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"GZip output" (feature_obzip) causes encoding errors in CSRF and error screens
"Gzip output" (feature_obzip) is defective in two different tikis (in 2 different servers).... proposals/6x and trunk

Once enabled, when I attempt to visit a few pages as anonymous, for which I should see the "Error, your are not logged in. Go to Log in Page" message, I see instead a message from firefox saying that there is an error in the enconding of the content (attempting to use a compression method not valid or that it doesn't work in this application):

Error de codificació del contingut

No ha pogut mostrar-se la pàgina que esteu intentant visualitzar perquè utilitza una forma de compressió no vàlida o que no funciona en aquesta aplicació.

* Poseu-vos en contacte amb els propietaris del lloc per a informar-los del problema.

Once I disable the gzip output, tiki behaves normally.
Moreover, this issue might have been the reason why the new spreadsheet features being developed in trunk by robertplummer were failing (Chrome just says that the server is temporarily unavailable) recently in a test we were doing in the same server.

And that might be the (potential) responsible for the issues with sending newsletters in prposals/6x (just before the release of tiki 6.2).
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Put a maketoc in a page wich contains TAB plugin, and the maketoc produces a table of content of all that is inside TABS, but when you click on an item in the toc, we need to have the right tab active.
It could be great that the clic on the toc would active the concerned tab

I hop I'm clear, I don't know if it's a bug or a feature request, so I put the entry as a request.



PS : e.g. : http://code.renaudrubiano.com/tiki-6.1/tiki-index.php?page=test#Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet
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Fix for Bug Ticket ID 2184
I have confirmed this bug (2184) in Tiki 6.3 using Chrome and IE7/8.

I am not a javascript guru so this may not be the most eloquent solution, but it works.

To fix, replace the icntoggle function (line 693) in tiki-js.js with the following:
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Upload new version fails with Chromium 11 on Ubuntu
In Tiki 6.3, when using the 'Upload New Version' feature in the file gallery with Chromium 11 on Ubuntu 10.04 amd64, the file selection dialog appears, but when a file is chosen, nothing happens.

It appears to be an incompatibility with the browser, as the bug does not exist when using the following browsers/OS:
- Firefox 3.6, Ubuntu 10.04
- Chrome 11, Windows 7
- IE 8, Windows 7

Couldn't find anything on the chromium bug list or tiki bug list.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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workaround to open ticket #2188
This is a workaround for the bug described below. We just had this same problem occur in Tiki Wiki 6.3. Our Architect looked at the code and said the search wasn't recognizing the pages' language. I turned off the multilingual feature that I just turned on last week (May 31, 2011), and our search function worked normally again.

This is a cut and paste of the following open bug I found that describes this problem:

Status open
Rating (1)
Ticket ID 2188
Subject Search function does not work when tiki-searchindex.php is first invoked
Submitted by Geoff Brickell
Priority 9 high
Category Bug: Error
Tiki Version 2.x
Feature Search
Description Using the Search link in the application menu invokes tiki-searchindex.php which does not return any results no matter what you search for.

Having had a 'failed' search you are however now at tiki-searchresults.php and all subsequent searches work fine.

When you use the Search box module you fill in the form and the form 'action' is to run tiki-searchresults.php - and so this works fine.

This was previously logged as id 1696 - but this flagged the problem as a usability problem with the tiki support site rather than a possible coding bug - so have submitted this again.

Lastmod by Geoff Brickell
Created Monday 01 December, 2008 04:40:25 CST
LastModif Monday 01 December, 2008 04:46:34 CST
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Make header of Menu Structures into a link
It would be very useful to have change the heading for the menu structure module into a link that goes to the top level of that structure. I'm actually kind of surprised this isn't already the case.
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Categories permission assign to groups doesn't work
I need to set three group of user.
Each user is member of only one group.
Each group should not have access to other groups contribution

So i've decided to create 3 categories, to set specific permission on each categorie for one group.

I add a module category to show category for user. But i always get the message "You do not have permission to use this feature".

I'm not able to create page with a user.

Really need help !!
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PluginTracker: Not implementing 'blank' date default for date/time fields which aren't included on the tracker form
Example: I've created a created including two date fields, Date Started and Date Closed.

Both are date and time data type, with options d,2008,,blank

I've also created a wiki page and added a tracker new item form with PluginTracker, configured to display only Date Started. When saving the new item, the visible field (Date Started) inserts a blank as expected (from the values in the controls), but the hidden field (Date Closed) inserts today's date. If Date Closed is made visible, it starts defaulting to blank as well. So hidden fields appear to be behaving as if option 'empty' rather than option 'blank', or not picking up the option at all.
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WYSIWYG doesn't create tables with Wiki syntax
If I create a table using the WYSIWYG Editor and click on the __Source__ button, the generated code is using HTML code like this:


Instead of the real Wiki Syntax for tables ([http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Tables]).

I guess a "HTML->Wiki Syntax Translation" setting must be missing.

As an example, I found out a MediaWiki WYSIWYG CKEditor that does this same translation just fine. Maybe you could check out the code:

[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WYSIWYG|Extension Homepage]
[http://smwdemo.ontoprise.com/index.php/WYSIWYG_Sandbox|Online demo]

Thanks a lot!
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PluginButton locks entire wiki in 500 internal error when included in a user plugin
When the PluginButton plugin is included in a User Module and that User Module is used on the wiki, it will lock down the wiki in "Internal Error 500" mode. So no matter what page you visit, you will get "500 internal error".

Tested on:
TikiWiki v. 6.1 on IIS 7.5
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LDAP login error causes blank page instead of "Login error" page
We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database. This bug is across all browsers.

Our organization has LDAP (Active Directory) enabled. If a user does not type in the correct password or has chosen to remember an old password (that has since been resent by AD) they will not be able to login and there is no screen to tell them why not. On login error, I can see in the LDAP logs:

Error: Bind failed: Invalid credentials

but a blank page is presented. Since the user does not think their invalid login is the problem, they keep trying and blame the system.
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A non admin user can not self manage their own group
We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database.

What we would like to do in our organization is for an admin to create group MyGroup and assign Bill to the group. The admin would then give the MyGroup object permissions:
* Can add group members (tiki_p_group_add_member)
* Can remove group members (tiki_p_group_remove_member)
* Can invite user to my groups (tiki_p_invite_to_my_groups)

At this point I would figure that there would be some kind of interface so that Bill could have a user selector and bring people into his group. I have checked around but I can not see any mechanism to do this.

We want to avoid our admin to manage groups for 1000's of users.

On a side note, we also investigated letting users select their own groups however we can also not find a mechanism to do this. We enabled all permissions we could think of such as:
* Can subscribe to groups (tiki_p_subscribe_groups)
* Can join or leave the group (tiki_p_group_join)
* In the group we selected "User can assign to the group himself"
but we can still not find where the user can change his group.

Our users sign in with their LDAP (AD) logins and therefore do not go through the Registration process.

Any help would be very much appreciated as this is a big issue for us right now.
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Set perspective according to current content's category.
It would be nice to be able to select a perspective depending on the current content's categories and their respective jails.

I have made a hack that achieves this, but it would be nice to have it implemented as a feature. I described my hack and included the code here:


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Bug with IE9 on image icon in the toolbar (tiki 6.3)
There's a bug with the image icon in the toolbar on IE9 only.
{img id=121}

When we click on it nothing append. The box for the setting doesn’t show up.

The bug seems to have been fixed in tiki 7.x and 8.x but I like to know how cause I need to fixed in tiki 6.3 for a client.

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Newsletter subscriptions by anonymous
I'm testing a tiki replacement for our old CMS Made Simple CMS. I'm using the Fivealive Theme and I've set read permissions for anonymous visitors to view newsletter archives though they have to subscribe. In that window to subscribe there's a CaptCha code but there isn't a dialogue box for entering an email address to subscribe. However, when I enter the code, I get the following response:

"Newsletters Help

Thanks for your subscription. You will receive an email soon to confirm your subscription. No newsletters will be sent to you until the subscription is confirmed."

Obviously, that can't happen without having an email address to send the confirmation to.

I've tested this in Konqueror, Chromium and Firefox in an Ubuntu environment; Chrome, IE9 & Firefox in Win 7 Ultimate environment; and Firefox and IE8 in an XP Pro environment. All with the same interface results.
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Edit Calendar Event by Registered User - No Description
When a registered user tries to edit an existing calendar event, the Edit/Delete page shows up but there is no description that displays on that page nor is there an edit interface where the event can be edited.
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tar.gz / tgz corruption in File Galleries downloads
Uploading a .tar.gz or .tgz file seems to go fine. The "tar tzf" command on the back-end file returns the archive's file listing and "gzip -t" does not show any errors. However, downloading the file with Chrome or FireFox into WinRar claims the archive is corrupt. Downloading the same file with IE works just fine. One of the files in question:


Feel free to test. I found a bug from 2006 where this was also happening and it suggested turning off gzip output compression. Looking at the performance settings (it used to be in general) I see gzip output compression was already off, so I turned it on. This did not fix the behavior.

Other files (images and a .rar file) are served A-OK, it is just the .tar.gz and .tgz files that screw up. Back-end storage checksum matches the original file:

$ md5sum THD-fig4.tgz /var/www/localhost/htdocs/tikifiles/7271d5da7a5dc935fe2576ef0a427a69
663f408c4dfc6ca864756f70aa2f9f29 THD-fig4.tgz
663f408c4dfc6ca864756f70aa2f9f29 /var/www/localhost/htdocs/tikifiles/7271d5da7a5dc935fe2576ef0a427a69

This means upload is working A-OK it's just the download that's screwing up. I've edited /etc/mime.types to move the "tgz" extension from the default "application/x-gtar" into "application/octet-stream", but this did not help the file corruption. One of the downloaded files is:

-rw-r--r-- 1 eo eo 60247 Jul 16 21:24 THD-fig4 (2).tar.gz
f3e4f281d2041ce2554d343156b4a1ce THD-fig4 (2).tar.gz

The original being:

-rw-rw---- 1 eo eo 60997 Jul 16 20:36 THD-fig4.tgz

The gzip layer looks in tact on the broken file, but the tar layer isn't OK:

eo@jo ~/THD $ gzip -t "THD-fig4 (2).tar.gz"
eo@jo ~/THD $ echo $?
eo@jo ~/THD $ tar tzf "THD-fig4 (2).tar.gz"
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
eo@jo ~/THD $

A little further investigation shows the file is double compressed!

eo@jo ~/THD $ gunzip < "THD-fig4 (2).tar.gz" > "THD-fig4 (2).tar"
eo@jo ~/THD $ file "THD-fig4 (2).tar"
THD-fig4 (2).tar: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Sat Jul 16 20:36:37 2011
eo@jo ~/THD $ tar tzf "THD-fig4 (2).tar"
eo@jo ~/THD $

Even with the mime type set back to the original "application/x-gtar" this is the case. Even with gzip output compression disabled now and chrome cache cleared, the file still is presented corrupted by the server.

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Large (4.5MB) file uploads fail when storage engine is DB
Set all the right PHP settings to have the upload screen report an available upload size of 200 MBs. However, when uploading just a 4.5MB file (over GigE LAN) the upload never succeeds. Just sits there claiming to be uploading. There is a burst of traffic, followed by apache2 process taking 100% CPU for a while, but then nothing.
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wkhtmltopdf doesn't work without an X server
When I tried using wkhtmltopdf for PDF export, all I got was 0 byte files. I turns out this is because the system running wkhtmltopdf must have an X server installed to work. This is not the case with my headless server, and I imagine that most web servers do not run X.
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6.4svn regression: Maketoc shown twice in newsletter sent from wiki page template
In these last month of june or july 2011, some regression seems to have been introduced in proposals/6x, which produces that maketoc create the output twice, when sending a newsletter from a wiki page template.
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After a version update, if a gallery dir is forgotten no error appears when loading gallery but Apache crashes...

After a version upgrade (any data transfer etc...), if a dir containing gallery is forgotten in the new installation (nothing is perfect), it seems that there is no check when the gallery is loaded, this can (most of time) crash Apache.

nota : I have not tested for "files" only for "images" but I pur it into the the categories before I imagin that the problem exist on both.

Checked on 6.x and 7.1
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Filegal File Object permissions - does not exist.
Object permissions do not actually apply to individual files in a filegal. Despite this, we have UI to change said permissions. Trying to apply perms on a file affects the perms on the parent filegal. Very confusing and frustrating usability bug.
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Missing translation call in smarty_tiki/modifier.tiki_short_datetime.php
Showing a comment to a blog entry that has been posted the same day, only the time when the comment was posted is displayed. We use the German translation of TikiWiki, but the English "at" in "at 12:34" is display, not the German "um".
After having a look into the code, it seems the translation function is not called in lib/smarty_tiki/tiki_short_datetime.php
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LDAP authentication doesn't support special characters like "æ,ø,å" in CN name.
If CN contains any character of; æ,ø,å the login fails with "Invalid password" error.

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"Send me a copy" sends one copy per recipient.
When composing message and sending a message + checking "Send me a copy", 1 copy message/email is sent per recipient.

Only 1 copy should go out.
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User must have global permission tiki_p_edit for adding a new page in categorized structure also he has it in the categorie.
I defined a structure Helpdesk FAQ and a categorie Helpdesk.
Now I give a group Helpdeskadmin the permission tiki_p_edit (and a lot of others).

If a helpdeskadmin trys to add a page with the button on the top of the wikipage with over the toc, the message "You do not have permission to edit this page." appears.

The problem seems to be the following permission test in tiki-editpage.php:

// Permissions
$tikilib->get_perm_object($page, 'wiki page', $info, true);
if ($tiki_p_edit !== 'y') {
$smarty->assign('errortype', 401);
$smarty->assign('msg', tra("You do not have permission to edit this page."));

If I give the permission tiki_p_edit to the group, the helpdeskadmin comes to the wysiwyg-edit-page, also he gets a message like the page must have a categorie. I didn't analyzed that yet.
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5.x -> 6.1 regression: Users Information Tracker Fields Asked at Registration Time
Does the "Users Information Tracker Fields Asked at Registration Time" work for someone in 6.1? it used to work in 5.x. not pretty.

This feature was not particularly important if the trackers with registration="y" would work nicely. Read more here.
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domain redirect from *.tikiwiki.org to *.tiki.org is not working
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6.x: accepting a structure sent between tikis fails (column 'page_alias' cannot be null)
After sending a structure between 2 tiki sites (using the send pages features between tikis, xmlrpc, etc), once I clicked on the button to accept the received structure in the target tiki site, I got this error:

Column 'page_alias' cannot be null

The query was:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`, `structure_id`) values(?,?,?,?,?)



The built query was likely:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`, `structure_id`) values('0','70',NULL,'1','0')

Both tiki sites are running recent proposals_6x

The url on the target tiki was:
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6x: apparently unreliable tracker item history: works in some sites, but not on others
Tracker item history seems to be unreliable: it works for me on some 6x sites but I haven't been able to make it work in a local 6x or proposals_6x .

# I create a tracker item
# I edit the tracker item again, changing some fields (1 text area, and 2 text fields ) and save changes
# refresh the tiki-tracker_view_history.php?itemId=1 page but I see nothing there

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6x: Webmail account can't be deleted (& unreliable behavior)
((GroupMail)) is not working for me any more since I updated a site to 6.x from 4.x
In 4.x it was working me (I created most of the documentation in doc:((doc:Groupmail))

Maybe that's because Webmail is not working either...?

What I did:
* installed a new tiki proposals/6x tiki site in localhost
* added ajax_xajax feature to the groupmail profile (it was missing)
* applied Groupmail profile
* followed instructions to setup a new group (web)mail account
* the module groupmail is spinning all the time, and no messages are shown
* I've double checked that the user and pass info for that email account are all right

I also applied that profile on a remote server (a production site) and no luck either. No email is fetched.
I checked the webemail account (by means of other webmail software) and I confirm that it has plenty of read email, and 2 new messages pending to be read.
Weird, after I tried to unsuccessfully delete that account in the remote (production) server, it seems that webmail started to work!

:-/ Well, it looks boggy to me, or at least, for sure it's been unrealiable behavior!

At elast, for sure tehre is a bug at removing a webmail account: which is not removed (even if you ckick again at the confirmation step, the account is still there)
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Action Popup in File Galleries not working
I upgraded an old tiki 4 install to 6.0.
In filegalleries I did not get the popup when I clicked on the action icon. Nothing happened.
=> I could not update a file.

I found out that it worked when I set "Use CDN for Java..." to GOOGLE in Performance settings.
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Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post, comments or tracker submission or wiki page at post time
I've been thinking for ages that this kind of option is REALLY needed, and I thought it should not be much coding effort:

Automonitoring each own's posts, through either:
# Add a select box to monitor each own's forum post or tracker submission at post time, in a "per forum post or tracker item insertion" basis, or
# with a user preference for all forums, or all trackers, blogs, etc..
Still needed...
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add group watch to articles
Add group watch to articles

This way we could also have all users informed about comunity news , etc. in tiki sites.

In fact, the best option would be what it's done with newsletters: subscribe that bunch of users from a group, and let them unsubscribe it they wish and when they wish, without admin action. But if no action is done, they all get the copy of the article at their email, etc.
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add page to structure button regression
Bugs & Wish list
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Admin setting Log In, setting still apply on uncheck section
On the Admin section -> Log In -> Authentication method: Tiki

The setting Users can register is uncheck.
All the sub setting are hidden but some setting seams to still applied.

Example : If "Validate new user registrations by email" is checked the user will be forced to validate his email.
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Admin topics -> editing a topic show issue with the Email fields
When creating a topic in admin topic (tiki-admin_topics.php) i have 2 fields to fill:
Topic Name
Upload Image

Only name is mandatory and saving is ok.

If i want to edit the created topic to modify it i see a third field appearing: Add Notification Email.
If i save without giving an email i got the following error : Invalid email.
I can't save. Best evasion course is to close or jump back from this page.

I don't recall having set a feature or an option that force emails for topic article notifications.

There is no reason why i should be forced to add an email ONLY on edit (if a feature were set for a mandatory email address) and the error message (if he is linked to a feature) should be more explicit.
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alarm field type in trackers
Trackers are great in Tiki, it provides a way to build quick and easy register solutions.
When used in any context related to monitoring, it would be nice to have a way to associate a record with one or more events in time. For instance you would like to receive an email at the time the issue related to the task should be controlled and/or be resolved.

Thinking on it as a feature, the following could be considered in the solution:
*It could exist more than one "timer" in the tracker record,
*It should be added like any other tracker field to the record definition,
*It could have different ways to alert: email, rss, ... (maybe only one choice when instance),
*It could have rules, like auto disable when the record is closed (or other condition),
*It could be (as an option) reprogrammed,

and also
*Maybe a user wants to know about all his/her pending "timers".
*Maybe timer implementation could be independent objects that are linked to (special fields in) tracker records (or other objects), so global management is possible.

I guess that a good part of above functionality is already in Tiki in some form.
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All actions should check if page exists
Logged in, go to:

You will see a bunch of action (Source, Permissions, History, Export, etc). These actions should be WYSIWYCA
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Allow customization of Tiki-generated RSS feeds, by language (for i18n sites)
Currently, Tiki creates a single RSS feed per feature (e.g., wiki, articles, etc.).

For features that support i18n, this means that end-users will subscribe to a feed that contains items that they cannot read.

It would be nice if Tiki could create language-specific feeds each feature.

You can see this on info.t.o; we issue articles in English and French and Tiki includes both languages in a single feed: http://info.tiki.org/tiki-articles_rss.php?ver=2
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Allow HTML and/or Wiki syntax in Site Title and Subtitle fields
To allow for greater styling, it would be great to allow HTML coding and/or wiki syntax in the __Site Title__ and __Subtitle__ fields on Admin: L&F.

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Allow Tiki to use virtual currency servers powered by CCLite
Allow Tiki to use virtual currency servers powered by CCLite.
(See ((cc)) project)
Reopening because it's not working (as of August 2010).
See (if needed):
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An image Wiki page require perm on "tiki_p_download_files" to be displayed
Editing a Wiki page i upload an image ({IMG(src="http://shocksite.com/pics/icons/pictures.png")}{IMG}) directly from the edit page. The code look like this :
{CODE(wrap="0",ishtml="0",ln="0",wiki="0",rtl="0",cpy="0")}{img fileId="1" thumb="y" alt="" rel="box[g]"}{CODE}

I have set perm "tiki_p_view_file_gallery" for anonymous.

Unlogged (anonymous) i can't see the picture (tested on several browsers win/mac).
Logged as admin i can see the picture.

I have checked what perm allow the picture to be displayed and found that only when the perm "tiki_p_download_files" is set for anonymous an un logged visitor can see the picture.
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Apostrophe (') in page name results in wysiwyg editor not loading when AJAX is enabled
When trying to create a new page with apostrophe in page name, the wysiwyg editor does not load
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Articles do not support FOOTNOTEAREA plugin
Tiki Articles do not support the FOOTNOTEAREA plugin. In Tiki 5 and 6 I used:
foo bar {FOOTNOTE()}http://www.foo.bar{FOOTNOTE}

Tiki renders the footnote (superscript) properly, but does not include a Footnote area at the bottom of the article.

Tested & confirmed on info.tw.o using Tiki 5 and 6
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attachements to forum posts get lost if the user clicks to preview the post first
Using tw.o forums and 2.0 (afaik):

You add a screenshot attachment to a reply in a forum post, and if you click on "preview" first, (as you would do on wiki pages), the image is lost (no tag is inserted on the forum post to help you link the attachment).

However, if you do the same attachment on a post, and click to post it (without previewing it first), the attachment link is shown.

Example at tw.o forums where it recently happened:

according to comment added to this bug report, this issue is still present in branch Tiki5 still (so probably also in trunk)
Unbelievable, bug still present in forum posts in 12.x since 1.x! (with forum replies, there is warning, at least, but not yet with brand new posts in the forum and attachment is lost indeed) {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-22T09:45:52+00:00"}

Reproduced here:
u: admin
p: 12345
tracker item
auto-change status of items after a time frame
auto-change in status of items after a time frame (specified in the tracker definition) since tracker item creation of last modification date. I.e. After a month, change status from open to pending or closed.
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Autolinks and italic clashes
With autolinks on, if I do:

~np~''Taken from http://climatechange.org''~/np~

the rest of the page becomes italic (the auto conversion of link breaks the closing italic tag.
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BACKLINKS includes Comments
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Banning system Rule activated by dates lacks following years
Rule activated by dates
Rule active from
Rule active until
Upgraded tiki: Shows years 1969 till 2010
Clean install: Only gives the year 2010 to chose from
This year is almost over so whould be nice to have some later years to chose from.
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BigBlueButton: no audio

I'm using the BigBlueButton as stadalone and it works fine.
But there is an audio problem when I use it as a feature in Tiki.
Everything works fine except the audio. When I click on the headset it doesn't join the audio server (freeswitch).

I have the same problem on this site:

Tested on Tiki 6.3, 7.0beta2, 7.0RC1 with the same effect.
BBB version 0.71a as a VM
Firefox 4.01, Chromium 11.04

tracker item
Blank Page with tiki-calendar.php
on the test environment i can access tiki-calendar.php without a problem but as soon as i want to create a calendar and then access it on the live server i only get a blank page.

wether it is an already populated tiki or a clean install (wether using a completely new db or telling the tiki installer to clear the previous db and create a new one, wether using our theme or using the standard theme) i always get a blank page.

are there any special options in php/mysql/apache the calendar needs which i need to change?

the live server is a suse linux with php 5.3.3 and mysql 5.1.46
the local server is some xampp on a windows machine

tested it with Tiki 6.3, 6.4 and 7.1

While it is a blank page in Firefox, Google Chrome says it is a 500 server error

Apache Error Log says:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in .../lib/tikidate-php5.php on line 298, referrer http//...
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Blog and Post heading preview broken in Tiki 6.1
When creating or editing a blog, the __Display Options__ tab includes two fields:
* Blog heading
* Blog post heading

There is also a __Heading Preview__ button on the tab.

1. The __Heading Preview__ does not show any sort of preview -- it simply reloads the page.

2. When ''editing'' a blog, there is a second __Heading Preview__ button, also which does nothing.
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broken doc.t.o Preview fonctionality
If you are in the doc.tiki.org side and edit a page, try to do a preview.

You won't be able to.

I tried in other universes and the preview option works fine.
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bug tracker broken on 6.x?
wishes with dropdown info missing
tracker item
bug tracker broken on 6.x?
wishes with dropdown info missing
categs not getting saved
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Cache not clearing in Tiki6
I have two site that I've upgraded from Tiki 5.3 to Tiki 6 and on both sites, clear cache function is no longer working since the upgrade. When I open the 'Exterminator of cached content' window, thit indicates that there are no cached files. I have confirmed via FTP that there are many cached files. Also, when I select 'clear cache', there is no effect on the cached files.
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calendar - update end date of event after start date exceeds it
When creating (editing) some event and change start date to the value that is newer than end date, user must change end date manually
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Calendar events "Tentative" status does not work
The "Tentative" status for a calendar event always reverts to "Confirmed" after it is saved.
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Calendar Synchronisation
There are a lot of different PIM applications using the iCal format, that Tiki can export.

As example I showed a usecase, where s.b. needed a synchronisation between Tiki and Google calendars, to make Tiki generated events visible in his Google Calendar, to ease the effort of sheduling between Tiki generated events and his personal google events.

I suggest a project for Calendar Syncronisation.

Please see: ((Calendar Synchronisation))
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Call to undefined method Net_LDAP2_Error::getEntry() when logging in wrongly with LDAP
When logging in wrongly with LDAP (no such user or wrong password), will get:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Net_LDAP2_Error::getEntry() in /var/www/html/watwiki/lib/auth/ldap.php on line 257

(or white screen unless Error reporting is turned on for all)

Strangely this only happens if you key in a password 5 characters or longer. A shorter password will just show "Invalid password" or "Invalid username" as the case may be.
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Can't login after disabling Remember Me
When i disable Remember Me I am immediately logged off. When i try to log back in the system accepts the credentials but logs me back off. When i access the database from version tiki 5.3, i can log in without any issues.

It looks like in version 6.1, when i refresh a page or change pages, the system logs me off. If i have Remember Me enabled i don't have this problem.
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Can't login: Error message "You have to enable cookies to login to this site"
On many machines, and with both Firefox and IE, attempting to login as a user or admin results in an error message "You have to enable cookies to login to this site". Both in IE and Firefox cookies are enabled.

This problem has shown up recently on Tiki.org forums

"Forums » Architecture/Installation » You have to enable cookies to be able to login to this site"

It has also been reported as a bug "Cookies with Tiki 6.1"


Seems to disappear when I use a different theme, "darkroom" instead of "jqui"
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Canceled calendar events appear in the Upcoming Events module without
Seen in Tiki 5.x and 6.x:

Events that have been canceled still appear in the list of upcoming events in the Upcoming Events module without any end-user notification that the event has been canceled.

Tiki should either:
* Not display canceled events in the module
* Display the event with a strikethru (or some other visual cue) to let end-users know that it is canceled.
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Cannot access popup menus in some themes
This is about the popup menus in the top part of the page and applies to several of the default themes in version 6.

In many of the themes, there seems to be a gap between the menu heading and the popup such that when the mouse is moved down to access a popup menu, the menu disappears, making it nearly impossible to access!

A theme example is Arcturus - Amette, but that is not the only one, no the worst.

This happens on both Safari and OmniWeb.

It is actually possible to access the popup with some practise. There seems to be some flag toggling going on as well because it can be made easier if the popping up is reset in some way.

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Cannot add user to group with long name (over 32 chars) when another similar group already exists
When you have a group name like "Finance and Marketing Departments" and you create another group called "Finance and Marketing Departments Moderators". You will not be able to add users into the latter group if that user is already in the first group. This is caused by "duplicate key" error in the attempt to add the user, because the key length limitation is 32 chars.

This bug might probably be Mysql settings dependent.
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Cannot change an Article's language from its Translate page
The "Change language for this page" form fails when it's applied to an Article.
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Category ad page only shows first 25 pages
Add objects to category
ad page only shows first 25 pages

If you want to ad multiple pages to a category and they are outside those 25 pages it is posible to search them with filter but you will need to search those pages one by one to ad them.

Seems filter part of page name gives 0 results.
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Category Permissions not taken care properly for showing wiki pages
Please help since we have invested much time and effort in this project, believing Tiki could filter rightly wiki pages based on perms, and since I cannot find a workaround.

When not logged in, Some wiki pages are shown, and Some others Not, while they all have exactly the same set up. They all have been categorized only in "Public Content" category which is set to Show wikis to Anonymous users, while Global perms are set to not show them to anonymous.

At this moment we have two identical wiki pages as setup is concerned:
1) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=La+Funci%C3%B3n+Esencial+y+El+Prop%C3%B3sito+de+Vida
which doesn´t show to Anonymous users (and should do it)


2) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Sobre+el+Sitio+SolCentral-org
which shows well.
Note that at the botton of this page, in the listing of pages related to the category "Contenido Público" (which is the translation of "Public content"), the page "The Esential Function And Life's Purpose" (wich is the translation of "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida") that is the page 1)... Then if you click on it, it will not show presenting you with the login invitation, allthough is shown in the list as categorized "Public Content".

Other extraneous behavior is that when when you use the Plugin Toc to show the structure, only shows Some wikis on some structures, and on some other structures doesn´t show any wiki.
I have used this:~np~{toc structId="26" order=asc shownum=1 type=fancy }~/np~ in the wiki:

Actual estate of config is:

For anonymous:

If Perms on wiki: "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida"

La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view_backlink Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_watch_structure Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_comments Categoría: Public Content

Category Perms of "Public Content" are

for anonymous group perms that are ON:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments)
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view)
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink)

Global Perms are:

on Wiki:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments) is ON for Anonymous
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view) is OFF for Anonymous
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink) is ON for Anonymous

Fixes tried:

Have tried the opposite: allowing everything to be shown to Anonymous, and then restrict on pages that should be hidden with a "invisible" category with perms tiki_p_view OFF for anonymous group.

And it didn´t work since - again - for Some wikis worked, and for some others not. Even if they are identical.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.
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Category Transition not working
When using tiki-admin_transitions.php.

If I add a Transition, then tiki will not let me modify it (by Edit) since every icon (i e: Edit) will delete the Transition. Even If I click in "Guards" data (wich appears as a "0").

Also the yellow "Key" icon doesn´t turn green as is supposed to, after setting perms.

May be other anomalies.

Please help

Using Tiki 6.0 fresh Install.

New Edit:

Since I didn´t find any reference on how to use it, I´m exploring it myself.

What I did before I was stopped by this error is:

1. I Set up some Categories
2. Go to the tiki-admin_transitions.php. The Subset Tab is on and it shows me two options: 1. Category 2. Group
3. Click on Category, so it show the availabre Categories
4. Choose two categories, then click Select button. It reloads the page.
5. Click on New/Edit tab
6. Write a label: "New"
7. Chosse From and To options
8. Click SAVE. It goes to the List of Transitions
9. If I click on Edit icon, it deletes de transition and goes to the New/Edit tab, but empty... nothing selected or filled.
If I click the Guards (number 0) it does the same

If I change to the List, the transitios has dessapeared from it.

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Character Replacement Problem (IE & to &amp;)
When editing files in the notepad, I periodically notice strange conversions of characters intowhat appears to be coded versions of the said symbol. This seems to get worse with each iteration of editing a note. Example:

#~np~(Unsaved Origional Version) I “can‘t“ ''code'' & I can‘t __think__.~/np~
#~np~(Saved once, and then reopened) I “can‘t“ ''code'' &amp; I can‘t __think__.~/np~
#~np~(Saved previous version, then reopened)I “can‘t“ &amp;#039;&amp;#039;code&amp;#039;&amp;#039; &amp;amp; I can‘t __think__.~/np~

I would suspect, as an uneducated guess, that there is a problem with the substitution routine involved in loading the notes..
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CKEditor breaks links to wiki pages
The symptoms are:
- backlinks work sometimes only
- when deleting a page it does not always become a wanted page
- others ???

The result is:
- unpredictable behavior
- negative impact on the user acceptance

The problem is, that the syntax of the links change:
1) Type ~np~((Page 1))~/np~ in the WYSIWYG mode and save
-> ~np~((Page 1))~/np~
2) save again in WYSIWYG mode
-> ~np~<a class="wiki" href="tiki-index.php?page=Page+1" title="Page 1">Page 1</a>~/np~
3) save again in WIKI mode
-> ~np~[tiki-index.php?page=Page+1|Page 1]~/np~
4) save again in WYSIWYG mode
-> ~np~<a class="wiki" href="tiki-index.php?page=Page+1">Page 1</a>~/np~

This makes 3 1/2 different representations of a link to 'Page 1'
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CKEditor contentsLangDirection by page language
The multilingual/translation support is integrated with the WYSIWYG feature in a way that if you are working in an English interface, the text direction in CKEditor remains LTR even when the page being edited is defined as being in Hebrew, which is RTL. I expect that this applies to any other RTL language.

Similarly, it seems to me (though I haven't tested it thoroughly) that a user working in a Hebrew interface would get RTL behaviour in CKEditor even when editing an English page.

I can only assume that use of the English-language interface for editing Arabic pages and Arabic-language interface for English pages is common, as such combinations are certainly common where Hebrew is involved. The forcing of direction according to interface language rather than page language is likely to be a significant annoyance in all such cases.

The ideal solution would be to make the editor direction dependent on the page language's direction, and only according to the user's language if there is no page language set (there is a CKEditor option which does that - see http://docs.cksource.com/ckeditor_api/symbols/CKEDITOR.config.html#.contentsLangDirection)
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Code button in CKEditor WYSIWYG not working for IE 8
This bug is seen by our IE 8 clients. We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database.

Our users are editing in the CKEditor WYSIWYG and try the Code plugin from the toolbar. The Code window opens as expected and the users enter their code in the correct field. On pressing Insert (or Replace) the code plugin is added in the editor but there is no contents in the plugin. If I open the normal editor it displays as%%%~np~{code caption="MyCode.java"}~/np~%%% which is completely the wrong syntax.

If I try using the Code option in FF then it opens a new window and I can add the code just fine. I view from the normal editor and it reads%%%~np~{CODE( caption="MyCode.java")}public class MyCode {
//testing a point
}{CODE}~/np~%%% which is correct.

Since IE is our corp standard our users need to be able to add files using that browser. Also, they had no problem in Tiki 5.x but that was a different WYSIWYG system.

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Comments Edit
There should be a setting to allow comments to be editable, by user and/or admin.
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Completely multilingual Tiki not just Wiki
I wish the wonderful multilingual features that the Wiki side of
TikiWiki has were available/applied consistently throughout the Tiki package.

So, it works really well to view wiki pages in your own languages,
translate into others and keep these in sync collaboratively.

While you stay in the Wiki side of things.

As soon as you leave to use files, forums and FAQs etc. etc. multilingual is patchy at best.

I'd like to be confident that whatever feature I enable, its possible
for all content in that feature to be truly multilingual.

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Contact Us feature strips email address
The email sent to the admin with the form that was filled by an anonymous user, it shows the email address of the user but only the part that is before de "@" sign.

Tiki 6.2

and I formerly encountered this error in
Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Contact Us feature strips email address
The email sent to the admin with the form that was filled by an anonymous user, it shows the email address of the user but only the part that is before de "@" sign.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Cookies problem in Tiki 6.1??
1) Column colapsing is not remerbered whenever I change from one page to another.

2) And also have had some problems with their navigators saying "cookies must be on" when they are on, no matter wich browser is being used. This happends as they attemp to login. After many tries the user can login.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Create a Page Module
System error.

The following error message was returned:

Unknown column 'reltype' in 'field list'

The query was:
SELECT `fromPage`, `toPage`, `reltype` FROM `tiki_links` WHERE `toPage` LIKE ? AND `reltype` IS NOT NULL


1. Editor Test

The built query was likely:
SELECT `fromPage`, `toPage`, `reltype` FROM `tiki_links` WHERE `toPage` LIKE 'Editor Test' AND `reltype` IS NOT NULL




Tiki 6.1
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Creating user needs confirm, and if password not match back does not work
Try creating a new user in tiki-admin_users.php.

Whether the password don't match or not you are asked to confirm the action. Is this really needed? Anyway if the passwords don't match you get an error after confirming the action and then the "Go Back" does not work... it is very troublesome.
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Cut and paste in wysiwyg messes up wiki plugins
Just pretty inconsistent behavior depending on the browser. Images get converted to HTML images, sometimes the tiki_plugin div disappears etc.....
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Danger with Watches and PluginGroup
When writing a particular wiki page, and being set this page to be watched to a group (let say Registered users).

Then if the page has plugingroup to hide particular peaces of special text that is not intended to be known by certain users. Then every time this page changes, a notification email is sent to all Registered users (this is ok), but in the content of this email all the source code is revealed to EVERY user on the Registered group, regardless if they have the right to see Source of wikis.

Don´t know how this could survive the testing and dogfood of this community. May be there is another way to let the Registered group to be acknowledged of a change in a wiki, without compromising content. Please enlight me on how to do this much of the work done on our live tiki portal uses plugingroup to restrict snippets of text to certain groups and other snippets has to shown, in the same wiki.

There should be an option to configure a watch to be sent in a way that only alerts the user that a particular page has changed without showing all source, in respect to a particular right to see or no to see the source.

I have checked on the proper user rights and object perms to avoid them to receive this notifications in the proper way, but tiki doesn´t seem to take it.

Using Tiki 6.2

tracker item
Database engine is inconsistent on hosts with non-MyISAM default engines.
When installing Tiki 6.1 on a system with an engine other than MyISAM as the MySQL default, it creates a random mix of MyISAM tables and the default type tables. This gives the user all the drawbacks of using MyISAM without any of the benefits of using MyISAM, since the management features specific to each engine cannot be used uniformly. Ideally, Tiki should honor the MySQL default, but even forcing MyISAM consistently would be an improvement.

Tiki 6.1
PHP 5.1.6
MySQL 5.0.77
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Dates format in all GUI

Because of partial translations of pages, I use French or English GUI translated and sometimes Spanish, Italian or German.
Because I Have defined complementary of elements of GUI dictionary, it is not so evident to take care the whole time with which language you are working and more the associated date format.

It is the reason, while, after, some errors in input dates in a wrong format that I do believe that the current format to input a date should be always repeated into display tpl or input title (displayed).

This is a long and progressive but useful job in my opinion.

Each time I can do it, I do.
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db/tiki.sql has typo on line 1, bad comment formatting
Operations failed: 1 SQL queries. Display details.

During an upgrade, it is normal to have SQL failures resulting with Table already exists messages.

- --------------------------------------------------------
-- Database : Tiki
-- --------------------------------------------------------

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `messu_messages`
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '- --------------------------------------------------------
-- Database : Tiki
-' at line 1
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Default Object Category
In group settings, there is an option to set a default category for any uncategorized objects edited by the object. This feature does not work.
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Detect browser language not working when global language is not English
Detect browser language is not working to me (to luciash, in fact, in a site which I admin), in a recently upgraded site from 2.4 to 3.0.

This affects Tiki 3 to 7 and is a regression from Tiki 2.
tracker item
dev.tw.o: users apparently can delete their tracker items but they are not deleted and no message
dev.tw.o: users apparently can delete their tracker items but they are not deleted and no message

To reproduce:
* Log in as normal user to dev.tw.o (without admin perms) (ot test with user "xavi" if you prefer).
* report a bug/wish
* edit it in order to see the edit form
* click on the red cross to delete it
* after that, you are shown the list of tracker items, as if your tracker item was already deleted. No message indicating any problem is shown. However, the tracker item is not deleted.
+ Example: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=2879

reported in comments as still around in tiki5 and tiki6
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Displayproblems WYSWIG and IE7
Turn on the WYSIWIG editor, then try to edit the "HomePage" of a mint installation, the page is uneditable and you see borders of the invisible div. {IMG(id="119")}{IMG}
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Doesn´t update Tags in new topic forums
As Admin, when I create new Topic Post in a Forum, and add Tags and post... if I edit the former post tags, adding more tags, they are not saved. The former tags remain.

General Settings:

Tiki 6.0 fresh install.

Problem solved in 6.2
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drop-down-with-other field with options 0,0 shows wrong label (about sandbox)
I have a drop-down-with-other field with value 0 (zero) as default in a tracker form (so options for that field are "0,0"), but when I see the tracker dropdown to insert items, the drop down gets populated with some string about the sandbox...

still occurring in latest baraches/6x (r30164)
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Duplicate notifications sent when group and user watches set on same page
If a user Alain sets a watch on a page, and there is already a group watch on that page for a group to which he belongs, then Alain gets two notifications whenever the page is changed.

This was found on terminology.tikiwiki.org which runs 4.x
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Edit textarea problems in Opera
In Opera (no need to mention version number; every Opera user uses the lastest version ;-) ), in the last day or so the edit textareas in branch 6 have been missing or misplaced, for wiki pages and trackers, that I've noticed so far. (Forum post forms are ok.) On the wiki edit page, the edit textarea is far down from the toolbar. Sometimes clicking on fullscreen edit and back again will bring it up to the toolbar. On the dev.t.o bug-submitting tracker form, the textareas for description and solution don't appear at all. I clicked on fullscreen editing and back, and a textarea appeared but it seems to be the solution textarea, not the one for the bug description. This affects the regular wiki editor; I didn't check yet about the wysiwyg editor.
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Editor in tiki-editpage.php narrower in IE7 than in other browsers
Wysiwyg editor in tiki-editpage.php narrower in IE7 than in other browsers. It is not taking u p the full width of that middle column. This is the case in 3 column layout (did not try in other layouts). This is irritating as it causes toolbar buttons to wrap.
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Email notification (object entered/left category) is not working when i use the transition with the transition module
When I evaluated the software for my project, I was very happy when the documentation said that it was possible to create a workflow with categories, transitions and watches. But I realized that watching a category only triggered a mail notification when the transition was made in the tiki-admin_categories.php page. It was useless for me!! :-((
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enhancing spam fight and protection: from multiple comments to banning multiple ips with minimum clicks
This improvement in Tiki would be very welcome. After spammers add noise to your site (in one day, 10 comments to different places in your tiki from 10 different ip's!), it would be nice if there was the chance that the tiki admin can ban all those 10 ip's with a minimum number of clicks (besides removing many spam comments at once, which can be done already).

This is some possible way to add if (from the interface point of view):

{img src=img122}

Self explicative?
User selects multiple checkboxes, and clicks on some button below which sends all that information (those ip's from those comments) to fill admin banning data (storing the data already for the 10 ip's at once).
Alternatively, one by one, prefilling the interface one by one.

{img src=img123}
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Entering a wiki link with ampersand (&) in link txt in wysiwyg results in encoded &amp;
When using wysiwyg, a link such as:


results in a link which displays as:

Etiquette &amp; Guidelines (i.e. the ampersand gets encoded)
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Entering email address into wysiwyg caused messed up text due to unsuccessful obscuring
Try typing in an email address while using wysiwyg. It becomes something like

ript language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">document.write('someone'+unescape('@')+'somewhere.com');
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Error in PluginMatcher.php causing memory leakage and thus the fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate X bytes).
I discovered an error in the PluginMatcher.php, which parses text of a wikipage and searches for opening and closing tags. Saving a file with these tags often gave the known error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 77 bytes) in /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/tiki-6.2/lib/core/WikiParser/PluginMatcher.php on line 69

Looking at the size of the wiki-page (which was quite small), the problem was not in the memory_limit size in php.ini, which was set to 64MB.

Closing tags could not always be found (when it contained a nested tag), such that a cascade occurred (due to the recursive function call), resulting in an enormous amount of memory-use.

tracker item
error when uploading files with accented names in batch directory in File Gallery
error when uploading files with accented names in batch directory in File Gallery

If you use Directory Batch upload of files, if files have particular language characters like "á" then it shows an error on the report for those files.

It works well with other file names that do not use this type of characters.

Settings are:

Uploading to directory ON

tracker item
Excerpt and wysiwyg doesn't work
Cannot use wysiwyg editor in blog if we want also to use excerpt feature.

If any temporary or fixed solution can be found...

Many many thanks
tracker item
Export spreadsheet not working - I know how to fix
I tried to export a sheet that I made and it didn´t work anyway. But I compared tiki-import_sheet.php and tiki-export_sheet.php and I found the error.
tracker item
Extend Userlink Popup to Include items from user registration tracker
When using a user tracker to collect additional information per user during registration process, it would be great if you could specify to include that information in the user popup/mouseover.
tracker item
External links icon and target _blank is disappearing on subsequent wysiwyg save
external links are being "cleaned up" on subsequent changes in the wysiwyg (when I first save I get the external link icon and target _blank but when I reload the article in the editor, the icon is gone, and also target=_blank).
tracker item
Features -> Ajax cannot be activated
After activating Ajax at features -> Ajax systems tells successful activation. After reloading features page Ajax is deactivated again.
tracker item
File button in CKEditor WYSIWYG not working for IE 8
This bug is seen by our IE 8 clients. We are running Tiki 6.2 (clean install), on a Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.16 w SSL, PHP 5.3.3, remote MySQL 5 database.

When our users are editing in the CKEditor WYSIWYG and try the File option in the toolbar there is a Javascript error for lib/jquery_tiki/tiki-jquery.js at line 808 char 4. What is happening after the error is thrown is that no new window is opened (as expected) but the File selection fields are now under the WYSIWYG Editor. This wouldnt be an issue, but there is no OK button to select the file so our users can not like to a file in the File Gallery.

If I try using the File option in FF then it opens a new window and I can select the file just fine.

Since IE is our corp standard our users need to be able to add files using that browser. Also, they had no problem in Tiki 5.x but that was a different WYSIWYG system.

tracker item
File gallery - not able to move back a gallery in root gallery
It is possible to create several galleries in the root gallery of the file gallery.

It is possible move those galleries into sub-galleries and move everything into other sub-galleries.

It is not possible to move nothing back to the root gallery. In the move dropdown menu the "root" (File Galleries) item is not available.

Should not be restricted.

tracker item
File Gallery: PopUp window for viewing image does not show up when browsing to a 2nd page
PopUp window for viewing image does not show up when browsing to a 2nd page.

Instead it shows the picture file going out the File Gallery.

Using Firefox, Chrome

tracker item
fix sheets created directly from wiki SHEET plugin within wiki pages for managing tables visually
Spreadsheets can be created directly through wiki SHEET plugin directly within wiki pages. this allows managing big tables visually, as well as having the data ready for producing graphs, etc. (see documentation for tikisheets at doc.tw.o, if needed)

However, when you create a sheet through a call to the SHEET plugin from the wiki page itself, there are 3 issues which need to be fixed:
# you need to know the id you want to assign it to,
# after that, tiki-sheets.php doesn't list it (even if the sheet is really created, and you can import data to it, and show it at the wiki pages, etc.).
# the sheet is not shown with the right css

Even if we have wysiwyg option available, I still think that is worth improving tiki sheets usability to be used directly from wiki pages, once those 3 previous issues are fixed.
Updated on Feb. 2, 2011, using trunk (7svn)
# Steps to reproduce the first issue
## Edit a wiki page
## Use the plugin helper to create a new sheet in that page. And since it's a new sheet, it doesn't have a sheetId yet, so that you leave all fields empty in the plugin helper for the pluginsheet
++ this will add this type of code in your wiki page:
++ {CODE()}{sheet}{CODE}
## Save the wiki page
++ you will see an empty sheet shown in place at that wiki page, with the button at the bottom to allow the user to "edit it" (so far, so good)
## Once you click in the edit sheet button, you end up in some url like this one:
++ http://localhost/tiki7trunk/tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=&parse=edit
++ which produces a WSOD (blank page).
*** In my case, I guess that this url should have been:
+++ http://localhost/tiki7trunk/tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=2&parse=edit
+++ since I had only one sheet previously created, with sheetId 1, so that the next one should be 2. However, this new url is still producing WSOD for me. (tiki caches cleared, just in case, repeated this step, and same WSOD)

The expected behavior is that the user is the user would be editing a blank new sheet with the url:

and when the user saves that sheet, the new sheetId 2 exists, and the user is either sent back to the wiki page where he clicked at the button "edit sheet" (preferable option) or either sent to the corresponding tiki view sheet 2.
tracker item
Floating top and/or bottom (footer) menu items (and why not left & right too)
We should have some ready-made zones, where template designers can just

It should be possible to populate these zones with Site Identity or in the templates.

Please examples of floating boxes here:

It could also be pull out thingies or horizontal bars
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Formatting of empty Lines in Wiki-Pages is not handled properly
A blank line out of a paragraph should not start a new paragraph (as in 4.2). If feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_br is on, an empty line is created on top of the new paragraph.
It comes from lib/tikilib.php line 6838ff
} elseif (!$in_paragraph && !$contains_block) {
// If not in paragraph, first non-blank line; start a paragraph; if not start of div created by plugins
$data .= "<p>";

in the comment it is stated that the paragraph should only begin at first NON-BLANK line
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Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
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FT vs Tiki search problem
While setting up Tiki 6.0 (upgrading from an earlier version) I found that if you enable Full Text Search but not Tiki search, search is treated as a disabled feature on the admin pages.

Also the top search bar works only for tiki search, while the main search function does work with FT.
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FTP Plugin and big files
Using the [http://doc.tiki.org/PluginFtp&structure=Documentation|FTP Plugin], when you try to download a big file you'll encounter an error like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 59506688 bytes) in /home/myUser/public_html/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_ftp.php on line 65

In this case, I had tried to download a 56 MB file with a PHP memory_limit set to 128 MB on my hosting.
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Group home pages do not work under sefurl
{CODE(caption="tiki-login.php line ~308")}if ($prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'n' || $url == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || $url_path == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || basename($url_path) == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || ($anonymous_homepage != '' && ($url == $anonymous_homepage || $url_path == $anonymous_homepage || basename($url_path) == $anonymous_homepage)) || ($tikiIndex_full != '' && basename($url_path) == $tikiIndex_full)) {{CODE}

for $prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'y'
the sefurl will not match
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Group theme no longer working.
The group theme functionality no longer works in 5.x and 6.0.

To test:
*Set "each group can have its own theme" in Admin>Look&Feel>theme
*Admin>Groups, edit a group and try to set the default theme for a group.
*nothing happens.

*theme control - still working.
*user preferences - theme - still working.
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Handling [[Text] in Trunk does not produce [Text] but a link in 6.0 trunk
I got a strange problem when writing a text in square brackets (in trunk):

~np~[[These brackets] should stay~/np~

should result in the output
~np~[These brackets] should stay~/np~
but they produce
~np~<a class="wiki" href="These brackets" rel="">These brackets</a> should stay~/np~
It works as expected in 5.0
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HTML line break tags displayed in page source histories
When viewing the source for previous versions of a page an html line break tag (<br />) shows every time there's a line break.
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HTML line break tags displayed within PluginCode when nested within PluginSplit
In 6x, 7x and 8x, the <br /> tag is displayed when there is a line break within PluginCode when PluginCode is within PluginSplit. This can be seen at [http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=PluginFancyTable&preview=41#Example].

Perhaps related to [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=3883]
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HTTP request productivity with lots of small images
Dear Tiki team

Trying to install Tiki 6.2. But just now realized that my quota for web server is 10,000 files only. Current compilation of Tiki is 10,648 files. Inside the compilation, there so many small images files that could be joined into one image file by categories, and this way HTTP request for pages elements would be enhanced. I think you know about sprites: Image optimization method (http://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/43-how-to-use-css-sprites/). Besides from reducing the # of files, this method will reduce the # of HTTP requests and increase response time.

Because of limitation on my server, I am deleting some files. Do you have any other suggestions for me.

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I10n: admin pages not displayed properly
Installed a clean TW6.1 for a new multilingual project.
Choosed to limit languages to either german or english.
whenever the language is set to german (english works fine btw.) and i want to go to an admin subpage (like tiki-admin_modules.php, tiki-admin.php works fine) i only get (i guess) the $mid part of the templates - white background with unformatted text and no js or css
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I10n: create (sub-)page from structure/breadcrumb bar doesn't get into the structure
If you create a page or subpage for a structure with the bar above the displayed page you will asked for a language. after you select the language and enter the text into that page and submit it the page gets created but not put into the structure
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I10n: Edit a page in a language different than english results into a broken editpagedisplay
as described in the topic

if you are trying to edit a page in a multilingual wiki where you have currently a language other than english selected (i only have german allowed in my tiki) you only see something like this (complete html output):
{CODE(wrap="1",ishtml="0")}<div class="floatright">
<a class="previewBtn" title="Vorschau Ihrer Änderungen." href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/magnifier.png" alt="Vorschau Ihrer Änderungen." width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a></div>
<h1><a class="pagetitle" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de">bearbeiten: test_de</a>

<!-- templates/tiki-preview.tpl start -->
<div class="wikipreview" style="display:none;" id="autosave_preview"><div>
<div style="float:right;">
<select name="diff_style" id="preview_diff_style">
<option value="" selected="selected">Vorschau</option>

<option value="htmldiff" >HTML diff</option>
<option value="sidediff" >Side-By-Side Vergleich</option>
<a title="Popup preview" onclick="ajax_preview( 'editwiki', autoSaveId );$('#autosave_preview').hide();return false;" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/arrow_left.png" alt="Popup preview" width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a> <a title="Close preview" onclick="$('#autosave_preview').hide();return false;" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/close.png" alt="Close preview" width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a> </div>
<h2>Vorschau : test_de</h2>
<div align="center" class="attention" style="font-weight:bold">Hinweis: Dies ist nur eine Vorschau und wurde noch nicht gespeichert!</div>
<div class="wikitext">

</div><span id="autosave_preview_grippy" class="ui-resizable-handle ui-resizable-s"> </span>
<hr style="clear:both; height:0px;"/>
<!-- templates/tiki-preview.tpl end -->

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de" id='editpageform' name='editpageform'>

<input type="hidden" name="no_bl" value="y" />

<table class="formcolor" width="100%">
<td colspan="2">

<input type="hidden" name="page" value="test_de" />

<div id='edit-zone'>
<div class='textarea-toolbar' id='editwiki_toolbar'>{CODE}
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools