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"Add or remove from a group" is broken in User management
tracker item
"Buttons" in "dropup" should be btn-link only, not btn-default
tracker item
"FutureUI" messages display, no controls available
tracker item
"Send an email to the user in order to allow him to validate his account" option hidden
tracker item
[BUG] Mass search and replace
tracker item
1-click access to be able to do certain actions (view a page, edit a page, edit user tracker, etc)
Sometimes, we want people to participate to one wiki page, to access their user tracker to update personal information or access a ((workspace))

Right now, we need to

#create a user
#create a group
#assign user to the group
#give permissions to group ( in general or for a specific item)
#inform this person, typically by email, on how to access this page

Instead, I would want to
#add an email
#pick the permissions this person has
#any limitations (works x times, or for x days/weeks)
#an optional message

And the system should send a 1-click login email (an email with a link in it which is unique / very difficult to guess).

Whoever clicks that link
*Would be authenticated with the appropriate permissions and according to the limitations.

Expiry date for group membership

Somewhat related:
Send welcome email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
tracker item
Update Notifier: many versions are misreporting available upgrades
tracker item
Send custom email (by admin to new user or user that has not connected in a while)
I would like a way to invite people to come to a Tiki site after I have added their login. (different of the use where people self-register)

Right now, I simulate a lost password message (which I customize).

Maybe this could become a new feature available to admins when

1- after a successful user creation at tiki-adminusers.php
2- when administering a user account
3- from : tiki-adminusers.php with the batch command to send to many new users.

The system would send an email with a one-click login and be sent to the user tracker

Person who triggers this email alert should be in BCC. (to have a trace). Even better would be to have this logged somewhere but this could be for phase 2.

We could have a new mail template in templates/mail/welcome_message.tpl or in a wiki page (better!)

What do you think?
tracker item
12.x - 14.x: can't export any tracker field from a long tracker: Request-URI Too Large or unknown reason
tracker item
12.x & 13.x Feature Connect: 'Fill form' button does nothing
tracker item
12.x: Multiple Delete+BanIp for spam registrations (like the feature coded already for Comments)
tracker item
12.x: No route found on random pages (such as tiki-admin.php?page=look&cookietab=2)
tracker item
12.x: Send email to let user validate account doesn't send email if user previously created
tracker item
13.x: applying a profile from Profiles Wizard doesn't send the user to the "Step2" indicated in the url (some steps anchors gone?)
tracker item
13.x-14.x: can't add new arguments to the 'wishes' plugin alias edited in dev.t.o
tracker item
13.x: no pagination on admin groups (reproduced on t.o)
tracker item
13.x: User Tracker can't be chosen in the interface to edit groups
tracker item
13.x: User Tracker can't be chosen in the interface to edit groups
tracker item
15.x UI Regression: no visual indication of which tracker item status filters are applied
tracker item
15.x: Can not change a user password: Unknown column 'password' in 'field list'
tracker item
15.x+: Expose back preference filters on Admin UI for new tiki admins
tracker item
Modules use should be restrictable with standard permissions
So I could show quick_edit module to users with tiki_p_edit

[wish1783|Menu & modules contextual to category of currently show item (wiki page, article, tracker, etc)]
tracker item
Quick Admin module no longer assigned by default (starting from Tiki 19)
tracker item
Mirrord tracker does not store field Description
When defining a field in a mirrored Tracker, the Description of the field is not stored. This was in 2.0, and I'm told on IRC that mirrored trackers are not supported. But mirroring is an option in Admin>Trackers.
tracker item
articles needs aids to fight spam (e.g. admins see tiki-list_submissions.php at info.tw.o)
I looked today at http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-list_submissions.php and there are nearly 300 spam submissions there so far, and no way to delete them in groups. Maybe that's why nobody noticed my prior submission as info.tw.o editor from last month...

(the user need to be in info.tw.o Admin group in order to see the spam list. If your users is just in the info.tw.o_editors group, you'll see nothing but your own submissions if any.)

A text box to select the amount of rows to be listed would be welcome, and multiple checkboxes to select some or all, like with users, etc.

By the way, how can anonymous spammers post submissions to info.tw.o? They can't through http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-edit_submission.php (at least, nowadays)... Spam hole somewhere?
tracker item
Files Galleries admin screen should allow to displace files like in the Images Galleries screen
Our users keep adding large .ogg files in our files galleries and we have been asked to externalize theses files in a special download directory of the web server. Problem is that the admin screen of the files galleries doesn't have a DISPLACE section. You can set the option for the files to be added in an external directory, and the new ones are indeed placed into it, but the existing files stay in the database.

I have discovered that the *Image* galleries admin screen has this DISPLACE section but it will work only for the image galleries, no way to use it for the non image galleries.
tracker item
Multilingual Meta Keywords and Meta Description (and increase 255 characters limit)
Please increase the limit and make it multilingual
tracker item
Cant add modules in Tiki8
I upgraded my Tiki from 4 to 8. Perhaps it was premature to upgrade a busy Tiki with many users to Tiki8. Anyway, I found a few issues. I am not sure if they would be characterised as bugs, or just stuff that has not yet been implmented. Here are the issues:

(1) The login prompt kept floating around the screen, appearing and disappearing in random places at random times, so I went to Admin-Modules to try to fix it.

(2) The next issue, is that in Admin-Modules, the tabs do not work. Clicking on a tab does nothing. Fortunately, I can proceed by clicking on the "No-tabs" button. Good idea that.

(3) Editing the login module didnt seem to help. So I came up with a cunning plan: Delete the module and then add it back in again. In hindsight, that was a pretty risky thing to do in beta software.

(4) I deleted the login module, but now I cannot add it back in! According to the instruction text, new modules can be dragged from the "All Modules" tab. But this either doesnt work or has not yet been implemented.

My Tiki is at http://lockbox.seanbdurkin.id.au
tracker item
Actions calendar : unable to reach the popup
Fact : with the module action_calendar the popup can't be reached.So it is impossible to access to the command buttons of the popup

Analysis : conflict or bad logical test between :
*the popup activation condition "on the date cell"
*"the need to let the popup opened or when the pointer remain over the popup"
*"sticky popup"

Same remarks as for the previous tracker about calendar feature.
tracker item
Add a "Create New Calendar" button to tiki-admin_calendars.php
After a new calendar is created, the create calendar form is still populated, and subsequent changes will edit the already created calendar instead of creating a new one. This behavior is not apparent to the user until the edit has taken place.
tracker item
Add a grid / masonry display for the profiles in the Profiles Wizard with filters
tracker item
Add a group filter on admin users page.

It will make it easier to manage groups.
tracker item
Add a link between the menu management and the admin panel about menus
Admin -> General -> Navigation
tracker item
Add Google Analytics setup as an option in the admin panel.
It's very easy to add manually by editing templates/footer.tpl, it would be nicer to have the _uacct saved in the database with the rest of the settings. Upgrades would be easier for site admins.

Please see:

This would be similar to gmap.


Maybe this feature request could be even more generic to include easy ways to add other services and/or make it easy to use with open source apps like phpOpenTracker or phpMyVisites.

http://www.phpmyvisites.us also recommends putting the code just before /body>

Also, there should be a way to exclude certain or all groups from tracking. If I use 1 Tiki for a public website and and Intranet, I don't want my Intranet traffic to pollute my public site stats. I could just want anonymous users to be tracked.

Also, let's integrate more tightly with the new [http://www.google.com/analytics/GATCmigrationguide.pdf|ga.js] code so we can track downloaded files, and take advantage of other nice stats.
tracker item
Add scrollbar at top of tall responsive content to show that it is scrollable
tracker item
Add tablesorter UI to Payments list for easier filtering of real data when many payments done
tracker item
Adding a new pref documentation lacks something
tracker item
Adding many users to a group with Chosen fails.
tracker item
Adding modules via YAML or ini, instead of replacing them all
tracker item
Adding users to groups from tiki-admingroups.php
If I create a new group in tiki-admingroups.php, and want to add a user, I must go to tiki-adminusers.php

I should be able to add users to groups from tiki-admingroups.php, with a drop-down (if < 500 users) or a search username box (if users > 500) , or something like this...
tracker item
Admin Layout per section should be possible without activating it
Keep it optional - even activating something just to see, how you admin it!

Is there any reason this has to be this way?
tracker item
Admin modules does not display available modules or provide easy method for selecting unused modules
Bugs & Wish list
tracker item
Admin page for plugins (tiki-admin.php) does not offer paymentlist checkbox
tracker item
Admin textarea: Filtering silently ignores short words in plugins tab
tracker item
Admin trackers -> Field Types and Admin Filter Preferences
tracker item
admin user loses admin rights after creating a user
tracker item
Admin's "Switch to user" broken at tiki.org
tracker item
Admin/Assign module interface broken
tracker item
Admin>Login>User defaults or Admin>Groups: Ability to Subscribe new users to specific Tiki objects
It would be lovely to set some new user defaults at
* Admin (home) > Login > User defaults, and/or
* Admin > Groups > (Edit a single group)

The ability to Subscribe/watch/monitor new users in the site or to that specific group, to specific Tiki objects.

Which tiki objects?: I would say, in this order:
# specific forums
# specific blogs
# specific calendars
# specific newsletters (ML: we can already subscribe groups to newsletters)
# specific wiki pages
# specific structures
# specific trackers
# specific categories
# new articles

This is specially useful for new users of the site, where they don't know yet how to subscribe to specific areas, etc. Very needed for educational scenarios, but I can see many other places where new users are a bit lost for some time while they learn how to use the Tiki site.

*[wish988|Forum: Let forum admins/moderators add groups and/or users as watching the forum]
*[tiki-index.php?page=Business%20Plans|Let small business start ups access collaborative sharing where the document being shared is not visible by anyone else]

Anywhere there is a watch eye, it should be possible for an admin to have group members watch this category
tracker item
All layouts are made available by "Allow per-object layout", including those for internal use
tracker item
All Tiki Magic menu sublevels always display in Opera and IE
In Opera and IE7 (didn't check yet in IE6), all sublevels of the Tiki Magic admin menu display all the time. Sublevels aren't top-level item sensitive as in Firefox.
tracker item
Allow admin of Preference Screen options by Administrator
In 3.2, one can create a personal page in MyTiki and use an Avatar (I see from the Community it wasn't always available & I appreciate the feature), but I would like an Administrative feature that could turn these off while still allowing users to access their Preference Screen, especially for changing their password and email address.

User pages and avatars could take up a great deal of space if there are a lot of users. I'd like to turn off the ability of users to have user-pages and avatars. If there's a way to do that now, please let me know, because I've looked everywhere for a way to do that (and there's a note not to edit templates unless you really know what you're doing and I somewhat know, but I'm afraid of creating a problem).
tracker item
Apply Buttons in Admin panel not consistent
tracker item
Assign permission group filter bug (recently introduced on BRANCH-1-9)
See video:

tracker item
Automagically Collapse/Expand columns in wide tables since Bootstrap: Footable jQuery Plugin?
tracker item
Bad alert box on Edit this assigned module: menu
tracker item
Badly formed string in /lib/prefs/feature.php doesn't work in English and translations as well
tracker item
Better help text for survey features needed
tracker item
Blog options WYSIWYCA (especially trackbacks)
In Tiki, even if the feature is off, you can see references to trackback pings in tiki-view_blog.php , tiki-view_blog_post.php, tiki-edit_blog.php and tiki-blog_post.php

Proper feature checks for {$feature_blogposts_pings}, {$feature_trackbackpings} and if the feature is activated per blog should be done.

tracker item
Blog post title doesn't display in preview mode
tracker item
Blue Print CSS / BluePrintCSS
CSS... Themes...
tracker item
Bug in Tiki14Beta? Copy Forum doesn't work
tracker item
Bug or feature in tra() ?
tracker item
Bugs that cannot be explained?
tracker item
buttons to enter tiki with or without locking it overlap
tracker item
Calendar "preview" new event : unusable : data lost
Fact : when you submit "preview" for a new event, a great part of data are lost, there is no real preview, and when you return to creation most of optional data are lost.

Too many things don't function : the job is not ended.
tracker item
Calendar shows Sunday as 1st day of week even if set to Monday, when prefs are 1.10-$prefs.feature..
Sometimes, first day of the week is Sunday, even if you set that to be Monday on Calendar settings.

This bug shows up for us (catalan interface, time zone "Europe Madrid (UTC+1)" when we have in tiki-admin.php?page=general, at preferecnes syntax:
"1.10 - $prefs.feature_foobar..."

When we swich this parameter to
"1.9 - $feature_foobar"

then fist day of the week in calendar is Monday, as expected
tracker item
Can't delete forum posts at tiki.org
tracker item
Can't delete Plugin Aliases
tracker item
Can't drag and drop modules to blank spaces
tracker item
Can't preview or save a contact form edit at tiki.org
tracker item
Can't rename a category
tracker item
Confirm Action not working in Safari
tracker item
Change Registration Validation Process & Be able to resend emails
Right now, there's no way to resend either the email to the admin to validate a user or resend the email to the user to validate their email address. If either of those emails fail to happen or they get sent to "spam", the user cannot log in.
tracker item
Child option applied when parent option unchecked (multilingual case)
tracker item
Chosen selector is too wide in some browsers
tracker item
Clicking Poll Icon on Features Page should connect to tiki-admin_poll.php when feature activated
when you click on the polls icon on the Admin Home page, you are taken to the polls comments admin page instead of the polls admin page. User should not have to make an additional click to start work.
tracker item
Clicking to login responds: "Do you want to hide this remarks box forever?"
tracker item
Codemirror does not respect off-bs-by-default in L&F & extra white space & false scroll
tracker item
Community activity rules: Illogical icons for rules list
tracker item
Completely wrong feature description in /lib/prefs/payment.php
tracker item
Confirm action on CSRF warning causes warning to redisplay
tracker item
Consolidate menu types for simplification in code and for users
tracker item
CSS class "sitetitle" shouldn't be applied to L&F site title div.adminoptionbox
tracker item
Custom javascript: a future-proof way to handle
Tiki has a lot of features. But sometime, we have to hack it up with various things that we can't share back to the project.

So we want to modify Tiki, yet, keep upgrades easy.

It is already possible to add custom language strings.
It is possible to override Smarty .tpl files with our own
It will soon be possible to add custom CSS strings

It would be nice to have this for javascript as well.

A custom.js somewhere. If it can be kept in the database, it makes site migration and backup even easier

Or it could be in styles/*/custom.js

It would be nice to have the option of putting towards the top or towards the bottom. Maybe Site Identity custom areas already permit this?
tracker item
Custom language translation
Sometimes, we want to change a few language strings from the original Tiki. It could be because of regional or community expressions.

Currently, we need to change language.php and/or the template (tpl) files.

It would be better to have a custom language file which would override default text. (Like we do for tpl files). Therefore upgrades would be smoother.

Even better if we could edit this language file via the GUI.
tracker item
Dealing with forgotten usernames
Sometimes, users forget their usernames and end up creating duplicate accounts.

Here are two things which would help:
1- Users should be able to have a password reset/reminder while only knowing their email. __fixed in 1.10__

2- In tiki-adminusers.php, the search box should work for emails also (not just usernames) __fixed in 1.10__

Related: [tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1069]
Also, in 1.9.x, usernames are CaSe SenSitive. __fixed in 1.10__
tracker item
Dealing with high-volumes of data (drop-down lists become search boxes)
TikiWiki often has drop-down menus with many choices.

Ex.: drop-down list of users, or wiki pages, etc

That is ok for a few hundred. But what if you have 300 000 users or 300 000 wiki pages?

There should be a setting where beyond a certain number, the drop-down become a search box.

tracker item
DefaultSettingsChanges in 1.10
We need to decide about ((tw:DefaultSettingsChanges)) in 1.10

Some of the new features are much better than previous ones (ex new diff engine). People upgrading their Tiki could conserve their setting. However, new installs should take advantage of the new features.

A note should be added in tiki-install.php This must be low maintenance for Tiki dev team.
tracker item
Delete unused images needs "are you sure?" dialog
tracker item
Deleting a page yields error message
tracker item
Display a comment in the html listing where each indvidual template starts and ends
I would like to have the templates include a comment line such as: <!--start template: tiki.tpl--> and a corresponding <!--end template: tiki.tpl-->. As a non-developer performing minor overrides and adaptations to the existing templates, this would greatly improve the time needed to locate the correct template to override for a certain page, as you could just go into the HTML source code and see which templates are involved in generating the page you are looking at.
tracker item
Conflict between tablesorter and .table-responsive sometimes causes Firefox layout problem.
tracker item
Drop Downs and Hovers Stopped Working (Popper.js)
tracker item
Easier "Contact us" management for Tiki admins
This setting:
Contact Us
Contact Us (Anonymous)
here: tiki-admin.php?page=features

And this one:
Contact user:

Plus, "Contact user" should be a drop-down menu with the user list

Should be added to a new admin tab "Contact us":

IMHO, it is OK for options/settings to be in more than one admin panel, if relevant to both.
tracker item
Easier category management for Tiki admins
These settings:
Show Category Path
Show Category Objects
here: tiki-admin.php?page=features

And this one:
Ignore category viewing restrictions :

Should be added to a new admin tab "category":

IMHO, it is OK for options/settings to be in more than one admin panel, if relevant to both.
tracker item
Easier Inter-user message management for Tiki admins
This setting:
User Messages
here: tiki-admin.php?page=features

And these ones:
Users can opt-out internal messages:
Users accept internal messages by default:
Maximum mailbox size (messages, 0=unlimited):
Maximum mail archive size (messages, 0=unlimited):
Maximum sent box size (messages, 0=unlimited):
here: tiki-admin.php?page=login

Should be added to a new admin tab "Inter-user message":

IMHO, it is OK for options/settings to be in more than one admin panel, if relevant to both.
tracker item
Easier pagination management for Tiki admins
Use direct pagination links:
Maximum number of records in listings:

The two pagination settings should be together in a section "pagination". (on this page is OK)

Would be even better to move all to tiki-admin.php?page=pagination
tracker item
Easier setting of Sender Email
As suggested by Nyloth at TikiFest Strasbourg,

1- "Sender Email" could be set by default to no-reply@domain.tld
2- It could be requested as part of the install script.

Many features don't work well until it's set (ex.: Inter-User message, registration with email validation, etc)
tracker item
Easier theme management for Tiki admins
These settings:
Slideshows theme:
here: tiki-admin.php?page=general

And theses ones:
Theme Control
General Layout options (all)
Edit Templates
Edit CSS
Tiki Template Viewing
Use Tabs
here: tiki-admin.php?page=features

And this one:
Reg. users can change theme:
here: tiki-admin.php?page=login

Should be added to a new admin tab "Theme & Layout":

IMHO, it is OK for options/settings to be in more than one admin panel, if relevant to both.
tracker item
Edit blogs : the size of the panel is automatically smaller than the text width....
As the calculated size of the line, depends of the size of the panel (resizable) is wrong (too of some ... <unable to translate, in printing in french the length unit "point">).
Then the line is always too long of a few for the panel (words or half of words cut before splitting the line).

This makes the blog edition unusable in normal conditions because to edit a text we have to make horizontal scroll continuously.

Analysis : the calculation of the length of line written in text editors is always complex. Generally today there is no problem, but the system which is behind editors is very complex to take in account all display configurations.

(nota : For my own I had developed some years ago a draw system - for engineering, Computer Assisted Drawings - system for windows displaying HPGL2 language drawings with fonts conversion from HPGL2 fonts system to True type, then I know well in details the whole problem)

~~#F0C:__With this problem, I can't let use the tikiwiki 5.3 by my bloggers.__~~

So I have written a warning take care "sorry very difficult to use"
tracker item
Editor wysiwyg in wiki page doesn’t recognize images,to fix it I change manually {…} With <…>
I have a problem, i dont know how fix it
In tiki4.2 in wiki pages (others doesn’t show this error) editor wysiwyg, does insert an image but it change the code with this code
{…}, (I know cos I saw it , in the html view)
But when I save it doesn’t recognize the image, If I return to the html editor and change the {…} With <…>, it works

Somebody can help me??
tracker item
Enable "word-break:break-all" to be optional on responsive tables
tracker item
Smarty warnings being shown when error reporting is off (was: Excluded categories issue in admin panel)
tracker item
Admin panels: False feedback to the admin when activating or deactivating prefs (phantom prefs).
tracker item
favicon settings: 3 issues

1- favicon box is limited to 32 characters. This is not enough for people using multiki.

2- When I try to change path to favicon, it doesn't save.

3- How do I deactivate this feature?

Shouldn't this feature be in Site identity?
tracker item
File Gallery: Batch upload (Unzip all zip files) should be optional
Right now, it's a group permission (tiki_p_batch_upload_files) but if I give tiki_p_admin_file_galleries, it included tiki_p_batch_upload_files, which is not always what I want. (It adds clutter to the interface, when uploading a file)

It should be an option here:

And maybe add a check to see if this is supported by the server (if easy)
tracker item
Find a way to block robots from indexing in PHP, and configurable from Tiki
tracker item
Find isn't working on tiki-listpages.php
tracker item
Fix usability of Features selection page
on the features selection page there is a checkbox for each feature with its name next to it. In normal Web UIs a checkbox is next to a &lt;label&gt; tag which contains the text referring to the setting the checkbox controls. If you set up the name= and title= for both the input and the label then clicking that text automatically selects the checkbox.

This is not always implemented properly across the web but it is the way forms are supposed to be used and it is easy and no one ever complains about it. It increases the effective size of the checkbox and cements the relationship with the word.

On the features selection page, however, the text instead links to the tikiwiki.org descriptions of the features. This confused me and happened several times before I retaught myself to not click the words.
tracker item
Font set of admin anchors can't be switched to Glyphicon
tracker item
Forum pref in /lib/prefs/forum.php name contradicts description
tracker item
Found an error in the Admin Toolbars
tracker item
Four plugins cannot be de-activated
tracker item
Fresh install of 13.0: theme admin panel: tabs with no possible options
tracker item
Fresh install sets default directories for file storage which do not exist on fresh installs
tracker item
Getting the users IP when Tiki is behind a reverse proxy
tracker item
Group Calendar is inconsistent in menu
Calendar should be like the other elements in the menu

for exemple:
view calendar
add an event (which means we need an URL for this)
admin calendar
tracker item
Harmonize "Similar" & "Like pages"
Make it more consistent. The feature has a different name in admin wiki than on wiki pages.
tracker item
Harmonize look & feel of browse categories and admin categories
Why do they look different?
tracker item
Help system: upgrade script should update to new destination on doc.tikiwiki.org
If the user didn't change the value of the destination of the help system, it should be updated to what the default value is now.

Need to hunt down what all the previous values were (ex.: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=) and to update via sql

And for clean installs as well (of course)

However, if someone modified the default value, we don't touch.

Reminder to add a reset to default value in 3.0 (new admin panel should permit this)
tracker item
Help URL's built incorrectly on tiki_admin.php pages
The URL's for the help buttons are not being built correctly. Users are unable to get help during the initial setup.

Tested on 1.10.0b1. To reproduce:
After a fresh install go to the Administration:Administration page
Click on the General icon.
Click on the help icon at the top of Administration General
The help URL will use the local host name instead of doc.tikiwiki.org

Other notes:
Help shows enabled on the features page (apparently enabled by default)
All pages reached through tiki-admin.php seem to have this problem

tracker item
Hide levels in tiki-assignpermission.php
Levels in tiki-assignpermission.php are confusing to the new tiki admins.

tracker item
i18n.t.o unusable: Fatal error Class Table_Plugin not found (plugin fancytable)
tracker item
if use a chinese character in a page's name, can't use (()) to refer to that page.
just like this ((text中文))

it can't be parsed correctly as a page referer.
tracker item


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools