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Upgrade 4.1->5.0 - Error : x01 : Fatal error on tra.php

As I told about, during upgrading from 4.2 (I am testing from 4.3) many errors occurs. This threated in a global way in id4377.

Here the problem comes from tra.php this generates a __fatal ERROR__

Reason during first tiki-setup __tra.php__ can be called when $tikilib is not yet set then __the function tra_impl crashes__.

It seems that at this stage of installation (managing session prefs) is it, as if getone() should answer false, nothing particular to do :
I have justed added a first level isset on $tikilib

See the joined patched source with comments.

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_htaccess should know which version of Tiki it is for

Since Tiki4, in tiki-admin_include_sefurl.php, Tiki detects if .htaccess is there and if contains tiki-index.php?page=$1

If Tiki is upgraded, by installing over, there may be issues because Tiki is still using the old .htaccess without informing tiki admin

Have Tiki version number in _htaccess (and thus updated as part of the release procedure)
Test on this, and inform users when they forgot to upgrade their .htaccess file.

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.htaccess issue, Page Not Found, 404 Error
Using the supplied .htaccess file, when a non existent file and directory is requested for OThER than .htm files, a 404 is not generated and an unformatted version of the home page is opened. For example see uticacurlingclub.org/junk/junk.htm which generates a normal 404 which is redirected to a custom page, and uticacurlingclub.org/junk/junk.pdb which does not. I suspect this is an issue with .htaccess.
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$trklib->list_items(..) shall use the itemid references instead of the real value
See reasoning and details in 3139.
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Categories permission assign to groups doesn't work
I need to set three group of user.
Each user is member of only one group.
Each group should not have access to other groups contribution

So i've decided to create 3 categories, to set specific permission on each categorie for one group.

I add a module category to show category for user. But i always get the message "You do not have permission to use this feature".

I'm not able to create page with a user.

Really need help !!
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Filegal File Object permissions - does not exist.
Object permissions do not actually apply to individual files in a filegal. Despite this, we have UI to change said permissions. Trying to apply perms on a file affects the perms on the parent filegal. Very confusing and frustrating usability bug.
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5 RC-1 Cannot Paste Text in WYSIWYG Editor
! Update to below, see attached screenshot. Just discovered a pop-up application for pasting text. Very weird to see after decades of pasting text the old fashioned way ;-)

!!WYSIWYG Editor Tiki 5 RC-1
fresh from svn

__Cannot paste text into editor __
*anything pasted just disappears
*tried wiki and blog post
*tried 5 Alive and The News themes
*tried Mac Safari and Chrome

__Cannot paste text__
TW 4.1: Edit a wiki page with WYSIWYG editor:

#Can type & use formatting tools.
#Cannot paste text. When Text is pasted, the desired text appears very briefly, sort of flashes on the screen, then disappears. Saving at this point saves any typed or formatting changes, but the pasted text does not appear.
#Can switch to Wiki Editor, paste text, switch back to WYSIWYG and format it from there.
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5 RC1 HomePage Incorrectly lists Profile Features
The RC1 HomePage says

__Personal Blog and Profile__ (apply profile now)
Setup with many cool features to help you integrate the Social Web and establish a strong presence in the Blogosphere

Blog (Full set of blog related features)
Image Gallery
RSS Integration
Video Log


However the Calendar is not installed, so either the doc is wrong or the feature should be added to the profile.
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5.0 & tw.o: Fullscreen Edit doesn't stay for than a few seconds on
The full screen button in the new interface at Tiki5 for wiki page edition doesn't keep the ful screen mode more than a few seconds.

Reproduced with Google Chrome 5.0.x and Firefox 3.6.6 on GNU/Linux.

Example here:
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5.0: anonymous shouldn't see "watch" icons when browsing category tree
Using Tiki 5.0: anonymous shouldn't see "watch" icons when browsing category tree.
And they can.
Reproduced here, for instance:
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5.0: since upgrade from 3.x, forum post emails to author missing, from other users ok
We recently upgraded precarios.org site from 3.6 to 5.0 (and migrated to a new server; dns propagating right now).

Since then, when you post a message in a forum that you are watching, you don't get a copy of your own email, but only copies of emails sent by others.

This is expected to allow users to follow a full thread in the email program.

For wiki page changes, you get also notification of your own changes.
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5.0RC1 - wiki Editing option "check orthography" ->em error : table "babl_words_fr" missing

Remark : The editing current page seems to crash if to many changes by cut are made (my page lost).

Object :

Change of option "check orthography" lead to system error when you save the page :


La table 'teawik-ld8-50s-new1.babl_words_fr' n'existe pas
The query was :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`=? or `word`=?

Valeurs :

1. Table
2. table

The built query was likely :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`='Table' or `word`='table'

Stacktrace :
* tiki-editpage.php : 0 -> {main}(array ( ))
*tiki-editpage.php : 853 -> spellcheckreplace(array ( ))
*lib\tikilib.php : 1659 -> spellcheckword(array ( ))
* lib\tikilib.php : 1704 -> spellcheck_word(array ( ))
* lib\bablotron.php : 44 -> word_exists(array ( ))
*lib\bablotron.php : 104 -> query(array ( ))
* lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Bridge.php : 29 -> query(array ( ))
*lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Pdo.php : 119 -> handleQueryError(array ( ))
*lib\core\lib\TikiDb.php : 150 -> handle(array ( ))

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5.0RC1 - wiki Editing option "check orthography" ->em error : table "babl_words_fr" missing

After a cut off of adsl line during 3 weeks because of a sinister, I come back (but the speed remain the slowest 300kb/s).

When you set the option check-orthography (french language), when you try to save you get the SYSTEM ERROR :

La table 'teawik-ld8-50s-new1.babl_words_fr' n'existe pas

__The table '<database_name>.babl_words_fr' don't exist__

The query was :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`=? or `word`=?

Valeurs :

1. Table
2. table

The built query was likely :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`='Table' or `word`='table'

Stacktrace :
* <site_dir>\tiki-editpage.php : 0 -> {main}(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\tiki-editpage.php : 853 -> spellcheckreplace(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\tikilib.php : 1659 -> spellcheckword(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\tikilib.php : 1704 -> spellcheck_word(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\bablotron.php : 44 -> word_exists(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\bablotron.php : 104 -> query(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Bridge.php : 29 -> query(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\core\lib\TikiDb\Pdo.php : 119 -> handleQueryError(array ( ))
* <site_dir>\lib\core\lib\TikiDb.php : 150 -> handle(array ( ))
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5.0rc2: content duplicated at saving time (seems related to usage of hidden headings)
This has happened to me seldom on different tikis (3.x, 4.x and nowadadays, even 5x!) on different servers, and it's very annoying for users or admins, since after you make a simple edit to some page, for some reason, it gets the content duplicated after saving your small edit. And it can be repeated 3 times, if you edit again, 4 time if edit again,. ..... I could only avoid it by rollbaking to the last version whithout those duplications.

Confirmed that this bug (related to the collapsible headings) is not fixed either yet in 5.0rc2. It seems to show up in some pages were collapsible headings; I mean:



Reproduced recently here:

I just editted the
{rss id=1}

to change it for
{rss id=1:2}

as far as I remember, after a few previews and changes in the content before saving.

Then, the content was saved twice.

See the diff above and the resulting page:

This site is using tiki5.0rc2 , no ajax, and wysiwyg editor enabled, even if not used on that page.

I can provide admin access to that site to any coder willing to check this issue.

Initially reported as a comment to this other similar bug report:
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5.3 - The login popup vanishes when Firefox feeds the password
When you don't want an autoconnect by the cookie, (this for example because you are testing the product with various usernames which correspond to various usersgroups), then you let Firefox to fill automatically the password.

When the password is sent by Firefox this closes the popup-form. You must re-open it to validate.

If you are experienced you are able to understand what appends, but I receiced mail from users saying I am unable to login.

Further, sometimes the login_scr is displayed, and people think that they must give their username and their e-mail and the password. This because of the template.
In fact it is either the username or the e-mail address.

I look the form into the XXX.tpl.php without finding anything to explain the phenomenon.
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5.3 crash - option "survey a page"

This succeeds always :

I you chosse the option survey for wiki page on edition you yet the error :

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception' with message 'Connection timed out' in /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/core/lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php:254 Stack trace: #0 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/core/lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Smtp.php(167): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract->_connect('tcp://smtp.treb...') #1 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/core/lib/Zend/Mail/Transport/Smtp.php(199): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Smtp->connect() #2 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/core/lib/Zend/Mail/Transport/Abstract.php(348): Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp->_sendMail() #3 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/core/lib/Zend/Mail.php(1178): Zend_Mail_Transport_Abstract->send(Object(Zend_Mail)) #4 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/mail/maillib.php(111): Zend_Mail->send() #5 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/notifications/notificationemaillib.php(294): tiki_send_admin_mail('Bty-Admtwkn1@tr...', 'admin', '<!-- TPL: mail/...', '<!-- TPL: mail/...') #6 /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/tikilib.php(7532): sendWik in /homez.53/spacprot/www/teawik153/lib/core/lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php on line 254

You can't use the function.

Trebly - B01027-02
tracker item
5.x: images in img/trackers are not multitiki-aware as in img/wiki_up
images in trackers are not multitiki aware (they are all saved in img/trackers instead in the img/trackers/site1.org , etc. as for images in img/wiki_up/site1.org etc
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5.x: wiki "watch" emails come with iso-8859-1 to me even if chosen utf-8 everywhere in settings; other email ok
{CODE(wrap=>1)}[10:28] <xavi> since a few versions ago, I can't get wiki watch emails with a correct encoding for accents, etc.
[10:28] <xavi> smae behavior in many servers (using Tiki 4.x, 5.x... tried with setting utf-8 and iso-8859-1)
[10:29] <xavi> I get most emails all right , email reader (thunderbird, gmail, etc.) can read them properly, but not emails from changes in wiki pages...
[10:30] <xavi> I wonder if this can be some problem with the encoding in some tpl , or that the code for sending emails from changes in wiki pages uses some different method than the rest of email sending... and that other method is not handling charset properly... (just hypothesis)
[10:31] <xavi> asking here first in case someone who already knows the internals of Tiki has some tips...
[10:31] <xavi> to quickly refuse some hypothesis...
[10:32] * xavi fears looking at the code for this and getting lost in php code , zend code, and other gibberish which he can't understand easily....
[10:41] <xavi> ok, at least I know some more information about the problem (charset for wiki watch emails)
[10:42] <xavi> I double checked in one site, and everywhere is set to use utf-8 as encoding (admin general, admin community, and my own user pref settings), but wiki watch emails come with: "content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1"
[10:43] <xavi> ok, this deserves a bug report...
tracker item
5x-16.x: tracker comments should allow self-subscribe option for poster, like in forum posts or page comments
5x: tracker comments should allow self-subscribe option for poster, like in forum posts or page comments. Right now, lost of interaction and feedback is lost for users until they learn how to subscribe to tracker items....

That was the same problem in forum posts for years, until some one added that feature to forum posts and wiki comments...
However, it seems that tracker item comments didn't benefit from that enhancement.... and honestly, they deserve it...


* Still a very much desired feature in MANY tiki sites (including *.t.o sites). {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-17T09:30:58+00:00"}
* Still a wish...{sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-07-13T10:00:49+00:00"}
* Still a wish (many years later). Sniff ... {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-06-28T08:55:07+00:00"}
Gorgeus, fixed, Victor! Thanks! (tested in tracker comments, and adapted the profile "Bug_Tracker_15" to allow commenting by registered to easily test/debug this issue also in the future (or in other branches). {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-11T17:21:14+00:00"}
Update: {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-11T17:38:28+00:00"}
* emails are duplicated if the user was also selected in a "user selector" type of field, with notifications on. We should check that no duplication of emails is sent: one as commenter, and another one duplicated as user selected in the "user selector" field with notifications on.
See it reproduced in the show instance:
2 emails have been sent in some cases:
u: admin
p: 12345

* Tracker item commented:
+ http://xavi-9794-3214.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=5
* see email corresponding to each user:
+ http://xavi-9794-3214.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-adminusers.php
* see tracker field definition:
+ http://xavi-9794-3214.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-admin_tracker_fields.php?trackerId=1
** note last 3 fields, all of them user selector with email notification on.
Update {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-13T10:40:17+00:00"}
In addition, other systems maybe sending a duplicate of the same email message (see https://doc.tiki.org/Watch ), and we'd better add a system to prevent those duplicated emails to be sent.
To be checked for duplicates (and remove them before sending):
# generic (wildcard-like) user watches through the "__My Watches (UI) > Add Watch > Event__"
# Objects
** user watches on objects
** group watches on objects
# Categories
** user watches on categories
** group watches on categories
# Structures
** user watches on structures
** group watches on structures

I'm usure about category watches. Maybe we can leave those messages also, since they are not 100% equivalent to the other notification emails?
Sure, see comments. Issue fixed. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2016-10-14T10:13:36+00:00"}
And duplication of emails was due to some other issue, fixed by kroky6 also (great, thanks!).
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A SheetID is required shown when attempting to edit a sheet with jquery.sheet
Using latesst trunk from today (Feb 1st 2010). Installed a new tiki, enabled tikisheets, created one. Edit it and save changes.

Then enable jquery.sheet through Admin > Look & Feel > interface (or whatever name, I don't remember) > tick the jquerty sheet checkbox. also enable ajax.

Create another sheet. Edit it with jquery.sheet, and it , and "A Sheet Id is required" type of message (or something similar) was shown.

I remember it worked for me weeks ago, when I tested the first commits by jonny with jquery.sheet in trunk. But nowadays, it doesn't work for me.
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Actions calendar : unable to reach the popup
Fact : with the module action_calendar the popup can't be reached.So it is impossible to access to the command buttons of the popup

Analysis : conflict or bad logical test between :
*the popup activation condition "on the date cell"
*"the need to let the popup opened or when the pointer remain over the popup"
*"sticky popup"

Same remarks as for the previous tracker about calendar feature.
tracker item
add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
add antibot captcha for anons to newsletters, calendars and tracker item comments
tracker item
add group watch to articles
Add group watch to articles

This way we could also have all users informed about comunity news , etc. in tiki sites.

In fact, the best option would be what it's done with newsletters: subscribe that bunch of users from a group, and let them unsubscribe it they wish and when they wish, without admin action. But if no action is done, they all get the copy of the article at their email, etc.
tracker item
add history & rollback capabilities to structures
add history & rollback capabilities to structures (record dump somehow when struct. changes, or allow saving structure dump for backup...)
This way, when the structure gets mixed by machine or human error, the structure can be rolled back to the previous state.

This way, we could be more open for registered users to manage http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Documentation (or others) without the risk of failure when nodes get moved to the wrong place (due to some bug in the code). Or due to mistake by benevolent newbies mixing things without bad intention.


UPDATE: Still desired for some LTS version. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-17T09:31:50+00:00"}
tracker item
Add IP to syslog and/or action log when anons (at least) add content (for spam protection)
Add ip to syslog and/or action log, so that when anons (at least) are allowed to add content and it's spam (robots seem to be able to post with our current antibot captcha), there is way to identify the ip of the spammer.

So far, antibot captcha is added (in trunk, at least) to:
* wiki edit
* wiki page comments
* forum posts
* tracker item comments
* freetags
* calendar items
* newsletter subscription

The action of adding content on those features should be logged in syslog and/or action log and IP recorded.
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Admin>Groups>Groupname>Members Tab displays only 24 members (no mater how many more exist)
The group members tab is falsely capped, only displays 24 members, more exist in group when you check the admin>users screen.
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Adsense does not display
Google adsense does not display.
This error occurred in FiveAlive and "thenews".
I tried using "Banners".
I tried using "Template".
I tried using "Module: AdSense".
I tried using "Module: User".
I tried using "HTML plug in".

In an Article and Blog, I used the HTML plug in, authorized the HTML, and nothing displayed.

By experimentation, I added the carat (box) around the plug in, and it displayed in PREVIEW mode. But when I saved it, an empty box with no adsense text displayed. (No, the carat didn't trigger it, just was the reason I previewed it.)

"Allow HTML" box is checked.

When I look at the page source, the HTML is there.

~np~<script type="text/javascript"><!--
~/np~~np~google_ad_client = "pub-0000000000000";
~/np~~np~/* 468x60 wiki */
~/np~~np~google_ad_slot = "9690243348";
~/np~~np~google_ad_width = 468;
~/np~~np~google_ad_height = 60;
~/np~~np~<script type="text/javascript"
~/np~~np~<br /></script>
The xhtml br / is the only discrepancy that I can find between the "PREVIEW" versus the "SAVED" version.

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After upgrade 4.1->5.0 - Errors : 01 - Users maangement table :.tiki_trk_1 missing

As I told about, after upgrading from 4.2 (I am testing from 4.3) many errors occurs. This theated in a glabal way in id4377.

After connecting as administrator if you submit "Users management" and try to modify a user preférences you will reach a

__fatal error__ :

Table "<your database>.tiki_trk_1" missing

You will find joined the htm saved from "page source code"

tracker item
Align=center inside {img} tag breaks layout
See http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=File%20Gallery%20for%20Images&preview=10

If you use align=center inside a ~np~{img}~/np~ the image will be displayed floating in middle of the text. This is a regression, align=center used to work well in previous versions.
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All upgrade from 3.x to 4.x denies all permissions to admin

Relating to id2936 id2950 and another id lost (mine but when the author was not set always into track id data's.

It remains impossible to an admin to changed quite anything depending of admin (can create wiki, articles) but not to end any admin task.

The action as, change a user prefs etc, disconnect admin and send the ERROR Connect page __access not allowed__ so the corresponding sites are dead sites.

An installation of 3.3 or upgrade to 3.6 must be done again from database backup.

The problem is that if users has been connected between the upgrade and the necessity for admin to make some changes (I have made...) I had to manually add articles and wiki pages from sql.

We must admit that upgrade from 3.x to 3.x is impossible in some cases unknown, not yet found

I test today if an upgrade 4.2->4.3 had an effect but none.

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Allow Copy / Duplicate Calendar event
Our users have requested the facility to "copy" a calendar event.

This would be via the means of a "Copy" button when previewing an event, on clicking the button you would then see the event details and be able to change any of them before clicking "Save".

Where upon a new event will be created with these details.
tracker item
Allow pagination inside articles wiki-plugin
It is not possible to use pagination inside the wiki plugin articles. The attached Patch enables this by adding a paginate (y|n) to the parameters.
tracker item
Approval of staging pages: no matter wheter you choose approve or reject changes, after submit, changes are always approved.
Approval of staging pages: no matter wheter you choose approve or reject changes, after submit, changes are always approved.
So the only way to actually reject changes is to delete staging page.
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ARTICLE improper parsing carat (box tag)
The "box" command (carat) is NOT turned off by np nor pp tags, in ARTICLE.

The np and pp work correctly in the WIKI and BLOG.

I verified it with my
Wiki Syntax Test Page, replicated below.

[[UPDATE - it would appear that the horizontal line is also not working in this theme. And box tag does not generate a box, too.]
[[UPDATE 2 - I found that PREVIEW ARTICLE does not exhibit the error. Only after it is SAVED does the fault occur.]

Wiki Syntax Test Page

Bold Text
__Is this bold?__

Italic Text
''This should lean ''

Underlined Text
=== Look underneath me===

Strike Through
--Ouch, that hurts--

Headings, 1, 2, 3, 4
! #1 On Top
!! Looking Up, #2
!!! Hey, Watch Your Feet
!!!! Harrumph, fourth place

Horizontal rule (four dashes)
Line above me?

Box around text (carat)
^Let me out of here!^

Centered (in a box, too)
^::Stuck in the middle, again ::^

Square brackets
[["dig it"]

Title Bar
-=Champion of the Wiki=-

Shown / Hidden Headings
!!+ Peak a boo
Hide what follows
!!- Boo!
Show what's hidden beneath
and here ?
and here, too?
!! Clears the Hidden header section
And you can't see what follows "Boo!"

!!!!Testing the non-process flag (no box)
~np~^box free?^

!!!!Preformated sections
pp: Displays preformated text/code; no Wiki processing is done inside
these sections (as with np), %!)~*& == &~'p == (see?)
and the ^spacing is fixed (no word wrapping is done).^ If you see
a box, something is wrong!

pre: Also displays preformatted text with fixed spacing, but
wiki __processing__ still --occurs-- on the text.
tracker item
Article translation doesn't work.

First: Thanks for this great project!

When you try to translate an article (by clicking on the small globe that is near the edit icon), it sends you to the wiki translation page, and content is empty, ie, it doesn't get the article's content to translate, and off course, even if it did so, the interface is not correct for article translation (it should have the same article interface, with heading and stuff).

I hasn't tried latest trunk, but bug is present on 5.1.

I tried to search for a similar bug already open (because of this forum thread: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=13&comments_parentId=33126), but I found none, thus: I'm opening this open.

tracker item
Article type not maintained on editing
When editing an article the type is reset to the first in the list. This is due to an useless? foreach loop inside tiki-edit_article.php . See the patch attached for a solution.
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Articles do not support FOOTNOTEAREA plugin
Tiki Articles do not support the FOOTNOTEAREA plugin. In Tiki 5 and 6 I used:
foo bar {FOOTNOTE()}http://www.foo.bar{FOOTNOTE}

Tiki renders the footnote (superscript) properly, but does not include a Footnote area at the bottom of the article.

Tested & confirmed on info.tw.o using Tiki 5 and 6
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Assign theme to group doesn't work
When I assign a theme to a group and submit the change, when the admin-group page displays again, the theme selector shows "site default" instead of the theme name I chose, and the theme being used for the group doesn't change.
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attachements to forum posts get lost if the user clicks to preview the post first
Using tw.o forums and 2.0 (afaik):

You add a screenshot attachment to a reply in a forum post, and if you click on "preview" first, (as you would do on wiki pages), the image is lost (no tag is inserted on the forum post to help you link the attachment).

However, if you do the same attachment on a post, and click to post it (without previewing it first), the attachment link is shown.

Example at tw.o forums where it recently happened:

according to comment added to this bug report, this issue is still present in branch Tiki5 still (so probably also in trunk)
Unbelievable, bug still present in forum posts in 12.x since 1.x! (with forum replies, there is warning, at least, but not yet with brand new posts in the forum and attachment is lost indeed) {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-22T09:45:52+00:00"}

Reproduced here:
u: admin
p: 12345
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Autolinks and italic clashes
With autolinks on, if I do:

~np~''Taken from http://climatechange.org''~/np~

the rest of the page becomes italic (the auto conversion of link breaks the closing italic tag.
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Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Automatically collapse or reposition tag cloud when displaying search results
Usability issue, but not so much a bug as feature design:

If the tag cloud is large in tiki-browse_freetags.php, search results are not immediately apparent on the screen. The user has to scroll down past the cloud to see the results, which is not necessarily obvious to new and/or less savvy users.

Ideally, the beginning of the search results should be displayed near the top of the page, but with a portion of the tag cloud still visible for further search filtering. The tag cloud could automatically collapse, with a large obvious control for expanding it again, or it could be positioned side-by-side with the results. Those are the only two solutions coming to mind.
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Automatically fill in field when creating new links
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
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Automatically fill in Page Name field when creating new links fck
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
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Automatically fill in Page Name field when creating new links fck
Some users don't want to understand the difference between "Page Name" and Link when creating an internal link.

This attached patch makes the Page Name field automatically fill in whenever the Link field is changed. The patch was made against tw 4.1.

I think it should be up for debate if both these fields are necessary. Many users of the WYSIWYG feature may be new to the concept of creating links. Less is simpler, and I vote for removing one of these fields.

P.S. Sorry about spamming the mailinglist with this request. Next time I will only submit patch here.
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Babelfish : function attribute : should for external defined with "static" - Pb and solution to apply

!The basic problem
The function that are called from external should be declared "public static";
Why : because they are used in http request and href definition.

Often the navigator hangs on the babelfish request http://... babelfish
It can be necessary to restart the computer.


public static function host

public static function url

trebly 04/28/2010 3h33 Paris
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Blacklist domains and words
Discussion over at ((Spam Protection))

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Blog publish date not recognized by last_blog_posts module
When you publish a blog post using an upcoming publish date, post appears right away in last_blog_posts module even if the publish date is stll in the future.
tracker item
Blog Title Display Awry
There is a bug in

The BLOG TITLE is invisible.

By accident, I ran the mouse over the area, and the invisible blog title was highlighted.

The current theme is Five Alive, if that's any help.
tracker item
Blue Print CSS / BluePrintCSS
CSS... Themes...
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Brand New 5 RC-1 from SVN: No Calendar View
Brand spanking new 5 RC-1 from svn. I applied the Personal Blog profile (which was advertised to have a calendar, but doesn't). Then I turned on the Calendar feature, then created a calendar and made an entry. This appears in the list view, but no Calendar view ever appears.

The Tiki is here:


There's a user tiki with pwrd wiki if anyone wants to poke around with it.

I'm stuck.

On an svn installation of 5.x (just upgraded to latest b2 version May 9th am) We do not see a calendar view, at all.

The list view works and the items are there, but clicking "Calendar View" button invokes the javascript and produces the process-working graphic briefly, but then a blank where the calendar view should be. No calendar.

Tried 5 ALive theme, Strasa, and the News. No calendar.

What could we be missing that the calendar does not appear in calendar view?


tracker item
Browsing FIle Galleries.
Only the 1st level of File Galleries are shown. Further sub-galleries at a deeper level are hided in the tree view.
Built-in secondary menu managed from site identity in Tiki 5
Many (most) websites require the use of both a main menu and a secondary menu.
tracker item
calendar - update end date of event after start date exceeds it
When creating (editing) some event and change start date to the value that is newer than end date, user must change end date manually
tracker item
Calendar "preview" new event : unusable : data lost
Fact : when you submit "preview" for a new event, a great part of data are lost, there is no real preview, and when you return to creation most of optional data are lost.

Too many things don't function : the job is not ended.
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Calendar 5.3 and later ? : Error view event from popup => data not sent
The fact (analysis result) : view from the popup od calendar module has no data set up

Details :
When you actions the into modules calendar the event from a date, you get the popup (if prefs) which shows the events of the day, then :

1- there is no choice for an event if an alone or several
2- the data of the event are not set up
3- the action button "view" shows a "pseudo empty event" the lonely data are the default value for a new event...

The function is not completely implemented. Job not ended. Functionality not operational.

It had no time to look at 6.0.
tracker item
Calendar events "Tentative" status does not work
The "Tentative" status for a calendar event always reverts to "Confirmed" after it is saved.
tracker item
Calendar Popup CSS errors
__Calendar Popup Misplaced__

5.0 RC1 r27394, still applies in trunk r28611.

CSS errors in the popups in weekly and daily view.
*first time an item is clicked, the popup shoots to the top of the page
*2nd and subsequent times it appears in a reasonable place
*produces a question-mark mouse pointer
*apparently independent of theme
*Monthly view behaves ok and no "?" pointer
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Can not change article language - page not found error
As admin I view _article_, then click on the "Multilingual globe". This brings the translation page. At the bottom I select new language and press "Change language" button. All I receive is "Page not found" error.
tracker item
can not set option to list messages always newest first
No mater how I set options the message thread all ways lists first message first and you have to scroll down to bottom to get latest message. I cant remember when this started as the person who complained about it is no longer with us. I believe it started with V3.x
tracker item
Can't attach file to newsletter
On the "Send Newsletters" page, click on "To add a file, click here". Nothing happens. In IE, the message "Error on page" appears in the browser status line.
tracker item
Can't create a survey
When I click 'Save' on the 'Create/Edit Survey' page, it displays the 'Are you sure you want to leave this page?' warning.

If I click yes, no survey is created. If I click no, well, nothing happens.
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Canceled calendar events appear in the Upcoming Events module without
Seen in Tiki 5.x and 6.x:

Events that have been canceled still appear in the list of upcoming events in the Upcoming Events module without any end-user notification that the event has been canceled.

Tiki should either:
* Not display canceled events in the module
* Display the event with a strikethru (or some other visual cue) to let end-users know that it is canceled.
tracker item
cannot change user's password in tiki-admin_users.php
There seems to be a button broken in tiki-admin_users.php, after changing the users's password, the confirmation screen appears and the "confirm" button does nothing.

Tested in three different installs in 5.3, including after svn up.
Tested in FF and IE8.
tracker item
Cannot modify user in tiki-adminusers
We recently upgraded from Tiki-4.X to Tiki-5.X. We are running Tiki-5.3.

There seems to be a bug when trying to modify a user under the administration page (tiki-adminusers.php). When trying to click on a user, one is asked to confirm (which is a new workflow) and then taken to the Edit User page. However, when one tries to modify something (e.g. password, email address), you are asked to confirm again, but it never completes.

Here is a set of detailed steps to reproduce the problem:
# Go to admin users (tiki-adminusers.php)
# Click on user "demo"
# Click "Click here to confirm your action"
# Change email address from demo@demo.com to demo@demo.org
# Click "Save"
# Click "Click here to confirm your action"
* Nothing happens. The page address is "tiki-adminusers.php#", but it never changes from the confirm action page. "Go Back" does not work, but "Return to Home Page" does.
tracker item
Cannot modify user password
I installed Tiki 5.3 from Fantastico and then ran the setup script.

I was able to create some new users and assign them to groups.

The problems manifested when I attempted to change the default admin password and the password that I forgot for one of the new users.

Upon clicking "Edit Account Settings" next to the user, tiki-adminusers.php is displayed with the user number (e.g. tiki-adminusers.php?user=3).

There are three buttons, clicking the one to "confirm" the action causes tiki-adminusers to display a form for editing the password, email, etc. for the user.

"Saving Changes" causes tiki-admin users to again present the three buttons, this time without any user number on the URL.

Clicking to "Confirm" adds a "#" sign to the end of the URL, but nothing seems to happen.

The original password is unchanged and other values entered on the form are unchanged.
tracker item
Cannot update tracker item even if proper rights are granted
We have a registered user X with right tiki_p_modify_tracker_items.
X tries to update a field using the tracker wiki plugin, and fails.
"You do not have permission to modify an item"
Please review my correction proposal. I am rather new with both php and TW.
tracker item
Cannot View Tracker item on View Tab
Have an issue which is not consistent across all of my trackers, but appears in those most recent, ie. within last year. Although the View all trackers lists all items, when an individual tracker item is selected, nothing is showing on the view tab, but you can see the information when selecting the edit tab. Example at [http://cytopathnet.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=3|CLIA Forum-CYTOPATHNET ].
tracker item
Categories get name truncated above 99 chars
It is possible to type a long name of category, but the name gets truncated at 99 or 100 chars without warning. If the length of categories’ names is limited to 99, the field to enter categories should be limited to 99 also. Maybe the screen should say "max 99" beside the text entry zone.

Uploading a csv with a name longer than 99 gives an error message. The category is created but the name gets truncated. Children categories, having the category with long name for parent, are not created.

It makes impossible to upload the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) Summary: the first category for example, "0 SCIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. ORGANIZATION. COMPUTER SCIENCE. INFORMATION. DOCUMENTATION. LIBRARIANSHIP. INSTITUTIONS. PUBLICATIONS" is 127 chars.
In the UDC Summary, the longer entry seems to be 173 chars. It seems to me reasonable to allow for categories with names of 256 chars, even if shorter names are recommended.
tracker item
Category children of self breaks the system
Working about "http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=3466", I did upload a huge categories csv.
I had a category giving itself as parent, by mistake:
(many, many lines)
"811.353.1 Georgian language","…","811.353.1 Georgian language"
This gave an error message.

After this, my tiki is completely broken: all pages involving categories (categories, wiki, articles, files) are simply blank. (But I saw later — see comment — that the offending line is not in the database. The problem can be something else.)

Any idea about the problem and how to repair this?
tracker item
Category permission check for wiki page menu option not working in some cases
Wiki pages links are case insensitive but the category permission check for wiki pages menu entry only works if the case of the link matches the case of the wiki page name.

Say you have a wiki page called "Foo" and the "Registered" group has view permission to this page granted by a category. If you create a menu entry linking to the "Foo" page and set the URL as "((Foo))" everything will work as expected. But if you set the URL as "((foo))" the menu option will not appear to the users of the "Registered" group. Obviously for this to happen the "Registered" group must not have global tiki_p_view.

This does not happen if object permissions, instead of category permissions, grant access to the "Foo" page.
tracker item
CC mod doesn't allow transactions after upgrade to Tiki 4
CC Mod doesn't work any more after upgrade to Tiki4:

When attemptint to add a transaction of "invert" type, I get:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method CcLib::convert_sortmode() in /home/moviments/httpd/tiki40dns/lib/cc/cclib.php on line 94

at http://intercanvis.net
tracker item
cdn domain should redirect to non cdn domain, for non static content
((doc:CDN)) helps with performance

However, a side effect is that cdn domain can also be visited. It's not linked anywhare so it should stay secret

If you try to login, you'll get: "You have to enable cookies to be able to login to this site"
tracker item
Chained use of the dynamic list item type in trackers
Tracker 1
X text field
Y text field

Tracker 2
Y text field
Z text field

Tracker 3
R item link to 1,X
S dyn item list of 1,Y by linking R=X
T dyn item list of 2,Z by linking S=Y <-- this one does not work
tracker item
Change a tracker item status to closed after a specified date
Our org is trying to create a tracker for short term employment vacancies. In the tracker we have a date field called "deadline" where we want an applicant to respond to the vacancy before that date. What we would like is for the vacancy (tracker item) to change status to "close" after that date automatically.

I have found in [http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1694] that [http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-user_information.php?userId=21|sylvie] made a comment:
- must be finished before can be a date field. what happens to the item after? (I have on my list 'an item change status after n days')
which sounds roughly the same as what I am trying to accomplish.
Can someone elaborate or let me know if it is possible to automate the closing of items?

tracker item
check for dependencies in (jquery) sheets and show some hint about using it when in spreadsheets
Using latest trunk from today (Feb 1, 2010)
Installed blank new tiki site, enabled tiki sheets.

(1) When adding a new sheet, some hint could be shown about the chance to use jquery.sheet interface.

I enabled jquery.sheet plugin, but not ajax.

(2) If ajax is required for jquery.sheet to work (that's what I've been told, but I don't know for sure myself), jquery.sheet should report that ajax is needed and show a link to enable it.
tracker item
Check For Updates Now
Version 5.4 is out but under "General Preferences," the "Check For Updates Now" does not work
tracker item
check_feature fields missing from tables when upgrading fom 2.1 to 5
When running the upgrade using tiki-install.php to upgrade from 2.1 to 5 33 database errors are reported. Several of these are "Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'" errors.

During an upgrade, it is normal to have SQL failures resulting with Table already exists messages.

-- 2009-11-05 lphuberdeau CREATE TABLE `tiki_auth_tokens` ( `tokenId` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `creation` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `timeout` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `token` CHAR(32), `entry` VARCHAR(50), `parameters` VARCHAR(255), `groups` VARCHAR(255), PRIMARY KEY( `tokenId` ), KEY `tiki_auth_tokens_token` (`token`) ) Table 'tiki_auth_tokens' already exists

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_dsn_query', 'Can execute arbitrary queries on a given DSN', 'admin', 'dsn', NULL, NULL) Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

CREATE TABLE `tiki_file_backlinks` ( `fileId` int(14) NOT NULL, `objectId` int(12) NOT NULL, KEY `objectId` (`objectId`), KEY `fileId` (`fileId`) ); Table 'tiki_file_backlinks' already exists

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_view_newsletter', 'Can view the archive of a newsletters', 'basic', 'newsletters', NULL, 'feature_newsletters') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_perspective_edit', 'Can edit the perspective', 'admin', 'perspective', NULL, 'feature_perspective') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_perspective_create', 'Can create a perspective', 'admin', 'perspective', NULL, 'feature_perspective') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_perspective_admin', 'Can admin perspectives', 'admin', 'perspective', 'y', 'feature_perspective') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

CREATE TABLE `tiki_payment_requests` ( `paymentRequestId` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `amount` DECIMAL(7,2) NOT NULL, `amount_paid` DECIMAL(7,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0.0, `currency` CHAR(3) NOT NULL, `request_date` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `due_date` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, `cancel_date` TIMESTAMP NULL, `description` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, `actions` TEXT, PRIMARY KEY( `paymentRequestId` ) ) Table 'tiki_payment_requests' already exists CREATE TABLE `tiki_payment_received` ( `paymentReceivedId` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `paymentRequestId` INT NOT NULL, `payment_date` TIMESTAMP DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `amount` DECIMAL(7,2), `type` VARCHAR(15), `details` TEXT, PRIMARY KEY(`paymentReceivedId`), KEY `payment_request_ix` (`paymentRequestId`) ) Table 'tiki_payment_received' already exists INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_payment_admin', 'Can administer payments', 'admin', 'payment', 'y', 'payment_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_payment_view', 'Can view payment requests and details', 'admin', 'payment', NULL, 'payment_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_payment_manual', 'Can enter manual payments', 'admin', 'payment', NULL, 'payment_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_payment_request', 'Can request a payment', 'admin', 'payment', NULL, 'payment_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

INSERT INTO users_permissions (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES ('tiki_p_admin_modules', 'User can Administer Modules', 'registered', 'tiki', NULL, NULL) Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_blog_post_view_ref', 'Can view in module and feed the blog posts', 'basic', 'blogs', NULL, 'feature_blogs') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_blog_view_ref', 'Can view in module and feed the blog', 'basic', 'blogs', NULL, 'feature_blogs') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

ALTER TABLE tiki_payment_requests ADD COLUMN detail TEXT Duplicate column name 'detail'

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_wiki_view_ref', 'Can view in module and feed the wiki pages reference', 'basic', 'wiki', NULL, 'feature_wiki') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

CREATE TABLE `tiki_rss_items` ( `rssItemId` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, `rssId` INT NOT NULL, `guid` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, `url` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, `publication_date` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `title` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, `author` VARCHAR(255), `description` TEXT, `content` TEXT, KEY `tiki_rss_items_rss` (`rssId`), UNIQUE `tiki_rss_items_item` (`rssId`, `guid`) ) Table 'tiki_rss_items' already exists ALTER TABLE `tiki_rss_modules` DROP COLUMN `content` Can't DROP 'content'; check that column/key exists ALTER TABLE `tiki_rss_modules` ADD COLUMN `sitetitle` VARCHAR(255) Duplicate column name 'sitetitle' ALTER TABLE `tiki_rss_modules` ADD COLUMN `siteurl` VARCHAR(255) Duplicate column name 'siteurl'

CREATE TABLE `tiki_user_login_cookies` ( `userId` INT NOT NULL, `secret` CHAR(64) NOT NULL, `expiration` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`userId`, `secret`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=1 Table 'tiki_user_login_cookies' already exists

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_rate_article', 'Can rate articles', 'basic', 'cms', NULL, 'feature_articles') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

CREATE TABLE `tiki_object_attributes` ( `attributeId` INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, `type` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `itemId` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `attribute` varchar(25) NOT NULL, `value` varchar(100), UNIQUE `item_attribute_uq` ( `type`, `itemId`, `attribute` ), KEY `attribute_lookup_ix` (`attribute`, `value`) ) Table 'tiki_object_attributes' already exists

CREATE TABLE `tiki_rating_configs` ( `ratingConfigId` INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, `expiry` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 3600, `formula` TEXT NOT NULL, `callbacks` TEXT ) Table 'tiki_rating_configs' already exists CREATE TABLE `tiki_rating_obtained` ( `ratingId` INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, `ratingConfigId` INT NOT NULL, `type` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, `object` INT NOT NULL, `expire` INT NOT NULL, `value` FLOAT NOT NULL, UNIQUE `tiki_obtained_rating_uq` (`type`, `object`, `ratingConfigId`) ) Table 'tiki_rating_obtained' already exists

ALTER TABLE `tiki_auth_tokens` ADD COLUMN `hits` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `timeout` Duplicate column name 'hits'

CREATE TABLE `tiki_object_relations` ( `relationId` INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, `relation` varchar(25) NOT NULL, `source_type` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `source_itemId` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `target_type` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `target_itemId` varchar(255) NOT NULL, KEY `relation_source_ix` (`source_type`, `source_itemId`), KEY `relation_target_ix` (`target_type`, `target_itemId`) ) Table 'tiki_object_relations' already exists

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_tracker_dump', 'Can save a CSV backup of entire trackers', 'admin', 'trackers', NULL, 'feature_trackers') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_bigbluebutton_join', 'Can join a meeting', 'basic', 'bigbluebutton', NULL, 'bigbluebutton_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_bigbluebutton_moderate', 'Can moderate a meeting', 'admin', 'bigbluebutton', NULL, 'bigbluebutton_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `users_permissions` (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`, `admin`, `feature_check`) VALUES('tiki_p_bigbluebutton_create', 'Can create a meeting', 'admin', 'bigbluebutton', NULL, 'bigbluebutton_feature') Unknown column 'feature_check' in 'field list'

If you think that the errors of a patch can be ignored, please check the checkbox associated to it before clicking on continue.
tracker item
Checkbox field does not work in the tracker plugin (TW5.0Beta1)
Created a tracker and a checkbox field in it next to some other fields.
Set appropriate permissions.
When submitting the form, the checkbox is always unchanged.

relevant html source fragment:
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="/tikiwiki-5.0.Beta1/tiki-index.php?page=Test&itemId=3">
<input type="hidden" name="trackit" value="3" />
<input type="hidden" name="iTRACKER" value="1" />
<input type="hidden" name="refresh" value="1" />
<input type="hidden" name="page" value="Test" />
<table class="wikiplugin_tracker">
<input type="text" id="track_55" name="track[55]" size="80" maxlength="80" value="My name is XY" /></td></tr>
<tr><td>Check this to confirm</td><td>
<input type="checkbox" name="track[72]" checked="checked"/></td></tr>
<div class="input_submit_container">
<input class='button submit' type='submit' name='action' value='Confirm' />

track[55] is available, while track[72] is not

used Firefox 3.6.6
tracker item
Color popup in Wiki editor is broken
The Foreground Color popup in the Wiki editor has broken in the last week, both on my site and right here on dev.tikiwiki.org. Instead of bringing up a box of colors for selection, it brings up a black line.

I suspect that the vertical size of the box was corrupted in a recent update.
tracker item
Colorbox popup for wiki images doesn't recognize viewport size.
When the 'rel="shadowbox"' parameter is used with a wiki image, the popup expands to the full size of the original image, so scrolling is needed to see all of the image. Previously, the popup size was limited to some percentage of the viewport size.

Also, the "prev/next" links are missing when 'rel="shadowbox[[gallery]' is used; this is also a regression from before.
tracker item
Completely multilingual Tiki not just Wiki
I wish the wonderful multilingual features that the Wiki side of
TikiWiki has were available/applied consistently throughout the Tiki package.

So, it works really well to view wiki pages in your own languages,
translate into others and keep these in sync collaboratively.

While you stay in the Wiki side of things.

As soon as you leave to use files, forums and FAQs etc. etc. multilingual is patchy at best.

I'd like to be confident that whatever feature I enable, its possible
for all content in that feature to be truly multilingual.

tracker item
Confusing search module buttons
The buttons after the text input in the search module are confusing. I doubt if people generally know whether to click "search" or "go". There should at least be tooltips for these to explain the difference. Also, "Edit" shouldn't display unless the user has wiki edit permission, seems to me.
tracker item
Create a profile from the Social Networking enhancements (luci) usable for Barter networks
As reported in the ((cc)) page, luci joined the team adding a profile to use his enhancements for social networking, so that they can be used in the use case of Barter networks. ( http://intercanvis.net , etc.)
tracker item
create new/edit file gallery form
this picture shows, that there is no selection box for the selection of a parent gallery for this (new) gallery presented at the form.
debugger console breaks the admin panels
When debugger is activated, the admin panel is no more working. I have mainly 2 effects :
* when I am on tiki-admin.php (the main page), I cannot go to any of the admin panel (features, freetags, look, etc...)
* When I go directly to an admin page by giving the url by my own (eg. tiki-admin?page=look), the tabs are not working.

Once debugger console is deactivated, everything works well.
tracker item
default sort mode missing in tw.o forums
there is still that issue sometimes with the error undefined "thread sort mode" if you preview an answer before posting it at tw. forums.

It heppened to me again when attempting to reply to a thread with a comment already, and I previewed my post first before attemptint to post it.
When I clicked on post, I saw that message.

TW.o is currently using tiki5beta1 r26677
tracker item
Deprecated notices re xajax when assigning perms
I get several notices like this:

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ...\branches\5.x\lib\ajax\xajax\xajax_core\xajaxAIO.inc.php on line 428

when opening the group permissions page (approximately r27704). This is on Windows with PHP 5.3.1.

tracker item
Detect browser language not working when global language is not English
Detect browser language is not working to me (to luciash, in fact, in a site which I admin), in a recently upgraded site from 2.4 to 3.0.

This affects Tiki 3 to 7 and is a regression from Tiki 2.
tracker item
dev.tw.o search at the header shows system error
(18:30:35) xavi: to reproduce: I did search for "Report" at the top bar search
(18:30:42) xavi: showing this url: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-searchresults.php?highlight=Report&search=Go
(18:30:47) xavi: with this error:
(18:31:14) xavi: [off] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '? and ttif.`value`=? and ttifOut.`fieldId`=?' at line 2 The query was: select ttifOut.`value` from `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttifOut, `tiki_tracker_item_fields` ttif where ttifOut.`itemId`= ttif.`itemId`and ttif.`fieldId`=? and ttif.`value`=? and ttifOut.`fieldId`=?

Update on March 31st 2010, using Last update from SVN (5.0alpha): Friday 26 March, 2010 09:12:40 CET - REV 26326 :

{img src=http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_item_attachment.php?attId=236 desc="http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_item_attachment.php?attId=236"}
tracker item
dev.tw.o: users apparently can delete their tracker items but they are not deleted and no message
dev.tw.o: users apparently can delete their tracker items but they are not deleted and no message

To reproduce:
* Log in as normal user to dev.tw.o (without admin perms) (ot test with user "xavi" if you prefer).
* report a bug/wish
* edit it in order to see the edit form
* click on the red cross to delete it
* after that, you are shown the list of tracker items, as if your tracker item was already deleted. No message indicating any problem is shown. However, the tracker item is not deleted.
+ Example: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=2879

reported in comments as still around in tiki5 and tiki6
tracker item
Disabling the Search box on Search Results page also removes it from the search bar
Tested on info.tw.o with FiveAlive theme...

Disabling the __Search box__ option on the Admin: Search page, Search Results tab (tiki-admin.php?page=search) will remove the Search bar from the menu.

This is incorrect behavior.
tracker item
Disallow tiki-tell_a_friend.php in robots.txt
Calendar URLs are currently excluded for spiders and bots, for example:


excluded by entries:

Disallow: tiki-calendar.php
Disallow: /tiki-calendar.php

However, the URL /tiki-tell_a_friend.php?url=%2Fcalendar%3Ffocus%3D1268089200%26viewmode%3Dweek would be spidered instead.
tracker item
Disappering comments in page
I replied to a comment in the page WikiPedia. At that moment, there were already two comments. When I published my comment, the two other comments disappeared. The page still says there are three comments, but My browser can only see either zero or one (mine)
tracker item
Display of many text after upgrade of a database coded UTF8 defined latin1 as UTF8 code

When you use an existing database (UTF8 coded but charset=latin1 and collate=latin1-swedish-ci) converted by tiki-install 5.0 :

1- the titles and contents are displayed : as pure utf8 is saying the French texts (tables defined charset=latin1) :

A- Titles of any item
"L'échec et ses conséquences" is displayed :
" L'échecs et ses conséquences"

B- Texts of dictionnary (language.php UTF8 encoded) as
"créé à partir d'une structure" (comment the update or creation origin of a document) is too displayed
"créé à partir d'une structure"

C- Contents of Wiki or articles : id

D- Menu options : are well displayed
The text comes from the same file language.php (fr)

E- Tiles of column of tables etc. : well displayed

F- Warning messages ?

Everything behaves like the titles and contents even defined as charset=latin1 are dsiplyed as UTF8 while the others are threated well.
Is it a relation with the fact that "modify" action never displays anything because of the query, I will try to understand.

Everything was displayed well in 4.x versions

tracker item
Display Problems in utf-8 : part of text are displayed as latin1 into encoded page utf-8.
!!phenomenon :
On a particular configuration, not identified yet, pieces of text are displayed as latin1 in a pagecode identified as utf-8 encoded.

!!test and facts :
# From a database well encoded utf8 and used with 5.0 on windows : export sql and look at encoding in hexa editor.
# Create from sql file two new database one on a windows installation, the other on Linux (OVH)
# Copy 5.3 to both installations.
# Run install and uses upgrade and convert
# Export databases to sql
# Compare the sql file : identical main data
# On loading the same page from the two servers we obtain two different displays :
## - Locally the delivered html page is clean and well displayed (sourcepage save and edited in hexa and firebug)
##__ - From the OVH server all the data from database are converted to latin1(where ?, probably served by mysql converted to latin1) while the text form system (language file) are displayed in utf8.__
# __ - The behaviour of the OVH installation is completely erratic (because the data are served converted and all indexes request and keys with accents become wrong)
# The Administrator general display says : "database error"__

!!question :
Why the data served to tikiwiki, with exactly the same parameters and data, are right on my server and converted into latin1 on the OVH configuration ?
I have not yet searched into the product, and I don't know, previously, how tikiwiki holds the encoding.

I think that who have developed these piece of product is able to tell me where the encoding to serve by mysql to the product is defined and which parameter can have an effect on the linux server and not on the one on windows.
tracker item
Dumps do not include wiki file attachments
Using Tiki 5.0, create a wiki page with a link to file attachment (uploaded to that page).
Then generate and download a new Dump of the wiki.
Unarchive the downloaded new.tar Dump file.
Open the .html file corresponding to the wiki page created in the first step.
Examine the link to the file attachment.

Expected results:
Expect the wiki page to have a hyperlink to the file attachment.
Expect the file attachment to be included in the tar archive.

Actual results:
There is no hyperlink to the attachment on the Dumped wiki page, but instead the text "No such attachment on this page".
In fact, the page attachment isn't even included in Dumped tar archive.

I realise that the file attachments are included in the Export functionality, but I find the Dump functionality is very handy to be able quickly share a wiki's content with a user who does not have network access to the wiki, nor has the tikiwiki software installed.
tracker item
Duplicate notifications sent when group and user watches set on same page
If a user Alain sets a watch on a page, and there is already a group watch on that page for a group to which he belongs, then Alain gets two notifications whenever the page is changed.

This was found on terminology.tikiwiki.org which runs 4.x
tracker item
dynamic items list does not populate when inserting a new item
We recently upgraded from Tiki-4.X to Tiki-5.X. We are running Tiki-5.3.

When adding a new tracker item, the dynamic items list is not populated initially. After saving the item, and then going back to edit it, the dynamic items list works fine, even when changing the fieldIdHere.

Steps to recreate:
# Given a tracker 8 with a list of unique items (e.g. fruit) in field 41
** e.g. apple, pear, etc.
# Given a tracker 9 with versions of items in tracker 8
** field 47 item link to tracker 8 field 41
** field 48 item version
*** e.g. gala apple
# Given a tracker 10 with issues about a certain fruit and version
** field 51, item link to tracker 8 field 41 (options=8,41,0)
** field 52, dynamic list to tracker 9 (options=9,47,51,48,0)
# When inserting a new item in tracker 10, select fruit (field 51)
# Field 52 has no information
# Save item
# Edit item, select version (field 52)
** can also change fruit and dynamic list is auto updated to the new sets of versions for that fruit from tracker 9

tracker item
Dynamic list does not work in the tracker plugin when its reference field (normally an item link) is not shown in the form, with patch
Tracker plugin:
Imagine we would like to offer modification of a dynamic list field without offering modification of its reference field. In this case, the dynamic list should fall-back to a simple list with no selectValue calls in the js.
tracker item
Easy way to compare configuration of 2 Tiki sites
How are the various *.tiki.org sites different in their configuration?

How about compared to the default setting?

How could we have a diff of 2 site's config? Perhaps this could be exported as a profile, and thus an easy way to "copy"/migrate configs from one site to another.

Ex.: in a staging & prod setup...

See: ((Configuration Management))

tracker item
Edit blogs : the size of the panel is automatically smaller than the text width....
As the calculated size of the line, depends of the size of the panel (resizable) is wrong (too of some ... <unable to translate, in printing in french the length unit "point">).
Then the line is always too long of a few for the panel (words or half of words cut before splitting the line).

This makes the blog edition unusable in normal conditions because to edit a text we have to make horizontal scroll continuously.

Analysis : the calculation of the length of line written in text editors is always complex. Generally today there is no problem, but the system which is behind editors is very complex to take in account all display configurations.

(nota : For my own I had developed some years ago a draw system - for engineering, Computer Assisted Drawings - system for windows displaying HPGL2 language drawings with fonts conversion from HPGL2 fonts system to True type, then I know well in details the whole problem)

~~#F0C:__With this problem, I can't let use the tikiwiki 5.3 by my bloggers.__~~

So I have written a warning take care "sorry very difficult to use"
tracker item
Edit conflict detection should be more obvious: detect that source has changed since start of edit
Edit a page

If latest wiki source is now different than what it was when I clicked edit, Tiki should tell me so I can manually merge issues.

{wish id=1191}
{wish id=2488}
tracker item
Editing page option "check orthography" crashes save

If you activate the function "check orthography" in params of a tiki page when editing it, When you save you get systematically the following error :

__!System error.__

Le message d'erreur suivant a été renvoyé :

__Table 'spacprottwk153.babl_words_fr' doesn't exist__

The query was :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`=? or `word`=?

Valeurs :

1. Table
2. table

The built query was likely :
select `word` from `babl_words_fr` where `word`='Table' or `word`='table'

Things to check:


Is your database up and running?

Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database

Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in db/local.php)

Did you complete the Tiki Installer?

Please see the documentation for more information.

__The database is conform to update from 4.1 and validated__
tracker item
Email a periodic digest (report) of a tracker activity (new open, and changed to pending or closed)
Email a periodic digest (report) of a tracker activity (new open, and changed to pending or closed).

For sites with low activity but high interest in the users on a specific tracker activity, such as Barter networks ( http://intercanvis.net and similar) such feature is needed for users, who register, but then, after a few months, they don't visit the tiki site any more to see notifications of changes (and they didn't know how to browse the categ. tree to select which categories to watch.

However, other (closed source) bartner software sends a monthly digest to registered users with new items added to each tracker. And this would be very welcome by users (usability)
tracker item
Email SMTP address reconization error
On the latest Beta Version of TikiWiki (5.0 Beta 2) the admin email settings under General option cannot set SMTP. This works fine in 4.x versions.

For example my smtp server address is auth.smtp.1and1.co.uk

Some how the number 1 here is translated to auth.smtp.oneandone.co.uk hence giving the error that the smtp is not valid.

Thank you.
tracker item
Email-style wiki parsing, for webmail and for copy-paste of email conversation in a wiki page
The title says it all!
tracker item
Enhancement for sorting items within structures
When pages are added to a structure, they appear in chronological order. Placing the pages in order is extremely time intensive. Please consider creating one or more of the following options:

1) A menu choice for alpha sort on a per level basis.
2) The ability to drag and drop entries. (See Netflix queue page.)
3) The ability to manually renumber the page order value and then update all. (See Netflix queue page.)

Additionally, please note that positioning pages by using the up/down icons sometimes creates apparently random placement:

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four

Selecting the up icon from "3. Three" can sometimes result in:

1. Three <<<< out of place
2. One
3. Two
4. Four

instead of

1. One
2. Three <<< where it should have gone
3. Two
4. Four

Thank you!
tracker item
Enhancement request for PluginInclude: Option to define length of included text in lines or character (eg. php fuction: substr)
To ba able to preview (a list of) pages which may change (top pages) and not to have to add start and end tags to every single page.
tracker item
Errors on top of tiki-objectpermissions.php page
Forum last posts module gives the following Notice errors on top of tiki-objectpermissions.php page and messes up the font size of permissions list.

Notice: Undefined index: forumId in ../proposed/5.x/lib/core/lib/Perms.php on line 185

Notice: Undefined index: forumId in ../proposed/5.x/lib/core/lib/Perms.php on line 229

For every topic created you will get another 2 of those Notices.
When there are 100 forum topics not that hard to get you will need to scroll down 200 lines of notices just to edit a few permissions.

Turn on feature forum
Asign forum last posts module
Create a forum and a topic

One of the notices i got is fixed in Revision 29138
Notice: Use of undefined constant ttz - assumed 'ttz' in ../proposed/5.x/lib/tikilib.php on line 7682
tracker item
Event limit for calendar_new module
The calendar_new module does not display event links or popup boxes after a certain point in the month view when there are many events in a given month. The links and popups re-appear in week view or in month view if fewer calendars are aggregated into the mini-calendar. If an event is deleted in one of the aggregated calendars, the mini-calendar will show an additional day of links/popups. The problem appears to be associated with the number of events that must be displayed, although I cannot verify this. The links and popups disappear after about 35-50 events have been displayed.
tracker item
Expiration Date
In creating an article, there is a publish date. But there is no expiration date entry.
Yet the article listing shows an expiration date (1 year after pub date).
I cannot determine how that expiration date was set, nor to edit it or disable it.

This appears in both 4.0 and 5.0, in various themes.

tracker item
External feeds do not update without dom extension
This may be 2 bugs:

When you select Admin - External feeds and create a new feed, a blank page is presented after clicking "Save." It appears as though the external feed is saved, though.

Created feeds are not being updated on a schedule, nor are they being updated when the "Refresh" option is clicked. Clicking "Refresh" results in a blank page being displayed.

This has been ((http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=37418&topics_offset=23&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&forumId=4|reported on the forum.))
tracker item
external feeds don't show date any more (just bullet points) since upgrade to 4.x or 5.x (they seemed to work well in 3.x)
External feeds don't show anymore the date of the feeded content, and they used to do while in Tiki3. After upgrade to Tiki4 and Tiki5 (or with new Tiki5 installs), dates are not shown any more.

The problem might be in the Tiki providing the feeds, not the tiki getting them.

http://moviments.net (using Tiki 3.5 by the time of this bug report) is set to fetch in a module in the right column (called "__Altres esdeveniments__") the feed from a site with Tiki 5rc2 (from svn) here:

Previously, the right modules in moviments.net was showing the dates properly of each calendar item fetched.
tracker item
External link icon should be a CSS class
In tikilib.php, the external link icon is hardcoded:
{CODE(wrap="1",colors="php")} if ($prefs['feature_wiki_ext_icon'] == 'y' && !$options['suppress_icons']) {
$ext_icon = "<img border=\"0\" class=\"externallink\" src=\"img/icons/external_link.gif\" alt=\" (external link)\" />";

That is not good if you want that icon to be different.
You have to overwrite img/icons/external_link.gif with your own, and remember to re-overwrite it when updated to a new Tiki.

It would be better to either allow the user/admin to give a link to an alternative icon, or even better: put it in CSS, so that it can be overwritten in themes.

A quick fix would be to change line 5806 and line 6245 from this:
{CODE(wrap="1",colors="php")}$ext_icon = "<img border=\"0\" class=\"externallink\" src=\"img/icons/external_link.gif\" alt=\" (external link)\" />";{CODE}
to this:
{CODE(wrap="1",colors="php")}$ext_icon = "<span class=\"externallink\">   </span>";
And then put a CSS class in design.css or other appropriate css file, so that it can be overridden by theme css:
background: url(img/icons/external_link.gif) no-repeat;
tracker item
Extra fields for wiki pages
In many cases, have extra structured fields in wiki pages would come in handy. Ex.: a glossary of terms may need a field for noun, adjective, etc.

Categories and tags are not in the version history, and it would be clunky anyway.

((doc:Pretty trackers)) are awesome when it's a data centric context. But when the structure emerges from the wiki, it's better to have extra fields to wiki pages.
tracker item
Facilitate links and syntax
There are many pages within t.o that have spaces. On the other hand, the WikiSyntax historically uses WikiWords. I also see that tiki supports aliases for pages. This led me to the following suggestion:

- Propose to render WikiWords as "Wiki Words" in the page. This makes it easier to read. Obviously this mean one control more ...
- When parsing a page, and there is no page for a specific WikiWord, look for the page 'Wiki Word' (adding a space before each capital).

Advantage : this would allow people coming from other wikis to make links with WikiWords, even for pages like ((Wiki Plugins)), without the need for clumsy parenthesis everywhere.
tracker item
feature_sefurl : 5.1rc1 fails, so any request for display of a page (magnifier icon) fails

On my system :

__feature_sefurl don't functions normally.__

Important : Subject feature_sefurl : last version 5.1rc1 (current yesterday but may be before). The feature_sefurl don't functions normally (I have not searched why, I don't look at in details to this part).

__So if the option is activated all url(s) as

__''site/<page name> ''__

fail and any action, particularly page-object-display (magnifier icon) reaches a 404 error. __

nota : naturally, if the option is not activated the url generated for display of pages is :
''site/tiki-index.php?page=<page name> ''__

which functions normally.


tracker item
File galleries broken after 4.3 to 5.x upgrade
Yesterday I upgraded from 4.3 to 5.2, and everytying seemed to go ok (all upgrade operations were executed successfully). However, every time I try to edit or create a file gallery I get the same error message, which seems to be related to a missing field (show_lastDownload) in the tiki_file_galleries table.

I copy below one of such errors. Please, note that, according to the community forums [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=38578&topics_offset=2&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&forumId=6|this issue was already reported for a 4.3 to 5.1 upgrade].

I think that a) somebody should check the upgrade for a possible bug, and if possible b) find a way to solve this issue for sites running tiki 5.x with this feature broken.


The following error message was returned:

Unknown column 'show_lastDownload' in 'field list'

The query was:
insert into `tiki_file_galleries`(`name`, `description`, `created`, `user`, `lastModif`, `maxRows`, `public`, `hits`, `visible`, `show_id`, `show_icon`, `show_name`, `show_description`, `show_created`, `show_hits`, `show_lastDownload`, `max_desc`, `type`, `parentId`, `lockable`, `show_lockedby`, `archives`, `sort_mode`, `show_modified`, `show_creator`, `show_author`, `subgal_conf`, `show_last_user`, `show_comment`, `show_files`, `show_explorer`, `show_path`, `show_slideshow`, `default_view`, `quota`, `image_max_size_x`, `image_max_size_y`, `backlinkPerms`, `show_backlinks`) values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)


1. mytestfilegallery
3. 1285469672
4. jme
5. 1285469672
6. 25
7. n
8. 0
9. y
10. o
11. y
12. f
13. n
14. y
15. y
16. n
17. 1024
18. default
19. 19
20. n
21. n
22. -1
24. y
25. o
26. o
28. o
29. o
30. y
31. y
32. y
34. list
35. 0
36. 0
37. 0
38. n
39. n

The built query was likely:
insert into `tiki_file_galleries`(`name`, `description`, `created`, `user`, `lastModif`, `maxRows`, `public`, `hits`, `visible`, `show_id`, `show_icon`, `show_name`, `show_description`, `show_created`, `show_hits`, `show_lastDownload`, `max_desc`, `type`, `parentId`, `lockable`, `show_lockedby`, `archives`, `sort_mode`, `show_modified`, `show_creator`, `show_author`, `subgal_conf`, `show_last_user`, `show_comment`, `show_files`, `show_explorer`, `show_path`, `show_slideshow`, `default_view`, `quota`, `image_max_size_x`, `image_max_size_y`, `backlinkPerms`, `show_backlinks`) values ('mytestfilegallery','','1285469672','jme','1285469672','25','n','0','y','o','y','f','n','y','y','n','1024','default','19','n','n','-1',NULL,'y','o','o',NULL,'o','o','y','y','y',NULL,'list','0','0','0','n','n')
tracker item
Filter not working correctly for radio button tracker field
When I filter on a radio button field using TrackerFilter plugin, and I choose radio or checkbox for the formatting, I get two buttons/boxes for "Any" plus one for each radio button in the field.


* Any
* Yes
* No

where * denotes a button or box, and the dashes denote a break between elements

tracker item
Fivealive theme width (right hand column too far down)
Using the default fivealive theme on tiki.org and on a fresh install has the unwanted effect of the right hand column being far off to the right, and below the content (have to scroll down & across to see it).
Using Firefox 3.0, Linux.
tracker item
Floating top and/or bottom (footer) menu items (and why not left & right too)
We should have some ready-made zones, where template designers can just

It should be possible to populate these zones with Site Identity or in the templates.

Please examples of floating boxes here:

It could also be pull out thingies or horizontal bars
tracker item
Forum rankings broken
tiki-forum_rankings.php is broken since Tiki 4 due to its usage of function forums_ranking_last_topics(), which was removed:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tiki/6.x/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 70


Fatal error: Call to undefined method RankLib::forums_ranking_last_topics() in /var/www/tikitrunk/tiki-forum_rankings.php on line 72

The method was removed in r20573.
tracker item
Forum Sort by Topic Fails
!!!Update: 2011-01-31
Recommend Closure
Problem apparently fixed with the upgrade to V6.1

In a Forum, setting topic sort order to Topic (Ascend/Descend) results in an error screen (see pic2). This is true for global and Forum-specific settings (see pic1). As far as I can determine, the suggested actions have been completed (Installer, corruption, DB credentials). Also, the current BugReport only references an email address rather than the details shown for other reports on the page.

An error occured while performing the request.

Things to check:

1. Did you complete the Tiki Installer?
2. Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database
3. Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in

Request this be corrected within the current development cycle (v6.x), ver 5.4 if possible or... point me to a fix if this is a configuration issue or, if needed, I may be able to incorporate a code fix.

tracker item
Forum: Delete own posts permission
Users with the proper permission should be able to delete their own posts and unreplied topics in forums.

At the moment, only users with ''tiki_p_admin_forum'' permission and the forum moderators can delete posts and topics, but this also gives total control over the forums, something not desirable for regular users.
tracker item


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools