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Timestamp changes when users edit shoutbox messages
Users and admin of an installation of Tiki 7.1 with Apache / mySQL / Fedora 14 observe that the timestamp of shoutbox messages sometimes change when they edit the messages.

There's no apparent pattern which would explain when or why only some messages are affected.
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"GZip output" (feature_obzip) causes encoding errors in CSRF and error screens
"Gzip output" (feature_obzip) is defective in two different tikis (in 2 different servers).... proposals/6x and trunk

Once enabled, when I attempt to visit a few pages as anonymous, for which I should see the "Error, your are not logged in. Go to Log in Page" message, I see instead a message from firefox saying that there is an error in the enconding of the content (attempting to use a compression method not valid or that it doesn't work in this application):

Error de codificació del contingut

No ha pogut mostrar-se la pàgina que esteu intentant visualitzar perquè utilitza una forma de compressió no vàlida o que no funciona en aquesta aplicació.

* Poseu-vos en contacte amb els propietaris del lloc per a informar-los del problema.

Once I disable the gzip output, tiki behaves normally.
Moreover, this issue might have been the reason why the new spreadsheet features being developed in trunk by robertplummer were failing (Chrome just says that the server is temporarily unavailable) recently in a test we were doing in the same server.

And that might be the (potential) responsible for the issues with sending newsletters in prposals/6x (just before the release of tiki 6.2).
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#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x
!#3757 ADD : Language Custom and all language files system holding - Proposal MOD ADD for Trunk 7x

As I can't access in "edit/delete" mode to #3757, I add this one for complements.

The problem of access to whishlist is reported in : #3767

!!Complements :

!!!To be able to hold [FIX] in language files without direct corrections
The fact to have to commit the full language.php for a language when we have to make a change into an invalid translation has multiple not suitable effects :
*you can't follow changes
*you can't check and think about
*you can't validate

The new changes with array fusion make forbidden the fact to alter the (system) language with custom.php or other

I enhance my proposal with the [FIX]-*-language.php files with are merged and not fused with after all others.

The final aim is to make a merge and automatic rewrite of language.php from the merged array "$lang_$lg" from validated [fix].

!!!To files are naturally sorted (normal - UTF8):
# language.php or [SYSTEM]-*-language.php
# custom.php or [CUSTOM]-*-language.php
# [FIX]-*-language.php

the "*" is a part of the name which has meaning (content) and can be sorted.
particularly non yet translated parts can be separated from main [SYSTEM] and marked.
Progressive and controlled (repartition of job for example) translation can be done.

Best regards


PS : I am particularly sensibles on this because I made each day changes and I think not efficient to commit the full French language each day but a little [FIX] with what+date seems a good solution.
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Tracker Watch notification if not simple
In the function: function send_replace_item_notifications($args)
in lib/trackers/trackerlib.php, and change to the tracker generates an error and a failure for attempting to assign() to a non-existent object.

The line that generates it is:
$smarty->assign('mail_date', $this->now);

But if I comment that out, the next one generates it - so I think it is all assigns.

The error occurs if: I have a standard "watch" on all tracker activity. I have not tested moving the notification into the tracker setup screen.

To test, I:
1. Manually set $simpleEmail = "y"; error goes away
2. Set the Simple Email flag on the edit tracker prefs screen - error does NOT go away
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Mail-List System Feature Enhancement - FeedBlitz newsletter RSS/ATOM
The use of an outside mail-list system is not unusual.

I'm using [http://feedblitz.com|FeedBlitz.com] to get newsletters to users.

It would be nice to have the FeedBlitz system integrated with the Tiki registration module.

Here is what their Knowledge base says about integrating this kind of requirement.
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Make header of Menu Structures into a link
It would be very useful to have change the heading for the menu structure module into a link that goes to the top level of that structure. I'm actually kind of surprised this isn't already the case.
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Categories permission assign to groups doesn't work
I need to set three group of user.
Each user is member of only one group.
Each group should not have access to other groups contribution

So i've decided to create 3 categories, to set specific permission on each categorie for one group.

I add a module category to show category for user. But i always get the message "You do not have permission to use this feature".

I'm not able to create page with a user.

Really need help !!
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XML Export of Tiki pages doesn't work
Update of database to 7.0 doesn't work properly so I was need to export wiki articles to tiki 7.0 version so I tried to use this feature (Tiki -> TikiPages -> XML Zip. I have extended version of PHP so it shouldn't be PHP Problem.
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4 Synax Errors in "lib/jquery/jquery.sheet" not sure if they have any effect but they were picked up by Aptana Studio 3 upon adding the project
image of file (showing errors) can be found [http://www.attachyons.com/php-synax-errors.png|here]

Summary: (I've underlined the errors)
Line 1462 : "parse"=> ===function=== () {
Line 1464 : }===,===
Line 1465 : "main"=> function ($===args===) {
Line 1477 : ===)===;
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Time machine / browsing an old version of the wiki
Tiki 7 includes the "Previous version" feature allowing links to refer to "older versions" of a wiki page (either by version number or date). What would be nice is to have a general way to browse an older snapshot of the *whole* wiki.
We have a wiki describing a quite complex scientific model and have a lot of model description in wiki pages. What we want is to access "snapshots" of the whole wiki. E.g: the state of the wiki from 1.1.2011 is the one describing the model version 1.2 and is used for this or this scientific publication. While the latest version of the wiki (27.6.2011) reflects ongoing developments one may want to surf the version from the 1.1. (e.g. to look for details that are not in the publication).
Is this (already) possible? I think an extension to the "previous version" function could do the trick (I have no idea of the inner workings of tikiwiki)...
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Pagetop Module w/o Group Kills Tiki
If you require login but assign just a custom module to pagetop without selecting at least the registered group, it will kill your Tiki.

You'll have to edit the MySQL tiki_modules table and delete your module to make it work again.
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WYSIWYG doesn't create tables with Wiki syntax
If I create a table using the WYSIWYG Editor and click on the __Source__ button, the generated code is using HTML code like this:


Instead of the real Wiki Syntax for tables ([http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Tables]).

I guess a "HTML->Wiki Syntax Translation" setting must be missing.

As an example, I found out a MediaWiki WYSIWYG CKEditor that does this same translation just fine. Maybe you could check out the code:

[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WYSIWYG|Extension Homepage]
[http://smwdemo.ontoprise.com/index.php/WYSIWYG_Sandbox|Online demo]

Thanks a lot!
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Problem with new installation - v7 - cookies not enabled
I have been having problems upgrading from previous versions and decided to install a new blank install of v7. Everything works fine until I try and log in with the admin user name and password I created during the install process. I receive a message that cookies need to be enabled. This is not a message that I have had before on any prior versions and cookies are definitely enabled in my browser. I have tried with Chrome, FireFox and IE and the problem is the same on v7. I have seen various discussions on this topic in the forums but it seems there is no resolution for this one and no clear answer as to what is causing it. My URL's have no ~ in them.
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A non admin user can not self manage their own group
We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database.

What we would like to do in our organization is for an admin to create group MyGroup and assign Bill to the group. The admin would then give the MyGroup object permissions:
* Can add group members (tiki_p_group_add_member)
* Can remove group members (tiki_p_group_remove_member)
* Can invite user to my groups (tiki_p_invite_to_my_groups)

At this point I would figure that there would be some kind of interface so that Bill could have a user selector and bring people into his group. I have checked around but I can not see any mechanism to do this.

We want to avoid our admin to manage groups for 1000's of users.

On a side note, we also investigated letting users select their own groups however we can also not find a mechanism to do this. We enabled all permissions we could think of such as:
* Can subscribe to groups (tiki_p_subscribe_groups)
* Can join or leave the group (tiki_p_group_join)
* In the group we selected "User can assign to the group himself"
but we can still not find where the user can change his group.

Our users sign in with their LDAP (AD) logins and therefore do not go through the Registration process.

Any help would be very much appreciated as this is a big issue for us right now.
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Last-Visited Duplicate on Recreating Page
If you recreate a wiki page by creating a new page with a temporary name, delete the old page, and rename the new page as the old page, the page name will appear twice in Last-Visited Pages (breadcrumb module).
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Separator in the menu bar shows over the search input
Here are two screen shots.

The screen shots are showing exactly what my search text box looks like: right in the middle, I see a separator.

In French: {img type="src" src="http://tiki.org/display281"}

In German: {img type="src" src="http://tiki.org/display282"}

When I am browsing in French, the search engine textarea shows a separator pipe right in the middle.

It has nothing to do with my screen size (Cntrl + or minus), I tried.

Does any one else sees the same?

It's cumbersome. Of course it has to do with the restricted amount of caracters that one person can use when writing a menu. In english I don't see it.

The second screen shot shows the same prob in German language.

This prob is not new. It's just me who took a long time to report it or others are seeing the same?

Peharps you can tell me if I need to do something on my browser side

In the Community environment/universe (whatever you call it) it's OK

It does the same with IE
Also, when I tried to upload the images, I was unable to choose a category. I'm using Firefox v.5
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Windows install
Using the auto (or manual) installation procedures on a Windows server gives the error:

The directory 'd:\domain\www\tiki/img/wiki/' is not writeable by SYSTEM.

Since two of the slashes in the address are going in the wrong direction, I'm speculating that is the reason for the error.
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html don't work in blog
html code are altered or disappear in portion or totally after save blog article. works fine on wiki page but not in blog page.
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wkhtmltopdf doesn't work without an X server
When I tried using wkhtmltopdf for PDF export, all I got was 0 byte files. I turns out this is because the system running wkhtmltopdf must have an X server installed to work. This is not the case with my headless server, and I imagine that most web servers do not run X.
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Hide Upcoming Events if No Records
There should be an option on the upcoming events module to just hide the module if there are no records to display at that time.
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Fivealive Theme Login: "Register" & "I forgot my password" login options
The login window in Tiki7, using the Fivealive Theme, and when using the "Register" and "I forgot my password" features, those two link options are too close together unlike in Tiki 6.x.

In v6 those options were horizontally side-by-side. In v7 they are stacked vertically. When pointing directly on the text for "Register" the option "I forgot my password" is selected. To select the Register option, you have to move the pointer above the "Register" option to activate that page.

This happens regardless of OS or browser as I've tried it in XP Pro (32bit) using Firefox 5, Win7 Ultimate (on a 64 bit virtual machine), using Chrome and Firefox5 and Ubuntu 10.4 (32bit), using Firefox 5, Konqueror and Chromium.

Though I've been able to figure out where to hover the pointer to make the appropriate selection, my site visitors aren't likely to figure that out and leave the site out of frustration.
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Calendar doesn't display WYSIWYG. Displays w/html code
In displaying a calendar event it doesn't display as written in the edit window using WYSIWYG. Instead it displays with the HTML code.
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[Wishlist] Add Recurrent Calendar Option
The recurrent option is missing the ability of choosing a recurrent monthly event happening on a specific day of the week. Ex: the First Friday of the Month.

You can only choose a specific day of the month. It would be appropriate to have a "day of the week" option and not just a numerical day.

BTW - I've tried to upload two screenshots, using Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 10.4, but the pop-up window never fully loaded. It just remained in loading mode. So if the bug staff isn't getting screenshots, that's probably a site bug that needs to be fixed.
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Tracker field ID get lost after creating a new Tracker
I create the first tracker (tracker01) with three fields.
The tracker has the ID 1 in the tracker overview and the fields have the IDs 1, 2 and 3 in the field listing.
After I create a second tracker (tracker02) it will get the ID 2 in the tracker overview.
But now the second field in the first tracker get lost.
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After a version update, if a gallery dir is forgotten no error appears when loading gallery but Apache crashes...

After a version upgrade (any data transfer etc...), if a dir containing gallery is forgotten in the new installation (nothing is perfect), it seems that there is no check when the gallery is loaded, this can (most of time) crash Apache.

nota : I have not tested for "files" only for "images" but I pur it into the the categories before I imagin that the problem exist on both.

Checked on 6.x and 7.1
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HTML comments in WYSIWYG editor
The WYSIWYG editor should have a button to create HTML comments that will only be visible in edit mode, and not in read mode.

As with all HTML, the comment tags should not be visible in WYSIWYG mode. The commented text should be a different color; perhaps grayed out.

This feature would enable editing discussion to happen right within the page being edited. Editors could more easily reference the text under discussion, since it would be right next to the comments. Discussing pages separately in the forum would no longer be needed, or would be optional.
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Feature request: Etherpad (or similar)
Feature request: Add an etherpad module to Tiki.

Etherpad allows __really__ real-time document collaboration for groups of users.
It's free and open source, with parts under Apache License 2.0, BSD, LGPL 2.1 and GPL 2.0 licenses.

On August 14 2011 the people at etherpad have released a jQuery plugin and a PHP class for easy injection of pads into web pages.

More at etherpad.org
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Bug: Posting as anonymous while logged in throws error
I was logged in as admin and tried to post a comment to an article. I typed in a title and comment then pressed "Post as Anonymous." The page that comes up has no css, and at the bottom it says:

Fatal error: Call to a member function generate() on a non-object in /templates_c/en^%%C6^C6E^C6EF0FD6%%antibot.tpl.php on line 28.

The comment goes through fine.
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Feature Areas

I have the idea for a new feature or better to say a major extension of the use of existing features.

Areas would be related with the usability of the Website, where you can assigne content to certain perspectives in a way, that a link to this content will guide you sametime aswell to the content as to the related perspective.

Anonymous users (and registered) would find the content in the context of menus and modules, the webdeveloper decides.

I see "Areas" Important for certain usecases, it could be built with up mainly with existing features - only few code should be necessary.

See more description on http:dev.tiki.org/Areas

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Group watches broken in 7.1
Group watches works in 6.2, but in 7.1. The settings do not save. When the group watch is selected the response shows that the group is set. But when navigating back to the settings page, none of the groups are selected.
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Can admin content templates without appropriate permissions
I have a group which does not have permissions to admin content templates in their category or the global permissions (the only permissions applying to the group) yet the group is still able to admin content templates.
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Leave (Editor)Page Confirmation doesn't work in TW7
1. The "Leave Page"-Confirmation Box does not show up in TW7.

2. Another problem is that the onchange event is not fired when I leave the page with any browser button, e.g. back, F5, etc.
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Filegal File Object permissions - does not exist.
Object permissions do not actually apply to individual files in a filegal. Despite this, we have UI to change said permissions. Trying to apply perms on a file affects the perms on the parent filegal. Very confusing and frustrating usability bug.
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LDAP authentication doesn't support special characters like "æ,ø,å" in CN name.
If CN contains any character of; æ,ø,å the login fails with "Invalid password" error.

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PuginJQ HTML encodes > sign which results in script syntax error
When using > to compare values in pluginJQ it will html encode the > sign:

if($("#itemExist").length &gt; 0)
//something else

Should be:

if($("#itemExist").length > 0)
//something else

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lacking instruction on manual install page
On the Manual database installation docs:

Instruction 1.4 says
1.4. Rename _htaccess for clean URLs (optional)

You can rename _htaccess to .htaccess

BUT in the files there is only htaccess.sh

SO, is this the same file as _htaccess?
Really want to change the name of htaccess.sh to .htaccess.sh?

Low priority since this is an Alternative. But it does prevent manual installations
from having clean URLs
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No warning about shoutbox messages being too long
Some users of an installation of Tiki 7.1 report they're not warned about shoutbox messages being too long, thus their messages are simply cut off rather than they're warned.

This was particularly reported for Firefox 6.0.2 on Windows XP Pro.

Others observe the warning is properly displayed with Seamonkey, Epiphany, or Firefox on Fedora 14 Linux with the GNOME Desktop V2.
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Sort-topics-by-rating in Tiki Forums doesn't work
Whenever we select »Rating (descending)« for the parameter »Default sorting of topics« (I hope this is close enough to the english i18n, because we actually make use of the german i18n of Tiki) in a forum's settings (second to last parameter in the settings), and try to view the respective forum, we are presented a page with the error message:
* »[[Titlebar:] System Error
+ [[Body:] Things to check:
+ 1. Did you complete the Tiki Installer?
+ 2. Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database
+ 3. Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in db/local.php)«
As long as we stick to »Newest Postings«, we can use the respective forum as usual. Also, the ratings of topics are displayed in the topics list with no problem.

This issue may possibly be related to the following bug reports:
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=3066
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=3667
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=2686
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=2695


Can you please retest in currently supported Tiki versions (e.g. Tiki12, ...)? Thanks in advanced {sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-02-07T09:48:35+00:00"}
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Article ratings apparently not working
First of all, the template checks for a $use_ratings variable to display the article's rating which, in my case, appears to be always null even though ratings are activated. Why do I think they are? Because the form to submit a rating shows up, because depends on $prefs.article_user_rating and $tiki_p_rate_article being 'y', which they are.

On my particular site, all articles have a rating of "7/10". Which is weird, because most of them haven't been rated and the configured rating options range from 1-4, and not 1-10. If I try to actually submit a rating, the actual rating still is 7, even though the "generate rating" is set to "on vote".
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External RSS feed tag in blog post now causes error
Inserting a RSS ex:~np~{rss id=6}~/np~ feed into a blog post now causes the following:


Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/nwoadmin/public_html/wiki/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php(1934) : eval()'d code on line 7
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Module semantic_links: Links to external pages not expanded
Using Tiki 7.2, we encounter the following issue with module semantic_links:

We've defined the abbrev. »wp« for links to Wikipedia articles, such that ~np~((wp:Jon_Doe|Jon Doe))~/np~ expands to a link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Doe .

We've also defined a semantic link type »wp« to mark links to Wikipedia articles, and want to use the notation
* ~np~(wp(wp:Jon_Doe|Jon Doe))~/np~

This works well for the actual wiki page, and the abbreviation is properly expanded into a link to the WP article.

However, in the module semantic_links, the link text is displayed as
* »wp:Jon_Doe«
and the URL of the link is
* »oursite.com/wp:Jon_Doe«.

Can this be fixed such that the module uses the same link text as the
respective wiki page?

(The Wikipedia link type is only an example, but note that it's reasonable for a wiki page to have several links to Wikipedia articles using the wp: abbrev., but still only one of those of type wp(, thereby indicating that the external Wikipedia article and the local wiki page are about the same subject.)

On the Tiki-devel mailing list (Oct 2nd 2011), Nelson Ko mentioned that

»I think there is a ›hackish‹ way to get this to happen.

In templates/modules/mod-semantic_links.tpl, you will see where the
link is generated:

~np~<a href="{$msl_url|escape}">{$msl_item|escape}</a>~/np~

Replace this with:


I didn't test it but it should work if you have sefurl on, since with
sefurl on the value of msl_url should be simply wp:Jon_Doe«,

but the hackish way didn't hack. =;-)
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When upgrading old version of TikiWiki to 7.2, admin login no longer has admin permissions
Hello, former library employee now library volunteer who is helping a library update its tikiwiki 3.x intranet to 7.2 and encountered a strange bug that I am stuck on.

Upgrade seemed to go smooth, with a fresh directory install and pointed to the SQLi backend of the 3.x install in a test environment.

When I went to login with the known local admin account within tikiwiki, it allowed me to login but i could not access any of the admin modules without getting a lack of permissions error. Somehow the admin account is not associated with the admin group, although works fine in the 3.x live install.

Issue is compounded then that I cannot add admin to the admin group, because I cannot get access to the admin modules to do this!

I tried to do my own research on this, and actually did see some IRC logs where someone else had a very similiar issue although I did not see a resolution.

Any ideas how to fix this? Can someone give me some guidance into the tikiwiki sql structure whereby I might be able to change this within the table itself?
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Non-parsed wiki feature (np) doesn't work correctly anymore in plugins

After upgrading my web site from tiki 7.0 to 7.2, I've noticed that the non-parsed wiki feature in the wiki pages is not working correctly anymore.
Indeed, from the tests I've done, it seems that in case of multiple use of the non-parsed wiki feature on the same line, only the last one is taken into account.

For exemple, for the following wiki text, only the second ~np~--css~/np~ is taken into account, the first one not so the text is striked through.

***use the ~np~--css~/np~ option (ex: ~np~--css~/np~ test)


Ticket update:

Note that the problem occurs mainly in fancytables.
I've enabled "Allow HTML" for the problematic pages. That also corrected the problem with non-parsed wiki syntax. (:eek:)
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7.0b2 Error trying to validate newly uploaded file draft
Uploaded a new version of a file.
Clicked "verify" option
Was prompted to confirm.

After clicking confirm, got the following error:

System error.

The following error message was returned:
Unknown column 'fileId' in 'where clause'
The query was:
SELECT * FROM `tiki_file_galleries` WHERE 1=1 AND `fileId` = ?

The built query was likely:
SELECT * FROM `tiki_file_galleries` WHERE 1=1 AND `fileId` = '1'
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7x Dev : overlapping cols or right column sent to end of "middle"

Particularly for Chibaguy, to show screenshots about the problem

The col3 ( or right-modules) are most of time send to the end of "middle".

This generally come from a "center" with two lateral column, when the calculated width of the three column is greater than the limited width of the container.

This seems to happen in several cases (mines), I commonly uses fivealive and have tested here "business". I get the same since a little more than one week.

Joined four screen shots from top to down (1920x1200 selection cropped).

You can see :
#The top and the right column not in place
#the middle : an anomaly on the width and all the display of the module action calendar (somebody has tried something while I am working on a lot of commented bugs on calendars 17 bus interacts, I have to merge or replace) . The ### comments are test to check modification at execution on my version.
#Where the col1 is ended and col3 begins
#The col3 end before the main footer

This is what I got with no SVN conflict on this.
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7x Dev : Wysiwig help error in sizes of shapes and window + [enh]


Into the wysiwyg help on plugins, the height of the scroll list of plugins is superior to the eight of the popup. So the bottom of the list and scroll commands are not accessible.

The height is calculated from the height of the popup with is resizable.

[enhance] request : set a button into "plugin" to select the suitable plugin.

May be change tooltip of help to Help "Help on wysiwig syntax and plugins" rather than "Wysiswig"

The plugin manager should include the "help plugin which is into help", after the choice of plugin the manager help to fill it and include it.

I imagine that's the working is doing but I just add may be my view of this part of the Wysiwyg implementation.

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Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post, comments or tracker submission or wiki page at post time
I've been thinking for ages that this kind of option is REALLY needed, and I thought it should not be much coding effort:

Automonitoring each own's posts, through either:
# Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post or tracker submission at post time, in a "per forum post or tracker item insertion" basis, or
# with a user preference for all forums, or all trackers, blogs, etc..
Still needed...
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Add SAML support

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adding a new page to a structure from an existing page
Adding a page by putting its name in the box at the top of a page in a structure no longer adds the page to the structure. It only creates the page.
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Additional search options if results are not good
In Tiki search results, there should be a "also do the same search with the following search engines:"


{CODE(caption="This code worked in 6.x in templates")}{if $mid eq 'tiki-searchresults.tpl'}<div class="simplebox" align="center" style="padding:5px;border:2px solid #000000">
<img src="pics/icons/information.png" alt="Information" style="vertical-align:middle;" />
For additional results, try searching for <strong>{$words}</strong> in:
<span class="button"><a href="http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-searchresults.php?words={$words}&where=wiki">Tiki Documentation</a></span> or
<span class="button"><a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=tikiwiki+{$words}">Search all over the Web with Google</a></span> or
<span class="button"><a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=site:tiki.org {$words}">Search *.tiki.org with Google</a></span>

Since this will be configurable, we could also encourage people to send the site manager feedback, and thus tell us: what they were looking for and what they were expecting to find
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alarm field type in trackers
Trackers are great in Tiki, it provides a way to build quick and easy register solutions.
When used in any context related to monitoring, it would be nice to have a way to associate a record with one or more events in time. For instance you would like to receive an email at the time the issue related to the task should be controlled and/or be resolved.

Thinking on it as a feature, the following could be considered in the solution:
*It could exist more than one "timer" in the tracker record,
*It should be added like any other tracker field to the record definition,
*It could have different ways to alert: email, rss, ... (maybe only one choice when instance),
*It could have rules, like auto disable when the record is closed (or other condition),
*It could be (as an option) reprogrammed,

and also
*Maybe a user wants to know about all his/her pending "timers".
*Maybe timer implementation could be independent objects that are linked to (special fields in) tracker records (or other objects), so global management is possible.

I guess that a good part of above functionality is already in Tiki in some form.
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Allow customization of Tiki-generated RSS feeds, by language (for i18n sites)
Currently, Tiki creates a single RSS feed per feature (e.g., wiki, articles, etc.).

For features that support i18n, this means that end-users will subscribe to a feed that contains items that they cannot read.

It would be nice if Tiki could create language-specific feeds each feature.

You can see this on info.t.o; we issue articles in English and French and Tiki includes both languages in a single feed: http://info.tiki.org/tiki-articles_rss.php?ver=2
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Allow HTML and/or Wiki syntax in Site Title and Subtitle fields
To allow for greater styling, it would be great to allow HTML coding and/or wiki syntax in the __Site Title__ and __Subtitle__ fields on Admin: L&F.

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Attempting to create a tikisheet results in DB error
Trying to create a spreadsheet results in DB error.

Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'parentSheetId' at row 1

La requête était :
INSERT INTO `tiki_sheets` ( `title`, `description`, `author`, `parentSheetId` ) VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ? )

Valeurs :


La requête construite était probablement :
INSERT INTO `tiki_sheets` ( `title`, `description`, `author`, `parentSheetId` ) VALUES( 'Probo', '', 'admin', '' )

Stacktrace :
* C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki\7.2\tiki-sheets.php : 0 -> {main}(array ( ))
* C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki\7.2\tiki-sheets.php : 98 -> replace_sheet(array ( ))
* C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki\7.2\lib\sheet\grid.php : 2358 -> query(array ( ))
* C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki\7.2\lib\core\TikiDb\Bridge.php : 29 -> query(array ( ))
* C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki\7.2\lib\core\TikiDb\Pdo.php : 120 -> handleQueryError(array ( ))
* C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki\7.2\lib\core\TikiDb.php : 150 -> handle(array ( ))
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BigBlueButton: no audio

I'm using the BigBlueButton as stadalone and it works fine.
But there is an audio problem when I use it as a feature in Tiki.
Everything works fine except the audio. When I click on the headset it doesn't join the audio server (freeswitch).

I have the same problem on this site:

Tested on Tiki 6.3, 7.0beta2, 7.0RC1 with the same effect.
BBB version 0.71a as a VM
Firefox 4.01, Chromium 11.04

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Blank Page with tiki-calendar.php
on the test environment i can access tiki-calendar.php without a problem but as soon as i want to create a calendar and then access it on the live server i only get a blank page.

wether it is an already populated tiki or a clean install (wether using a completely new db or telling the tiki installer to clear the previous db and create a new one, wether using our theme or using the standard theme) i always get a blank page.

are there any special options in php/mysql/apache the calendar needs which i need to change?

the live server is a suse linux with php 5.3.3 and mysql 5.1.46
the local server is some xampp on a windows machine

tested it with Tiki 6.3, 6.4 and 7.1

While it is a blank page in Firefox, Google Chrome says it is a 500 server error

Apache Error Log says:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in .../lib/tikidate-php5.php on line 298, referrer http//...
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Calendar events "Tentative" status does not work
The "Tentative" status for a calendar event always reverts to "Confirmed" after it is saved.
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Calendar Month view displays incorrect in most browswers
Calendar(month view) displays and highlights incorrectly in all browsers except IE6
I've tried Chrome and 2 versions of firefox.
they show the entire previous month, the current month and a week past the current month. not all the correct days are highlighted either.
In IE 6 only a few days pre & post month are shown and the current month is correctly highlighted.

update - I tried with IE 8 and it looks fine.
So apparently this display issue is only in Chrome and Firefox.
Also another noticed bug, the date is shifted by 1 day.
so if i set a calendar entry for 6/8/2011, it will show as 6/7/2011
once you go into the item, it displays the correct date.
it just shows incorrectly in FF & chrome. but shows correctly in all versions of IE
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Calendar Synchronisation
There are a lot of different PIM applications using the iCal format, that Tiki can export.

As example I showed a usecase, where s.b. needed a synchronisation between Tiki and Google calendars, to make Tiki generated events visible in his Google Calendar, to ease the effort of sheduling between Tiki generated events and his personal google events.

I suggest a project for Calendar Syncronisation.

Please see: ((Calendar Synchronisation))
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Cannot add user to group with long name (over 32 chars) when another similar group already exists
When you have a group name like "Finance and Marketing Departments" and you create another group called "Finance and Marketing Departments Moderators". You will not be able to add users into the latter group if that user is already in the first group. This is caused by "duplicate key" error in the attempt to add the user, because the key length limitation is 32 chars.

This bug might probably be Mysql settings dependent.
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Cant upload pictures in 7.1
Ugraded this site to 7.1:


and now, I can't upload files to the Files gallery.

Here is what I do:

* tiki-upload_file.php
* click on Browse button
* Navigate my disk and select an image file
* Click UPload Files button
* Nothing happens.
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CKEditor breaks links to wiki pages
The symptoms are:
- backlinks work sometimes only
- when deleting a page it does not always become a wanted page
- others ???

The result is:
- unpredictable behavior
- negative impact on the user acceptance

The problem is, that the syntax of the links change:
1) Type ~np~((Page 1))~/np~ in the WYSIWYG mode and save
-> ~np~((Page 1))~/np~
2) save again in WYSIWYG mode
-> ~np~<a class="wiki" href="tiki-index.php?page=Page+1" title="Page 1">Page 1</a>~/np~
3) save again in WIKI mode
-> ~np~[tiki-index.php?page=Page+1|Page 1]~/np~
4) save again in WYSIWYG mode
-> ~np~<a class="wiki" href="tiki-index.php?page=Page+1">Page 1</a>~/np~

This makes 3 1/2 different representations of a link to 'Page 1'
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closing ~np/~ tags appearing after mouseover plugin in wysiwyg
When using the Wysiwyg editor, there are 3 closing /np tags appearing after where the mouseover plugin is inserted in Tiki 7. This problem does not exist in Tiki 6.
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code plugins don't display their contents
As of Friday 4/15/2011, code plugins stopped displaying their contents on my 7.x head site.

For example, I have a code plugin with no options set that contains:

{CODE()}function validate_a as p (e as p)
'Sample validation function.
'Data for the current row is available in 'e.data'.
'For example, e.data.firstname, e.data.lastname
if e.data.a = "" then
validate_a.hasError = .t.
validate_a.errorText = "a cannot be blank."
end if
end function{CODE}

On my site, nothing displays except the edit marker for the plugin.
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Comment box below wiki page opens too small the first time
The first time any user comments on a wiki page, the edit new comment box opens too small to be usable. It can be expanded in Chrome or Firefox if the user isn't too confused.

Once there is a comment, the edit new comment box opens at the proper size.
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Comments Edit
There should be a setting to allow comments to be editable, by user and/or admin.
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Crash 7.x on leaving install update mode : index error in a
At the end of install in


The crash ends with :
(xdebug track begins)

Zend_Session_Exception: session has already been started by session.auto-start or session_start() - on a try catch no problem
Notice: Undefined index: min_pass_length in D:\Trebly\teawik-ld8-7xSa\lib\tikilib.php on line 1612
Notice: Undefined index: pass_chr_special in D:\Trebly\teawik-ld8-7xSa\lib\tikilib.php on line 1614

(xdebug track ends).

Track file joined


~~#390:''Remark out of subject :''~~
Into my notes and refs dates are often in not common format yymmdd with B1=2011 date=B10117 is 01/17/2011, B2 is 2012. I used this for the last twenty years, has been used to make able soft to hold 2000 years and sort date (kept stored on six chars with historical data compatibility)in yymmdd yy=98,99,A0,A1..... B0, B1,B2. Used to make able at the end of eighties an important soft to hold long term plans. I use it since this moment and this goes on naturally and can't changed on my computers and data and can be used till year 2370.
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DarkRoom layout screwed up after upgrade to 7.1
When I upgraded this site:


from 6.1 to 7.1, the layout got screwed up (I'm using the DarkRoom theme).

Before the upgrade, the layout looked like this:

* [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=125]

After the upgrade, it now looks like this:

* [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=126]

Notice how the position of the login and the search forms changed, and how it looks weird in the TW 7.1 version (plus, it causes a lot of waste in screen realestate).
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Detect browser language not working when global language is not English
Detect browser language is not working to me (to luciash, in fact, in a site which I admin), in a recently upgraded site from 2.4 to 3.0.

This affects Tiki 3 to 7 and is a regression from Tiki 2.
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ENH trunk 7x : hability to intoduce [linebreaks] in some texts and their translations
!ENH trunk 7x : ability to introduce [breakline] in some texts and their translations

!!Nature of the problem
I many text it is unhallowed to use any markup language and filters are applied to these text.
Nevertheless, regardless HTML the this creates one main problem :

For <label> <input> and others strings with implicit new type "tikitypes" as warnings, comments etc... it is often necessary to have for a good GUI <breakline> at optimized positions.
HTML allows <br /> in all these cases (and all tags for strings into many tags.

Sometimes after translation because the words are longer a simple remark or a label which precede an input which followed himself by buttons-icons see the buttons at the next line.

All these cases needs to allow a [breakline] command which is then the lonely tag allowed.

I made this first for prefs in tiki_admin for labels (particularly when they are dependent and have a disposal on two columns)

!!What have been done
!!!Define the [breakline] command
!!!Create a smarty modifier "breakline"
It just replaces into strings [breakline] by "<br />" after the firewalls have been passed...
!!!Apply to list.tpl (class adminoptionbox)
Sample in list.tpl
<label for="{$p.id|escape}">{$p.name|escape}:</label>
<label for="{$p.id|escape}">{$p.name|escape|breakline}:</label>

!!What to do ?
Nothing I just have to commit.
But it changes general common rules. It is a [MOD] of second level the level of developers.

Ready to commit.

What's your opinion ?


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Error on Chrome
at the pages in dev.tiki.org I often get an error in chrome.
Like page: http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki+Plugin
Error on the screen: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 201326592 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 350 bytes) in /home/two/doc/lib/init/initlib.php on line 187
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Errors testing mail during install
If an address is specified to send the test mail to in step 3 of the installer, an error is displayed when attempting to send the test email:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv_get_encoding() in /srv/http/projectwiki/lib/core/Zend/Validate/Hostname.php on line 535

If an address is provided, and the CC box is unchecked, the following error also appears:

Notice: Undefined index: email_test_cc in /srv/http/projectwiki/installer/tiki-installer.php on line 837

If the user does not provide an email address and attempts to send the test email, the mail is reported as sent (or displays a user friendly error message.)

I'm using PHP 5.3 and Archlinux, and starting a clean install of 7-beta-1. I haven't gotten far enough into the process to see if other emails can be sent.
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fancytable, code, and some other plugins display their html
As of this morning 4/18/2011, fancytable and code plugins display their HTML.

See http://screencast.com/t/ZWJii6Abl for a screen shot.

I question revs 34013 and 34014
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fix sheets created directly from wiki SHEET plugin within wiki pages for managing tables visually
Spreadsheets can be created directly through wiki SHEET plugin directly within wiki pages. this allows managing big tables visually, as well as having the data ready for producing graphs, etc. (see documentation for tikisheets at doc.tw.o, if needed)

However, when you create a sheet through a call to the SHEET plugin from the wiki page itself, there are 3 issues which need to be fixed:
# you need to know the id you want to assign it to,
# after that, tiki-sheets.php doesn't list it (even if the sheet is really created, and you can import data to it, and show it at the wiki pages, etc.).
# the sheet is not shown with the right css

Even if we have wysiwyg option available, I still think that is worth improving tiki sheets usability to be used directly from wiki pages, once those 3 previous issues are fixed.
Updated on Feb. 2, 2011, using trunk (7svn)
# Steps to reproduce the first issue
## Edit a wiki page
## Use the plugin helper to create a new sheet in that page. And since it's a new sheet, it doesn't have a sheetId yet, so that you leave all fields empty in the plugin helper for the pluginsheet
++ this will add this type of code in your wiki page:
++ {CODE()}{sheet}{CODE}
## Save the wiki page
++ you will see an empty sheet shown in place at that wiki page, with the button at the bottom to allow the user to "edit it" (so far, so good)
## Once you click in the edit sheet button, you end up in some url like this one:
++ http://localhost/tiki7trunk/tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=&parse=edit
++ which produces a WSOD (blank page).
*** In my case, I guess that this url should have been:
+++ http://localhost/tiki7trunk/tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=2&parse=edit
+++ since I had only one sheet previously created, with sheetId 1, so that the next one should be 2. However, this new url is still producing WSOD for me. (tiki caches cleared, just in case, repeated this step, and same WSOD)

The expected behavior is that the user is the user would be editing a blank new sheet with the url:

and when the user saves that sheet, the new sheetId 2 exists, and the user is either sent back to the wiki page where he clicked at the button "edit sheet" (preferable option) or either sent to the corresponding tiki view sheet 2.
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Floating top and/or bottom (footer) menu items (and why not left & right too)
We should have some ready-made zones, where template designers can just

It should be possible to populate these zones with Site Identity or in the templates.

Please examples of floating boxes here:

It could also be pull out thingies or horizontal bars
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Formatting of empty Lines in Wiki-Pages is not handled properly
A blank line out of a paragraph should not start a new paragraph (as in 4.2). If feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_br is on, an empty line is created on top of the new paragraph.
It comes from lib/tikilib.php line 6838ff
} elseif (!$in_paragraph && !$contains_block) {
// If not in paragraph, first non-blank line; start a paragraph; if not start of div created by plugins
$data .= "<p>";

in the comment it is stated that the paragraph should only begin at first NON-BLANK line
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Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
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Forums list refuses to show latest entries; comments to opening posts are not accesible.
The following error is observed in an installation of Tiki 7.1 which was some weeks earlier migrated from 6.3 via 7.0.

* Apache 2.2.17
* mySQL 5.1.58
* PHP 5.3.8
* Fedora Linux 14
* The forum list doesn't show the latest entries any more, although even anonymous users have rights to view the forum postings.
+ In particular, anonymous user are globally granted the permission __tiki_p_forum_read__. Nothing was changed in the permissions before the forum list stopped displaying latest entries.
+ Yet the only user who is presented with a forum list containing the latest entries is the installation's admin.
* Also, when visting the topics list of some forum, users are presented a list of the latest entries in that forum (below the list of threads), but when clicking on the links in the list of latest entries, they're taken to thread pages which miss every message except the message which started the respective thread.
+ This seems to show that the bug described here is not caused by wrongly granted permissions, because if anonymous users had no permission to read forum posts they would not even see the list of latest entries below a forum's topics list.
* Recently before the bug was noted, the comment feature (for wiki pages), the freetags feature, and the rating feature were activated, but they were not activate precisly before the forums list stopped working, so the issue may be caused by some finer grained change than simply activating some additional feature.
+ Could the issue possibly be related to freetagging single forum postings?
* After removing all object permissions for every single forum and resetting them, clearing caches, removing freetags from every forum posting, and removing unused freetags, the bug remains.
* The following forum posts on tiki.org are related to this bug report:
** https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=42333
** https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=42306
** https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=42325
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Full-text MySQL search is broken in new searchbox
Using the new search box with the search button leads to a fatal error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 53215256 bytes) in /home/alphafiv/public_html/lib/tikilib.php on line 5118

Using the Titles button works fine.
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go default button setting not honored in search module
I have a search module set as:


The "default_button=go" setting is not being honored. Clicking on any of the buttons works properly. Pressing Enter in the control causes a full-text search instead of a title search.
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Group home pages do not work under sefurl
{CODE(caption="tiki-login.php line ~308")}if ($prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'n' || $url == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || $url_path == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || basename($url_path) == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || ($anonymous_homepage != '' && ($url == $anonymous_homepage || $url_path == $anonymous_homepage || basename($url_path) == $anonymous_homepage)) || ($tikiIndex_full != '' && basename($url_path) == $tikiIndex_full)) {{CODE}

for $prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'y'
the sefurl will not match
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HTML line break tags displayed in page source histories
When viewing the source for previous versions of a page an html line break tag (<br />) shows every time there's a line break.
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HTML line break tags displayed within PluginCode when nested within PluginSplit
In 6x, 7x and 8x, the <br /> tag is displayed when there is a line break within PluginCode when PluginCode is within PluginSplit. This can be seen at [http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=PluginFancyTable&preview=41#Example].

Perhaps related to [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=3883]
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If Watching All Wiki Pages, Disable Per-Page Watch
If a user is watching/monitoring for when "any wiki page is changed"...
*"Monitor this page" should be disabled, and
*Old watches should be deleted.
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input field city/town missing (tiki-user_preferences.php)
by calling: __tiki-user_preferences.php__

the input field for city/town is missing ... and a bigger blank space is shown up at its place.

Installed Tiki Version: 7.x (SVN)

{img id=120}
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integrate a schedule coordination tool in tiki like doodle
In groups of people you often have the problem to find day/time when all the people have time to meet.

Especially if they are not in the same room.
And even if they are present its difficult to talk about all the pro and cons when is the best time.

Is offering an easy solution. Everybody marks the spots when he has time. Doodle comes up with a proposal, when is the best time to meet. No discussions, every vote has the same weight, non-party and you can always reproduce how the decission was formed.

Can we integrate something like this? Especially because the Tiki direction goes more in decision making.
That feature would fit perfectly in.
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integrate a schedule coordination tool in tiki like doodle
In groups of people you often have the problem to find day/time when all the people have time to meet.

Especially if they are not in the same room.
And even if they are present its difficult to talk about all the pro and cons when is the best time.

Is offering an easy solution. Everybody marks the spots when he has time. Doodle comes up with a proposal, when is the best time to meet. No discussions, every vote has the same weight, non-party and you can always reproduce how the decission was formed.

Can we integrate something like this? Especially because the Tiki direction goes more in decision making.
That feature would fit perfectly in.
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Introduction of clearfix makes my top module zone too tall
After applying 33721, the top module area of my jqui theme is 150 high, which looks ridiculously big. See wiki.alphasoftware.com.

(Using 7.x branch)
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user tracker don't work with registration
I register with additional Information in a tracker.
Registration works fine, but the userID (=email address) dont show up in the tracker list. But in the Database at users_users it is there.
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Blog text characters changed when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2
After upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 in blog posts some characters get converted to a ? surrounded by black diamond (as shown below)

As part of Revenue�s - This should be an apostrophe Revenue's

examples of letters being changed
' " long dash - Bullet Points

All get changed to the same symbol �

see site bookkeepersireland.com

MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
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"View edit icons" feature has disappeared

After upgrading my web site from tiki 7.0 to 7.2, I've noticed that the "View edit icons" (feature that show/hides the plugin edit icons) button has disappeared.

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RSS Feeds and blog posts
After upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 RSS Feeds not working.
I had a similar error when upgrading from 7.0 to 7.1
There was a bug fix for 7.1 and tried it with 7.2 but it did not work.
I was asked for a log last time, can I have name of log file again and I can enter information here.
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Bad SQL-Mode
'ziit_tikiwiki.tf.galleryId' isn't in GROUP BY

Die Abfrage war:
SELECT tab.* FROM ((SELECT 0 as `isgal`, tf.`fileId` as `id`, tf.`galleryId` as `parentId`, tf.`name`, tf.`description`, tf.`filesize` as `size`, tf.`created`, tf.`filename`, tf.`filetype` as `type`, tf.`user` as `creator`, tf.`author`, tf.`hits`, tf.`lastDownload`, tf.`votes`, tf.`points`, tf.`path`, tf.`reference_url`, tf.`is_reference`, tf.`hash`, tf.`search_data`, tf.`lastModif` as `lastModif`, tf.`lastModifUser` as `last_user`, tf.`lockedby`, tf.`comment`, tf.`deleteAfter`, tf.`maxhits`, tf.`archiveId`, '' as `visible`, '' as `public`, tf.`fileId`, tf.`galleryId`, tf.`filesize`, tf.`filetype`, tf.`user`, tf.`lastModifUser`, '' as `files`, count(tfh.`fileId`) as `nbArchives` FROM `tiki_files` as tf LEFT JOIN `tiki_files` tfh ON (tf.`fileId` = tfh.`archiveId`) WHERE tf.`archiveId`=0 AND tf.`galleryId`=? GROUP BY tf.`fileId`) UNION (SELECT 1 as `isgal`, tfg.`galleryId` as `id`, tfg.`parentId`, tfg.`name`, tfg.`description`, 0 as `size`, tfg.`created`, tfg.`name` as `filename`, tfg.`type`, tfg.`user` as `creator`, '' as `author`, tfg.`hits`, 0 as `lastDownload`, tfg.`votes`, tfg.`points`, '' as `path`, '' as `reference_url`, '' as `is_reference`, '' as `hash`, tfg.`name` as `search_data`, tfg.`lastModif` as `lastModif`, '' as `last_user`, '' as `lockedby`, '' as `comment`, '' as `deleteAfter`, '' as `maxhits`, 0 as `archiveId`, tfg.`visible`, tfg.`public`, tfg.`galleryId` as `fileId`, tfg.`parentId` as `galleryId`, 0 as `filesize`, tfg.`type` as `filetype`, tfg.`user`, '' as `lastModifUser`, count(distinct tfc.`fileId`) as `files`, 0 as `nbArchives` FROM `tiki_file_galleries` as tfg LEFT JOIN `tiki_files` tfc ON (tfg.`galleryId` = tfc.`galleryId`) WHERE 1=1 AND tfg.`parentId`=? GROUP BY tfg.`galleryId`)) as tab ORDER BY `isgal` desc
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HTML Purifier removes lots of html tags

The HTML Purifier feature, when enabled, seems to clean really too much the HTML tags.
* when used with Allow HTML feature and there are some html codes on the page
* when used with Allow HTML feature and some html codes are encapsulated with PluginHTML
It is impossible for exemple to use tags such as <script>, <form>, <input type>
The only case where the HTML Purifier feature was not problematic was:
Allow HTML disabled + HTML Purifier enabled + html code encapsuled in PluginHTML

I finally disabled HTML Purifier, and I didn't have any problem anymore with Allow HTML enabled and/or with PluginHTML.

The problem with HTML Purifier can be easily reproduced in a wiki page by inserting any HTML code for a form, and/or by inserting some javascript parts.

Best regards,

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WYSIWYG does not work in version 7.2

I just install the version 7.2, and here is the php info: http://grip.umich.edu/tikiwiki/tiki-phpinfo.php. When I switched to the WYSIWYG editor (I tested all WYSIWYG editors), I could create content and sometimes could save it, but when I edited it the editor could not load the existing content.
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RENAME a wiki page and it is dropped from Last Changes listing.
If a wiki page is RENAMED it no longer appears in the Last Changes list.

I've tested this against our own system [http://thereevesproject.org] running 4.3 (yes I know we need to upgrade) and also against 7.1 running over at opensourcecms.com. Suspect it applies to intervening versions as well.

On 4.3 module last_modif_pages does correctly continue to list the renamed page, using its new name. (This aspect not tested on 7.1)
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tiki_p_remove_files permission not working in file gallery.
===My Setup===
I have file galleries set up with categories, so each category grants permission for a specific group to view and edit file galleries which are categorized to that group. E.g., I have a "group 1" category which grants the group "group 1" permission to access the "group 1" file gallery.

I have a "group administrator" group which has the "tiki_p_remove_files" permission granted in each category. This gives me one group which I can add to a user to give them permission to remove files from whichever file gallery they have permission to view.

Technically, the group admins have permission to remove files from all sections, every category grants them this permission, but because they cannot see the other sections, this is not an issue.

===My Problem===
Even having the "tiki_p_remove_files" permission, group admins are unable to remove files which they did not upload.

I have "tiki_p_remove_files" set for the "group administrator" group in global permissions but the issue still remains.

To do some testing, I granted registered (thus all groups) "tiki_p_remove_files" in the global permissions, and in the category permissions, but section admins (and normal users) were still only able to delete their own uploaded files.

I have a sym link set to my old tiki version, so I can access it via tiki-url/old. I used to this to determine that this is an existing bug, and not a regression. When adding the "/old" to my url, and going back to Tiki6, group admins were still unable to remove these files. The perms are stored in the db, so this would be a valid way to determine this correct?

This makes me think that the bug has been around for a while, as it was present in Tiki6 as well.

I cleared the tiki cache before each testing of permissions, and also cleared my browser cache (just to be sure) multiple times while testing this as well.

It makes it difficult to assign a single user to be a file gallery manager if I cannot give that user the ability to delete other user's files.
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WYSIWYG editor in 7.2 broken
Installed new site using v7.1. WYSIWYG editor was working OK (not perfect, but could at lease copy and paste Word documents with 85% accuracy, switching between source and WYSIWYG worked, tables worked, inserted HTML tags worked).

After upgrade to 7.2 WYSIWYG has become unusable. The following problems have been seen (there may be others):
#Toggling between source and WYSIWYG (using the SOURCE button) gives mixed results. Wiki syntax in source is correct but in WYSIWYG it displays wrong (most notable is bold not parsed). WYSIWYG will display page semi correctly in the editor window with some of the formatting, e.g. auto numbering is correct, but when displayed in preview (or saved page) wiki syntax is ignored and is display as one long line (no cr or formating).
#Editing a table in Source will cause any other table to break by changing the wiki syntax by adding a carriage return after each cell and the cell delimiter.
#Can not post text copied from a Word document any more. Comes out as HTML code unparsed, then on save displays as one long string of HTML code.
#When inserting HTML code using {CODE()}{HTML()}...{HTML}{CODE} to change styles, save sometimes drops first two character, changes first > to HTML {CODE()}& gt;{CODE} and drops closing HTML tag, at other times will add {CODE()}< x >{CODE} at third character. Can not correct using any editing method in the WYSIWYG editor.

Standard editor works fine.
tracker item
Tiki Forum email reply links incorrectly populate the post/reply input box
Setup: Running 6.4, on Debian. Recently upgraded from 3.x, bug was present in previous version too.

1. In our TikiWiki forums, all discussion is emailed to an external address
2. At the footer of each email message, the Tiki appends a "Reply Link".
3. When a user receives the notification email, and follows the link, the Forum's "Reply to the selected post" fields are incorrectly populated. The "Title" field is for an enitrely different forum + thread, and the reply box contents are also not correct.

Subjectively (not exhaustively tested), this appears to only happen for posts after the first within a thread, e.g. the reply link for the original post functions correctly, but reply link for all following posts does not.

The 'correct' top post reply links are in the form:
While the 'incorrect' reply posts are:

I suspect reply_threadId may be improperly populated with the forumId.

Thanks in advance.
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The search result page does not parse the wiki syntax.
Both the Unified Search and the MySQL Search results page displays the wiki syntax instead of parsing it. This occurs with the MySql Search whither or not "Parse the results" is checked on the admin page (there is no similar setting for the Unified Search).

This same behavior has been seen on the tiki.org pages. Here's an example result from searching the Community: {CODE()}CoCoMo
{HTML()}&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot; src=&quot;http://www.ohloh.net/p/39/widgets/project_cocomo.js&quot;&gt;&lt;/script&gt;{HTML} Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COCOMO
Last modification: Monday 24 October 2011 16:18:35 PDT{CODE}
{CODE()}Features/Usability: Re: Re: Re: Re: anyone ? anyideas? anything?
Thanks ricks99, the example you gave is what i want to do. However, when i include the poll in my wiki page, the ratings results still don't show up. I've tried it as a poll using {POLL(pollId=>2)}{POLL} and a module {MODUL
Last modification: Wednesday 02 April 2008 21:56:01 PDT{CODE}

This makes if very difficult for a user to determine if the page is relevant to their search.

It would be nice if some of the simpler formatting was displayed, e.g. bold, code blocks, underlining, etc. to make the results more legible to the user.
tracker item
Pages not found on search
v7.1 & 7.2

Searching Wiki pages does not return expected results.

*It appears that the default search only searches part of the page text and not the titles.
The search does not return pages from a structure that I know have the search phrase displayed on the page. When this happens I usually get an empty "List Wiki Pages" with "Exact match" checked (I don't know what the exact trigger of this is but it occurs most often while searching titles). Unchecking this will then return results. It would be nice to have "exact match" be an option -- not the default -- on the admin page to reverse this behavior.
*No search will return a match for text in a structure alias name, even though the text is display to the user.

I setup a test structure like this:
Page 1 -> Page One
Page 2 -> Page Two
Page 3 -> Page Three

The text on each page was "Now is the time for all good men"

Searching for "Three" returned nothing.
Searching for title "Three" returned nothing.
Searching for "Page" returned all three pages.

It seems to me that a user would be typing into the search box a word or phrase that they expected to be on a page, whither it be a title, alias or text and would therefore expect a search of "the entire site" to return one or more pages that display some form of their text without having to click on several buttons.
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File Galleries: max height width ignored when 'upload new version' - image does not scale
For a File Gllery with Max Height and/or Width set.
When uploading a new version of a file over the top of an exisiting file, the Max Height and Width settings are ignored i.e. the image is not rescaled.
tracker item
Multigual File Descriptions
This item pulled out of Ticket ID 2874 which had several items.

File Galleris should be multilingual including


e.g. description has different content for different languages which is then displayed with the image 'caption' automatically in user's language.

See detyailed discusssion and real world use cases at [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?page=user&itemId=2874&show=view|linked ticket|_blank].
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Im tikiwiki using a my new web site tiki installing after get some big problem ( first using tikiwiki 1 versions)
Problem:- 7.1/7.2 editions
This testing home virtual sever and x10 hosting (not including x10 hosting URL s but I can send it ). admin edit after not working site

http://www.spacenet.x10.mx/ look at

http://www.spacenet.x10.mx/tiki/ not working

eg http://localhost/tiki-7.1/tiki-7.1/ not working

http://localhost/tiki-7.1/tiki-7.1/tiki-admin.php working

http://www.spacenet.x10.mx/tiki/tiki-admin.php?page=general working

I checking a web directry it still including a index files

This type using tiki 6 vertions not get this type problems (install and edit after 6 )


i cant uploding images
(sorry to my English )
tracker item
HTML links for FIle Gallery Images
No html links are shown for uploaded images in the file gallery. Only wiki display and download links appear in the "Additional Info" screen.

Users just have to "know" that to display in html you must use /displayFilenumber

Also, there is no direct way to get BACK to that Additional Info screen from the gallery once the file is uploaded. i.e. it does not appear in the image's 'tool' pop-up menu, which just lists for us Dowload, Replace, Properties, Open in WebDav, Email this, and Delete only. No way to get back to the "additional info" screen.

Also, the images don't have a suffix when the URI format is /display123 and this causes problems with some software which expects one.

The old image galleries had an html link for the images.
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Renumbering menu option positions
It would be nice if menu option positions renumbered when you make changes. I know they're positioned 10 apart, I assume so you can insert things later, but I'm OCD so I'd renumber them anyway if I ever had to make changes (:razz:) If I had to guess, this would be a fairly easy change, module orders already do this so the code can probably pretty much be copy/pasted from there.
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File type detection does not work when uploading images bundled in a zip file

Reporting this bug, which is apparently still present.
Other users are facing that issue: http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.comp.cms.tiki.user

When uploading a bundle of images contained in a zip file, and selecting the option "Unzip zip files", all the images are well extracted and added to the gallery. However, the file type (in my case png, but I guess this is the case for all file types) is not reconize and the files have the type "application/octet-stream". Consequently, inserting the image in a wiki document for exemple, and changing its size, will produce the message "File is not an image"

I was able to reproduce it on tiki 7.2. Attached some screenshots of the problem.

tracker item
At the end of installer from 4.x to now 8.1, the run of session crashes with an exception "session start"
At the end of the installer when launch is run we can get a crash with an exception :

__"Session already opened"__

This has been reported since two years may be six times.

I have not made various test, so may be it depends of the context which is :

#Data upgraded from existing connection
#Run without inhibiting installer

This should not have effect. So I don't understand why others don't seem to observe the problem that I had always.

I need to run again directly index.
tracker item
Image "Upload New Version" does not update the various references to it

I upload an image to the File Gallery, which gets assigned id=19.

Then I go to a page and insert the following Tiki markup:


~np~{img fileId="19"}~/np~

To (a) provide a link to download the image, and (b) insert the image inside the page.

Works up to here.

But then, I do:
* File Galleries > List Galleries > Browse Images
* I locate the image I just uploaded, and click on the the wrench icon, and then on "Upload New Version".
* I upload a new version of the image
* If I go back to File Galleries > List Galleries > Browse Images, I see that indeed, the old image has disappeared, and it has been replaced by the new version

The problem however, is that the new image has id=20, not the old id=19. But the id has not been changed on the link and IMG plugin that I inserted on the page. So they still point to the old image with id=19.

The weird thing is that I can still download image id=19 (even after clearing my cache), eventhough I can't see that image in the gallery anymore. In other words, the image is still in the DB and can still be accessed.

This is definitely not how things should work. If I upload a new version of an image, then all references to that image should be updated accordingly, and I should not be able to access the old version, except in a "view history" kind of context. No?
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Some of the Spreadsheet settings do not get saved.
The following settings do not get saved when you create a new sheet or configure an already created sheet.

Class Name:
Header Rows:
Footer Rows:
Wiki Parse Values:
tracker item
Bad behavior of the icon flag (eye.png) for "Monitor topics (and threads) of this forum"
The two icon flags (eye.png and eye_magnifier.png) that are used to show the "watch" status of a forum are always switched together, so one doesn't really know what kind of watch he set on the forum.
See also {img id=128}.

tracker item
Zend_Search_Lucene doesn't work on certain servers
To reproduce, search "wiki" in the admin panel here:

And you will get:
"No preferences were found for your search query."

Ideally, the problem is solved, but this is maybe tricky. It could be related to:

{QUOTE(replyto="http://framework.zend.com/manual/1.11/en/zend.search.lucene.index-creation.html")}"Zend_Search_Lucene uses flock() to provide concurrent searching, index updating and optimization. According to the PHP » documentation, "flock() will not work on NFS and many other networked file systems. Do not use networked file systems with Zend_Search_Lucene."{QUOTE}

At the very least, Tiki should detect and report to the site admin that he should use MySQL Full Text Search instead.

Ideally, MySQL Full Text Search would work for tiki-admin.php
tracker item
Wishes 3924 to 4012: restore the "submitted by" information using the notification emails.
From 2011-06-23 to 2011-10-11, the bug tracker of dev.tiki.org was not properly recording the "submitted by" field (because of Tracker Revamp)

All the data is in the notification emails, and just needs to be restored manually.
tracker item
WYSIWYG: links to wiki pages with accents get corrupted (UTF-8)
How to reproduce:

Using WYSIWYG, edit a page which has a link to a wiki page which has an accented character and the link will change from accentué to accentu�


* Avoid non-English characters (éàç) in page names
tracker item
LDAP Group Synchronisation broken
With revision 31581 the LDAP group synchronisation has been limited to only happen 60 seconds after the login:


So far as I can see this method is only called during the LDAP login procedure, so the if-statement in line 1415 will always be false, thus no synchronisation will happen.

I checked this problem with 7.1, 7.2 and 8.3 and never succeded to get the groups from an AD although the LDAP login worked. After disseminating the code and removing this if-statement the feature works again.

I wonder what the the use of this if-statement was? The commit message refers to webdav changes - how does it affect this?
Can this statement be removed so LDAP group synchronisation works or is there another way to fix this?
tracker item
After an upgrade (7.2 to 8.1 and 8.3 or 8.x RC 8.4) the admin can't login anymore in some situations
!!!After upgrade the admin can't login anymore

!!!The failure sequence :
#Create a new directory or repository for the new version
#Update with your files (particularly images or icons)
#Site enable (example a sub-domain) on Apache
#Copy the database on new name
#Install manually .htaccess (compare and insert your valid options )
#Update "local.php"
#run <your new domain>/tiki-install.php. Goto the end (note an error occurs if your say at the end "run tiki" without locking or not because tiki-setup tries to re-open a session already automatically opened by installer). You just launch again (default tiki-index)
#~~#F00:__Try to login as admin : You will be rejected as wrong password __~~

!!Analysis - many possible reasons :
There are a lot of reasons to be in this situations. So to be successful a lot of conditions must be satisfied :

#If your new version uses the same current domain (after upgrade for my own I defines the same "servername" as current one and then keep the other when a particular name containng the version :
- The Cookies of session will try to reconnect an older version and a trace shows that the password is not the one you have given (generally empty). So the cookies of the site name must be cleared on your navigator

#The temp files or session table contain too wrong data : they must be cleared on server for your current copy (SVN update case)

#Your admin record in user_user record contains sessions data : they create a conflict which makes crash your login

#Be careful of the fact that you can have an open session in your navigator with the same site (sometimes we uses a lot of tab management which can create this : on firefox use showcase and search to clear your old sessions

#Generally avoid these problem is sufficient but at the end you will be prompt to update your password (as for the first login as admin with password admin). This can fail for the following reason : if the .htaccess is not set or modrewrite not well operational the <site name> will include the "port" used by your server. If your NAT translates the port address (i.e. 80-> 4397) you will get the following url <site>:4397/.... which fails

It is sure that if you use only one site close everything and upgrade you will get the minimum of problems but you will get someone anywhere.

!!~~#099:This situation is common and complex for whom have to manage product and data migration from one version (or several) of tiki to a new one.~~
It is not seen generally by developers, because it is not at all their common upgrade process nor test.

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redirect plugin in articles redirects on edit article
as the topic says

if you youse the redirect plugin in an article you cannot edit the article as it redirect the page even in edit mode
tracker item
Tracker Import from csv does not import date and time properly
Tested in version 3.3 and 7:
Importing tracker items through CSV does not properly process the date field.

My exported CSV contains e.g. "24/12/2010 19:55"
The imported data only contains "24/12/2010" The time has been left out.

{CODE(caption="incorrect code 3.3" colors="php")}# Version 3.3
Line 1697
} elseif ($field['type'] == 'f' || $field['type'] == 'j') {
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = split('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = split('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);

Replaced by following code :
{CODE(caption="correct code 3.3" colors="php") } elseif ($field['type'] == 'f' || $field['type'] == 'j') {
$l = strlen($data[$i]);
switch ($l) {
case ($l == 10):
# Field does not contain the time
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 16):
# Field contains HH:MM
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 19):
# Field contains HH:MM:SS
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);

The same for the latest version 8.3

{CODE(caption="Incorrect code 8.3" wrap="0" colors="php")} case 'f':
case 'j':
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = preg_split('#/#', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = preg_split('#/#', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = preg_split('#-#', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);

{CODE(caption="Correct code v8.3" wrap="0" colors="php")}# Line 1730
case 'f':
case 'j':
$l = strlen($data[$i]);
switch ($l) {
case ($l == 10):
# Field does not contain the time
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $data[$i]);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time(0, 0, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 16):
# Field contains HH:MM
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
list($hh, $mm) = explode(':', $ft);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, 0, $m, $d, $y);
case ($l == 19):
# Field contains HH:MM:SS
list($fd, $ft) = explode(' ', $data[$i]);
list($hh, $mm, $ss) = explode(':', $ft);
if ($dateFormat == 'mm/dd/yyyy') {
list($m, $d, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'dd/mm/yyyy') {
list($d, $m, $y) = explode('/', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
} elseif ($dateFormat == 'yyyy-mm-dd') {
list($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $fd);
$data[$i] = $tikilib->make_time($hh, $mm, $ss, $m, $d, $y);
tracker item
Tracker Import from csv does not set created and lastModif properly
Importing tracker items through CSV only sets the created and lastModif value properly if the dates from the CSV file are in the numerical php date format.

When you import a csv file where the created and lastModif dates are written as proper dates, the imported tracker items have a created and lastModif date/timestamp of the date & time of the import action.

example csv :

"itemId","status","created","lastModif","VRID -- 265"
"849","o","07/12/2009 13:24","07/12/2009 13:24","4"

Whenever I export a csv file, it contains the dates as shown above, so you can't just export data and import data on the fly without modifying all the values...

c.f. [https://dev.tiki.org/item3500|bug 3500]
tracker item
Compare generated HTML for all *.tiki.org sites between versions (to check for regressions/changes of behavior)
Some changes in Tiki code (especially the parser) between versions cause slight changes of behavior. Devs have no comprehensive way to test the result of a change on a large data set.

We have a large data set with all *.tiki.org sites.

Similar to ((tw:Pre-Dogfood servers)), we could have a script which checks the HTML output for all wiki pages for a given version, and compare this to another version.

And thus, we can check if this is a desired behavior.

The HTML entities change in Tiki9 would be a great 1st test of this. It would have been nice to have it for UTF-8 changes in Tiki5 as well...

This should be done as part of the script for ((tw:Pre-Dogfood servers)) so we have daily reports on issues. (and we know that it's the same data)
tracker item
Plugin Code forgets word-wrap
When you insert a Code plugin {CODE(caption="such as this")}printf("i write everything in only one line");
the line breaks.
tracker item
Group registration in newsletters conflicts with the "Use email as username" feature
To reproduce

# Install a fresh Tiki
# Create some usernames as usual
# Set "Use email as username" feature to yes
# Create more users (this time, username will be the email)
# Create a newsletter
# Subscribe the Registered group to the newsletter
# Send a newsletter

The system will crash and be unable to send the newsletter because some users don't have valid emails. If you error reporting is activated, you will get a message like this:

System error.

The following error message was returned:

Duplicate entry '3-mcradmin-g' for key 'PRIMARY'
The query was:

INSERT INTO `tiki_newsletter_subscriptions` (`nlId`,`email`,`code`,`valid`,`subscribed`,`isUser`,`included`) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?)

The built query was likely:

INSERT INTO `tiki_newsletter_subscriptions` (`nlId`,`email`,`code`,`valid`,`subscribed`,`isUser`,`included`) VALUES ('3','mcradmin','6b78cc21c16e768dd8fbb6b538c6bf78','y','1339700591','g','n')
Things to check:

Is your database up and running?
Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database
Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in db/local.php)
Did you complete the Tiki Installer?
Please see the documentation for more information.
tracker item
userlink does not return a link for the current user if user information pref != 'Public'
The smarty function that generates a user link (lib/smarty_tiki/modifier.userlink.php) will only return an actual link if the user's user_information preference is set to 'public'. In the case where the user link is to the currently logged-in user, however, there is no reason not to display the link even if that preference is set to 'private' as the user should be able to view their own preferences. This is easy to demonstrate; set your user_information preference to private and then look at your name in login module. The name will not be a link to your user preferences.
tracker item
JQuery Datepicker/JS Calender do not appear in other languages
As mentioned on subject: jquery datepicker should appear in a translated version with other site languages than english. But it doesn't.

E.g. look at the datepicker on [http://i18n.tiki.org/tiki-calendar.php].

It remains in english even if the site language is changed.
tracker item
Lack of default, when a page belongs to multiple structures
Using Tiki 6.x (proposals) and Tiki 7 (trunk)

I have a wiki page that belongs to multiple structures.

I have the "open page as structure" option enabled.

If I open the page directly, Tiki does not know which structure to use, so it opens the page __with no__ structure.

This means that the generated TOC is empty. The only way the end-user knows that the page is __supposed__ to be in a structure is by selecting a specific item from the __Structure__ drop list.

But the end-user may not have any understanding of what a "wiki structure" actually is.

There should be a way to set the default structure for a page.
tracker item
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
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