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Timestamp changes when users edit shoutbox messages
Users and admin of an installation of Tiki 7.1 with Apache / mySQL / Fedora 14 observe that the timestamp of shoutbox messages sometimes change when they edit the messages.

There's no apparent pattern which would explain when or why only some messages are affected.
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"GZip output" (feature_obzip) causes encoding errors in CSRF and error screens
"Gzip output" (feature_obzip) is defective in two different tikis (in 2 different servers).... proposals/6x and trunk

Once enabled, when I attempt to visit a few pages as anonymous, for which I should see the "Error, your are not logged in. Go to Log in Page" message, I see instead a message from firefox saying that there is an error in the enconding of the content (attempting to use a compression method not valid or that it doesn't work in this application):

Error de codificació del contingut

No ha pogut mostrar-se la pàgina que esteu intentant visualitzar perquè utilitza una forma de compressió no vàlida o que no funciona en aquesta aplicació.

* Poseu-vos en contacte amb els propietaris del lloc per a informar-los del problema.

Once I disable the gzip output, tiki behaves normally.
Moreover, this issue might have been the reason why the new spreadsheet features being developed in trunk by robertplummer were failing (Chrome just says that the server is temporarily unavailable) recently in a test we were doing in the same server.

And that might be the (potential) responsible for the issues with sending newsletters in prposals/6x (just before the release of tiki 6.2).
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#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x
!#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x

As I can't access in "edit/delete" mode to #3757, I add this one for complements.

The problem of access to whishlist is reported in : #3767

!!Complements :

!!!To be able to hold [FIX] in language files without direct corrections
The fact to have to commit the full language.php for a language when we have to make a change into an invalid translation has multiple not suitable effects :
*you can't follow changes
*you can't check and think about
*you can't validate

The new changes with array fusion make forbidden the fact to alter the (system) language with custom.php or other

I enhance my proposal with the [FIX]-*-language.php files with are merged and not fused with after all others.

The final aim is to make a merge and automatic rewrite of language.php from the merged array "$lang_$lg" from validated [fix].

!!!To files are naturally sorted (normal - UTF8):
# language.php or [SYSTEM]-*-language.php
# custom.php or [CUSTOM]-*-language.php
# [FIX]-*-language.php

the "*" is a part of the name which has meaning (content) and can be sorted.
particularly non yet translated parts can be separated from main [SYSTEM] and marked.
Progressive and controlled (repartition of job for example) translation can be done.

Best regards


PS : I am particularly sensibles on this because I made each day changes and I think not efficient to commit the full French language each day but a little [FIX] with what+date seems a good solution.
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Tracker Watch notification if not simple
In the function: function send_replace_item_notifications($args)
in lib/trackers/trackerlib.php, and change to the tracker generates an error and a failure for attempting to assign() to a non-existent object.

The line that generates it is:
$smarty->assign('mail_date', $this->now);

But if I comment that out, the next one generates it - so I think it is all assigns.

The error occurs if: I have a standard "watch" on all tracker activity. I have not tested moving the notification into the tracker setup screen.

To test, I:
1. Manually set $simpleEmail = "y"; error goes away
2. Set the Simple Email flag on the edit tracker prefs screen - error does NOT go away
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Mail-List System Feature Enhancement - FeedBlitz newsletter RSS/ATOM
The use of an outside mail-list system is not unusual.

I'm using [http://feedblitz.com|FeedBlitz.com] to get newsletters to users.

It would be nice to have the FeedBlitz system integrated with the Tiki registration module.

Here is what their Knowledge base says about integrating this kind of requirement.
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Make header of Menu Structures into a link
It would be very useful to have change the heading for the menu structure module into a link that goes to the top level of that structure. I'm actually kind of surprised this isn't already the case.
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Categories permission assign to groups doesn't work
I need to set three group of user.
Each user is member of only one group.
Each group should not have access to other groups contribution

So i've decided to create 3 categories, to set specific permission on each categorie for one group.

I add a module category to show category for user. But i always get the message "You do not have permission to use this feature".

I'm not able to create page with a user.

Really need help !!
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XML Export of Tiki pages doesn't work
Update of database to 7.0 doesn't work properly so I was need to export wiki articles to tiki 7.0 version so I tried to use this feature (Tiki -> TikiPages -> XML Zip. I have extended version of PHP so it shouldn't be PHP Problem.
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4 Synax Errors in "lib/jquery/jquery.sheet" not sure if they have any effect but they were picked up by Aptana Studio 3 upon adding the project
image of file (showing errors) can be found [http://www.attachyons.com/php-synax-errors.png|here]

Summary: (I've underlined the errors)
Line 1462 : "parse"=> ===function=== () {
Line 1464 : }===,===
Line 1465 : "main"=> function ($===args===) {
Line 1477 : ===)===;
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Time machine / browsing an old version of the wiki
Tiki 7 includes the "Previous version" feature allowing links to refer to "older versions" of a wiki page (either by version number or date). What would be nice is to have a general way to browse an older snapshot of the *whole* wiki.
We have a wiki describing a quite complex scientific model and have a lot of model description in wiki pages. What we want is to access "snapshots" of the whole wiki. E.g: the state of the wiki from 1.1.2011 is the one describing the model version 1.2 and is used for this or this scientific publication. While the latest version of the wiki (27.6.2011) reflects ongoing developments one may want to surf the version from the 1.1. (e.g. to look for details that are not in the publication).
Is this (already) possible? I think an extension to the "previous version" function could do the trick (I have no idea of the inner workings of tikiwiki)...
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Pagetop Module w/o Group Kills Tiki
If you require login but assign just a custom module to pagetop without selecting at least the registered group, it will kill your Tiki.

You'll have to edit the MySQL tiki_modules table and delete your module to make it work again.
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WYSIWYG doesn't create tables with Wiki syntax
If I create a table using the WYSIWYG Editor and click on the __Source__ button, the generated code is using HTML code like this:


Instead of the real Wiki Syntax for tables ([http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Tables]).

I guess a "HTML->Wiki Syntax Translation" setting must be missing.

As an example, I found out a MediaWiki WYSIWYG CKEditor that does this same translation just fine. Maybe you could check out the code:

[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WYSIWYG|Extension Homepage]
[http://smwdemo.ontoprise.com/index.php/WYSIWYG_Sandbox|Online demo]

Thanks a lot!
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Problem with new installation - v7 - cookies not enabled
I have been having problems upgrading from previous versions and decided to install a new blank install of v7. Everything works fine until I try and log in with the admin user name and password I created during the install process. I receive a message that cookies need to be enabled. This is not a message that I have had before on any prior versions and cookies are definitely enabled in my browser. I have tried with Chrome, FireFox and IE and the problem is the same on v7. I have seen various discussions on this topic in the forums but it seems there is no resolution for this one and no clear answer as to what is causing it. My URL's have no ~ in them.
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A non admin user can not self manage their own group
We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database.

What we would like to do in our organization is for an admin to create group MyGroup and assign Bill to the group. The admin would then give the MyGroup object permissions:
* Can add group members (tiki_p_group_add_member)
* Can remove group members (tiki_p_group_remove_member)
* Can invite user to my groups (tiki_p_invite_to_my_groups)

At this point I would figure that there would be some kind of interface so that Bill could have a user selector and bring people into his group. I have checked around but I can not see any mechanism to do this.

We want to avoid our admin to manage groups for 1000's of users.

On a side note, we also investigated letting users select their own groups however we can also not find a mechanism to do this. We enabled all permissions we could think of such as:
* Can subscribe to groups (tiki_p_subscribe_groups)
* Can join or leave the group (tiki_p_group_join)
* In the group we selected "User can assign to the group himself"
but we can still not find where the user can change his group.

Our users sign in with their LDAP (AD) logins and therefore do not go through the Registration process.

Any help would be very much appreciated as this is a big issue for us right now.
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Last-Visited Duplicate on Recreating Page
If you recreate a wiki page by creating a new page with a temporary name, delete the old page, and rename the new page as the old page, the page name will appear twice in Last-Visited Pages (breadcrumb module).
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Separator in the menu bar shows over the search input
Here are two screen shots.

The screen shots are showing exactly what my search text box looks like: right in the middle, I see a separator.

In French: {img type="src" src="http://tiki.org/display281"}

In German: {img type="src" src="http://tiki.org/display282"}

When I am browsing in French, the search engine textarea shows a separator pipe right in the middle.

It has nothing to do with my screen size (Cntrl + or minus), I tried.

Does any one else sees the same?

It's cumbersome. Of course it has to do with the restricted amount of caracters that one person can use when writing a menu. In english I don't see it.

The second screen shot shows the same prob in German language.

This prob is not new. It's just me who took a long time to report it or others are seeing the same?

Peharps you can tell me if I need to do something on my browser side

In the Community environment/universe (whatever you call it) it's OK

It does the same with IE
Also, when I tried to upload the images, I was unable to choose a category. I'm using Firefox v.5
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Windows install
Using the auto (or manual) installation procedures on a Windows server gives the error:

The directory 'd:\domain\www\tiki/img/wiki/' is not writeable by SYSTEM.

Since two of the slashes in the address are going in the wrong direction, I'm speculating that is the reason for the error.
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html don't work in blog
html code are altered or disappear in portion or totally after save blog article. works fine on wiki page but not in blog page.
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wkhtmltopdf doesn't work without an X server
When I tried using wkhtmltopdf for PDF export, all I got was 0 byte files. I turns out this is because the system running wkhtmltopdf must have an X server installed to work. This is not the case with my headless server, and I imagine that most web servers do not run X.
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Hide Upcoming Events if No Records
There should be an option on the upcoming events module to just hide the module if there are no records to display at that time.
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Fivealive Theme Login: "Register" & "I forgot my password" login options
The login window in Tiki7, using the Fivealive Theme, and when using the "Register" and "I forgot my password" features, those two link options are too close together unlike in Tiki 6.x.

In v6 those options were horizontally side-by-side. In v7 they are stacked vertically. When pointing directly on the text for "Register" the option "I forgot my password" is selected. To select the Register option, you have to move the pointer above the "Register" option to activate that page.

This happens regardless of OS or browser as I've tried it in XP Pro (32bit) using Firefox 5, Win7 Ultimate (on a 64 bit virtual machine), using Chrome and Firefox5 and Ubuntu 10.4 (32bit), using Firefox 5, Konqueror and Chromium.

Though I've been able to figure out where to hover the pointer to make the appropriate selection, my site visitors aren't likely to figure that out and leave the site out of frustration.
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Calendar doesn't display WYSIWYG. Displays w/html code
In displaying a calendar event it doesn't display as written in the edit window using WYSIWYG. Instead it displays with the HTML code.
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[Wishlist] Add Recurrent Calendar Option
The recurrent option is missing the ability of choosing a recurrent monthly event happening on a specific day of the week. Ex: the First Friday of the Month.

You can only choose a specific day of the month. It would be appropriate to have a "day of the week" option and not just a numerical day.

BTW - I've tried to upload two screenshots, using Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 10.4, but the pop-up window never fully loaded. It just remained in loading mode. So if the bug staff isn't getting screenshots, that's probably a site bug that needs to be fixed.
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Tracker field ID get lost after creating a new Tracker
I create the first tracker (tracker01) with three fields.
The tracker has the ID 1 in the tracker overview and the fields have the IDs 1, 2 and 3 in the field listing.
After I create a second tracker (tracker02) it will get the ID 2 in the tracker overview.
But now the second field in the first tracker get lost.
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After a version update, if a gallery dir is forgotten no error appears when loading gallery but Apache crashes...

After a version upgrade (any data transfer etc...), if a dir containing gallery is forgotten in the new installation (nothing is perfect), it seems that there is no check when the gallery is loaded, this can (most of time) crash Apache.

nota : I have not tested for "files" only for "images" but I pur it into the the categories before I imagin that the problem exist on both.

Checked on 6.x and 7.1
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
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Friendship Network (Community)
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Meta Tag
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