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openid login currently not working for me, and it did months ago
I can't login to http://wiki-translation.com (using 1.10svn from june'08) with my openid account

I successfully used that openid account months ago to create a linked tiki account here (xavidp), but it seems that currently it doesn't work. Using the openid box I get the error:

"Authentication error; not a valid OpenID."

Maybe openid is broken? We are using kubrick theme there...
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"No such attachment on this page" appearing after change of behavior of PluginFile
Between Tiki2 and Tiki3, behavior of PlginFile changed, and is causing "No such attachment on this page" errors

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/tiki-map.phtml gives 500 Internal Server Error (if no maps configured?)
I only activated the feature and clicked on "Maps" in the menu - that gave me the mentioned 500 Error.
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12.x: content of tracker comments tab is not shown! (in dev.t.o)
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12x: Wiki 3D (morcego java applet) doesn't load due to security settings
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a module would be wonderful for the new slideshow features (mootols and jquery)
a module would be wonderful for the new slideshow features (mootols and jquery) . So far, you can use the slideshow in a wiki page embedding through the iframe plugin the url of the slideshow, but it's way too difficult for newbies.

That module would need some param to let the user choose whether to autosatrt the slideshow, or not (liek the flash plugin with movies).

And another param for automatic loop or just play once. I would say

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Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.php
After a new calendar is created, the create calendar form is still populated, and subsequent changes will edit the already created calendar instead of creating a new one. This behavior is not apparent to the user until the edit has taken place.
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All Tiki Magic menu sublevels always display in Opera and IE
In Opera and IE7 (didn't check yet in IE6), all sublevels of the Tiki Magic admin menu display all the time. Sublevels aren't top-level item sensitive as in Firefox.
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another patch on aulawiki.1.6.2 for tikiwiki.2.2 + a new workspaces
These are more patches on aulawiki.1.6.2 posted by xavi

* Versions 1.6.2x are intended just to make aulawiki work on tikiwiki
2.2, the way it worked before.
* Versions 1.6.3x -1.6.4 were transition step.
* Versions 1.6.5x -1.7.x has put back capability to add groups to the
workspace (not only users), and see all child's groups, starting from
the topmost a user can admin, when adding perms to single workspace
This was be done by adding some new functions to workspaceslib.php:

- get_includable_child_workspaces_groups : will get all groups in WS and child workspaces, starting from the uppermost on which one has admin objectperm down, purged by veryfing a list of includable groups to avoid loop inclusion.
- user_can_admin_workspace_or_upper(), an alias of
get_topmost_workspace_Iadmin(): will get up in the workspace path and
return an upmost parent workspace one can admin, thus gives him admin
capability on the ws and children, or false.
And in lib/workspaces/userslib.php, function group_can_include_group() will check if the group we are trying to include can be included.

with these functions a RolePerm with tiki_p_admin_workspace has
view of all child workspaces and their groups down from the
topmost one he can admin, no matter in which of these he is actually
(current workspace), and be able to add groups and assign perms to
groups within all these ones (only) without need of of having
tiki_p_admin_workspaces also on any child ws.

To the intermediate objectperm tiki_p_create_workspace_resour has been given as a gift the possibility to add single users, not groups, to the workspace predefined groups. On the other hand he can grant objectperms to his resources choosing among any group that belongs to his 'workspace-level'(brothers workspaces) + his parent's (dad, see what I am doing!)

This behaviour is easily changeable in the code, as the ability to do things is stated at the top, where (object)permissions on the workspace are tested once and translated into variables used throughout the code.

In practice:
*'tiki_p_admin_workspaces' as an objectperm on a WS (got
from the RolePerms template for that type of Workspace) is de-facto a
local Workspace administrator. He can do everything (create new sub workspaces, add groups, change perms) except define new
workspace types and roles, and he sees only groups starting from the
topmost workspace he can admin to the bottom.
*tiki_p_create_workspace_resour, as objectperm on a WS (got from the
RolePerms template for that type of Workspace), can manage objectperms
of his ws resources (excluded the ws object itself) choosing among
a tree of groups that starts at his parent's level (dad, see what I am doing), includes 'brother workspaces' (on the same level, child of the same parent), down to bottom. He is a ''resource manager''. For adding users/groups to the ws, he can only add single users by typing the name, no groups. But if his ws has an admin group, he could add himself there. So __tipically workspaces either have a ws_admin role OR a ws_resource manager role__. On the other hand, a top, empty (no resources) workspace, with only an ws_admin role, would grant administration to all childs.
* For global tiki_p_admin_workspace nothing changes, although he is now prevented from including groups that include the includer, something that would put the entire site down.

For a user that has the approriate objectperms from the roles template
to the workspace (tiki_p_admin_workspace or, with less possibilities,
tiki_p_create_ws_resour, for the workspace object), everything can be
done starting from the resources module that has extra links to create child ws, add users/groups, and assign perms to resources.

The resouces module will show/hide Buttons and icons next to each
resource accordingly to what can be done by the actual type of user.

Most of the modifications happened in :

- tiki-workspaces_objectpermissions.ptp + templates
- modules/mod-workspaces_users_groups.php + templates
- lib/workspaceslib.php (new functions only)
- lib/users.php (new functions only)

With respect to the connection workspaces-categories, nothing should be changed. All categories related code is still there and used as before.

New permission scheme 1.7.0:
perm allows as allows as
name group perm objectperm
view_ws - -view the ws

create_resour - -create resour onws

admin_ws do all on any ws -add group/user to ws

perm allows as allows as
name group perm objectperm
view_ws - -view the ws

create_resour - (1) -create resour on ws
(de facto admin resour)
-change perms on ws
resources (excluded
the ws itself)
choosing from the
father ws groups and

-add single users(not groups)
to ws predefined groups

admin_ws -do all on any ws(2) -create child workspaces for
any ws from the topmost ws
he has admin rights

-change perms on ws object
itself & resources &
child-ws objects and
resources choosing from
the topmost ws groups
he has admin rights

-add any groups to any ws
choosing from the
topmost ws groups
he has admin rights

-create child workspaces to
any ws from the topmost ws
he has admin rights

(1) this slot is free! Can't we use it to allow the creation of an
'organic workspace' of some predefined type with himself as
tiki_p_create_resour objectperm on it?

(2) as he can add the 'admins' group, and add users to it, he is
defacto a tiki_p_admin.
maybe he should only be able to add 'workspaces groups'? This would
make him different from a tiki_p_admin_groups and tiki_p_admin.
see comments and examples of different possiblties in

(3) see comments and examples of different possiblties in
there's quite a lot I think, especially in the interface, making it
nicer and more intuitive.
-Add confirmation steps for various deletion actions
-Deletion of workspace does not delete its objects (should it?)
-test it really hard
-understand first, and maybe integrate, the working of 'Private Zones'
and 'user Workspace types' (isuserWS and userws filed in table).
Version 1.7.x has been committed to svn trunk.
You can now download the up-to-date version (not in mods format though) from:
The mod in the repository does not provide a working example of these new features, it has the usual Teacher/Student Roles. One has to define roles with 'tiki_p_admin_workspace' and 'tiki_p_create_workspace_resour' to see this in action
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banning by ip (not by user) shows a message "Notice: this variable may not be empty: user"
Hi, I've just added a new banning by ip rule at tw.o:

Title User/IP Sections Action
IP_dedes151_81.18.70.166 blogs, categories, cms, directory, faqs, featured_links, file_galleries, forums, galleries, gmaps, mytiki, poll, user_messages, wiki page

but I got message
Notice: this variable may not be empty: user
On a tiki screen as if I was not logged (and I was, as user xavidp with admin rights).
But below, after the footer section, a new tiki header and the rest of another tiki page appeared, and it looked as if Tiki recognized me as logged on the header (my picture is shown), but the login module was also shown for anonymous to log in, on the right column.

See html attached.

The rules seemed to be saved.
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Broken images in mobile mode
References to the external_link.gif image don't work in articles when in mobile mode, and TW is installed in a subdirectory. The reference points to /img/icons/external_link.gif instead.

Example: http://www.vic-fontaine.com/forum/tiki-read_article.php?mode=mobile&articleId=1

Test user/password: smarty
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Cannot Reply to a Comment on Wiki page
I have a comment on a wiki page. When I click Reply to post a follow-up comment, I get an error. It looks like the Reply button is generating a bad URL:

__Not Found

The requested URL /mywiki/page=IVR_Revitalization&post_reply=1&comments_threshold=0&comments_reply_threadId=5&comments_offset=0&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc&comments_per_page=20&comments_grandParentId=0&comments_parentId=5&thread_style=commentStyle_plain was not found on this server.__

This would be a show stopper using Tiki threaded comments is very important feature requirement for us.


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Clicking Poll Icon on Features Page should connect to tiki-admin_poll.php when feature activated
when you click on the polls icon on the Admin Home page, you are taken to the polls comments admin page instead of the polls admin page. User should not have to make an additional click to start work.
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Cron-job map-generation
The tw.o-maps are mostly out of date - due to a human-bug (messed up longitude and latitude) I live in Somalia since I enter my geographic data on tw.o some months ago.

I can understand, that the admins got other things to do than re-generate the maps. And I can't think of any other needed cron job in tw.o, but never the less it would be cool to have some cron-table to execute certain PHP-function (at least I guess map-generation is some kind of PHP-function).
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Do not display [comment] link, when no perm to post comments and no comments posted yet
for users with tiki_p_wiki_view_comments perm only, it displays the ~np~[comment]~/np~ link on the wiki page bar even when no comments there yet to read, so clicking it does literally nothing...
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Evaluate all Google Gadgets for potential interaction
Please see:
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Fatal error: Call to undefined method TikiDb_Pdo::setAttribute() in lib/tikisession-pdo.php on line 18
This happens in Tiki4 when using session_storage in the database (which was not the default) when using PDO (which is now the default in Tiki4)
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FCKEditor missing tikiwiki toolbar
After checking out 1.10 from svn and enabling FCKEditor, attempts to use the editor fail with an error claiming the tikiwiki toolbar does not exist. More specifically, FCKEditor loads, but there are no toolbars.
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Images don't appear to some people when using GD on Windows server (weird)
This is a problem which is very difficult to debug because some people see the images and some don't. We have not yet been able to find a correlation of what causes the issue.

Doesn't work (for some people):
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
{img src="show_image.php?id=76" width=800 }

The source of the problem seems to be something between the GD image library, Windows and TikiWiki. I have never seen such a problem with Linux/GD/TikiWiki.

The alternate method we are now using is totally bypassing the GD image library (works for all):
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
{img src="img/wiki_up/Dashboard_Selection.jpg" width=800 }
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Integrate Eteria IRC
I found the other day a chat that looks like is no more on develpment and is used to chat over irc (nice way to chat) is named Eteria IRC and u can find it at sourceforge (http://eirc.sourceforge.net/)

Might this be usefull to change the chat (that in my opinion) that does not work right.

I post this cuz the few times i used the tiki's chat module gave me a few problems with cpu usage and db's saturation

Hope u find this usefull for new vers for the tiki's chat module.
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Mod GMAP - File Correction in 4.2
Current mod GMAP does not work in 4.2.

Not sure about other versions
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mod: phpcas not installing (source at cvs under subdirs...)
That's what the mod descritpion says:
author: mcfarland
last modification: 2006/12/22 01:49:26
by: mcfarland
features/phpcas/COPYRIGHT -> lib/phpcas/COPYRIGHT
features/phpcas/README -> lib/phpcas/README
features/phpcas/source/CAS/CAS.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/CAS.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-file.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-file.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-main.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-main.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/client.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/client.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/domxml-php4-php5.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/domxml-php4-php5.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/english.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/english.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/french.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/french.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/greek.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/greek.php
features/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/languages.php -> lib/phpcas/source/CAS/languages/languages.php

And that's what it says to me when attempting to install it:
Warning: mkdir(lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage): File exists in c:\archivos de programa\easyphp1-8\www\branch-1-9\lib\mods\modslib.php on line 68

Warning: copy(mods/features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in c:\archivos de programa\easyphp1-8\www\branch-1-9\lib\mods\modslib.php on line 375
features/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php to lib/phpcas/source/CAS/PGTStorage/pgt-db.php impossible to copy
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Mods: make permanent URL to download latest version of a mod
If you go to this page:

You see links to download themes. Good.

However, these could be older versions. Bad.

Suggestion: a permanent link.

which links to the latest version. Ex.:

Of course, if people use the mods installer, they don't need. But still...

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moving nodes in structures moves to wrong places in some cases: weird behavior in tiki 2.3
Moving nodes in structures moves to wrong places in some cases (!): weird behavior in tiki 2.3.

If someone wants to track this bug down, I can provide a db backup of the site where this can be reproduced.
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mozilla.css fullscreen requires Top Bar
The theme using mozilla.css places the full screen icon mostly behind the right-side modules unless the Top Bar is enabled.
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Mysql 5 Alpha
I installed Mysql 5 alpha to with 1.9 from the head of the branch and found this error when I tried to enter the tiki...

Warning: mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-1' at line 1 in query:
select `permName`,`type`,`level`,`permDesc` from `users_permissions` order by `permName` desc
in C:\isense\icms\lib\tikidblib.php on line 133

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in C:\isense\icms\lib\tikidblib.php on line 151
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MySQL-Errors approve+staging
I have another problem on TikiWiki 2.0RC2:

I have two similar TikiWiki-installations. One just for testing on my Linux-Server and the second on a WinNT-Server. The Windows-Server is the one we want to/have to use for our Wiki :-(

On my Linux-Server works everything without problems.

On the Win-Server don’t work "approve+staging".

If I wont approve changes it shows me this error:

An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-approve_staging_page.php
Url tiki-approve_staging_page.php?page=Baustelle_Test
update `tiki_pages` set `description`=? `data`=? `comment`=? `lastModif`=? `version`=? `user`=? `ip`=? `page_size`=? `is_html`=? `wysiwyg`=? `wiki_authors_style`=? `flag`=? `lockedby`=? where `pageName`=?
1 <p>Test</p>
2 [approved by ottonormal]
3 1217330865
4 6
5 ottonormal
7 225
8 1
13 Test

Built query was probably:
update `tiki_pages` set `description`='' `data`='<p>Test</p>' `comment`=' [approved by ottonormal]' `lastModif`='1217330865' `version`='6' `user`='ottonormal' `ip`='' `page_size`='225' `is_html`='1' `wysiwyg`='' `wiki_authors_style`=NULL `flag`='' `lockedby`='' where `pageName`='Test'

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Need way to auto assign tiki_p_edit_categories (for tiki_p_view_categories) on upgrade to 1.10

It just occurred to me that when upgrading to 1.10, users will need a script or something to create tiki_p_edit_categories perms for each tiki_p_view_categories perm that category objects have in the db.

This is necessary to preserve backward compatible state when upgrading, because tiki_p_edit_categories does not exist in 1.9.

Anyone good enough in SQL to write this purely in SQL, or should this be part of the PHP in the upgrade/install script for 1.10?
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New wiki edit help sidebar doesn't work in IE7 or Opera.
In IE7, the wiki edit help appears at the page bottom as before, always on. In Opera 9.6, the wiki edit page only displays down to the Quicktags. (I didn't check with IE6 yet.) This is in a trunk installl, Dec. 4, 2008.
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Newsreader: Undefined offset & Smarty error: math: parameter x is empty
When I use newserver "news.mozilla.org" , I get several:

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in lib/pear/NNTP.php on line 477
Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in lib/pear/NNTP.php on line 477

at the top of the page.

And in the listing of the groups, I get:

Warning: Smarty error: math: parameter x is empty in lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1095
Warning: Smarty error: math: parameter x is empty in lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1095
time out

I didn't set username & password. Not sure if this is relevant.

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Parameters mouseover in login module (switch user): is this intentional?
not intuitive for new users:

dthacker: I'm not seeing this as of SVN on 2008/04/01. Please retest in IE on current version.
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Permission denied to admin but not to other users on upgrade from 3.3 to 4.1
I upgraded one of my subdomains from tikiwiki 3.3 to tikiwiki 4.1. After the upgrade admin can login but with an error message "Permission denied. You cannot view this page."

For other users it seems functioning alright. Only admin can do nothing.
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phpfreechat not installing from mods.tw.o and not working when installed from svn mods

the fact is that even if installing by hand, the phpfreechat plugin doesn't work for me, neither on tiki 2.x (with ajax enabled, etc., cleared browser and tiki caches, etc.: just says: "chat loading, please wait, and nothing happens), nor in tiki 3beta4 (it's even not listed in the list of plugin to enable/disable)

It's a pity that we can't provide a functional chat for tiki 2.x or tiki3.x sites... (minichat module for tiki3 was getting close to functional, but since it doesn't provide the date stamp nor a way to read the log from previous conversations to specific date, it's not being used... see the example of the last TikiFestUK: dimdim, skypechat, + irc chat)
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plugin poll not working (on doc.tw.o at least)
Plugin poll is not working on doc.tw.o. No way to vote on the box...

See it at:


Update: weird behavior: I visited today the doc page about it, and it showed ok. I edited the page to say that there was not bug there any more, and after saving changes, the output is wrong again!
So ???? I don't know what's happening...
Please somebody else, have a llok (not urgent, but something is wrong here...)
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PluginVersions : doesn't work properly with more than 2 versions
Reopening -- regression in 3.x. See http://doc.tikiwiki.org/PluginVersion for an example


Version 3 shows version 3, 2 and 1.

See http://doc.tikiwiki.org/PluginVersions and try the test which has more than 2 versions

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PluginVote displays wrong the tracker fields header and text area
Using Tiki 2.1, and tracker to make a survey. When using the ((doc:PluginVote)), the field type "header" is not shown properly when inserting tracker items. The header is shown as plain text, and at the end of the tracker, the headers all put all together, even if they were inserted between other fields of the same tracker.

Moreover, the text area field is not shown in the results (stats) part of the Plugin Vote, but only the title of the field (not the content, I mean)

In addition, if would be desirable (for usability purposes for new users) to set the tracker insertion form available as default (with a param at the Plugin Vote definition). New users may find it very hard to understand that they have to click on a tiny + sign to display the content of the form in order to fill the survey

item closed and marked as outdated (who knows whether this thing works in current versions, and I don't have time to test again: I'm not using this plugin any more for the time being)
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PostGres errors on attempted post/insert of long emails to forums with email-to-forum enabled
Postgres returns row length error to tiki-view_forum.php upon attempt to write data from long e-mail to a forum with email-to-forum functionality enabled.
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Prepare for SourceForge hosted Apps


((SourceForge Hosted Apps))
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Removal of user from group does not remove from Admin Users page display
I had two usergroups, then added a third, then went in to remove a user from a group from the Admin Users page. If I go into Admin Groups and click on a group and then go down to Show Users in Group, it shows the correct list with the appropriate users missing from the group that I had removed.

If I go into Admin Users, the list of users shows up and if I look at the line entry for the users I removed from ABC group, the group shows up in italics (''ABC'').

Unless there is a cleanup function I'm unaware of, I think this may be a bug. I'm running 1.9.7 according to the README.

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rename page produces "watch email" with a broken link to stop monitoring (missing hash)
Using 2.3, when some user renames a page that you were monitoring, you get an email message with a broken link to stop monitoring, because there is no hash at the url.

If you don't want to receive these notifications follow this link:
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Search on tw.o fails to find a page which exists, even if wiki search index is requested to refresh
If you serch for WhoWhat at the search box on the header of tw.o site (as registered user), or from
info.tw.o, you are directed to this url:

which returns nothing:
^ Found "WhoWhat" in 0 pages^

However, the page exists

This is kind of frustrating for me, so I guess that for new users also (or even more)...
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session_lifetime in tiki_preferences table causes system error. This causes migration to Tiki 5 to fail.
Upgrading a site from 4.x to 5.0 appeared to be successful (i.e. no error messages are given) but the site opens only with an error page. The message on the page is "System error. An error occured while performing the request."

I traced the problem to the presence of a record in the tiki_preferences database with name=session_lifetime and value=20. It appears that if the value is non-zero, the system error occurs. Deleting the record or setting the value to zero solve the problem.
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setup.sh create unusable tikiwiki website if cache is full!
The tikiwiki website I have lcated at www.xilluminati.com is no longer usable because homepage shows up blank with text message that says: "header already sent".

I have heard that in order to make the site work again one must empty out the temp dir. I have heard this is a cache issue. Executing both of these results in NO change.

Then, I have heard that in order to stop this error from occurring one must run setup.sh.

At this moment in time this error is ridiculous. This is FAR too technical for our simply wanting to use a CMS that offers the functionality that tikiwiki offers, however, none of us have time, budget, or patience with having to deal with this crap.

I dont even know if this error actually could have come about do to someone placing a bunch of oimages into root, or perhaps my trying to implement google analytics... etc.

The error log file shows nothing.

The site is useless, and all the time spent upon setting the site up with content, 47 hours+, could be lost for ever.

I would appreciate an answer, a fix, a simple, yes, "SIMPLE" solution.... as this has ALWAYS been my complaint about GNU based crap... that you all are FAR too technical, and lack front end usability design skills as well as lack the MOST IMPORTANT key to success in the market of computing... that being the lack of, "The ability to create user-friendly frontend design." My recommendation to ALL YOU DEV PEOPLE ON THE GNU YOU IS THIS ----> KISS


Your lack of creating user-friendly front ends and systems is EXACTLY what stops the entire GNU side of the game, from beating up on Microsoft.


A guy that has spent years on MS boards, within MS beta teams and as an MS partner who recently left MS due to monopolizing position of the company.
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show.tiki.org: Table 'marclaporte_11197_4698.tiki_preferences'
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simple multiline chart (tikisheet) produces many errors and no chart
I have created a tikisheet: 7x7 table, with some special characters (é, è, spaces, round brackets, comma, ...)

||Programari | Sistema Operatiu | Llicència |Català |Multiplataforma | 2000 |Funció
WinK |GNU/linux, M$ Windows |Gratuït per a ús no comercial |No (en procés) |Si |100 |Per generar video tutorials
OpenOffice |Linux, Windos, Mac |LGPL | Si |Si |50000
Firefox | |MPL |Si |Si |6000
Thunderbird | |MPL |Si |Si |6000
Gimp | |GPL |Si |Si |2000
Gaim | |GPL |Si |Si |2000 ||

I've just enabled feature_charts, and tried to produce a multiline chart, but I just got a 100% blank page .

The options requested after multiline chart is selected, are:
Títol: | prova
Independant Scale: | (x) Horizontal ( ) Vertical
Horizontal Scale: | (x) Bottom ( ) Dalt
Vertical Scale: | (x) Left ( ) Right
label | prova
color | red
style |
x | a1:a7
y0 | f1:f7
y1 |
y2 |
y3 |
y4 ||

(similar to what I saw at the screengrab at [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=TikiSheetDemo|tw.o sheet demo]
But it produces a blank page.
memory limit at php.ini is set to at least 32 Mb, I think (for sure, more than 8Mb or 16Mb)
Updated 6th dec'05:
Warning: Division by zero in /var/lib/gforge/chroot/home/groups/gclub/htdocs/lib/graph-engine/abstract.gridbased.php on line 253,

(and idem on: 475, 278, 278, 253, 475, 278, 278, 437)

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/lib/gforge/chroot/home/groups/gclub/htdocs/lib/graph-engine/abstract.gridbased.php on line 450^

Still doesn't work for me... :-/
What am I doing wrong?
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Split Ajax settings
As discussed at the TikiFest (?), we need more granularity here, for people that want AJAX for some features, but not for others.
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tab import/export trackers missing on a blank new Tiki
I instaled a tiki site using tiki 3 svn. Installed collaborative community profile (althought it might not affet the bug). Just in case, this implies: strasa.css

When the user goes to admin trackers i order to import a tracker from another tiki site, there is not tab for "import export" (at tiki-admin_trackers.php). However, the interface is under the tab "Duplicate tracker".

Later on, when you have trackers, you see the tab, but not at the beginning.
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The images do not scaled in the Image galleries at all!
When you run the image gallery with a lot of images in it with multiple columns, none of the images get scaled! They are displayed as it is
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tiki-calendar.php = Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month()
Working with 4.1 new install, trying to set up a calendar and I'm able to admin the cal just fine and can add events, but when I click on the Calendar link to view calander it returns a blank page. Any advise? Also I have 64mb in php.ini

This was posted in Forum: Features/Usability @ http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=1&forumId=4&comments_parentId=36119

Here is the link to my site and to the calendar. Select view calendars which will take you to the bottom link which is blank.
Or http://academyofabraham.org/tiki-calendar.php

Here is the error I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in /Library/Tenon/WebServer/WebSites/AcademyOfAbraham.org/tikiwiki-4.1/lib/tikidate-php5.php on line 189
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tikiwiki bigbluebutton no sound
it may be bigbluebutton's fault, but i have experienced
the following strangeness when using the plugin:

the microphone can not be turned on in the flash interface ...
therefore no sound at all after setting up the 0.7 VM using salt.

description of process:

download, unzip 0.7 VM
create virtual machine using bbb disk image, start vm, wait for
package updates, login, new password

first bbb-conf --set-ip SOMEHOST works perfectly, i can log in the
Demo Meeting with multiple users, microphone and sharing works all

then i add the salt via sudo bbb-conf --salt SALT and restart with
sudo bbb-conf --clean

i can still access http://somehost , but can not log in to any
meetings anymore due to salt , thats ok, cause its secure like this

now i add the salt to my tikiwiki 5.0 via admin->features

then i create a wikipage with the plugin: {bigbluebutton name=My
Conference Room}

i am able to connect to the conference, even with multiple users,
webcam sharing works, but the microphone can not be shared. clicking
on the flash microphone icon does not give any sound, nor any
confirmation dialog to allow access to the webcam/mic devices

now as I do not have too much experience regarding BBB, i would kindly
ask for your help to get the microphone sharing working
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Tracker field using Google Maps and using Locator dosn't return map data to the tracker.
I have created an tracker with the google maps field.

When I try to add an location with the help from the "Google Map Locator" it doesn't have a "back" button and doesn't save any data back to the form/tracker.

URL generated by the tracker to Google Map Locator:

{img src=show_image.php?name=map_locator_from_tracker.png&galleryId=1 }
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Tracker Geocoding DOES NOT work.
This is an issue that has been pervasive since Tiki 3.x through 5.3. I believe I had advocated for the need to have a usable Google Geolocator comparable w/Mediawiki ([http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Semantic_Maps|SMW Mapping]). I have included a screen shot of both how Tiki displays the mapping and my other site in Mediawiki.

Here's the deal: If you go to Google Maps for a tracker situation in Tiki it first kicks you to another page. This, in and of itself is a problem; however, can be fairly easily overcome. The ''real'' problem is that the geocoder __does not__ work! Let me explicitly describe this: you click the Find Address button and nothing happens. So, why put the feature in? Even if it did work, you are now on another page, so you've lost your train of thought and have to click a BACK button which does not exist.

I spoke with folks on this; we even sent folks up to several TikiFests to describe in person during Tiki 3.x. My opinion is that displaying visual locations is more crucial than bells and whistles such as 3D, Web Conferencing, etc. Collaboration is great, but take the simple aspects of displaying (in a definitive, user friendly aspect) where the next TikiFest will be. I mean a person in Germany ''may'' not know where Kallispel, Montana, is.

I fervently believe that the ability to both geocode on the same page and display samesaid page is ''integral'' to any type of wiki.

With that said, I commend the coders for moving this far with the mapping.

{img id=114}
{img id=115}
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Tracker Limitation of 3000-5000 entries or File Gallery
Lifting the priority of this previous request to 8, If the built-in database could be switch to a more robust DBMS such as MySql to go beyond the 3k-5k limit.

Else, to make File Gallery customisable as it has virtually no limit (i could not read any limit in the docu)as Tracker - which has limit. So that more information or item could be added to the File Gallery.
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twversion.class.php causes PHP-Error in Windows-Server
When opening Admin>Admin home on a Windows-Server, you get the Error-Message:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to tikiwiki.org:80 (A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. ) in D:\server\htdocs\tiki\lib\twversion.class.php on line 51

Notice: Undefined variable: major in D:\server\htdocs\tiki\lib\twversion.class.php on line 114

This is might be related that the Server needs a proxy to connect to the Internet but i'm not sure how to set it up in Apache/PHP (Using Apache 2.2.2, MySQL 5.0.21, PHP 5.1.4 + PHP 4.4.2-pl1 + PEAR, Server W2003 R2)

User Rajesh got the same Error:

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usability issue: textareas misplaced on dev.t.o in Opera - cannot add details to bugreports
Bugs & Wish list
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User "Admin" does not have permission to admin polls after feature activation
CVS update of 1.10 at 04:27 UTC

After the admin user "Admin" enables the poll feature, they are unable to access the poll administration page.

To reproduce:
1. Log in as admin
2. Enable Polls checkbox via the Features-->Admin Page
3. Click on "polls" in left-hand admin menu
4. Permission is refused.

Another way to reproduce
1. Log in as "Admin"
2. Click on "Admin Home" in the left hand menu
3. Click on the "Polls" Icon.
4. User is taken to ~/tiki-admin.php?page=polls, which is not Polls Admin, but Polls comment admin.
5. Click on link at top of page: "To add/remove polls, look for "Polls" under "Admin" on the application menu, or Click Here."
6. URL when hovering is ~/tiki-admin_polls.php
7. Receive permission refused error.

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View your own uploaded avatar only works for .gif images
Using 1.9.cvs, user uploaded avatars can only be viewd correctly if they are .gif images.

Shouldn't it allow at least, .png and .jpg images? (currently, it shows a black square, if so)

I've modified the tpl in cvs (branch 1-9) to guide users to upload their images in the needed format to work in Tiki. When (and if) fixed, please, change or remove that note in the tpl file

/cvsroot/tikiwiki/tiki/templates/tiki-pick_avatar.tpl,v <-- tiki-pick_avatar.tpl
new revision:; previous revision:

It seems an issue related to the server, since it does work for me on other servers.
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

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