This is important because if you are admin of the page you really need to be able to remove it. The intention of this feature is obviously that you should be able to remove, so this appears to be a bug.
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.BMP files won't display in Image Galleries
Uploading .bmp images to an Image Gallery results in a box with an X appearing, instead of the image. Tiki is unable to display .bmp images in file galleries. Wiki pages also will not display bmp correctly.
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'Rename Wiki Page when changed in tracker' does not work with mathematical calculation
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"Copy" action on wiki page credits author of copied page as author of copy
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"Page" column title missing in tiki-listpages.tpl called from tiki-listpages.php
I found there is a typo on line 58 of tiki-listpages.tpl (Version 1.9.4)
which make the "Page" column title disappear in tiki-listpages.php
The faulty line looks like this:
<td class="heading"><a class="tableheading" href="tiki-listpages.php?offset={$offset}&amp;sort_mode={if $sort_mode eq 'pageName_desc'}pageName_asc{else}pageName_desc{/if}{if $initial}&amp;initial={$initial}{/if}{if $find}&amp;find={$find|escape}{/if}{if $exact_match eq 'y'}&amp;exact_match=on"{/if}>{tr}Page{/tr}</a></td>
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"Perform action with checked" not working for "Remove"
At any list of pages, tiki-listpages.php for example, after checking some sites and choosing "Remove" at the checkbox "Perform action with selected:" i get redirected to a new site with a list of sites i have checked and a big button saying "Click here to confirm your action".
After clicking that button i again get redirected to to list but the pages have not been removed.

This bug was tested on 2 different wikis running on XAMPP on a W2K3-machine.

Hope you can help.
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"Source" button in wiki page should have its own permission - not depend on tiki_p_view_history
This is a new feature arrived in BRANCH-1-9

1. add feature_print and checks
2. add tiki_p_print and checks

The above problem-description makes no sense... please look at tw#74 for that
Problem rephrased:

The "Source" button is currently dependant on tiki_p_view_history - it should have a perm of its own.
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"The page cannot be displayed" message
We had just reconfigured the disk to RAID1 and backed up mysql, tiki, and php on our linux box.

Now, we are getting "Page cannot be displayed" after we edit the homepage and try to save it. It is happening on tiki-editpage.php but it is there. The permissions are 644 apache.

The second thing seen is the forums messages can't be accessed anymore.

Does anybody have experience with these problems? Any suggestions? Perhaps we should re-install all the software.
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"Wiki -> Dump" - just tries to get new.tar and gives ugly error, when dump hasn't been created

In the Menu is an option "Dump" under "Wiki", if you enabled that feature. The link just points to the .tar - what gives a 404 from the Web-server.
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(2.2) Invalid offset in lib/tikilib.php : 6193 (when dealing with cached pages)
This showed up after upgrading from 1.9.11 to 2.2

When accessing Wiki pages with external links (mixed cacheing and nocache), with PHP error reporting on, notified of an invalid offset in tikilib:6193.
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[BUG] Mass search and replace
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[function.assert]: Assertion failed
http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=Rewrite%20Rules&compare=1&oldver=15&newver=16&diff_style=minsidediff -> Warning: assert() [function.assert]: Assertion failed in /home/.frodo/doctwo/doc.tikiwiki.org/lib/diff/Diff.php on line 493
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I've added the following features to my tikiwiki 1-9-5:
1. added max_depth to {toc}
with {toc max_depth=3} I can limit the depth of the toc created. This is convenient if I only want to show the next level of subsections.

2. get a file by name via tiki-download_file
with galleryId=<id>&name=<?> I can retreive a file by name. If there are files with the same name the most recent is taken. This is convenient as I can reference the files by there name, e.g. schedule, an I can easily update it with out changing pages. Dynamic content would also work but I prefere the name as it is more obvious than 'content id=42'

3. get a random picutre from a gallery via show_image
with galleryId=<id> a random picture of the identified gallery is given.
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1-click access to be able to do certain actions (view a page, edit a page, edit user tracker, etc)
Sometimes, we want people to participate to one wiki page, to access their user tracker to update personal information or access a ((workspace))

Right now, we need to

#create a user
#create a group
#assign user to the group
#give permissions to group ( in general or for a specific item)
#inform this person, typically by email, on how to access this page

Instead, I would want to
#add an email
#pick the permissions this person has
#any limitations (works x times, or for x days/weeks)
#an optional message

And the system should send a 1-click login email (an email with a link in it which is unique / very difficult to guess).

Whoever clicks that link
*Would be authenticated with the appropriate permissions and according to the limitations.

Expiry date for group membership

Somewhat related:
Send welcome email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
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"tiki-edit_structure.php" Add Pages To Current Node list truncates at 50 records. Fix included.
The list of tiki pages presented for selection and addition to a structure is truncated at 50 records for no apparent reason and there's no way to add records >50 without running a filter.

I just parroted what I saw in tiki-admin_categories.php for its similar page list and it works.

The diff is below - hope I did that correctly.

*.backup is the original file from the official tiki releast. *.php is the version I modified.
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12.x dev.t.o: diff in wiki history after last wiki page edit shows someone else's edit as mine (!!!)
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12.x regression: Wiki preview is blank
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12.x svn LTS recent regression: mysql table for unified index doesn't exist and page edit displays fatal error (even if edition saved properly)
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PDF Generation from structures seems to have trouble with some images
Adding "Tiki Transforming" structure from:

I get and error (no PDF) and the following in my error log:

{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE(wrap=>1)}
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagecreatefromstring() [<a href='function.imagecreatefromstring'>function.imagecreatefromstring</a>]: Passed data is not in 'JPEG' format in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 393
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagecreatefromstring() [<a href='function.imagecreatefromstring'>function.imagecreatefromstring</a>]: Couldn't create GD Image Stream out of Data in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 393
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesx(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 394
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesy(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 395
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesx(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/class.pdf.php on line 2887
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesy(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/class.pdf.php on line 2888
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagecreatefromstring() [<a href='function.imagecreatefromstring'>function.imagecreatefromstring</a>]: Passed data is not in 'JPEG' format in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 393
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagecreatefromstring() [<a href='function.imagecreatefromstring'>function.imagecreatefromstring</a>]: Couldn't create GD Image Stream out of Data in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 393
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesx(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 394
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesy(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/pdflib.php on line 395
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesx(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/class.pdf.php on line 2887
[18-Jul-2007 13:16:46] PHP Warning: imagesy(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/themetw/public_html/lib/pdflib/class.pdf.php on line 2888
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13.x dev.tiki.org: Pretty broken layout for diff of wiki pages
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13.x doc.tiki.org :: preview diff no longer works
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18.x Structures can create bad pages names
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18.x Wiki page history offers to remove page revisions
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edit button does not work in latest 1.10
The edit button (and switch to wysiwyg) link to nowhere (except back to homepage.)

This appears to be an ajax related problem many buttons/links do not work.

verified on my site and 110.tikiwiki.org

edit button links to:

switch to wysiwyg does not work, navigation buttons in list-pages,
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Wiki page draft broken on Firefox 2.0 and IE6
Wiki page draft requires AJAX.

I just tested in 2.0 RC2 and it's completely broken.
It conflicts with ((doc:Lost Edit)) protection

{THUMB(id=48,url=>show_image.php?id=48,original=y, sticky=y)}Major bug with wiki page draft{THUMB}
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How to protect wiki pages
Hi to all,

I want to know if you can create a protected page that only logged in users can see, I know I can turn off the wiki so only logged in users can access it, but is there any way that I can put under restriction only a few pages since they contain some important info that can be shared only by users that have accounts on the wiki.

Many thanks
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group category permissions
for example:
5 users in group home
6 pages in category home

I want all public can view these 6 pages in home category, but only these 5 users can edit pages content ( not the objects in the category, it is the content of the page!! ).
I know I can setup the permissions page by page to the home group, but what I am looking for is category to group relationship, not page to group, don't want to do it page by page, or maybe there is one way to do that, but I don't know yet.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

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Saving page with SEFURL on creates 404 error
The new "saved_msg=y" fails when SEFURL is on - both new pages and editing. It gives me a 404 not-found error. Makes SEFURL pretty useless. Example:
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URL mangling in random redirects
Many times, in random places, the www will get knocked off the hostname. I think it mostly occurs when I submit a confirmation to do something. I noticed it again today on: ./tiki-removepage.php when I confirmed the page removal at www.casesofinterest.com, I was returned to casesofinterest.com - kind of annoying, as I wasn't logged in to casesofinterest.com. The www should not be dropped.
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Time machine / browsing an old version of the wiki
Tiki 7 includes the "Previous version" feature allowing links to refer to "older versions" of a wiki page (either by version number or date). What would be nice is to have a general way to browse an older snapshot of the *whole* wiki.
We have a wiki describing a quite complex scientific model and have a lot of model description in wiki pages. What we want is to access "snapshots" of the whole wiki. E.g: the state of the wiki from 1.1.2011 is the one describing the model version 1.2 and is used for this or this scientific publication. While the latest version of the wiki (27.6.2011) reflects ongoing developments one may want to surf the version from the 1.1. (e.g. to look for details that are not in the publication).
Is this (already) possible? I think an extension to the "previous version" function could do the trick (I have no idea of the inner workings of tikiwiki)...
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Last-Visited Duplicate on Recreating Page
If you recreate a wiki page by creating a new page with a temporary name, delete the old page, and rename the new page as the old page, the page name will appear twice in Last-Visited Pages (breadcrumb module).
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404 Error instead of "Create Page" with unknown Wiki-page-name with IIS
[19:57:51] <ReWoP> when i type tiki-index.php?page="some page name" there should be a error msg that would say "page does not exist, want to go back or grate page" now there is the browser error "The page cannot be found
[19:58:26] <sylvieg> did you type the url with the "
[19:58:37] <ReWoP> *(not "grate page" but "create page")
[19:58:42] <ReWoP> nop
[19:59:32] <ReWoP> i tryed to erase DB and re-intall tiki and nothing....
[20:00:14] <sylvieg> what url did it display at the error
[20:00:46] <ReWoP> u coul try it its online -> http://dme.uma.pt/jcardoso/Research/Projects/seed/tiki-index.php?page=fgbn
[20:02:35] <sylvieg> mdavey around?
[20:03:24] <sylvieg> I don't know why it is done like this but when there is an error the header sent is HTTP/1.0 404 Not FOund with the clssic tiki page
[20:03:49] <sylvieg> I suppose your browser catches the 404 and yop
[20:04:14] <sylvieg> better to ask mdavey ... I suppose it is himl that added that why this line is here
[20:04:40] <sylvieg> you can always try to delete the liens in tiki-index.php
[20:05:02] <ReWoP> could it be permitions on the folder ??
[20:05:26] <ReWoP> i gave the web server all perms...
[20:05:27] <sylvieg> I don't think so
[20:06:30] <ReWoP> ...
[20:06:37] <ReWoP> but i could be a server problem..
[20:07:15] <ReWoP> i tryed with polaris version and was woking
[20:07:47] <ReWoP> then i have a DB problem and re-intalled it and this error occured..
[20:08:05] <sylvieg> yes it is a conflict between server/ and tiki
[20:08:30] <ReWoP> now was trying it with -Sirius- version and not workig 2.
[20:08:50] <ReWoP> the server is nt2003 server
[20:09:38] <sylvieg> there is 2 lines I don't understrand in tiki-index.php (header("...404...") I am pretty sure there are the guilty ones
[20:09:48] <ReWoP> i thing that there is error only on this part, because i can create/edit modules, menus pages premitions...
[20:10:05] <ReWoP> mabe
[20:11:01] <ReWoP> but dosnt answer why worked on my 1st polaris version, and dind on my 2nd and on 1st Sirius.....
[20:11:14] <ReWoP> dont thing its code problem...
[20:11:38] <ReWoP> if it was mabe it wold be random error
[20:11:53] <ReWoP> after all it already worked once...
[20:11:59] <red_adair> nt2003 ? what's that ?
[20:12:20] <ReWoP> windows 2003 server :p
[20:12:21] <sylvieg> you can try to put into comment the 2 line header"... 404..) in tiki-index.php

Additional information:
[18:56:51] <ReWoP> i wanted to add that there is other tiki installed on the same server but it works !
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5.0rc2: content duplicated at saving time (seems related to usage of hidden headings)
This has happened to me seldom on different tikis (3.x, 4.x and nowadadays, even 5x!) on different servers, and it's very annoying for users or admins, since after you make a simple edit to some page, for some reason, it gets the content duplicated after saving your small edit. And it can be repeated 3 times, if you edit again, 4 time if edit again,. ..... I could only avoid it by rollbaking to the last version whithout those duplications.

Confirmed that this bug (related to the collapsible headings) is not fixed either yet in 5.0rc2. It seems to show up in some pages were collapsible headings; I mean:



Reproduced recently here:

I just editted the
{rss id=1}

to change it for
{rss id=1:2}

as far as I remember, after a few previews and changes in the content before saving.

Then, the content was saved twice.

See the diff above and the resulting page:

This site is using tiki5.0rc2 , no ajax, and wysiwyg editor enabled, even if not used on that page.

I can provide admin access to that site to any coder willing to check this issue.

Initially reported as a comment to this other similar bug report:
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5.x: wiki "watch" emails come with iso-8859-1 to me even if chosen utf-8 everywhere in settings; other email ok
{CODE(wrap=>1)}[10:28] <xavi> since a few versions ago, I can't get wiki watch emails with a correct encoding for accents, etc.
[10:28] <xavi> smae behavior in many servers (using Tiki 4.x, 5.x... tried with setting utf-8 and iso-8859-1)
[10:29] <xavi> I get most emails all right , email reader (thunderbird, gmail, etc.) can read them properly, but not emails from changes in wiki pages...
[10:30] <xavi> I wonder if this can be some problem with the encoding in some tpl , or that the code for sending emails from changes in wiki pages uses some different method than the rest of email sending... and that other method is not handling charset properly... (just hypothesis)
[10:31] <xavi> asking here first in case someone who already knows the internals of Tiki has some tips...
[10:31] <xavi> to quickly refuse some hypothesis...
[10:32] * xavi fears looking at the code for this and getting lost in php code , zend code, and other gibberish which he can't understand easily....
[10:41] <xavi> ok, at least I know some more information about the problem (charset for wiki watch emails)
[10:42] <xavi> I double checked in one site, and everywhere is set to use utf-8 as encoding (admin general, admin community, and my own user pref settings), but wiki watch emails come with: "content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1"
[10:43] <xavi> ok, this deserves a bug report...
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WSOD / 500 error on trying to save a page edit
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Ability to upload multiple attachments at once onto a WIKI page
Bugs & Wish list
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Add ability to generate RSS from a specific structure (and maybe category)
The ability to subscribe to a specific structure via RSS feed would be very useful. Currently one can subscribe to an RSS feed related to the entire wiki, but if several groups are using the wiki for different projects or purposes or topics, this may not be at all useful. For example, on the Southern New Hampshire University wiki, we have the online faculty handbook plus a variety of page sets related to different course projects. Most faculty should be alerted of changes to the faculty handbook, which resides in a structure, and some students and faculty may want to track changes to structures involved with specific courses or departments, but few if any users need to be alerted of every change to the wiki as a whole. The ability to generate an RSS feed specific to a structure (and possibly also specific to a category) would be very helpful.
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Add green & yellow permission keys on tiki-listpages.php
It will be very useful when TikiWiki is used as a combined portal & Intranet

The key (and link to permissions) is already on tiki-listpages.php (great!)

Now, a green key could indicate this page has special permissions.

And maybe even a third key (say blue) indicates that the item is inheriting permissions via the category.
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add search & replace feature to wiki
I am using Tiki for educational scenarios, and frequentñy I (or my students) want to change misspelled words (for instance) on long wiki pages.

Nowadays I'm taking the content out of the wiki-edit form, search and replace on in external program, anb back.
I could be nice to have this feature integrated into the edit page form.
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Admin Toolbars does not reflect saved changes on the toolbars while editing a page
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Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objects
It would be lovely to set some new user defaults at
* Admin (home) > Login > User defaults, and/or
* Admin > Groups > (Edit a single group)

The ability to Subscribe/watch/monitor new users in the site or to that specific group, to specific Tiki objects.

Which tiki objects?: I would say, in this order:
# specific forums
# specific blogs
# specific calendars
# specific newsletters (ML: we can already subscribe groups to newsletters)
# specific wiki pages
# specific structures
# specific trackers
# specific categories
# new articles

This is specially useful for new users of the site, where they don't know yet how to subscribe to specific areas, etc. Very needed for educational scenarios, but I can see many other places where new users are a bit lost for some time while they learn how to use the Tiki site.

*[wish988|Forum: Let forum admins/moderators add groups and/or users as watching the forum]
*[tiki-index.php?page=Business%20Plans|Let small business start ups access collaborative sharing where the document being shared is not visible by anyone else]

Anywhere there is a watch eye, it should be possible for an admin to have group members watch this category
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After editing and saving a page, browser displays blank page
I upgraded from 1.8.5 to 1.9.0. After editing and saving a page, a blank page is displayed. On refreshing it (and accepting that postdata will be sent again), I get the original page.

tracker item
After saving an edited section, TikiWiki should scroll down to this section on reload
After editing and saving a certain section of a wiki page, it would be very helpful, if TikiWiki would scroll down to this section again, when reloading the page.

Many other Wikis like Mediawiki or Dokuwiki handle section editing this way and it is indeed very convenient.

Imagine you edit a section of a very long wiki page and you have always to scroll down manually, when you have saved the page but have to review it.
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AJAX auto-refresh of preview, options: new window or HTMLdiff
This is an alternative to full WYSIWYG.

Wiki parser does some things. To get Javascript WYSIWYG, you would have to rewrite and maintain in javascript.

It re-uses existing features and has less chance of What you Saw Was Not What You Got.

Clicking Preview is a great way to see what you will get. But it's slow and it makes you loose your cursor position.

How about having a button to open a second browser window which refresh every 5 seconds (configurable) the content of the wiki edit box?

Lots of people now have large screens so they could put this side-by-side (or however they want it)

With the option HTMLdiff, you could in quasi real time not just see what you will get, but also see the colored diff. (cool!) So before you save, you know what you are about to delete.

((WYSIWYG-ish wiki))
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ajax seems to duplicate the content of wiki page edit under some circumstances
Ajax seems to be buggy and producing a serious bug which duplicates the content of wiki page edit under some circumstances.

[[10:07] chibaguy Yeah, I've seen a number of complaints about that in the tw.o forums.
[[10:08] xavi It's been reported as such by some users and they discovered that disabling ajax solved (as a workaround) the issue. And the issue is a big bug (I suffered from it in tiki 3 something a few months ago)
I was going to fill a bug, but dev.tw.o down nowadays to me
[10:10] xavi that's the recent bug report in he forums, where they talk about the disabling-ajax workaround:


See similar bug (but not related to ajax) here, reproduced also with 5.0rc2:
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Alert when creating an external hyperlink and Ajax auto-save is disable
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Google results for Tiki Wiki Donation don’t point where it should
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Align=center inside {img} tag breaks layout
See http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=File%20Gallery%20for%20Images&preview=10

If you use align=center inside a ~np~{img}~/np~ the image will be displayed floating in middle of the text. This is a regression, align=center used to work well in previous versions.
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All actions should check if page exists
Logged in, go to:

You will see a bunch of action (Source, Permissions, History, Export, etc). These actions should be WYSIWYCA
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allow posting comments on a wiki page when viewing history
Allow posting comments on a wiki page when viewing wiki page history (for instance, when viewing a diff of page versions from different users): useful on educational scenarios, where it would be easier to report feedback to some students when they make a good or bad change on some content on that page...
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Anchor links on headings: Be able to select the headings it will be applied to
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anonymous users get the tiki_p_wiki_view_history right, although it is not assigned
somehow an anonymous user gets the tiki_p_wiki_view_history right, although it is not listed in 'assignpermission.php?group=Anonymous. thus the user can view out dated information which should restrict-able.
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Anonymous visitors can't view wiki page history on tiki.org
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Articles Plugin: Allow display of titles only (for side modules)
The following patch provides a version of the ARTICLES wiki plugin, that displays article titles only. To use, people simply specify titleonly=>1 in the options for the ARTICLES command. This is in production use on the [http://www.asperger.asn.au|Asperger Services Australia] website -- just look under ''News'' on the right-hand side of the page.
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Background Save
I'd like to see some sort of an "autosave". That way when you're engaged in editing a really lengthy page, it will save itself periodically. For those of us that have flaky internet connections, this would be a huge boon. My edits wouldn't necessarily be lost if my internet connection goes pouf for a few minutes.
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Backlink is listed, but page doesn't exist
1- Go to ((Keywords))
2- Check Backlinks

You will see a backlink to __Why Use 2.0 for devtwo__ but this page no longer exists. It was renamed or deleted or something :-)
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Backlinks between trackers and wiki pages (and maybe forums)
In a tracker item, we often refer to wiki pages. From those wiki pages, we should be able to see the trackers in the backlinks.

Tracker plugin to get title and make link to tracker item

With this second thing done, we could have backlinks among tracker items.

This will be useful for a ((Mindmap))

tracker item
Backlinks failed to display in the wiki page
tracker item
Backslash in page name breaks ability to navigate to page
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bad output on the link when the linked page description has WikiWords
There is bad output on the link when the linked page description has WikiWords.


On top, there is alink to pages which have as description the Word "TikiWiki". And it produces some outptut like:

^ca TikiWiki 1.9.7 + 1.10 cvs!" href='tiki-index.php?page=TikiLiveCD%2Cca&bl' class='wiki'>TikiLiveCD,caes TikiWiki 1.9.7 + 1.10 cvs!" href='tiki-index.php?page=TikiLiveCD%2Ces&bl' class='wiki'>TikiLiveCD,es
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Better attachments display/attach button on wiki pages
Currently, when one attaches a first file to a wiki page, the attach a file tab turns into a tab that says how many attachments there already are on the page. Clicking on this button does two things:
# it allows you to see the existing attachments and
# it exposes a control that lets you add attachments.
The problem with this button is that it does not offer the affordance of attaching a file. A naive user who looks at this button will not understand that it is the button that one uses to attach a file.
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Better comments feature
I want to enable comments on wiki pages.

I have two options right now, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Enabling comments on pages

* Pros
o Easy to configure
o Comments are visible directly on the page
* Cons
o No way for people to monitor all posts on the site. Often people post a comment on a a page and never get feedback.

Associating a discussion forum thread to each page

* Pros
o Everyone on the site gets to see every posting that's made on any page. Increases the likelyhood that someone will respond to a post.
* Cons
o More difficult to configure.
o Postings are not visible directly on the page.

It would be nice if we could have the best of both.

What I would like is something where:

* A discussion forum for the wiki can be enabled at a single click of the mouse.
* This single click of mouse would result in threads being a
utomatically created on this mailing list for each of the wiki pages
* The top 5 messages for a given page would be displayed directly on that page.
tracker item
Better handling of page renaming
When renaming a page, an option to automagically add a placeholder page.

This placeholder page should be the redirect plugin, which sends to the new page and has "301" headers so search engines know to update their DB.

[wish1489|Wiki page name Alias]
[wish1610|Redirect plugin : should permit to set status "Moved Permanently"]
[wish1292|Plural WikiWords when using ((WikiWord))]
tracker item
Bibliography management system (references)
[http://freshmeat.net/browse/1099/|bibliography management system] like www.bibwiki.com


Could probably be done by a smart combination of ((doc:wiki)) & ((doc:trackers)) in a [http://profiles.tikiwiki.org|profile].

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:CITE|This guideline uses the terms "source", "reference", "citing", and "citation" interchangeably.]

[wish1825|Generate footnotes at the bottom of a wiki page] (a simpler version of the current wish)
tracker item
Blank page when trying to save wiki page
tracker item
Blue Alert box after saving a tiki page stays on top of "Wiki top line location"
tracker item
Saving an edit on Doc (pluginIcon) caused a WSoD
tracker item
Can't download file attached to http://dev.tiki.org/Xdebug+etc
tracker item
Can't enable Wiki watches on 4.x
I do Admin > Wiki > No Tab (i.e., tiki-admin.php?page=wiki) , go down to the Wiki Watch section, I see:

Wiki watch Help
Information Feature disabled. Enable now.

I click on __Enable now__.

I end up at tiki-admin.php?page=features

I go back to Admin > Wiki > No Tab, and it still says:

Wiki watch Help
Information Feature disabled. Enable now.

And if I go to a wiki page, I don't see the eye icon for enabling watches.
tracker item
Can’t name a page "Sandbox"
tracker item
Cannot add new page to Structure
When trying to add a new page to an existing structure I got the following error:

Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value

I could correct this very simply by going into the MySQL administrator and changing that column to have a default value of 0. I guess this is just that the DB set up SQL is incorrect and needs to have default value added to that column. I used the update SQL from 1.8 to 1.9 to create this tikiwiki so I guess that is the SQL that would need to be changed. I have not tested the new clean DB install of 1.9.

Cheers Mike
tracker item
Cannot create table with percentages column.
Cannot create table with percentages column.
This simple table code should create a 2x2 table with the second column having percentages, but instead the percent symbols are treated as indication of a dynamic variable.

On the other hand, if an image is inserted in another column, the percent symbols are not treated as dynamic variable anymore, and the table appears correctly.
||name|pic|value||JohnDoe|{img src=}|50%||JaneDoe|{img src=}|50%||

In my oppinion, the identification of a dynamic variable inside a table shouldn't extend beyond each cell of a table, let alone a full row...
tracker item
Cannot edit the Wiki description field when its display has been disabled on the Wiki Page
When you disable display of the Description field on the top bar of the Wiki Page, the option to edit the description is removed when editing the page.
tracker item
Cannot Over-ride Wiki Page Title Display to Off
tracker item
Cannot save my changes of a wiki-page
Sorry I cannot find "wiki-pages" to check in the report-a-bug-form.

1. I edit a wiki page
2. I move the mouse over the save button
3.! I get a help-cursor and the text in the textarea scrolls to the very bottom
4.! I click on save, but nothing happens

I got this behavior REV 24514 and on your REV 24503

I get the same behavior on Firefox, Chrome and WinXP-Safari.

best regards

tracker item
Canonical URL Tag
Please see:

tiki-print.php -> tiki-index.php

In trackers, if you find a tracker item following a search, you have some parameters in the URL for item 6 of 70. The canonical format should be just the tracker item.

In blogs,
should be:
tracker item
Category permission check for wiki page menu option not working in some cases
Wiki pages links are case insensitive but the category permission check for wiki pages menu entry only works if the case of the link matches the case of the wiki page name.

Say you have a wiki page called "Foo" and the "Registered" group has view permission to this page granted by a category. If you create a menu entry linking to the "Foo" page and set the URL as "((Foo))" everything will work as expected. But if you set the URL as "((foo))" the menu option will not appear to the users of the "Registered" group. Obviously for this to happen the "Registered" group must not have global tiki_p_view.

This does not happen if object permissions, instead of category permissions, grant access to the "Foo" page.
tracker item
Category Permissions not taken care properly for showing wiki pages
Please help since we have invested much time and effort in this project, believing Tiki could filter rightly wiki pages based on perms, and since I cannot find a workaround.

When not logged in, Some wiki pages are shown, and Some others Not, while they all have exactly the same set up. They all have been categorized only in "Public Content" category which is set to Show wikis to Anonymous users, while Global perms are set to not show them to anonymous.

At this moment we have two identical wiki pages as setup is concerned:
1) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=La+Funci%C3%B3n+Esencial+y+El+Prop%C3%B3sito+de+Vida
which doesn´t show to Anonymous users (and should do it)


2) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Sobre+el+Sitio+SolCentral-org
which shows well.
Note that at the botton of this page, in the listing of pages related to the category "Contenido Público" (which is the translation of "Public content"), the page "The Esential Function And Life's Purpose" (wich is the translation of "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida") that is the page 1)... Then if you click on it, it will not show presenting you with the login invitation, allthough is shown in the list as categorized "Public Content".

Other extraneous behavior is that when when you use the Plugin Toc to show the structure, only shows Some wikis on some structures, and on some other structures doesn´t show any wiki.
I have used this:~np~{toc structId="26" order=asc shownum=1 type=fancy }~/np~ in the wiki:

Actual estate of config is:

For anonymous:

If Perms on wiki: "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida"

La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view_backlink Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_watch_structure Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_comments Categoría: Public Content

Category Perms of "Public Content" are

for anonymous group perms that are ON:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments)
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view)
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink)

Global Perms are:

on Wiki:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments) is ON for Anonymous
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view) is OFF for Anonymous
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink) is ON for Anonymous

Fixes tried:

Have tried the opposite: allowing everything to be shown to Anonymous, and then restrict on pages that should be hidden with a "invisible" category with perms tiki_p_view OFF for anonymous group.

And it didn´t work since - again - for Some wikis worked, and for some others not. Even if they are identical.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.
tracker item
Change focus of date in Calendars lost with FullCalendar UI
tracker item
Changing the CaSe of a page breaks the backlinks
On doc.tikiwiki.org, I renamed pluginBacklinks to PluginBacklinks and the backlinks are gone.

tracker item
clicking on marker of geolocated wiki page on a map produces no popup box anymore (loading...)
tracker item
Code plugin messes up page width (right hand column is now offscreen)
When you use the code plugin, the page width formatting is thrown off. Instead of seeing both left/right colums, the right column gets shoved off the screen and I have to scroll. This is with scroll bars already setup on the code plugin itself.

Chealer :
This happens when nowrap was not set.

Gary (chibaguy):
In my checking (trunk version, but same relevant CSS as in Tiki 3 and $), almost all browsers respect the overflow:auto rule for the code plugin and don't cause the page to widen. I put a long unbroken line of text in the code plugin, and in Opera, IE, Safari (Windows), and SRWare Iron (Chromium - webkit), even this unbroken line was broken to impose a scrollbar on the code area and avoid a scrollbar on the window. Firefox was the only browser that failed at this.

If the current rules - overflow:auto, and 90% width in some themes - then all browsers will allow the long line to display unbroken and create the page-bottom scrollbar, pushing the right column out of view. As I understand it, this is the behavior reported as a bug here.
tracker item
Some wiki page SEF redirects broken on tiki.org
tracker item
Conflict override conflicts with section edit

To reproduce:

#Go to a page which someone else is editing
#Click to edit a section (ex.: &hdr=9)
#You will get a message to confirm override (conflictoverride=y)

If you accept, you will be editing full page instead of section.
tracker item
Consolidate and Edit history sessions
tracker item
Content management
tracker item
contributors (from contribution feature) not listed at the bottom of a wiki page in collab. style
contributors (from contribution feature) are not listed on the contributors list at the bottom of a wiki page in view mode. (collaborative style set at wiki admin)

They are shown in history of the wiki page in a new column called "contributors", which is fine, but when viewing a page, and when wiki set up as collaborative style for listing contributors, author and those "contributors" should be included all together in the list of contributors.

listed three users (Authors) as contributors.
However, if you go to history:

you can see a fourth user in the contributors column.
That user can't see her name on the list of contributors, and requests for help to site admin due to that fact, etc.
tracker item
Copy’ing a wiki page show tags permissions error (wrongly)
tracker item
Crash when logging out sql
I recently installed twiki using Fantastico on a siteground server. I've done a small amount of tweaking from the admin ui, but nothing that seems major. After logging out as admin, I get:

Warning: mysql error: in query:
select `groupHome` from `users_groups` where `groupName`=?
in /home/pgsuper/public_html/tikiwiki/lib/tikidblib.php on line 134

in table:
An error occured in a database query!
File tiki-logout.php
Url tiki-logout.php
select `groupHome` from `users_groups` where `groupName`=?
0 Anonymous
Error Message

If I logout as a registered user, I get
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community
This is TikiWiki v1.9.8.3 -Sirius- © 2002–2007 by the Tiki community

going on until I stop the browser...
Any ideas?

tracker item
Creation of wiki page: enter description and wiki page name is suggested (but editable)
Goal: Making is easy to use description field without needing to duplicate data entry

Say I use Tiki for terminology.

If I use the wiki page name for terms, I will end up with many weird characters in the URL.

If I use the description for the term, I still need to enter a cleaner/shorter wiki page name.

This is an unnecessary step.

Create wiki page could be full term, and accents and special characters are suggested (but overrideable)
tracker item
"The following mandatory fields are missing: Category" after anti-CSRF prompt
tracker item
Default diff in Tiki 1.10
Tiki 1.9.x behavior was to show side-by-side diff as default (good). In BRANCH-1-10, many new diffs were added (good). However, now the default diff is "HTML diff" (bad). Please change back to "Side-by-Side diff". Even better would be site-wide and user defaults.

So site admin would determine default diff mode, which could be overriden in user settings. And still pickable for each page.


Here is wht I don't like htmldiff as the default:
tracker item
Defaut user wiki page name should be based on realname instead of e-mail
In 1.10 now we can set to login as e-mail and display realname wherever possible. But the user wiki page by default is set to 'UserCreate<e-mail>. We should still allow user to create his page with 'UserCreate<username/real name>'.

The recommended behaviour should be if user chooses e-mail to be private or it could be if admin sets to disaply realname wherever possible, then it should use 'UserCreate<realname>' other cases it can be based on e-mail.
tracker item
Deleting the last version of a Wiki Page doesn't return the contents to the previous version's content
tracker item
Successful edit of a wiki page sends the user to homepage
tracker item
Discuss button on wiki page causes erroneous notifications on forum watch
One of our users reported that she was receiving watch notifications whenever she clicked the "Discuss" button for a wiki page, even though she was not posting anything in the forum topic.

The cause was a Watch on "A user posts a forum topic (forum_post_topic)" for the Wiki Page Discussion forum. (Our Tiki uses a forum for page discussion instead of page comments.)

The preferred behavior is that this type of watch would only generate a notification the ===first=== time the Discuss button is clicked for a page, when the new topic is actually created, rather than just accessed on successive clicks.
tracker item
Display external wikis and abbreviations in editor
Folks would probably use external wiki abbreviations more if they and their full equivalents were displayed on the editing screen. Even better if there were an explanation of what they are for, how to use them. Maybe a tooltip?
tracker item
Do not display [comment] link, when no perm to post comments and no comments posted yet
for users with tiki_p_wiki_view_comments perm only, it displays the ~np~[comment]~/np~ link on the wiki page bar even when no comments there yet to read, so clicking it does literally nothing...
tracker item
doc.t.o/tiki-listpages.php truncated on page 10
tracker item
doc.tw.o preview wiki page forgets the mandatory category selection
This is annoying!

Workaround is to remember to pick category again when you save.
tracker item
Does not export selected pages (message: "Can not add the pagename/page.txt")
Can not ((XML Import-Export)).
tracker item
Duplicate entire structure for translation
For translation, I would like a way to duplicate an entire structure, and have Tiki automatically build the translation relationships between wiki pages.

For example, consider that I have the following structure in English

Structure Name
Page Foo
..Page Bar
..Page Alpha

Now I want to translate the structure to Spanish. I want Tiki to create (automatically):

Structure Name, sp
Page Foo, sp
..Page Bar, sp
..Page Alpha, ap

__AND__ create the translation relationships between the specific pages (for example from "Page Foo" to "Page Foo, sp"

tracker item
Duplication of wiki content on save - maketoc related?
Everytime I use the maketoc inside a wiki page on a fresh tikiwiki 3.2 install the whole page content is duplicated every time I hit "save". Even if I delete all the content but one version and hit save the whole PREVIOUS page is duplicated again. Like I hit save: two times the page content. I delete all but one time the content, I hit save: three times the page content. I delete all but one time ... save ... four times the page content.
Only removing the maketoc makes it possible to get rid of the problem. But meanwhile the wiki content has become a bit more (30-40 pages) and the same problem happens more and more often without having any maketoc included when the page is becoming bigger.
That was done with Opera browser on a page with 4 h1 headings but I doubt it is a browser problem. :)
tracker item
Easier way to link to attachments in WIKI
It would be nice if there was the ability to have links to attachments easier than having to remember the file name from the attachments screen. It would be nice to get a list of all attachments on the WIKI edit screen and have the ability to click on the attachments to bring in the WIKI markup for the attachment link.
tracker item
Edit conflict detection should be more obvious: detect that source has changed since start of edit
Edit a page

If latest wiki source is now different than what it was when I clicked edit, Tiki should tell me so I can manually merge issues.

{wish id=1191}
{wish id=2488}
tracker item
Edit page warning sometimes stays active even when you cancel.
Can someone give more details on this one?

I believe the problem occurs when someone goes to edit a page then uses the browser buttons, links or types a new URL without clicking either the svae or cancel buttons. -- mdavey

A related issue is that the lock is checked /before/ all the permissions checks have been done. The result is that one can try to edit a page as anonymous, get an error warning, login, try again only to be told that 'Anonymous' is editing the page. -- mdavey

obs: waiting for cvs to unlock to commit
tracker item
Edit section in a wiki page
The edit section is based on 'what you see' and the tiki-editpage.php is based on the source
So if you have an optional heading. eX:
it will not work
code must be rewritten
tracker item
Edit Session Preserved When Editor Window/Tab closed.
tracker item
Edit Wiki page with "Full Wysiwyg editor" keeps loading in 18.3
tracker item
Editing a wiki page: Footnotes and Comment are unclear labels
Footnotes should be "My footnotes"

Comment should be "Edit Summary"

tracker item
Editing in normal with wysiwyg enabled breaks wiki syntax
With the WYSIWYG editor enabled (but html not checked in the wiki settings), I am unable to use wiki syntax in the normal editor when I save or preview. That is, the wiki markup shows up as text on the page.

It switches back to WYSIWYG after pressing preview as well.

If I enter html in the Normal editor it works fine.
tracker item
Editing/adding a Wiki page errors with "A contribution is mandatory"
Adding or changing a Wiki page has the error "A contribution is mandatory" when saving.

Can't get past this error
tracker item
Editor & localization Dashboard (help contributors with priorities)
Please see:

This should be not just for localizers but editors in general.

[12:55] lphuberdeau: where can I see the l10n dashboard in action?
[12:55] djst: https://support.mozilla.com/sv-SE/kb/Localization+Dashboard?bl=n
[12:56] djst: lphuberdeau, this page explains the syntax for the plugin https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/l10nPriorityPRD/Plugin_Usage
tracker item
Browse Gallery option does not insert files or images syntax into wiki page
tracker item
tracker item
Email notification (object entered/left category) is not working when i use the transition with the transition module
When I evaluated the software for my project, I was very happy when the documentation said that it was possible to create a workflow with categories, transitions and watches. But I realized that watching a category only triggered a mail notification when the transition was made in the tiki-admin_categories.php page. It was useless for me!! :-((
tracker item
Email notification don't work except if "watch minor" is checked
Email notification don't work except if "watch minor" is checked
tracker item


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools