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$prefs.language does not work properly?
This is related to the Custom Site Header section of Look & Feel on our Web site. We put a top navigation bar which is expected to be showin in different languages depending on the visitor's language (look at http://www.daav.cn/cms/tiki-list_file_gallery.php ). The code in Custom Site Header is like this:

<div style=...>
{if $prefs.language eq "cn"}
<li>link1 in Chinese</li>
<li>linkN in Chinese</li>
{elseif $prefs.language eq "fr"}
<li>link1 in French</li>
<li>linkN in French</li>
{elseif $prefs.language eq "de"}
<li>link1 in German</li>
<li>linkN in German</li>
<li>link1 in English</li>
<li>linkN in English</li>

however, it seems the top navigation bar is always shown in Chinese even when I set the default browser language to English only. At that time, our php-based language detector works correctly to identify the user/browser language as English (example: our homepage at http://www.daav.cn/ ) but tikiwiki remains in Chinese unchanged.

Is there anything wrong with the code or it's just because my Windows XP is in Chinese? Then how to get around this in Tikiwiki? What language do you get on the linked page that I included above?

Thanks for any hints.
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Article ratings apparently not working
First of all, the template checks for a $use_ratings variable to display the article's rating which, in my case, appears to be always null even though ratings are activated. Why do I think they are? Because the form to submit a rating shows up, because depends on $prefs.article_user_rating and $tiki_p_rate_article being 'y', which they are.

On my particular site, all articles have a rating of "7/10". Which is weird, because most of them haven't been rated and the configured rating options range from 1-4, and not 1-10. If I try to actually submit a rating, the actual rating still is 7, even though the "generate rating" is set to "on vote".
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Can't log in as admin for the first time
I just downloaded Tiki 4 on my local Windows machine, and tried to install it.

Everything seems to go fine, except that when I log on as admin for the first time, the system asks me to change the password. I enter the old password (admin), and then 1234 twice, and then hit Change.

But nothing happens! I am stuck at the exact same screen for changing the password.

I have tested this with Firefox and IE, and I get the same behaviour on both.

This essentially means that I cannot log in as admin and change the configuration of the site.
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display bug on objectpermissions page
__Steps to reproduce:__
# as an admin on a wiki page follow the __Perms__ link
# go to "Select Groups" → tick "Anonymous" only and [[Select]
# on "Assign Permissions" tick for example the first one: "Can use the page as a tracker template (''tiki_p_use_as_template'')" and [[Assign]

it will save, reload the page but the previously ticked checkbox doesn't display as ticked anymore
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Side-by-side edit of two languages, with a "translation is in sync" button to save both wiki pages
Full page mode would be quite important

** Need to evaluate usefulness with Alain Désilets
** LP says it's doable (from back-end perspective)

Coordinate with other work on:
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8.x & 6LTS: machine translation broken
Machine translation ( http://doc.tiki.org/Machine+Translation ) seems to be broken in Tiki 6 LTS, at least.
No content is translated from the page.

The same site (before upgrading months ago to tiki6) had that feature working.

Is this feature working for anyone on any stable (non deprecated) tiki version?
I've just checked on localhost with 8.x (r38429), and the feature still exists in admin panels. When enabled, and attempted to request to have a wiki page google-translated, a blank page is shown :-/

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After Upgrading 6.3 -> 8.0rc1 split shows ~lt~br /~gt~ instead of linebreaks
I updated a copy of our wiki to 8.0rc1 to have a look whats new

but the first thing i saw was that all line breaks in the heavily used split-plugin were actually displayed as ~lt~br /~gt~ instead of being actual line breaks
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Renumbering menu option positions
It would be nice if menu option positions renumbered when you make changes. I know they're positioned 10 apart, I assume so you can insert things later, but I'm OCD so I'd renumber them anyway if I ever had to make changes (:razz:) If I had to guess, this would be a fairly easy change, module orders already do this so the code can probably pretty much be copy/pasted from there.
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TRACKERLIST: No records found, even if silent="y" specified
If only items count needed (max="0"), like:{CODE(colors="tiki")}There are {TRACKERLIST(trackerId="8",fields="51",showtitle="n",showlinks="n",showdesc="n",shownbitems="y",showinitials="n",showstatus="y",showcreated="n",showlastmodif="n",showfieldname="n",showitemrank="n",status="op",sort_mode="created_asc",max="0",showpagination="n",filterfield="68",filtervalue="_%",export="n",silent="y",showwatch="y",displaysheet="n")}{TRACKERLIST}. Please verify the data.

Should return:{CODE(colors="tiki")}There are Items found: 3. Please verify the data.{CODE}, but returns: {CODE(colors="tiki")}There are
Items found: 3
No records found.Please verify the data.{CODE}

* there is additional "No records found" information, even if silent="y" specified.
* there are <BR> commands before and after {TRACKERLIST}
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"no tabs" does not work in tracker items creation.
When in tiki-view_tracker_item.php or in tiki-view_tracker.php there is a nice useful "no tab" button on the upper right.
It does not do anything

Firefox 7.0.1 on linux
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Tracker Import from csv does not set created and lastModif properly
Importing tracker items through CSV only sets the created and lastModif value properly if the dates from the CSV file are in the numerical php date format.

When you import a csv file where the created and lastModif dates are written as proper dates, the imported tracker items have a created and lastModif date/timestamp of the date & time of the import action.

example csv :

"itemId","status","created","lastModif","VRID -- 265"
"849","o","07/12/2009 13:24","07/12/2009 13:24","4"

Whenever I export a csv file, it contains the dates as shown above, so you can't just export data and import data on the fly without modifying all the values...

c.f. [https://dev.tiki.org/item3500|bug 3500]
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Plugin Code forgets word-wrap
When you insert a Code plugin {CODE(caption="such as this")}printf("i write everything in only one line");
the line breaks.
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No indentation of Forum Replies and Comments - Theme TheNews TW v6.7
Apologies, I've some how managed to enter this twice.

Please see [http://dev.tiki.org/item4247]
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WYSIWYG doesn't save the new content in wiki pages
Editing a simple wiki page, converted into wysiwyg, added new content, saved page, and nothing of the new content is saved (old content is shown at save time and when visiting the page again)
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Webmail enhancements
Many ISP's have separated pop/imap and smtp accounts. Or just they require SMTP auth when sending email outside ISP networks.

Just to be sure :
User may have separated incoming(pop3/imap) and outgoing(smtp) accounts
User may have one account for incoming&outgoing (pop3/imap/smtp)

Both cases should be supported and with ssl support.

Current (v9.1) webmail implementation does not allow separated pop/imap and smtp account settings. Also SMTP is missing ssl possibility.

So in these cases webmail is unusable.

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Trackers: Modified Item Status does not work
Set the Tracker Status option "Modified item status" to Pending but when any field is updated the status remains as open. This is in Tiki 9.0. I haven't tried it in any other version.
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Broken system on Filter call
Use this link to see error:


Tracker breaks and spills code onto the page.

This happened when I attempted to filter for only bugs in version 9x.

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registration pretty tracker without captcha
Using a pretty tracker as registration form doesn't allow to de-activate the captcha.
Since one of the point of using a tracker for registration is to allow special questions which robots can't answer, what is the point of forcing the use of the captcha (through which robots can easily pass)?
Maybe a duplicate of bug #1818, I'm unsure.

SHOW admin password: 01234
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Project management with PluginTrackerCalendar (fullcalendar resourceviews): annual view + filters needed
The "((doc:PluginTrackerCalendar))" (fullcalendar resourceviews) needs annual view (for project management)

Because real projects last more than just a month... and managers want to see the evolution over time (monthts)

Moreover, we need "filters" for up to 3 tracker fields to control de display of data from the tracker

3 tracker fields because you usually want to review by:
(1) user/s,
(2) dates,
(3) a field related to the project itself (priority, custom field such as project type, etc)

A basic attempt is using plugin custom search, but I don't yet get the right syntax to filter events in the trackercalendar based on the results of the dynamic filter specified by the user.
u: admin
p: 12345
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10.x page history selected versions are lost
Selection of left version is lost after clicking "compare"

{flash type="url" movie="display158" width="823" height="520"}
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11.x: jq popup boxes fall below main panel => buttons hidden

In our case, we are using "Strasa" theme style, in 11.x svn.

As admin, we go to Admin home > Workspaces & Areas > Create a workspace:

The jquery popup box fell behind the main panel in the central column. Therefore, the buttons where hidden behind that panel in the central column.

{img fileId="249" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}


The same with the button the "change highlighter" (codemirror) in a text area in a wiki page: the popup bux is not shown (falls behind the edit area, it seems).

Same with plugin file, plugin to upload images, etc. If you are in full screen edit mode, then you see nothing from that popup shown (behind).

The problem seems to be somehow with the strasa I had in my installation, which came from upgrades. I cound't reproduce the issue in show.t.o, nor in my site with another theme style.
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Items Link field Doesn't Work
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L & F Admin: Theme option selector showing even for themes with no options
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Need a way to omit MINOR edits from last_modif_pages module
The __last_modif_pages__ module has a __minor__ parameter which is supposed to be able to permit/omit wiki pages that were last saved with the __Minor Edit__ option from appearing in the list of last changes.
*minor=y (default) -- Show Minor Edit pages in the list
*minor=n -- Do ''not'' show Minor Edit pages

However, this option does not appear to work (in 2.x).

There is nothing in the wiki page history or action log that identifies a wiki page as having been saved as a __Minor Edit__.
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Plugin dialog is hidden when full-screen is on
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