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The task should not take more than 30 minutes to be solved. Tag a bug or wish with this category in order to have them easily filtered at a TikiFest for example.
Less than 30-minutes fix
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Send notification email to forum moderator when a user posts a message which is queued pending moderation
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tiki-list_quizzes.tpl calls for non-existing icon
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_getGalleryChildrenIds{List,Tree} does not work correctly in php 5.2.x
Not all galleries are listed (for example when uploading a file).

The problem is (IMO):
#$allIds is given as reference
#foreach go through the array (with an internal iterator)
#in next recursion step an other foreach is called (but with the same $allIds-object)
#the iterator reaches the end of the array and the loop goes a recursion step back
#the "outer" forach continues, but the iterator of $allIds is at the end of the array
#no other item is checked, if one of the inner recursion steps reach the end of the array
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_htaccess should know which version of Tiki it is for

Since Tiki4, in tiki-admin_include_sefurl.php, Tiki detects if .htaccess is there and if contains tiki-index.php?page=$1

If Tiki is upgraded, by installing over, there may be issues because Tiki is still using the old .htaccess without informing tiki admin

Have Tiki version number in _htaccess (and thus updated as part of the release procedure)
Test on this, and inform users when they forgot to upgrade their .htaccess file.

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'View Articles' - page name not translated
tracker item
"Buttons" in "dropup" should be btn-link only, not btn-default
tracker item
"No such attachment on this page" appearing after change of behavior of PluginFile
Between Tiki2 and Tiki3, behavior of PlginFile changed, and is causing "No such attachment on this page" errors

tracker item
"Send an email to the user in order to allow him to validate his account" option hidden
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After setting up and creating a poll with ID = 1

__Update:__ I was following the examples on the doc site for how to embed a poll. These examples typically are in the following formats. The examples throughout the docs should probably be updated to reflect the what actually works (see solution section below). I am a brand new user and am finding the documentation regarding the embedding of dynamic variables to be wrong in many cases.

When inserting any of the following:
{CODE()} {poll} {CODE}
''generates junk code in the rendered page''
{CODE()} {poll id=1} {CODE}
''generates junk code in the rendered page''
{CODE()} {pollId=1} {CODE}
''simply outputs pollid=1 in the rendered page''
{CODE()} {poll pollID=1} {CODE}
''ALSO generates junk code! So, it's case sensitive?''

I have tried several versions (just in case case sensitivity was a problem). This has also been reproduced with and without jQuery turned on. I have insured that the Polls option is available in the Text Field as well. Currently operating as an admin user with all capabilities turned on.

The "junk"is essentially html. Turning "Allow HTML" or "Try to covert HTML to wiki" has no effect. I __can__ get other dynamic content to work.

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/templates/modules/mod-login_box.tpl broken translation
tracker item
<HR> appears on print page
tracker item
<HR> appears on print page
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12.x fullcalendar: Can't click on event anymore to see full record and use clicable links
tracker item
12.x regression: plugin trackerlist - filterfield filtervalue
tracker item
12.x: Countries list is not alphabetically sorted any more
tracker item
Renaming a group doesn't update the name in the corresponding group watches
tracker item
12.x: profile data defined for item link field do not get stored in local tiki where profile was applied
tracker item
12.x: Send email to let user validate account doesn't send email if user previously created
tracker item
12.x: content of tracker comments tab is not shown! (in dev.t.o)
tracker item
14x Inter-User Messages: 'Reply to all' gets the wrong sender of the message to be replied
tracker item
13.x dev.t.o bug tracker: missing category at submit time didn't take the user up to the source of the issue, and no message at the bottom
tracker item
13.x: TrackerCalendar info in the popup box when hovering on items shows content without parsing (ok in 12.x)
tracker item
14.x: tracker items can't be inserted: 'No template available for n - view'
tracker item
14.x: TrackerCalendar displays all items of one day overlayed at the top of the column
tracker item
15.x: Allow running console.php to apply profiles from behind a proxy (to run new R script to check errors when testing the application on all Profiles on several tiki branches)
tracker item
15.x: Improvements needed for mobile view of many *.t.o sites (dev, themes, doc, ...)
tracker item
15.x: Tracker: filter items is broken when value=label set (Radio, Dropdowns, ...) + plugin trackerfilter
tracker item
19.x dev.t.o: Top module zone is no more hidable nor topbar module zone sticky
tracker item
Plugin Pivottable inserts wrong codes in params data, rows and cols through plugin helper ui
tracker item
Quick Admin module no longer assigned by default (starting from Tiki 19)
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3.0beta1 Calendar bug with adding events
Two problems:

1. When adding an event to a Calendar using the 'add event' icon, the start and stop time are initialised to 1 hour BEFORE the minimum time set when creating the Calendar. If the times are not changed and an event created/saved with these 'early' times and the Calendar is then exported the date is exported as 1 day earlier, even though it shows correctly in the various Calendar views. If the event is then edited the start times are automatically reset to the correct earliest possible time and the fault is corrected when the event is saved.

2. When adding an event using the "Add event" button, the edit screen does not show any additional parameters e.g Priority, Location etc if they have set for the individual Calendar.
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Rating Tracker Bugs - with field type 'Stars (system)'
If I add a rating to a new tracker, the rating is not saved.

Also the rating value star has an opaque white background.

These occur on dev.tiki.org presently.

~~#F00:Update:~~ Still not working on dev.tiki.org revision 48335. {sign user="Bsfez" datetime="2013-11-05T07:14:49+00:00"}

The rating gets saved now but is not displaying. {sign user="pascalstjean" datetime="2013-11-24T00:42:50+00:00"}

~~#F00:Update : ~~ I retested on the 28/11/13. {sign user="Bsfez" datetime="2013-11-28T13:22:50+00:00"}
Not logged i saw that they were 3 votes but could see star on or off;
{img fileId="645" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}

Once logged i voted and the score was reseted to 0;
{img fileId="646" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}
This worked well in Tiki9., and it's still borken as of r49090 (December 15th). {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-12-15T10:27:49+00:00"}
If Rating with "Stars (system)" is supposed to be deprecated, could someone please help to switch the rating system in the dev.t.o Bug Tracker ([tracker5]) so that it can use whatever new rating system is not "deprecated"?
This way, since the new [http://doc.tiki.org/Rating%20Tracker%20Field|Rating field is not documented] as of Dec 14th 2013, we could see it here at least as a working example.{sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-12-15T10:39:46+00:00"}
Ok, added the new Rating system myself to the Bug Tracker (new field 152: "New Rating"). And it works out of the box. Good job whoever coded the new feature. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-12-15T10:45:10+00:00"}
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Separator in the menu bar shows over the search input
Here are two screen shots.

The screen shots are showing exactly what my search text box looks like: right in the middle, I see a separator.

In French: {img type="src" src="http://tiki.org/display281"}

In German: {img type="src" src="http://tiki.org/display282"}

When I am browsing in French, the search engine textarea shows a separator pipe right in the middle.

It has nothing to do with my screen size (Cntrl + or minus), I tried.

Does any one else sees the same?

It's cumbersome. Of course it has to do with the restricted amount of caracters that one person can use when writing a menu. In english I don't see it.

The second screen shot shows the same prob in German language.

This prob is not new. It's just me who took a long time to report it or others are seeing the same?

Peharps you can tell me if I need to do something on my browser side

In the Community environment/universe (whatever you call it) it's OK

It does the same with IE
Also, when I tried to upload the images, I was unable to choose a category. I'm using Firefox v.5
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Windows install
Using the auto (or manual) installation procedures on a Windows server gives the error:

The directory 'd:\domain\www\tiki/img/wiki/' is not writeable by SYSTEM.

Since two of the slashes in the address are going in the wrong direction, I'm speculating that is the reason for the error.
tracker item
lacking instruction on manual install page
On the Manual database installation docs:

Instruction 1.4 says
1.4. Rename _htaccess for clean URLs (optional)

You can rename _htaccess to .htaccess

BUT in the files there is only htaccess.sh

SO, is this the same file as _htaccess?
Really want to change the name of htaccess.sh to .htaccess.sh?

Low priority since this is an Alternative. But it does prevent manual installations
from having clean URLs
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5.0 & tw.o: Fullscreen Edit doesn't stay for than a few seconds on
The full screen button in the new interface at Tiki5 for wiki page edition doesn't keep the ful screen mode more than a few seconds.

Reproduced with Google Chrome 5.0.x and Firefox 3.6.6 on GNU/Linux.

Example here:
tracker item
5.0: anonymous shouldn't see "watch" icons when browsing category tree
Using Tiki 5.0: anonymous shouldn't see "watch" icons when browsing category tree.
And they can.
Reproduced here, for instance:
tracker item
5.0: since upgrade from 3.x, forum post emails to author missing, from other users ok
We recently upgraded precarios.org site from 3.6 to 5.0 (and migrated to a new server; dns propagating right now).

Since then, when you post a message in a forum that you are watching, you don't get a copy of your own email, but only copies of emails sent by others.

This is expected to allow users to follow a full thread in the email program.

For wiki page changes, you get also notification of your own changes.
tracker item
5.x: images in img/trackers are not multitiki-aware as in img/wiki_up
images in trackers are not multitiki aware (they are all saved in img/trackers instead in the img/trackers/site1.org , etc. as for images in img/wiki_up/site1.org etc
tracker item
7.0b2 Error trying to validate newly uploaded file draft
Uploaded a new version of a file.
Clicked "verify" option
Was prompted to confirm.

After clicking confirm, got the following error:

System error.

The following error message was returned:
Unknown column 'fileId' in 'where clause'
The query was:
SELECT * FROM `tiki_file_galleries` WHERE 1=1 AND `fileId` = ?

The built query was likely:
SELECT * FROM `tiki_file_galleries` WHERE 1=1 AND `fileId` = '1'
tracker item
A file was attached to "XYZ" email notification lacks information who did that
tracker item
Accounting: Illogical decimal separators
tracker item
Action log form broken in doc.t.o (fivealive theme)
tracker item
Active Directory domain users are not recognized by TikiWiki
Domain Users are not recognized by TikiWiki when using IIS and Webserver auth against AD.

substr function in tiki-setup_base.php mistakenly removing first char of the login name during substracting domain part. For example "DOMAIN\username" is truncated "sername".

I've fixed the issue with the patch below.
tracker item
Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.php
After a new calendar is created, the create calendar form is still populated, and subsequent changes will edit the already created calendar instead of creating a new one. This behavior is not apparent to the user until the edit has taken place.
tracker item
Add a link between the menu management and the admin panel about menus
Admin -> General -> Navigation
tracker item
Add anti-spam protection on contact us, for anonymous users
Spamers are very annoying
tracker item
add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
tracker item
Add IP to syslog and/or action log when anons (at least) add content (for spam protection)
Add ip to syslog and/or action log, so that when anons (at least) are allowed to add content and it's spam (robots seem to be able to post with our current antibot captcha), there is way to identify the ip of the spammer.

So far, antibot captcha is added (in trunk, at least) to:
* wiki edit
* wiki page comments
* forum posts
* tracker item comments
* freetags
* calendar items
* newsletter subscription

The action of adding content on those features should be logged in syslog and/or action log and IP recorded.
tracker item
Add natural sorting of Priority field in the bug tracker at dev.t.o
tracker item
add param to console.php to process ALL sites from a multitiki installation at once
tracker item
add site name to Daily Reports
tracker item
Adding some examples in htaccess

# Redirects
# This is useful if you are migrating from an old site, and you want the old URLs to still work.
# Just uncomment and edit the line below.
Redirect 301 /oldpage.html /tiki-index.php?page=newpage
tracker item
Admin Cannot Validate New Users
I had tested this successfully in version 3.3, but now with the upgrade to version 4.0 it does not seem to work. Here are the steps to recreate the issue:

1. Set up a TikiWiki so that users need to be validated by an Admin prior to actually logging in.

2. Register as a new user and get the following message:

Your account request has been stored and will be activated by the admin as soon as possible.
You'll receive email notification once your account is activated.
Please do not attempt to login until you receive the email notification.

3. Log in as 'admin' and navigate to Users page of admin tools. Push the round green checkmark graphic which has a hover display that says "Validate user: junkman". It sends me to this URL:


On that page the site returns a simple dialog box that says "Invalid username or password". Who's username & password? The Admin's?

At this point it wants to redirect me to the home page and I cannot get these new users validated.
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Admin page for plugins (tiki-admin.php) does not offer paymentlist checkbox
tracker item
admin user + anonymous & registered groups NOT DELETABLE nor CHANGEABLE
After some bad experience (ours and from other users), Rick (Rick99) and I suggest:

^RFE should be that the following username should __not__ be changable or deletable:
* __admin__

And the following groupnames should __not__ be changable or deletable:

Additionally, there should be a usergroup __administrator__ that has ''all'' permissions. This would allow Tiki-admins to easily create new Admin logins, with their own usernames.

__added: ensure password reminder works out of the box__

A couple of usability issues could be fixed here.

a) remind/reset passwords is off by default - should be on?
b) no email is set on admin by the installer

this would prevent most newbie lost admin password issues i think. - mlpvolt

Last [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=24817&topics_threshold=0&topics_offset=0&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&topics_find=&forumId=2|thread about it at tw.o here]

Related issue: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=1074
tracker item
Allow to reply messages to anonymous users (which provided their email) from the contact-us tracker
tracker item
allow_comments or comments from a profile blog definition stopped working
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An image Wiki page require perm on "tiki_p_download_files" to be displayed
Editing a Wiki page i upload an image ({IMG(src="http://shocksite.com/pics/icons/pictures.png")}{IMG}) directly from the edit page. The code look like this :
{CODE(wrap="0",ishtml="0",ln="0",wiki="0",rtl="0",cpy="0")}{img fileId="1" thumb="y" alt="" rel="box[g]"}{CODE}

I have set perm "tiki_p_view_file_gallery" for anonymous.

Unlogged (anonymous) i can't see the picture (tested on several browsers win/mac).
Logged as admin i can see the picture.

I have checked what perm allow the picture to be displayed and found that only when the perm "tiki_p_download_files" is set for anonymous an un logged visitor can see the picture.
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article submission and article validation buggy: exhausts 40M RAM + twice and three times posted
On tw.o, right now (at Friday 08 Jun, 2007 09:12 CET; 18:12 in Barcelona):

I got blank screen after submitting a new article submission on tw.o (user xavi, as plain registered user, using Firefox under Window$), and some minutes later, from the same computer but using a different browser and user, I got blank screen after validating that article submission (user xavidp, SeaMonkey 1.1.2 under Window$)... However both actions succeded... (beyond the blank screen), even if they were posted more than once.

The article was submitted twice (as submission from user xavi), and, it's been posted three times when validated!

That's the article: http://tikiwiki.org/article150 (user xavidp cleaned the duplication in article submissions; sylvieg cleaned the 2 duplication in tw.o articles)

Can anybody confirm this is not any issue with my mouse or so?
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Articles plugin "start" parameter not working (and not documented)
Apparent bug of undocumented feature within the ARTICLESplugin, such that the "start" parameter does not seem to function.

In the example below, This was coded into the body of a wiki page. I was trying to have two ARTICLES columns, but show the first 5 (or so) articles on the left of the wiki page, then continue with articles 6 thru (say) 10 on the right column of the split wiki page.

Gary (chibaguy) suggested the code below (including the "start" parameter), but it appears that I get identical lists of articles, rather than one column listing articles 1 thru 5, and another parallel one listing articles 6 thru 10 (as expected). "Start" doesn't appear to be documented, but Gary chibaguy suggested it's use to me.

{CODE(caption="example code to reproduce problem")}



Please see http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=35859&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc#comments

Gary suggested that I submit this as a bug, so this is it. It would be awesome to be able to do a two column split of articles via the inline plug, but not when the lists are identical.

Thanks to you for looking into this!!! -sd :)
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Automatically fill in field when creating new links
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
tracker item
Automatically fill in Page Name field when creating new links fck
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
tracker item
Automatically fill in Page Name field when creating new links fck
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
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Bad contrast for debug console using the default theme
tracker item
Badly formed string in /lib/prefs/feature.php doesn't work in English and translations as well
tracker item
Banning system Rule activated by dates lacks following years
Rule activated by dates
Rule active from
Rule active until
Upgraded tiki: Shows years 1969 till 2010
Clean install: Only gives the year 2010 to chose from
This year is almost over so whould be nice to have some later years to chose from.
tracker item
Big avatar in forums, elsewhere
"If a user upload a big avatar (more than 45x45 px) tiki 2.1 not 'avatarize' and show the big image in the forums. This problem may be very uncomfortable when you read a forum topic."

I can confirm that this still occurs on tiki.org and whatever Tiki version it is running presently, specifically with GIF images. -- ssanders
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Blog entries displayed differently using view_blog and view_blog_post
Review this blog entry on tw.o:
Using view_blog_post:

Using view_blog:

Notice that with view_blog_post, this line __is__ displayed:
And change it to:
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="tiki-editpage.php" id='editpageform' name="editpageform">

But with view_blog, the code is __not__ displayed.

Blog entries should be displayed identically, regarless if you are view the blog or blog post.
tracker item
Border for he forum table in tiki.o are not displayed for forums when section are used
tracker item
Broken icon definition in /template/layout_fullscreen_check.tpl
tracker item
Broken images in Newsletters in 12.x (images sent with relative links)
tracker item
BrowserTitle is empty after upgrading Tiki
tracker item
Bubble help starts way off screen in wizard
tracker item
Bug or feature in tra() ?
tracker item
Bugs need permission to be viewed
Even though logged in, clicking on http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=2538&trackerId=5&show=view (which came up as a result of a bug search) results in the user being told "Error - Permission denied"

This should probably not be possible.
tracker item
Button plugin is asking for plugin approval on templates each time a page is open for the first time
tracker item
Calendar -Choice to show or hide Group and tools calendar box
I have only one calendar and my users keep asking me what that Groups and Tools box is for. How 'bout a setting to hide this box?
tracker item
Calendar module
Unable to add calendar module

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/tiki/public_html/modules/mod-func-calendar_new.php on line 72

tracker item
Calendar template tiki-calendar_nav broken
tracker item
Calendar V3.0rc1 preview loses Priority, Category, Location and Participant data
Still a problem in 3.0rc1

If you have a Calendar where the Custom Priority, Category, Location and Participant options have been set, when editing an event if you Preview the edits then the refreshed screen no longer shows these options in the edit area and saving the event loses the data previously typed in.

tracker item
Calendar: Upate all events with this repeat rule doesn't update any event
tracker item
Calender date picker jquery unlocalized
tracker item
Can't remove picture ,can't turn to next page..
My tiki site was updated from 2.x to 3.0 .

Wiki don't work when i turn to next page in blog/Forum.

I found it work when i change & to ? .for example
forum13&comments_offset=40 don't work
forum13?comments_offset=40 ok change by manual

also i find some bug in imageGallery

when i want to delete a pic
gallery44&remove=730 don't work
gallery44?remove=730 ok change by manual

hope some guys help me..thanks!!
tracker item
Cannot create new tracker
tracker item
Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (lang/de/language.php:10965)
lang/de/language.php causes a "Cannot modify header information" PHP error
tracker item
Cannot Reply to a Comment on Wiki page
I have a comment on a wiki page. When I click Reply to post a follow-up comment, I get an error. It looks like the Reply button is generating a bad URL:

__Not Found

The requested URL /mywiki/page=IVR_Revitalization&post_reply=1&comments_threshold=0&comments_reply_threadId=5&comments_offset=0&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc&comments_per_page=20&comments_grandParentId=0&comments_parentId=5&thread_style=commentStyle_plain was not found on this server.__

This would be a show stopper using Tiki threaded comments is very important feature requirement for us.


tracker item
Cannot set/change meta robots setting in Meta Tags Admin 3.0rc1 + problem with keyword options
This is still a problem in 3.0rc1

Sorry - just spotted that this bug ===has already been reported as #2141=== but hopefully the additional information provided here will help resolve this more quickly.

You can no longer set/change the meta robots setting in Meta Tags Admin ie the NOROBOTS, NOFOLLOW settings

When you fill in the form field and click the Change Settings button the field blanks and viewing the HTML page source code shows that nothing has happened. The "revisit after" field works fine however.

Old 1.9 sites work fine and sites that have migrated through to 2.2 from 1.9 have their old values preserved but they cannot be changed. New 2.2 sites cannot have the setting established.

Examining the database for a new site shows that the metatag_robots row in the tiki_preferences table is missing. Hacking the table to add the row with appropriate values allows the appropriate HTML code to be generated in the head section of each page BUT the admin form still does not work.

Have also now spotted that ticking any of the Meta keywords options e.g the "Insert freetags in keyword list" and changing the settings does seem to set that option BUT the tick box is then blanked and then there is no way to 'untick' the option or you are not sure if it has been set or not.

very old bug - now fixed/not relevant
tracker item
Category Transition not working
When using tiki-admin_transitions.php.

If I add a Transition, then tiki will not let me modify it (by Edit) since every icon (i e: Edit) will delete the Transition. Even If I click in "Guards" data (wich appears as a "0").

Also the yellow "Key" icon doesn´t turn green as is supposed to, after setting perms.

May be other anomalies.

Please help

Using Tiki 6.0 fresh Install.

New Edit:

Since I didn´t find any reference on how to use it, I´m exploring it myself.

What I did before I was stopped by this error is:

1. I Set up some Categories
2. Go to the tiki-admin_transitions.php. The Subset Tab is on and it shows me two options: 1. Category 2. Group
3. Click on Category, so it show the availabre Categories
4. Choose two categories, then click Select button. It reloads the page.
5. Click on New/Edit tab
6. Write a label: "New"
7. Chosse From and To options
8. Click SAVE. It goes to the List of Transitions
9. If I click on Edit icon, it deletes de transition and goes to the New/Edit tab, but empty... nothing selected or filled.
If I click the Guards (number 0) it does the same

If I change to the List, the transitios has dessapeared from it.

tracker item
Changed names of custom modules will create a new custom
tracker item
Checkbox in tiki-admin.php?page=login always checked.
In tiki-admin.php?page=login, the "Use tracker to collect more group information" check box is always checked, so everytime you change something, the feature is enabled. Kind of annoying to have to pay attention to that all the time.
tracker item
Cleaning and improving console.php batch:upload command feedback
tracker item
Click twice on "Preview" in tiki-view_forum_thread results an error
The error is:

Notice: this variable may not be empty: $_POST["thread_sort_mode"]
tracker item
PluginTogether should replace the url associated with the Edit page button so that co-editors are automagically offered to go to the session with collaborative edition instead of the warning of edition conflict
tracker item
Clicking Poll Icon on Features Page should connect to tiki-admin_poll.php when feature activated
when you click on the polls icon on the Admin Home page, you are taken to the polls comments admin page instead of the polls admin page. User should not have to make an additional click to start work.
tracker item
CODE Plugin "eats" code, especially HTML
tracker item
Code plugin messes up page width (right hand column is now offscreen)
When you use the code plugin, the page width formatting is thrown off. Instead of seeing both left/right colums, the right column gets shoved off the screen and I have to scroll. This is with scroll bars already setup on the code plugin itself.

Chealer :
This happens when nowrap was not set.

Gary (chibaguy):
In my checking (trunk version, but same relevant CSS as in Tiki 3 and $), almost all browsers respect the overflow:auto rule for the code plugin and don't cause the page to widen. I put a long unbroken line of text in the code plugin, and in Opera, IE, Safari (Windows), and SRWare Iron (Chromium - webkit), even this unbroken line was broken to impose a scrollbar on the code area and avoid a scrollbar on the window. Firefox was the only browser that failed at this.

If the current rules - overflow:auto, and 90% width in some themes - then all browsers will allow the long line to display unbroken and create the page-bottom scrollbar, pushing the right column out of view. As I understand it, this is the behavior reported as a bug here.
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Company Profile 4.x installation causes duplicate entries.
Application of the Company_Intranet_4x after a new installation with the Barebones install, installs 2 profiles.

The installation of both profiles completes successfully however it results in some duplicate content that is automatically created by the profile. (I.E. there are two "Support" Forums)

I have tested and confirmed this from revision number 22637-24054.
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Crash 7.x on leaving install update mode : index error in a
At the end of install in


The crash ends with :
(xdebug track begins)

Zend_Session_Exception: session has already been started by session.auto-start or session_start() - on a try catch no problem
Notice: Undefined index: min_pass_length in D:\Trebly\teawik-ld8-7xSa\lib\tikilib.php on line 1612
Notice: Undefined index: pass_chr_special in D:\Trebly\teawik-ld8-7xSa\lib\tikilib.php on line 1614

(xdebug track ends).

Track file joined


~~#390:''Remark out of subject :''~~
Into my notes and refs dates are often in not common format yymmdd with B1=2011 date=B10117 is 01/17/2011, B2 is 2012. I used this for the last twenty years, has been used to make able soft to hold 2000 years and sort date (kept stored on six chars with historical data compatibility)in yymmdd yy=98,99,A0,A1..... B0, B1,B2. Used to make able at the end of eighties an important soft to hold long term plans. I use it since this moment and this goes on naturally and can't changed on my computers and data and can be used till year 2370.
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Crash on attempt to install XSPF Player
I downloaded the XSPF Player by clicking on the Mod Number.
Then I clicked Install.

The following resulted:

Warning: copy(mods/wiki-plugins/xspf_player/license.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \\NAWINFS04\home\users\web\b2153\rh.capsa\lib\mods\modslib.php on line 375
wiki-plugins/xspf_player/license.txt to lib/xspf_player/license.txt impossible to copyPHP Warning: copy(mods/wiki-plugins/xspf_player/license.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \\NAWINFS04\home\users\web\b2153\rh.capsa\lib\mods\modslib.php on line 375

May we please have a solution to this problem.
Thank you!
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Creating calendar events creates doubled entries
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Creation of tracker items with relative dates from profiles shows the right date in view item but empty when editing item
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DarkRoom layout screwed up after upgrade to 7.1
When I upgraded this site:


from 6.1 to 7.1, the layout got screwed up (I'm using the DarkRoom theme).

Before the upgrade, the layout looked like this:

* [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=125]

After the upgrade, it now looks like this:

* [http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=126]

Notice how the position of the login and the search forms changed, and how it looks weird in the TW 7.1 version (plus, it causes a lot of waste in screen realestate).
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Deleting a page yields error message
tracker item
Deleting a thread in the forum should lead back to forum topic
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Deploy watch category to tiki-browse_categories.php (and everywhere relevant)
It is too difficult now to watch categories (but the feature works well).

Please see: ((Category Watch DogFood))

on ((SUMO)): [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=498001|Improve UI and feedback for watching categories to say you'll be e-mailed and offer easy way to turn off]
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dev.t.o: bug report echo on irc.t.o doesn't display the title of the item (the first isMain field)
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Double check footer links on tiki sites after upgrading
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dev.tw.o search at the header shows system error
(18:30:35) xavi: to reproduce: I did search for "Report" at the top bar search
(18:30:42) xavi: showing this url: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-searchresults.php?highlight=Report&search=Go
(18:30:47) xavi: with this error:
(18:31:14) xavi: [off] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '? and ttif.`value`=? and ttifOut.`fieldId`=?' at line 2 The query was: select ttifOut.`value` from `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttifOut, `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif where ttifOut.`itemId`= ttif.`itemId`and ttif.`fieldId`=? and ttif.`value`=? and ttifOut.`fieldId`=?

Update on March 31st 2010, using Last update from SVN (5.0alpha): Friday 26 March, 2010 09:12:40 CET - REV 26326 :

{img src=http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_item_attachment.php?attId=236 desc="http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_item_attachment.php?attId=236"}
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Disabling the Search box on Search Results page also removes it from the search bar
Tested on info.tw.o with FiveAlive theme...

Disabling the __Search box__ option on the Admin: Search page, Search Results tab (tiki-admin.php?page=search) will remove the Search bar from the menu.

This is incorrect behavior.
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Disallow tiki-tell_a_friend.php in robots.txt
Calendar URLs are currently excluded for spiders and bots, for example:


excluded by entries:

Disallow: tiki-calendar.php
Disallow: /tiki-calendar.php

However, the URL /tiki-tell_a_friend.php?url=%2Fcalendar%3Ffocus%3D1268089200%26viewmode%3Dweek would be spidered instead.
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Display Realname instead of login at "Switch user" for admins through module login_box
tracker item
Display Realname instead of login at ActionLog feature
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Do not display [comment] link, when no perm to post comments and no comments posted yet
for users with tiki_p_wiki_view_comments perm only, it displays the ~np~[comment]~/np~ link on the wiki page bar even when no comments there yet to read, so clicking it does literally nothing...
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doc.tiki.org: Print goes to HomePage instead of specific wiki page when using page_ref_id from structures
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drop-down-with-other field with options 0,0 shows wrong label (about sandbox)
I have a drop-down-with-other field with value 0 (zero) as default in a tracker form (so options for that field are "0,0"), but when I see the tracker dropdown to insert items, the drop down gets populated with some string about the sandbox...

still occurring in latest baraches/6x (r30164)
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duplicating events in calendar is broken on 1.10svn right now (April 17th)
Duplicating events in calendars is broken on 1.10svn right now (April 17th)
If anybody wants to test (to reproduce it) on site, I can grant you account details here (a production site):

I tried editting this, and clicking to duplicate button (to make a new event from the edition of an existing one; I thought I could do that on previous 1.9.x sites), but no success:

I tried also creating a blank new item, fill in the form for the calendar item, and instead of cliking on the "save" button, click on the "duplicate to" and select the calendar where I wanted to duplicate this item to.

After the click to the button, I saw another item in the edit event form (on the same browser window), and in other tabs, I could see that no new event was added, neither for that calendar selected or any other on the site.

It's a pity that calendar events can not be duplicated on 1.10svn, since it's a very useful feature for high load tiki sites. (like when adding 10 sessions of a new course, all of them with similar details except for the day of the month, etc.)
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Dynamic list does not work in the tracker plugin when its reference field (normally an item link) is not shown in the form, with patch
Tracker plugin:
Imagine we would like to offer modification of a dynamic list field without offering modification of its reference field. In this case, the dynamic list should fall-back to a simple list with no selectValue calls in the js.
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Easier Inter-user message management for Tiki admins
This setting:
User Messages
here: tiki-admin.php?page=features

And these ones:
Users can opt-out internal messages:
Users accept internal messages by default:
Maximum mailbox size (messages, 0=unlimited):
Maximum mail archive size (messages, 0=unlimited):
Maximum sent box size (messages, 0=unlimited):
here: tiki-admin.php?page=login

Should be added to a new admin tab "Inter-user message":

IMHO, it is OK for options/settings to be in more than one admin panel, if relevant to both.
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Edit toolbars calls for non-existing icon
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edit wiki page with strasa.css shows popup boxes hidden below the text area
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Editing an event resets its hour and minute
Editing a calendar item via
resets its hours and minutes to strange values.

This is my first bug report here, I could not find the issue somewhere and believe some experienced developer should review my fix.
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Editor wysiwyg in wiki page doesn’t recognize images,to fix it I change manually {…} With <…>
I have a problem, i dont know how fix it
In tiki4.2 in wiki pages (others doesn’t show this error) editor wysiwyg, does insert an image but it change the code with this code
{…}, (I know cos I saw it , in the html view)
But when I save it doesn’t recognize the image, If I return to the html editor and change the {…} With <…>, it works

Somebody can help me??
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elFinder much worse at helping the user to insert the file just uploaded (compared to former interface) in real production sites such as doc.t.o
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embed image out of elFinder
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
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Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
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Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
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