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_htaccess should know which version of Tiki it is for

Since Tiki4, in tiki-admin_include_sefurl.php, Tiki detects if .htaccess is there and if contains tiki-index.php?page=$1

If Tiki is upgraded, by installing over, there may be issues because Tiki is still using the old .htaccess without informing tiki admin

Have Tiki version number in _htaccess (and thus updated as part of the release procedure)
Test on this, and inform users when they forgot to upgrade their .htaccess file.

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sefurl conflicts with best language
Please see:

tracker item
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Saving page with SEFURL on creates 404 error
The new "saved_msg=y" fails when SEFURL is on - both new pages and editing. It gives me a 404 not-found error. Makes SEFURL pretty useless. Example:
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Multilingual Meta Keywords and Meta Description (and increase 255 characters limit)
Please increase the limit and make it multilingual
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In dev.org : search bug, old problem(s) not solved in sorting a filtered list.

After display of a filtered list :

Various erratics behavior with the "sort" command by clicking a column of the header :

1- on "date" no effect or the list is cleared (after a crash of SQL request : before we had the crash, now it is handled but simply clears the list)

2- on "version" no effect at all.

Others not checked again (had been two years ago), who will repair can checked each column sort behavior...
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Display tracker item title in the sefurl
In tiki-admin.php?page=sefurl, we have
* Display blog title in the sefurl
* Display article title in the sefurl

which is really nice.

Even better would be to also have:
* Display tracker item title in the sefurl

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domain redirect from *.tikiwiki.org to *.tiki.org is not working
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Ability to use a structure as a menu {menu structureId=1}
I can't see the reason for the separation between the structures feature and the menu feature - structures are massively easier to create and edit, but only menus can be shown collapsibly. Separation of functions leads to confusion and harder support.
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Add canonical for tiki-slideshow2.php
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Add canonical to tiki-print.php?page=
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Adding some examples in htaccess

# Redirects
# This is useful if you are migrating from an old site, and you want the old URLs to still work.
# Just uncomment and edit the line below.
Redirect 301 /oldpage.html /tiki-index.php?page=newpage
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Allow Choice of URL name that includes page name, not number, for articles
When you view an article, the URL simply includes the id# of the article. On wiki pages, however, the URL lists the article title.
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Allow meta tags unique to pages
You cannot assign meta tags to individual pages. If you use the universal meta tags, that is not the best way to optimize for search engines.
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Allow redirect plugin to use fragment identifiers (section/anchor ids) (patch included)
The redirect plugin currently lacks the ability to include fragment identifiers, e.g. -+~np~{REDIRECT(page=Foo#some_id)/}~/np~+- does not work; the resulting URL is -+~np~tiki-index.php?page=Foo#some_id&redirectpage=this_page~/np~+- instead of -+~np~tiki-index.php?page=Foo&redirectpage=this_page#some_id.~/np~+-
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Apache error with .htaccess files
When using the "_htaccess" files in Tikiwiki 1.9.5 you get an "Regex could not be compiled" access error in some of the directories when using Apache 2.2.
The Problem occurs, if the statement <FilesMatch "*"> is in the .htaccess file.
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Broken ReWrite rule in .htaccess
On our site we use the short URLs enabled by the SEO feature. We have used the default TikiWiki .htaccess file.

One of our blogs has grown to a reasonable size and users of it were claiming that the link at the bottom of the page to the next set of entries wasn't working. I confirmed this to be the case.

Looking at the source loaded into my browser for the page on clicking the "next page" button the following link should have been called :
Manually entering this link did not work either. However if I entered the full URL below I did get the blog posts I was hoping for:

I therefore suspected that the ReWrite rule was not correct. The standard rule is:
{CODE()}RewriteRule ^blog([0-9]+) tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=$1 [QSA,L]{CODE}

This standard rule chops off the end of the requested URL after the blog number, thereby removing the __~amp~offset=20__ parameter.
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Cannot Reply to a Comment on Wiki page
I have a comment on a wiki page. When I click Reply to post a follow-up comment, I get an error. It looks like the Reply button is generating a bad URL:

__Not Found

The requested URL /mywiki/page=IVR_Revitalization&post_reply=1&comments_threshold=0&comments_reply_threadId=5&comments_offset=0&thread_sort_mode=commentDate_asc&comments_per_page=20&comments_grandParentId=0&comments_parentId=5&thread_style=commentStyle_plain was not found on this server.__

This would be a show stopper using Tiki threaded comments is very important feature requirement for us.


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Canonical for forum posts (print post and print all)
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Canonical URL Tag
Please see:

tiki-print.php -> tiki-index.php

In trackers, if you find a tracker item following a search, you have some parameters in the URL for item 6 of 70. The canonical format should be just the tracker item.

In blogs,
should be:
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Character substitutions in page names, search engine, usernames, etc.
Since wiki page names should avoid special characters, we'll need to think about maybe using character substitutions in page names (a instead of à, _ instead of ') and use the description field for the exact format.

Please coordinate here: ((Character substitutions))
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Check & report broken links
*.Tiki.org sites have a large number of external links. It would be nice to have a tool to check all the links and to report on status. Possibly this could be related to the cacheing feature.

See: ((Link Checker))
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Creation of wiki page: enter description and wiki page name is suggested (but editable)
Goal: Making is easy to use description field without needing to duplicate data entry

Say I use Tiki for terminology.

If I use the wiki page name for terms, I will end up with many weird characters in the URL.

If I use the description for the term, I still need to enter a cleaner/shorter wiki page name.

This is an unnecessary step.

Create wiki page could be full term, and accents and special characters are suggested (but overrideable)
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Disallow tiki-tell_a_friend.php in robots.txt
Calendar URLs are currently excluded for spiders and bots, for example:


excluded by entries:

Disallow: tiki-calendar.php
Disallow: /tiki-calendar.php

However, the URL /tiki-tell_a_friend.php?url=%2Fcalendar%3Ffocus%3D1268089200%26viewmode%3Dweek would be spidered instead.
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Equivalent characters for page linking, backlinking, searching, etc (ex.: space, underscore, period)
This would permit cleaner URLs and easier searching.


Wiki page names

Spaces & underscore to be equivalents
a and A are equivalent. This makes perfect sense for page names, user names, etc Accented characters (äâ) should be as well

For wiki page names (see how Wikipedia does it) but it could be that ~np~((User_Profile)), ((User+Profile)) and ((User Profile))~/np~ are equivalent.

Should hyphen (-) be an equivalent character as well?

How about (,) and (.)

. doesn't play nice with rewrite rules

Moved discussion to: ((Character substitutions))
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Find a way to block robots from indexing in PHP, and configurable from Tiki
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Full screen mode: Error on first click on dev.tw.o and doc.tw.o
To reproduce:
#Go to a tracker item. Ex.:

#Click full screen mode
You are sent to

After, that initial error, full screen mode works well

It has been suggested this has a link with ShortURLs
{QUOTE(replyto="Gary")}When using the short url, then clicking the fullscreen icon, and then clicking it again to leave fullscreen view, the url gets mangled and I end up at the home page. (Example: http://zukakakina.com/tw3/absE (external link) -> http://zukakakina.com/tw3/tiki-index.php?page%3DabsE&fullscreen=y (external link) -> http://zukakakina.com/tw3/tiki-index.php?page%253DabsE&fullscreen=n. (external link) The first = becomes encoded so the url breaks. chibaguy - r17975) {QUOTE}
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Group home pages do not work under sefurl
{CODE(caption="tiki-login.php line ~308")}if ($prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'n' || $url == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || $url_path == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || basename($url_path) == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || ($anonymous_homepage != '' && ($url == $anonymous_homepage || $url_path == $anonymous_homepage || basename($url_path) == $anonymous_homepage)) || ($tikiIndex_full != '' && basename($url_path) == $tikiIndex_full)) {{CODE}

for $prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'y'
the sefurl will not match
tracker item
Invalid URL makes really ugly & broken page: should be nicer fallback
tracker item
RSS feed for trackers: should use SEFURLs
It's pretty ugly now...
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Pollution of URLs by sending relative links to inexisting subdirectories
On doc.tiki.org/Installation, there is a link to doc.tiki.org/tiki-index.php/page=Installation

{img fileId=54}

And then, this page is broken, and it has many new links to index, most of which are invalid.

{img fileId=55}

Another example:
{img fileId=63}
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SEFURL with parameters in URL path
Using the method desribed in documentation [http://doc.tiki.org/Clean+URLs|http://doc.tiki.org/Clean+URLs] (__Step 2: Configure Tiki to Produce Clean URLs__): activating search engine friendly url and choosing 'lang' for 'List of Url Parameters that should go to the path', editing a translated page will lead (save or cancel edit) to a not properly recognized pathname with /xy/ in it, where xy is the two letter language code.
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metatag description broken
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Multi-domain: redirect all traffic to main domain
When a tiki is on a server which has several domain names, have an option to force a redirect to one in particular (similar to force with/without www). Should be a "permanent redirect" HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

This is related to the recently introduced feature to remove www or add www to Tiki sites

Specifically, all *.tikiwiki.org domains will progressively move *.tiki.org Both URLs will be kept forever but tiki.org should be the new main one that people see in their browser (and copy-paste from)
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nofollow on hyperlinks
Please see:
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output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used after 'URL-Rewriter' in tiki-setup.php on line 1890
Trying to test for this:

I got, on doc.tikiwiki.org:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
Warning: ob_start() [ref.outcontrol]: output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used after 'URL-Rewriter' in tiki-setup.php on line 1890

I had this error once. Have been unable to duplicate.
I don't remember which browser.

I am putting here just in case...
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page names with colon, like user:person not working when SEFURL is on
If you have a pagename with a colon in it, like user:person, it will not work because Firefox will think user: is a protocol.

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period (.) in page names conflicts with Short URLs rewrite rules
A new short URLs / Search Engine Friendly / Rewrite Rule with .htaccess was added to Tiki 2.0 as experimental (great!)

However, this causes issues with pages like:


[wish2108|Equivalent characters for page linking, backlinking, searching, etc (ex.: space, underscore, period)]
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Registered user cannot delete its own post when SEF url feature is on

When Search engine friendly url feature is enabled. The registered users cannot delete their own post. Please note the registered user can delete the post when search engine friendly url is turned off.

The url on the browser appear as follow

When i print out the $_REQUEST array. The result was as follow

blogId is 9

There was no "remove" in $_REQUEST array.

Please suggest the workaround for this issue.
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Remove www automatically
using www.domain.com vs domain.com and it will not keep you logged in.

Plus, having www is no longer relevant nowadays


{CODE(caption="Jonny says")}Finally - Marc, did you crack the www url problem? As you said, it would be nice to have as a pref in Tiki and i think the only way to do it for all cases (subdomains, subdirectories etc) is in PHP. For now we could just add it to local.php - stuff like:

if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'www') === 0) {
// do stuff...{CODE}

{wish id=1611}
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Robots.txt Disallow entries now must have leading slash
Although the RFC (for example, [http://www.robotstxt.org/wc/norobots-rfc.html]) doesn't explicitly require a leading slash (/) before the page name, I have found that, as of late Oct, 2005, many 'bots, including Googlebots, have started requiring them.

For example, before the change,

Disallow: tiki-pagehistory.php

would prevent well-behaved 'bots from trying to index tiki-pagehistory.php. However, after the change, I had to have:

Disallow: /tiki-pagehistory.php

in robots.txt, or else all my page history would be indexed! I verified this using my server log, and also by doing google searches against my site for phrases that only appeared in page history. I have every reason to believe this is a problem for all other TikiWiki-based sites.

Others have noticed this. There is discussion in the forums at:
* [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=13666&forumId=4|Googlebot ignoring robots.txt] -- includes a __graph of my bandwidth usage before and after__.
* [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=1&forumId=4&comments_parentId=12342|Adding <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> to History pages]
* [http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=1&forumId=4&comments_parentId=15004|Yahoo search indexes Print pages instead of Read pages]
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Robots.txt Enhancements
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robots.txt should exclude ALL print-friendly pages
The robots.txt in the current distro (1.9.x Sirius) contains

Disallow: tiki-print.php

Should it not also contain

Disallow: tiki-print_article.php
Disallow: tiki-print_blog_post.php
Disallow: tiki-print_multi_pages.php
Disallow: tiki-print_pages.php
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Search engine friendly URLS and Search engine friendly URL Postfilter not compatible

The documentation linked above states (my emphasis added):

"Search engine friendly url Postfilter - ~~#090:__To generate SEFURLs for all Tiki links, also check the second checkbox__~~ which creates short URLs by filtering the output. The SEFURL Postfilter consumes more processor (CPU) time than the non-filter version (it deals with all the text and it deals also with cached text like modules while the 'on the fly' filter does not do it. ~~#00F:__In future versions the SEFURL Postfilter will not be used__~~ - it is only necessary until the template SEFURL work is finished. ~~#906:__Either one or both features (SEFURL and SEFURL Postfilter) may be used.__~~

I had both checked. This worked when I was on 4.x, and started failing when I moved to 5.0. This is why I marked it as a regression. The problem still exists in 5.3.

Each now works OK separately, but the they no longer work together. I've disabled the postfilter.

Is the postfilter no longer necessary, or am I no longer generating sefurls for all links? Priority of 3 based on the assumption that the postfilter is still necessary, otherwise I would have set it to 1.
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SEF forum thread
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SEF URL for article topics
Right now, the sefurl for article topics is:

articles?topicName=news to tiki-view_article.php

Possibly, articles/news should point to tiki-view_article.php?topicName=news

I think this might be common enough to be a core feature.
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SEF URL Search Engine Friendly URL
__A CMS without SEF URL means it is a Bug : Usability__

it's a by setup checkable standart in a high quality CMS
simple weblogs like http://www.s9y.org/ have such a feature

why :
google likes */this_is_a_very_god_page.html
and normaly google didn't index

i think the best webpage is nothing if SEFURL isn't working

the half way is done with the htaccess - ok
the next half way was a mod from http://www.coofercat.com/wiki/TikiURLtInstall

It's working in a root env with 1.9.x and 1.10cvs
that means only if /tmp is writable for the webserver - this is the bug

but online on a vserver this shit happens to me

Warning: mkdir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/nww/webx/:/srv/nww/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/nww/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/nww/webx/html/wiki/lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 1551

Warning: fopen(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp/71/adodb_716f2422695ca15b221f4ce6f146321c.cache) is not within the allowed path(s): (/srv/nww/webx/:/srv/nww/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/:/srv/nww/htdocs/confixx/html/gesperrt/) in /srv/nww/webx/html/wiki/lib/adodb/adodb-csvlib.inc.php on line 298
......this msg repeats about 1000 times
did you know what's going on

I started to debug this problem
but it seams to get bigger and bigger

saved data titles must be renamed
didn't result in
page 2
and so on
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SEFUrl needs to be updated

I need to improve a SEFUrl feature.
The point is that it lacks some functionality needed to be a perfect tool for webmaster or seo specialist or both.

It claims to rewrite urls into shorter and more meaningful ones. However the urls with the title in language other than english (i.e. russian) have nothing after "articleN" (english version is "articleN-the-name-of-the-article").
In addition if an article is divided into several pages there will be urls like "articleN&page=M", no title in them.

Forums and its threads have no meaningful part at all.

It would be great if there are links like this

Could you please suggest on how to do it or maybe there is already rewritten or similar feature somewhere i can find?
tracker item
SEO: exclude irrelevant content and modules from indexing
tracker item
Site Map for visitors and search engines (Sitemap Protocol)
Should the site map be generated from the wiki structure? from the menu?

tracker item
Slash (/) in wiki page names cause issue with Rewrite Rules
Seen on tikiwiki.org

It gives error 404

Possible solutions:
*Users could be prevented to create pages with characters that conflict with
*Rewrite rules are not activated when page name contains such characters
tracker item
Spiders getting lost in tiki-calendar.php, tiki-browse_categories.php and tiki-browse_gallery.php
Please see:

In tiki-browse_gallery.php, there is Sort Images by [ Name | Date | Hits | User | Size ] so robots can think these are all different pages
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Structures don't get SEF links when SEF is enabled
If you turn on SEF all your links will be converted to SEF-links so far with the exception of the links the bradcrumb bar of the structure.

Tested on tiki 3.5
tracker item
Tighter integration with Apache's > .htaccess (error messages, etc.)
When you try to access a wiki page which doesn't exist, Tiki offers you a list of similarly named pages, to search for that word, to create the page, etc.


When you try to access other contents in Tiki (articles, blog posts, etc.) that don't exist (either have been deleted, moved, not yet published, protected, etc.), you get a Tiki error message.

__Good as well.__

But what if you try an URL which is just not possible?

Ex.: If you migrated from another system to Tiki and you are still getting hits with the previous URLs?

Of course, you could check your access logs and add nice redirects. But how can we make this easier for site admins?

The bundled _htaccess file (which you need to rename .htaccess to make active) has an example line:
{img src=images/code.png}%%% {CODE()}
ErrorDocument 404 /tiki-index.php?page=Page+not+found

__This is good.__

Now, how could we use this to provide the Tiki admin with a top-x error pages? And thus, it would help to detect broken links, etc.

Could .htaccess include some configuration info from Tiki? So a Tiki admin could add configuration information without using FTP, all in Tiki, possibly with a secret "system" wiki page.

Great inspiration:
tracker item
tiki-all_languages.php needs canonical
tracker item
tiki-searchindex.php in tracker items: either missing or unsuccessful
Using 1.9.7cvs from mid june 2007

I have an item in a tracker with the word "Carxoferes" in the tracker item title.

In the search_new module, trackers doesn't show up in the dropdown box. However, if you search for the Word "Carxoferes" (without double quoting marks), the word "trackers" is listed below search results:

So is it really searching (or attempting to search) within tracker items?
But anyway, the result is unsuccessful: no pages matches your criteria.
! Search results:
Search in:
__All Wiki galleries images files forums blogs blog posts directory articles trackers__

Found "Carxoferes" in 0 trackers

Find [[___________] [[go]

No pages matched the search criteria
Page: 1/0

And it should show the tracker item containing that word.
Confirmed that the same behavior is happening in 1.10cvs (from July 24th). Checked at:
Adding a new item with the word "senzilles". If I search that word under the tiki search_new module, I can't find it. If I search through Trackers interface directly, I do find it.
Update2: using ((doc:Module search_box)) I can find it! (real time indexation works then)
Fixed on 1.10cvs. Not sure on 1.9cvs (I couldn't check with latest code). As far as I'm concerned, I leave this bug ask closed. (reopen if you test on 1.9.cvs and it fails)
tracker item
To show Links with no Permission for anonym - turns external Sitemap creation in a disasterarea 302
The Problem
i.e. the structure tee ist partial accessible for anonymous -
but in the Page view /tiki-index.php?page=xyz all the substrucktures are clickable but they are not accessible (permission of the subtree gives a 302 for the visitor - so he must go back ...

a robot like google creates so much traffic becose he want follow this dead links

so i thought this is solvable by a sitemap
but Tiki has no intern tool for a sitemap like some other cms.
so i started with a online sitemapgenerator - but disasterarea 302 permission
next sitemap-gen.py from sourceforge but the same disasterarea 302 permission
but much bigger becourse it generates from the apache accesslog.

So next i thought about this mess!OK Why create a link if it is not clickable for anonym
yes thats the first solution to give the thing a straight line

looks like a big bugfamily

<lq_013> before a few day's i started with working on a sitemap for tiki
<lq_013> first Idea with using a external tool end up in a disaster
<lq_013> this courced by permission on some struktures
<lq_013> next disasterpart is the rewrite seo engine wich produces some pages 4 times
<lq_013> each accessible in an other way
<lq_013> the sitemaptool from sourcefrge which makes analyse of the access.log produces much more shit
<lq_013> some things can be restricted in a config file but thats no god Idea
<lq_013> so my suggestion to solve some of this sitemap disasters is to cancel all a href=... where annonymous can't click to
<lq_013> this is more then recommented becourse all visitors and searchengines follow this links and get a 302
<lq_013> with redirekt to login or whatever
tracker item
Tracker items: nice URLs and Canonical
tracker item
URL structure
tracker item
Using Sefurl leads to WSOD
Turning on Sefurl leads to random WSOD's which can only be fixed by restoring all files and the database previous to the settings change.
tracker item


The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools