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"GZip output" (feature_obzip) causes encoding errors in CSRF and error screens
"Gzip output" (feature_obzip) is defective in two different tikis (in 2 different servers).... proposals/6x and trunk

Once enabled, when I attempt to visit a few pages as anonymous, for which I should see the "Error, your are not logged in. Go to Log in Page" message, I see instead a message from firefox saying that there is an error in the enconding of the content (attempting to use a compression method not valid or that it doesn't work in this application):

Error de codificació del contingut

No ha pogut mostrar-se la pàgina que esteu intentant visualitzar perquè utilitza una forma de compressió no vàlida o que no funciona en aquesta aplicació.

* Poseu-vos en contacte amb els propietaris del lloc per a informar-los del problema.

Once I disable the gzip output, tiki behaves normally.
Moreover, this issue might have been the reason why the new spreadsheet features being developed in trunk by robertplummer were failing (Chrome just says that the server is temporarily unavailable) recently in a test we were doing in the same server.

And that might be the (potential) responsible for the issues with sending newsletters in prposals/6x (just before the release of tiki 6.2).
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Fix for Bug Ticket ID 2184
I have confirmed this bug (2184) in Tiki 6.3 using Chrome and IE7/8.

I am not a javascript guru so this may not be the most eloquent solution, but it works.

To fix, replace the icntoggle function (line 693) in tiki-js.js with the following:
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PluginButton locks entire wiki in 500 internal error when included in a user plugin
When the PluginButton plugin is included in a User Module and that User Module is used on the wiki, it will lock down the wiki in "Internal Error 500" mode. So no matter what page you visit, you will get "500 internal error".

Tested on:
TikiWiki v. 6.1 on IIS 7.5
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Set perspective according to current content's category.
It would be nice to be able to select a perspective depending on the current content's categories and their respective jails.

I have made a hack that achieves this, but it would be nice to have it implemented as a feature. I described my hack and included the code here:


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6.4svn regression: Maketoc shown twice in newsletter sent from wiki page template
In these last month of june or july 2011, some regression seems to have been introduced in proposals/6x, which produces that maketoc create the output twice, when sending a newsletter from a wiki page template.
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5.x -> 6.1 regression: Users Information Tracker Fields Asked at Registration Time
Does the "Users Information Tracker Fields Asked at Registration Time" work for someone in 6.1? it used to work in 5.x. not pretty.

This feature was not particularly important if the trackers with registration="y" would work nicely. Read more here.
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6.x: accepting a structure sent between tikis fails (column 'page_alias' cannot be null)
After sending a structure between 2 tiki sites (using the send pages features between tikis, xmlrpc, etc), once I clicked on the button to accept the received structure in the target tiki site, I got this error:

Column 'page_alias' cannot be null

The query was:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`, `structure_id`) values(?,?,?,?,?)



The built query was likely:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`, `structure_id`) values('0','70',NULL,'1','0')

Both tiki sites are running recent proposals_6x

The url on the target tiki was:
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6x: apparently unreliable tracker item history: works in some sites, but not on others
Tracker item history seems to be unreliable: it works for me on some 6x sites but I haven't been able to make it work in a local 6x or proposals_6x .

# I create a tracker item
# I edit the tracker item again, changing some fields (1 text area, and 2 text fields ) and save changes
# refresh the tiki-tracker_view_history.php?itemId=1 page but I see nothing there

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6x: Webmail account can't be deleted (& unreliable behavior)
((GroupMail)) is not working for me any more since I updated a site to 6.x from 4.x
In 4.x it was working me (I created most of the documentation in doc:((doc:Groupmail))

Maybe that's because Webmail is not working either...?

What I did:
* installed a new tiki proposals/6x tiki site in localhost
* added ajax_xajax feature to the groupmail profile (it was missing)
* applied Groupmail profile
* followed instructions to setup a new group (web)mail account
* the module groupmail is spinning all the time, and no messages are shown
* I've double checked that the user and pass info for that email account are all right

I also applied that profile on a remote server (a production site) and no luck either. No email is fetched.
I checked the webemail account (by means of other webmail software) and I confirm that it has plenty of read email, and 2 new messages pending to be read.
Weird, after I tried to unsuccessfully delete that account in the remote (production) server, it seems that webmail started to work!

:-/ Well, it looks boggy to me, or at least, for sure it's been unrealiable behavior!

At elast, for sure tehre is a bug at removing a webmail account: which is not removed (even if you ckick again at the confirmation step, the account is still there)
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Allow HTML and/or Wiki syntax in Site Title and Subtitle fields
To allow for greater styling, it would be great to allow HTML coding and/or wiki syntax in the __Site Title__ and __Subtitle__ fields on Admin: L&F.

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Articles do not support FOOTNOTEAREA plugin
Tiki Articles do not support the FOOTNOTEAREA plugin. In Tiki 5 and 6 I used:
foo bar {FOOTNOTE()}http://www.foo.bar{FOOTNOTE}

Tiki renders the footnote (superscript) properly, but does not include a Footnote area at the bottom of the article.

Tested & confirmed on info.tw.o using Tiki 5 and 6
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attachements to forum posts get lost if the user clicks to preview the post first
Using tw.o forums and 2.0 (afaik):

You add a screenshot attachment to a reply in a forum post, and if you click on "preview" first, (as you would do on wiki pages), the image is lost (no tag is inserted on the forum post to help you link the attachment).

However, if you do the same attachment on a post, and click to post it (without previewing it first), the attachment link is shown.

Example at tw.o forums where it recently happened:

according to comment added to this bug report, this issue is still present in branch Tiki5 still (so probably also in trunk)
Unbelievable, bug still present in forum posts in 12.x since 1.x! (with forum replies, there is warning, at least, but not yet with brand new posts in the forum and attachment is lost indeed) {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-11-22T09:45:52+00:00"}

Reproduced here:
u: admin
p: 12345
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Banning system Rule activated by dates lacks following years
Rule activated by dates
Rule active from
Rule active until
Upgraded tiki: Shows years 1969 till 2010
Clean install: Only gives the year 2010 to chose from
This year is almost over so whould be nice to have some later years to chose from.
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Blank Page with tiki-calendar.php
on the test environment i can access tiki-calendar.php without a problem but as soon as i want to create a calendar and then access it on the live server i only get a blank page.

wether it is an already populated tiki or a clean install (wether using a completely new db or telling the tiki installer to clear the previous db and create a new one, wether using our theme or using the standard theme) i always get a blank page.

are there any special options in php/mysql/apache the calendar needs which i need to change?

the live server is a suse linux with php 5.3.3 and mysql 5.1.46
the local server is some xampp on a windows machine

tested it with Tiki 6.3, 6.4 and 7.1

While it is a blank page in Firefox, Google Chrome says it is a 500 server error

Apache Error Log says:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in .../lib/tikidate-php5.php on line 298, referrer http//...
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Blog and Post heading preview broken in Tiki 6.1
When creating or editing a blog, the __Display Options__ tab includes two fields:
* Blog heading
* Blog post heading

There is also a __Heading Preview__ button on the tab.

1. The __Heading Preview__ does not show any sort of preview -- it simply reloads the page.

2. When ''editing'' a blog, there is a second __Heading Preview__ button, also which does nothing.
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broken doc.t.o Preview fonctionality
If you are in the doc.tiki.org side and edit a page, try to do a preview.

You won't be able to.

I tried in other universes and the preview option works fine.
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Cache not clearing in Tiki6
I have two site that I've upgraded from Tiki 5.3 to Tiki 6 and on both sites, clear cache function is no longer working since the upgrade. When I open the 'Exterminator of cached content' window, thit indicates that there are no cached files. I have confirmed via FTP that there are many cached files. Also, when I select 'clear cache', there is no effect on the cached files.
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calendar - update end date of event after start date exceeds it
When creating (editing) some event and change start date to the value that is newer than end date, user must change end date manually
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Calendar "preview" new event : unusable : data lost
Fact : when you submit "preview" for a new event, a great part of data are lost, there is no real preview, and when you return to creation most of optional data are lost.

Too many things don't function : the job is not ended.
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Calendar 5.3 and later ? : Error view event from popup => data not sent
The fact (analysis result) : view from the popup od calendar module has no data set up

Details :
When you actions the into modules calendar the event from a date, you get the popup (if prefs) which shows the events of the day, then :

1- there is no choice for an event if an alone or several
2- the data of the event are not set up
3- the action button "view" shows a "pseudo empty event" the lonely data are the default value for a new event...

The function is not completely implemented. Job not ended. Functionality not operational.

It had no time to look at 6.0.
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Category Permissions not taken care properly for showing wiki pages
Please help since we have invested much time and effort in this project, believing Tiki could filter rightly wiki pages based on perms, and since I cannot find a workaround.

When not logged in, Some wiki pages are shown, and Some others Not, while they all have exactly the same set up. They all have been categorized only in "Public Content" category which is set to Show wikis to Anonymous users, while Global perms are set to not show them to anonymous.

At this moment we have two identical wiki pages as setup is concerned:
1) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=La+Funci%C3%B3n+Esencial+y+El+Prop%C3%B3sito+de+Vida
which doesn´t show to Anonymous users (and should do it)


2) http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Sobre+el+Sitio+SolCentral-org
which shows well.
Note that at the botton of this page, in the listing of pages related to the category "Contenido Público" (which is the translation of "Public content"), the page "The Esential Function And Life's Purpose" (wich is the translation of "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida") that is the page 1)... Then if you click on it, it will not show presenting you with the login invitation, allthough is shown in the list as categorized "Public Content".

Other extraneous behavior is that when when you use the Plugin Toc to show the structure, only shows Some wikis on some structures, and on some other structures doesn´t show any wiki.
I have used this:~np~{toc structId="26" order=asc shownum=1 type=fancy }~/np~ in the wiki:

Actual estate of config is:

For anonymous:

If Perms on wiki: "La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida"

La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_view_backlink Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_watch_structure Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments Categoría: Public Content
La Función Esencial y El Propósito de Vida Anonymous tiki_p_wiki_view_comments Categoría: Public Content

Category Perms of "Public Content" are

for anonymous group perms that are ON:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments)
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view)
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink)

Global Perms are:

on Wiki:

Can view wiki attachments and download (tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments) is ON for Anonymous
Can view page/pages (tiki_p_view) is OFF for Anonymous
View page backlinks (tiki_p_view_backlink) is ON for Anonymous

Fixes tried:

Have tried the opposite: allowing everything to be shown to Anonymous, and then restrict on pages that should be hidden with a "invisible" category with perms tiki_p_view OFF for anonymous group.

And it didn´t work since - again - for Some wikis worked, and for some others not. Even if they are identical.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.
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Category Transition not working
When using tiki-admin_transitions.php.

If I add a Transition, then tiki will not let me modify it (by Edit) since every icon (i e: Edit) will delete the Transition. Even If I click in "Guards" data (wich appears as a "0").

Also the yellow "Key" icon doesn´t turn green as is supposed to, after setting perms.

May be other anomalies.

Please help

Using Tiki 6.0 fresh Install.

New Edit:

Since I didn´t find any reference on how to use it, I´m exploring it myself.

What I did before I was stopped by this error is:

1. I Set up some Categories
2. Go to the tiki-admin_transitions.php. The Subset Tab is on and it shows me two options: 1. Category 2. Group
3. Click on Category, so it show the availabre Categories
4. Choose two categories, then click Select button. It reloads the page.
5. Click on New/Edit tab
6. Write a label: "New"
7. Chosse From and To options
8. Click SAVE. It goes to the List of Transitions
9. If I click on Edit icon, it deletes de transition and goes to the New/Edit tab, but empty... nothing selected or filled.
If I click the Guards (number 0) it does the same

If I change to the List, the transitios has dessapeared from it.

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Comments Edit
There should be a setting to allow comments to be editable, by user and/or admin.
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Contact Us feature strips email address
The email sent to the admin with the form that was filled by an anonymous user, it shows the email address of the user but only the part that is before de "@" sign.

Tiki 6.2

and I formerly encountered this error in
Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Contact Us feature strips email address
The email sent to the admin with the form that was filled by an anonymous user, it shows the email address of the user but only the part that is before de "@" sign.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Cookies problem in Tiki 6.1??
1) Column colapsing is not remerbered whenever I change from one page to another.

2) And also have had some problems with their navigators saying "cookies must be on" when they are on, no matter wich browser is being used. This happends as they attemp to login. After many tries the user can login.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

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Create a Page Module
System error.

The following error message was returned:

Unknown column 'reltype' in 'field list'

The query was:
SELECT `fromPage`, `toPage`, `reltype` FROM `tiki_links` WHERE `toPage` LIKE ? AND `reltype` IS NOT NULL


1. Editor Test

The built query was likely:
SELECT `fromPage`, `toPage`, `reltype` FROM `tiki_links` WHERE `toPage` LIKE 'Editor Test' AND `reltype` IS NOT NULL




Tiki 6.1
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Custom language translations in the database and administered via web interface
This will make upgrades easier as people won't have to worry about overwriting their enhancements,

Multilingual categories need translations and doing by FTP is not fun.

[tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=485] -> This is suboptimal

Support.mozilla.com has need for this as well.

In 3.0, language/*/custom.php can be managed by the web interface.

Next step is to have this in a wiki page
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Danger with Watches and PluginGroup
When writing a particular wiki page, and being set this page to be watched to a group (let say Registered users).

Then if the page has plugingroup to hide particular peaces of special text that is not intended to be known by certain users. Then every time this page changes, a notification email is sent to all Registered users (this is ok), but in the content of this email all the source code is revealed to EVERY user on the Registered group, regardless if they have the right to see Source of wikis.

Don´t know how this could survive the testing and dogfood of this community. May be there is another way to let the Registered group to be acknowledged of a change in a wiki, without compromising content. Please enlight me on how to do this much of the work done on our live tiki portal uses plugingroup to restrict snippets of text to certain groups and other snippets has to shown, in the same wiki.

There should be an option to configure a watch to be sent in a way that only alerts the user that a particular page has changed without showing all source, in respect to a particular right to see or no to see the source.

I have checked on the proper user rights and object perms to avoid them to receive this notifications in the proper way, but tiki doesn´t seem to take it.

Using Tiki 6.2

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Dates format in all GUI

Because of partial translations of pages, I use French or English GUI translated and sometimes Spanish, Italian or German.
Because I Have defined complementary of elements of GUI dictionary, it is not so evident to take care the whole time with which language you are working and more the associated date format.

It is the reason, while, after, some errors in input dates in a wrong format that I do believe that the current format to input a date should be always repeated into display tpl or input title (displayed).

This is a long and progressive but useful job in my opinion.

Each time I can do it, I do.
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dev.tw.o: users apparently can delete their tracker items but they are not deleted and no message
dev.tw.o: users apparently can delete their tracker items but they are not deleted and no message

To reproduce:
* Log in as normal user to dev.tw.o (without admin perms) (ot test with user "xavi" if you prefer).
* report a bug/wish
* edit it in order to see the edit form
* click on the red cross to delete it
* after that, you are shown the list of tracker items, as if your tracker item was already deleted. No message indicating any problem is shown. However, the tracker item is not deleted.
+ Example: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=2879

reported in comments as still around in tiki5 and tiki6
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Doesn´t update Tags in new topic forums
As Admin, when I create new Topic Post in a Forum, and add Tags and post... if I edit the former post tags, adding more tags, they are not saved. The former tags remain.

General Settings:

Tiki 6.0 fresh install.

Problem solved in 6.2
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drop-down-with-other field with options 0,0 shows wrong label (about sandbox)
I have a drop-down-with-other field with value 0 (zero) as default in a tracker form (so options for that field are "0,0"), but when I see the tracker dropdown to insert items, the drop down gets populated with some string about the sandbox...

still occurring in latest baraches/6x (r30164)
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Edit blogs : the size of the panel is automatically smaller than the text width....
As the calculated size of the line, depends of the size of the panel (resizable) is wrong (too of some ... <unable to translate, in printing in french the length unit "point">).
Then the line is always too long of a few for the panel (words or half of words cut before splitting the line).

This makes the blog edition unusable in normal conditions because to edit a text we have to make horizontal scroll continuously.

Analysis : the calculation of the length of line written in text editors is always complex. Generally today there is no problem, but the system which is behind editors is very complex to take in account all display configurations.

(nota : For my own I had developed some years ago a draw system - for engineering, Computer Assisted Drawings - system for windows displaying HPGL2 language drawings with fonts conversion from HPGL2 fonts system to True type, then I know well in details the whole problem)

~~#F0C:__With this problem, I can't let use the tikiwiki 5.3 by my bloggers.__~~

So I have written a warning take care "sorry very difficult to use"
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Edit textarea problems in Opera
In Opera (no need to mention version number; every Opera user uses the lastest version ;-) ), in the last day or so the edit textareas in branch 6 have been missing or misplaced, for wiki pages and trackers, that I've noticed so far. (Forum post forms are ok.) On the wiki edit page, the edit textarea is far down from the toolbar. Sometimes clicking on fullscreen edit and back again will bring it up to the toolbar. On the dev.t.o bug-submitting tracker form, the textareas for description and solution don't appear at all. I clicked on fullscreen editing and back, and a textarea appeared but it seems to be the solution textarea, not the one for the bug description. This affects the regular wiki editor; I didn't check yet about the wysiwyg editor.
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error when uploading files with accented names in batch directory in File Gallery
error when uploading files with accented names in batch directory in File Gallery

If you use Directory Batch upload of files, if files have particular language characters like "á" then it shows an error on the report for those files.

It works well with other file names that do not use this type of characters.

Settings are:

Uploading to directory ON

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Excerpt and wysiwyg doesn't work
Cannot use wysiwyg editor in blog if we want also to use excerpt feature.

If any temporary or fixed solution can be found...

Many many thanks
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Extend Userlink Popup to Include items from user registration tracker
When using a user tracker to collect additional information per user during registration process, it would be great if you could specify to include that information in the user popup/mouseover.
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File Gallery: PopUp window for viewing image does not show up when browsing to a 2nd page
PopUp window for viewing image does not show up when browsing to a 2nd page.

Instead it shows the picture file going out the File Gallery.

Using Firefox, Chrome

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fix sheets created directly from wiki SHEET plugin within wiki pages for managing tables visually
Spreadsheets can be created directly through wiki SHEET plugin directly within wiki pages. this allows managing big tables visually, as well as having the data ready for producing graphs, etc. (see documentation for tikisheets at doc.tw.o, if needed)

However, when you create a sheet through a call to the SHEET plugin from the wiki page itself, there are 3 issues which need to be fixed:
# you need to know the id you want to assign it to,
# after that, tiki-sheets.php doesn't list it (even if the sheet is really created, and you can import data to it, and show it at the wiki pages, etc.).
# the sheet is not shown with the right css

Even if we have wysiwyg option available, I still think that is worth improving tiki sheets usability to be used directly from wiki pages, once those 3 previous issues are fixed.
Updated on Feb. 2, 2011, using trunk (7svn)
# Steps to reproduce the first issue
## Edit a wiki page
## Use the plugin helper to create a new sheet in that page. And since it's a new sheet, it doesn't have a sheetId yet, so that you leave all fields empty in the plugin helper for the pluginsheet
++ this will add this type of code in your wiki page:
++ {CODE()}{sheet}{CODE}
## Save the wiki page
++ you will see an empty sheet shown in place at that wiki page, with the button at the bottom to allow the user to "edit it" (so far, so good)
## Once you click in the edit sheet button, you end up in some url like this one:
++ http://localhost/tiki7trunk/tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=&parse=edit
++ which produces a WSOD (blank page).
*** In my case, I guess that this url should have been:
+++ http://localhost/tiki7trunk/tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=2&parse=edit
+++ since I had only one sheet previously created, with sheetId 1, so that the next one should be 2. However, this new url is still producing WSOD for me. (tiki caches cleared, just in case, repeated this step, and same WSOD)

The expected behavior is that the user is the user would be editing a blank new sheet with the url:

and when the user saves that sheet, the new sheetId 2 exists, and the user is either sent back to the wiki page where he clicked at the button "edit sheet" (preferable option) or either sent to the corresponding tiki view sheet 2.
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Formatting of empty Lines in Wiki-Pages is not handled properly
A blank line out of a paragraph should not start a new paragraph (as in 4.2). If feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_br is on, an empty line is created on top of the new paragraph.
It comes from lib/tikilib.php line 6838ff
} elseif (!$in_paragraph && !$contains_block) {
// If not in paragraph, first non-blank line; start a paragraph; if not start of div created by plugins
$data .= "<p>";

in the comment it is stated that the paragraph should only begin at first NON-BLANK line
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Group home pages do not work under sefurl
{CODE(caption="tiki-login.php line ~308")}if ($prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'n' || $url == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || $url_path == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || basename($url_path) == $prefs['site_tikiIndex'] || ($anonymous_homepage != '' && ($url == $anonymous_homepage || $url_path == $anonymous_homepage || basename($url_path) == $anonymous_homepage)) || ($tikiIndex_full != '' && basename($url_path) == $tikiIndex_full)) {{CODE}

for $prefs['limitedGoGroupHome'] == 'y'
the sefurl will not match
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Group theme no longer working.
The group theme functionality no longer works in 5.x and 6.0.

To test:
*Set "each group can have its own theme" in Admin>Look&Feel>theme
*Admin>Groups, edit a group and try to set the default theme for a group.
*nothing happens.

*theme control - still working.
*user preferences - theme - still working.
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Handling [[Text] in Trunk does not produce [Text] but a link in 6.0 trunk
I got a strange problem when writing a text in square brackets (in trunk):

~np~[[These brackets] should stay~/np~

should result in the output
~np~[These brackets] should stay~/np~
but they produce
~np~<a class="wiki" href="These brackets" rel="">These brackets</a> should stay~/np~
It works as expected in 5.0
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I10n: admin pages not displayed properly
Installed a clean TW6.1 for a new multilingual project.
Choosed to limit languages to either german or english.
whenever the language is set to german (english works fine btw.) and i want to go to an admin subpage (like tiki-admin_modules.php, tiki-admin.php works fine) i only get (i guess) the $mid part of the templates - white background with unformatted text and no js or css
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I10n: create (sub-)page from structure/breadcrumb bar doesn't get into the structure
If you create a page or subpage for a structure with the bar above the displayed page you will asked for a language. after you select the language and enter the text into that page and submit it the page gets created but not put into the structure
tracker item
I10n: Edit a page in a language different than english results into a broken editpagedisplay
as described in the topic

if you are trying to edit a page in a multilingual wiki where you have currently a language other than english selected (i only have german allowed in my tiki) you only see something like this (complete html output):
{CODE(wrap="1",ishtml="0")}<div class="floatright">
<a class="previewBtn" title="Vorschau Ihrer Änderungen." href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/magnifier.png" alt="Vorschau Ihrer Änderungen." width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a></div>
<h1><a class="pagetitle" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de">bearbeiten: test_de</a>

<!-- templates/tiki-preview.tpl start -->
<div class="wikipreview" style="display:none;" id="autosave_preview"><div>
<div style="float:right;">
<select name="diff_style" id="preview_diff_style">
<option value="" selected="selected">Vorschau</option>

<option value="htmldiff" >HTML diff</option>
<option value="sidediff" >Side-By-Side Vergleich</option>
<a title="Popup preview" onclick="ajax_preview( 'editwiki', autoSaveId );$('#autosave_preview').hide();return false;" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/arrow_left.png" alt="Popup preview" width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a> <a title="Close preview" onclick="$('#autosave_preview').hide();return false;" href="/test/tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de"><img src="pics/icons/close.png" alt="Close preview" width="16" height="16" style="border: none" class="icon" /></a> </div>
<h2>Vorschau : test_de</h2>
<div align="center" class="attention" style="font-weight:bold">Hinweis: Dies ist nur eine Vorschau und wurde noch nicht gespeichert!</div>
<div class="wikitext">

</div><span id="autosave_preview_grippy" class="ui-resizable-handle ui-resizable-s"> </span>
<hr style="clear:both; height:0px;"/>
<!-- templates/tiki-preview.tpl end -->

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="tiki-editpage.php?page=test_de" id='editpageform' name='editpageform'>

<input type="hidden" name="no_bl" value="y" />

<table class="formcolor" width="100%">
<td colspan="2">

<input type="hidden" name="page" value="test_de" />

<div id='edit-zone'>
<div class='textarea-toolbar' id='editwiki_toolbar'>{CODE}
tracker item
i18n feature breaks wiki feature when language is changed to german
I tried some other languages, but it seems only to apear with the german translation.

The wiki css breaks if u change to german. most pages work well, but the wiki gets killed
tracker item
If Watching All Wiki Pages, Disable Per-Page Watch
If a user is watching/monitoring for when "any wiki page is changed"...
*"Monitor this page" should be disabled, and
*Old watches should be deleted.
tracker item
Images in webmail
Emails containing inline images fail to present when selected from the email inbox list. This is a problem for both jpg and png images. It does not seem to be relevant as to where the image appears in the email. I have tried with the image in the middle of the text as if the image has been sent as part of the content and at the very end as if a signature block with exactly the same result.

I rated this as a 7 as it makes the webmail feature unusable to the users of the [http://sistersafar.com|site] in question. This in turn makes the site itself, being designed to keep distant family members in touch with each other and friends, pretty much ineffective for the target audience. It does not however technically render anything but one site feature unusable so a rating higher than 7 does not feel justified.

tracker item
In 6.x od dev.tiki.org tracker Bug and Wishes the "sort by date function" still crashes

Recurrent problem since 4.0. already reported, seems to had been solved, so may be it's a regression. To test.

The sort command (by clicking into header) leads to a crash.

Before we got an SQL error, now the current selection is cleaned.

__Important details :__
* not tested (again) for each column in "table header"
* not tested for various selections of tracker items
* Sure : after a selection of items (content of selection not empty normally without importance : category feature and feature requests for all), a click on date column header which runs a sort command leads to an empty page for a new search.

I am quite sure that an error still occurs into the sort SQL command, but the error is kept and a locate to new search is made.

__What I am going to do :__
* Test for the not tested various conditions (already done six month ago)
* Test on my development version 6.x with xdebug (show the requests, firebug and eclipse)
* Check the SQL request(s)
Then write here the report __
tracker item
Installer in Tiki6 is not ensuring utf-8 in new db and tables (only on upgrade)
If you install a brand new Tiki6 site, and your database was created with latin1 charset (by sys admin, phpmyadmin, by whatever means), Tiki doesn't warn you at installation time that the db is using latin1.

Only when you upgrade the Tiki6 site, tiki detects that db and tables are not utf-8, and allows converting them to utf-8.

This can be reproduced easily with the TikiLiveCD 0.6, which came (from a customized Slax GNU/Linuxd distro) with an empty db called "test" with latin1 charset, that is to be used for Tiki installation.
tracker item
Plugin to display the toc of a selected page.
For multipage wikis the display of the "table of content" using __maketoc__ isn't ideal as this statement requires to be placed on every page otherwise it wouldn't be visible for other pages.
Usually this "table of content" is used for quick navigation purposes. Therefore an alternate to the __maketoc__ statement should be provided which should allow to specify the wikipage which shall be outline. Such a statement can then be used in a module nearby the original wikipage.
tracker item
8.x & 6LTS: machine translation broken
Machine translation ( http://doc.tiki.org/Machine+Translation ) seems to be broken in Tiki 6 LTS, at least.
No content is translated from the page.

The same site (before upgrading months ago to tiki6) had that feature working.

Is this feature working for anyone on any stable (non deprecated) tiki version?
I've just checked on localhost with 8.x (r38429), and the feature still exists in admin panels. When enabled, and attempted to request to have a wiki page google-translated, a blank page is shown :-/

tracker item
js part of the registration is not to be translated under ajax
It concerns the Passwords match and do not match.
Chealer explained to me that there is a language.js file to be created in the lang/<yourlang> folder (as in ca).
Since my ajax is on, the password check is not run from
tiki-js.js, checkPasswordsMatch
but from
register_ajax.js (please also add a header to this file), check_pass.
The tr function is not defined there, so it would not work.

See also

P.S. I rated this 9, because there will be people who want ajax and another language, but do not like to dig js files for such a basic functionality.
tracker item
Lack of default, when a page belongs to multiple structures
Using Tiki 6.x (proposals) and Tiki 7 (trunk)

I have a wiki page that belongs to multiple structures.

I have the "open page as structure" option enabled.

If I open the page directly, Tiki does not know which structure to use, so it opens the page __with no__ structure.

This means that the generated TOC is empty. The only way the end-user knows that the page is __supposed__ to be in a structure is by selecting a specific item from the __Structure__ drop list.

But the end-user may not have any understanding of what a "wiki structure" actually is.

There should be a way to set the default structure for a page.
tracker item
Link in Task messages sent are broken
Link is broken, and I can´t find any .tpl file to correct it. If you know which one is it please tell...

The text In spanish:

Usted recibió una nueva tarea

Revisar templates de Tareas
desde :cc@solcentral.org
La prioridad es: normal.

Usted debe empezar su trabajo al menos en: 07-03-2011 04:25

Identifíquese y cliquee el enlace siguiente

¡Por favor lea la tarea y trabaje en ella!
tracker item
login cookie error

i install the the tiki 3.0 but when i try to make the first login with admin give me a cookie error but i check and the cookies are enable.

any help
thank you
tracker item
Machine Translation broken: results in empty page
Discovered in Tiki 6.1, demonstrated on info.tiki.org

When selecting a Machine Translation language, the resulting page is empty.

# Go to http://info.tiki.org
# Use the language drop-list to select a Machine Translation.
# Tiki returns the message:
+__This text was automatically translated by Google Translate from the following page: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware__
+ but there is no page content.
tracker item
menu is not expandable - bug in icntoggle() javascript
I use Tikiwiki v2.2

I use the standard menu id=42 for admin menu on the right pane on my website but the menus will not expand so I am able to see the menuitems.

I get the following javascript error in my browser:

Error: document.getElementsByName("icn" + foo)[0] is undefined
Source File: http://www.mydomain.com/lib/tiki-js.js
Line: 520

tracker item
Module Action Calendar : a way to activate the functions desired or desirable

I have tested and look at dev of the module Action Calendar on 6.0 and 6.x trunk.
It need to be polished.
There are some misfit.
Who read this must understand that the function where not ended for 6.0
This note is technical sometime for a good link to dev team.

The item 3650 relates that the popup which shows action buttons can't be reached.

In fact as the function is not polished the buttons are the same as module calendar, but they have not corresponding available functions.

As I test to set these popup as "sticky" it function as the main calendar. After I test various issues :
#Action link on the cell of a day -> go to show a calendar of a full week. Can display thousands of events.
#Buttons on popup goes quite nowhere

!Module Action calendar
Note that any cell is related to several events then any action must leads to a list of events,
!!What can be wished :
!!!Global action buttons (nav.tpl):
Add a button to go directly to calendar for the current span of time (day,week, month..), two buttons : calendar or list (to earn time) in the future 7.x full page calendar
!!!Action on the link of the cell (day)
Display the list of "events" (sometimes truncated into the popup as it is desirable) for __the corresponding date "day".__
!!!The list offers
* Link to the object
* Add a comment to event (first column of list)
* type of event , not already made
!!!Action on popup buttons
Any button which have action opens and operates on the list of events of the day. *The buttons can't be the same as main calendar
*As the events are system events they can't be updated neither deleted.
*The update could be to add a comment to but as it is a list... for the day it is into the list.
**the events can't be edited, but an enhancement can be to have the capability to add comment
**the events can be listed for the day (the function is not edit_item but calendar with date="date" viewmode=day and listmode=list)
**a button on the popup can activate directly the calendar view with options of time span "day, week, month" or list with same options

!Module Main calendar
Note that any cell is related to several events then any action must leads to a list of events,
!!What can be wished :
!!!Global action buttons (nav.tpl):
Add a button to go directly to calendar for the current span of time (day,week, month..), two buttons : calendar or list (to earn time) in the future 7.x full page calendar. Options : view only, view and add comment (if rights opened), edit
!!!Action on the link of the cell (day)
Display the list of "events" (sometimes truncated into the popup as it is desirable) for __the corresponding date "day".__
!!!The list offers
* Button update
* Button delete
* Button copy and edit
* Button repeat the object (daily, weakly, monthly, trimestrial, yearly, fiexed date - checked on calendar) option edit list generated after
* Link to the object
* Add a comment to event (first column of list)
* type of event , not already made, edit types (a structure only for events classification), modify type (check on structure)
!!!Action on popup buttons
Any button which have action opens and operates on the list of events of the day. The buttons can be
*Show the list (right can be only "show_calendar items" and not "edit")
*Display the list in edit mode
*As there are several event they can't be updated neither deleted directly only defined upon the list.
*Depending of opened rights the update button could be "show full list : can add comment " if right opened
Notes :
**the events can be listed for the day (the function is not edit_item but calendar with date="date" viewmode=day and listmode=list)

!For 7.x :
!!Calendar with Gantt presentation
!!Calendar content can content several types of objects with various rights.
See corresponding text (the link to wished features projects for 7.x about calendar will be here soon ###)
tracker item
Multiple issues with JQuery Infinite carousel
Seen in Tiki 5 and Tiki 6:

#Missing images:
The path location that Tiki generates for the Infinite carousel icons (next/previous, play/pause, etc.) is incorrect. Tiki is generating:

But the correct path is:

#Incorrect DIV height calculated
Tiki is calculating the height of the __div id="carousel" ..__ incorrectly -- the bottom 19px of all images is clipped. There needs to be an additional __19px__ added to overall height, to account for the play/pause button & padding

Tiki should close the entire __div id="carousel" ..__ within another __div__ with __overflow:hidden__ property. This way, Tiki will no longer display ''all'' images on the initial load of a page. Note, that the additional 19px will need to be added to the div's height, too, as noted in #3.
tracker item
Multiple issues with Staging and Approval in Tiki 6
Using Tiki 6.0, I have encountered the following problems with staging and approval process:
* Staging copies are not deleted upon approval, when the __Delete staging pages at approval __ option is enabled.
* Impossible to create a brand new wiki page when using staging and approval.
* If a staged edit is rejected, Tiki still approves the page.
tracker item
Multiple shoutboxes
There can currently only be one shoutbox to a site (at least by any research I have done). Personally, I think TikiWiki is the best poised software on the net to bring people's data back home by creating by giving the general public the ability to create their own sites instead of being data mined on the current social networking repositories. By enabling each family member to have their own shoutbox it would in a sense give each person their own "wall" feature on their own group pages.

I can see how putting in the ability to have multiple shoutboxes would also benefit company sites by giving each project team using the same TikiWiki site as their collaborative space to have their own rapid update system specific to their individual project needs.

By visitors subscribing to (watching) individual group page shoutboxes a "Twitter" like capability quickly begins to emerge. This is especially true when people begin watching each others shoutboxes this could become a platform for launching a broad feature set.

I'm sure the potential benefits wouldn't be limited to these scenarios alone.

tracker item
MWTable does not work correctly
if you use the example of the mwtable plugin
{CODE()}{MWTABLE( wiki_classes=false )} style="width:50%", class="myclass"
|+style="font-style:italic;"|My caption
? width="30%;" ?? style="background-color:yellow;"
! style="background-color:grey;"| Name
! Address
|- style="background-color: red"
| style="color: blue;" | Bill
| The little house
| Carol || The big house

you will get something like this:

{CODE()}<table style="" width:50%="" ,="" class="normal br">
<caption style="" font-style:italic;="">
My caption<br></caption>
<col 30%;="" width="">
<col style="">

<th style="" background-color:grey;="">Name<br></th>
<tr style="" background-color:="">
<td style="" color:="">Bill<br></td>
<td>The little house<br></td>

<td>The big house<br></td>

you see that the attributes are not translated right.

as well there is a problem with a space like "color: blue"

and another addition: doesn't recognise colors in hexadecimal format (#rrggbb)

it happens in version 3.x and as well as in version 6.1 i am testing right now.
tracker item
Need a way to NEXT/PREV specific blog posts
When viewing a specific blog post (tiki-view_blog_post.php), users should be able to go to the NEXT / PREVIOUS post in the blog.
tracker item
Need a way to omit MINOR edits from last_modif_pages module
The __last_modif_pages__ module has a __minor__ parameter which is supposed to be able to permit/omit wiki pages that were last saved with the __Minor Edit__ option from appearing in the list of last changes.
*minor=y (default) -- Show Minor Edit pages in the list
*minor=n -- Do ''not'' show Minor Edit pages

However, this option does not appear to work (in 2.x).

There is nothing in the wiki page history or action log that identifies a wiki page as having been saved as a __Minor Edit__.
tracker item
new zend recaptcha not displying in trunk when user tracker enabled
We were trying to have the new antibot captcha working in a Tiki site based on Tiki trunk (during TikiFestBarcelona2 - mid July 2010), were a user tracker was set to collect more information from users at registration time.

when we enabled zend new antibot-captcha , no antibot code was shown at registration time, because there seems to be some conflict with the user tracker.
Once the user tracker was disabled, the antibot-captcha was shown properly, etc.

Update: disaled the new zend antibot catpcha, in order to use the former simple captchaimage, but that one is not working either, if user tracker is on.
tracker item
no built-in way to prevent realName user pref. duplicates automatically
One can ask for the realName "admin" and get it with no problem. In fact, all the 1000 users of a site could be called admin.
tracker item
No linebreak in Ajax Preview of a page
If you have a clean tiki 6.1 install, the default preview is made with some kind of ajax include above the edit area.
but this preview has no linebreaks in it.
if you disable this and have the "standard" (like in tiki 3.x) preview you have linebreaks in the preview
tracker item
No longer any way to have CAPTCHA for some items, but not others
In earlier Tiki versions, the CAPTCHA for the registration was separate from other anti-bot protection. It was possible to have CAPTCHA protection for some areas (such as comments and trackers) but not other areas (such as registration).

I have several sites that use "Require Admin Approval" and/or passcode options for Registration, so the CAPTCHA is not needed.

In Tiki 6, CAPTCHA was made global -- there is no longer any way to have CAPTCHA support for some items, such as comments, but not other items (such as registration).
tracker item
NO Navigation aid with IE 7.0 in File Gallery to other Galleries and other anomalies
When Using IE 7.0

Also if you click on the Slideshow button, it opens a ie window but it shows only the "Close" button and no other image.

I have seen in Tiki File Gallery site a differente approach that may solve the problem. If any one knows...please share

tracker item
Non-critical usability bugs in Newsletters
Usability bugs - not showstoppers but could use some polishing.

* no handling or warning if you subscribe a user without an email.
* No way to skip the confirm your subscription?
* Download the log file displays a blank page in the browser - temp/public/newsletter-log-2.txt
* adding a subscriber, selecting a user but checking "Add Email" crashes Tiki. (unhandled null)
* no way to filter or recognize anonymous spam bots

tracker item
Notifications should parse the body
In general, wiki syntax is not parsed in notification mails. For example, the "New article post" notification email includes the full body of the newly posted article. However, Tiki includes the full wiki coding/syntax within the body of the message, and sends the mail message as plain text. Tiki should either:

1. Send the message as parsed HTML


2. Strip all formatting and send only the text.
tracker item
order and filter Tasks by user (that the task was send to)
I don´t seem to find a way to do this.

To order and filter Tasks by user (that the task was send to).

If this is not done in Tiki, I will be nice to have it.

If this is done please point me to right direction.


Using Tiki 6.2

tracker item
Out of memory bug in tikidate-php5.php
__Background:__ I'm in the process of an overdue upgrade of two Tikis from version 2.2 to the new LTS version 6.x. Testing and adaptation of styles was done on XAMPP localhost under Windows and all worked fine. Problems began with installing on public server (Debian). Installation is done from shell (tar.gz and running setup.sh) and a fresh install works fine.

__Problem:__ When I use the existing database (no problems at database upgrading to 6.2 reported) then it also works fine for anonymous user. But as soon as I try to login as admin user, I get a long wait and then:

__Fatal error:__ Out of memory (allocated 110100480) (tried to allocate 157 bytes) in /home/hrusccbo/tikitest.hruschka.com/tiki-6.2/lib/init/initlib.php on line 185
''(Note: the line number 185 varies)''

In order to locate the error, I entered the following line in initlib:

171: print ("a:$errno, b:$errstr, c:$errfile, d:$errline");

The result is that Tiki starts displaying thousands of times, in an endless loop, until memory exhaustion:
a:2, b:DateTimeZone::__construct() [datetimezone.--construct]: Unknown or bad timezone (M), c:lib/tikidate-php5.php, d:182

From that I deduct that the error originates from line 182 of tikidate-php5.php

===Some other findings which might be useful:===

The last days I tried to enter dev.tiki.org and themes.tiki.org, but could not because the sites displayed exactly the same error. Yesterday I went to IRC chat and was advised to clear the cookies of my browser. After that it worked.

Looking at the cookies now, I found that "local_tz" (I assume that has to do with timezone) of my working tw_2.2 had the content "22%3A37%3A23", the cookie from tiki.org has now the content "UTC", but the cookies from working XAMPP/localhost and from the not working Debian 6.2 installation have both the content "M".

This fits to the origin of the error, as line 182 is "function setTZbyID" which calls "function convertMissingTimezone", where "M" is used in a switch/case statement.

But probably the bug is not really in the tikidate script, but where the cookies are set !!! (see below under "workaround")

Hope that helps to locate the bug and that it can be solved in 6.3. In the meantime I'll wait with migrating.

Thanks to all of you for your great work.
(running 3 tiki sites since 2005)
tracker item
Plugin to display the toc of a selected page.
For multipage wikis the display of the "table of content" using __maketoc__ isn't ideal as this statement requires to be placed on every page otherwise it wouldn't be visible for other pages.
Usually this "table of content" is used for quick navigation purposes. Therefore an alternate to the __maketoc__ statement should be provided which should allow to specify the wikipage which shall be outline. Such a statement can then be used in a module nearby the original wikipage.
tracker item
Plugin validation cannot be turned off, TW5.1
No UI checkbox for the following.

INSERT INTO `tiki_preferences` (`name`, `value`) VALUES
('wiki_validate_plugin', 'n');
tracker item
PluginAnnotation doesn't work with simple png from a tiki file gallery on 6.x or trunk (reproduced on demo.t.o)
PluginAnnotation doesn't work with simple png from a tiki file gallery on 6.x or trunk (reproduced on demo.t.o)

Reproduced here:

I added this code:



No image is shown, even if http://intercanvis.net/display100 returns an image at the browser.

Only the button to save annotations, between the foo and bar strings.

And when you click on that button, then after the button nothing else is displayed (no "bar is displayed, nor the end of the box).

On trunk, you still get the same content (box is shown, and "bar", etc.,)

tracker item
PluginFade Does Not Fade Out in Tiki6
The wiki plugin, PluginFade, no longer fades out, but still fades in.
Observed in Tiki6 for IE 8 and Firefox 3.6

!!!!{FADE(label="Click to Reveal, Then to Hide")}

~~#F00:__Reveal works, but Hide Does not work__~~

~~#00C:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus nec mollis erat. Morbi cursus nunc quis metus semper euismod. Ut facilisis est ligula, eget lacinia metus. Nulla tempor semper risus ut viverra. In faucibus purus et eros consequat pharetra. Fusce mattis arcu lorem, non hendrerit erat. Nulla eu mauris urna. Pellentesque nec velit mi, eu rutrum eros. Quisque nec leo enim, id rutrum metus. Mauris luctus sapien nec nulla scelerisque ultrices. Cras sodales, justo nec elementum imperdiet, elit nulla sagittis ante, at tempus ante risus ut nunc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi nec risus eu ante pellentesque adipiscing vel eget risus. ~~

tracker item
PluginInclude not working properly in Tiki 6.2 and 6.1
Wiki plugin, when using with start and stop parameters does not include any text.

It only includes the text when used without these parameters.

Tiki 6.1 fresh code install, on past 6.0 db updated to 6.1.

In using tiki 6.2 the problem persists.

tracker item
pretty tracker wiki-parses all fields
Inefficient and it is perhaps also a security leak.
[http://irc.tikiwiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2010-10-12,Tue&sel=56#l52|irc log]

tracker item
Preview Horizontal Scrollbars
Live preview always displays horizontal scrollbars, at least with the Feb12 theme, rather than working within the available viewport or even dynamically resizing the webpage.

My browser is Firefox 4.0.1 on Windows XP Pro SP3.
tracker item
Preview Oddities
The Ajax preview has some minor HTML rendering weirdness, like this one...

No line breaks: http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=3740

If you use HTML special characters (like &mdash;), particularly with the wiki-style editor, it will appear OK in the preview but as plain-text on the actual page. As a workaround, I'm inserting the characters themselves, which is not great web practice but works.

There are probably others that don't come to mind presently but will add as I think of or come across them again.
tracker item
Preview with on a wiki-page named with german umlauts leads to an error
trying to preview a wiki-page with an name containing german umlauts (e. g. "Grafikdesign - Abschlüsse") leads to the following SQL-Error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='

for (likely) the following query:

SELECT `page_id`, `pageName`, `hits`, `description`, `lastModif`, `comment`, `version`, `version_minor`, `user`, `ip`, `flag`, `points`, `votes`, `wiki_cache`, `cache_timestamp`, `pageRank`, `creator`, `page_size`, `lang`, `lockedby`, `is_html`, `created`, `wysiwyg`, `wiki_authors_style`, `comments_enabled` FROM `tiki_pages` WHERE `pageName`='Grafikdesign - Abschl�sse'

it seems that the request handling of the char-encoding for preview is not propper.
tracker item
proposals/6x: Edit a Banning rule deletes the rule!
When you edit a banning rule, that rule gets deleted (at least, from the list at the Banning interface in Tiki).

To reproduce:
* go to tiki-admin_banning.php
* add a rule for this ip "" (real ip of spammers, btw) with the title ""
* Check all features
* Check the setting to activate the rule by dates
* Select the maximum possible time frame (btyw, this only allows selecting within the same year: reported by somebody else already in another bug report; see [bug3643])
* add some custom message
* save
* click at the title of your rule in order to have it open for edition again for you
* the rule is deleted from the list of rules, and the edit interface is empty

confirmed in two different tiksi from different servers... (btw, 5.x is also affected)
tracker item
Refresh by clicking page title does not work with parameters
All wiki pages have the option to refresh them by clicking on their title. For a page e.g. ...&itemId=5, it does not work.

tracker item
registration fails if "login_is_email" is set
If you set the "login_is_user" flag, registration fails with the message "email_not_valid".
tracker item
Reinstate the feature_category_reinforce
In Tiki 3, the feature_category_reinforce allowed Tiki to evaluate category permissions with AND operator, to determine if a user can view an object in the category.

This __"Permission to all (not just any) of an object's categories is required for access"__ option was removed in Tiki 4 & 5. Now Tiki always evaluates category permission conflicts with OR operator.

I would like the feature_category_reinforce option re-instated for Tiki 5 & 6.
tracker item
Semantic link "alias" broken on 4.1 & still on 6.x in several sites, including doc.t.o
Semantic link "alias" broken on 4.1 for me (regression)

it shows an error page, suggesting similar page, search box, and the option to create the page (as reg. user)

However, the page name "Pendents" is defined as an alias of "pendent", as it can be seen here:

which has underneath (inside the "[[+] Fet" box):
(alias(pendents)) | (alias(Pendents))

So this looks broken to me (at least, with common settings as I have).

Reproduced in doc.t.o with http://doc.tiki.org/PluginRR (which has an alias link from http://doc.tiki.org/PluginR )
Discussed (with more details) on irc:

UPDATED: Fixed in current branches, at least (9.x, 11.x, 12.x)
tracker item
smarty_tiki/block.wikiplugin.php is called twice upon a {wikiplugin _name="blah" ...}..{/wikiplugin} in a tpl
{wikiplugin _name="blah" ...}..{/wikiplugin} is called twice from smarty! After each } you get a call.
data is what is between the } and {

Read more here: [http://irc.tiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2011-01-17,Mon&sel=257#l253|http://irc.tiki.org/irclogger_log/tikiwiki?date=2011-01-17,Mon&sel=257#l253]
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Split Ajax settings
As discussed at the TikiFest (?), we need more granularity here, for people that want AJAX for some features, but not for others.
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Suggest : Pages consultation from a pages selection, "return to list"

Referring to 5.3, when the a selection of page have been made into listpages, after the access to a page there is no else way to go back to the list with is filters than re-run listpage and set again the filter, browse the list often to view and modify the following element.

This is a great lost of operating time.

i suggest, as for the structure, to implement a button which returns to the list and into at the previous position.

Programmatically this needs to :
# - send to page-edit the parameter of the listpage we just have left
# - by the button run again listpages with options :
## - filter
## - current position into the list

This problems is accurate because of the new category features.
when the access rights to a "family of pages" are not the same, the good way is not to use a structure (not designed for this indeed) which access by category is applied to all structure elements, but the category or element access by groups or both.

For my own I use structured categories to access lists of pages. This is the right use, but this list can't at this time be use to browse the selected list.
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Text shows through CSS Menu in IE7
With CSS Menus enabled (PHP Layers disabled), text and images on the background page show through the menu. See attachment image.

I can reproduce this on tw.o, as well as www.cbbca.ca (coelesce theme) but only using IE7 (I have reports it's broken in IE7 as well).

I looked for a z-index setting that was wrong, but couldn't find any. It may be a background transparency problem.
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The print "blog" feature is unusable for any production or serious test
The template tiki-print_blog_post.tpl uses the classes posthead for div and span which are not defined...

This is not ended it is good for an alpha version. Not a publish release.

The title or the blog post is then displayed are small...

The title of the blog is not at all displayed
The site name is not at all displayed
The subcomment of the blog at all displayed

__Even Copyright is activated nothing is defined.__

__This print function can't be used.

If you can't print the text of post of a blog which under Copyright the blogs themselves are not usable.__

__The admin of such a site is then not in good conditions when this function is used.__
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tiki-register.php and tiki-login.php ironing
tiki-register.php has a few flows:
- the string "Passwords match" is not translated even if added to translations
- the string "Passwords don't match" is not translated even if added to translations
- the input fields (username, email, code, etc) are not aligned to the left, this is not nice

- the string "Log in as..." is not translated even if added to translations
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Tracker items list does not sort by created date
Try here: http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?status=o&trackerId=5&sort_mode=created_desc
Maybe it happens only when AJAX is on.
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TrackerFILTER comparison search broken
The comparison method in the TrackerFilter plugin is not comparing.

No matter which operator you choose

>, <, >=, <=

( for greater than, less than, greater than or equal, less than or equal)

it returns all the records.

This is if performed on a text or a numeric field so far.

Tested on three tikis.

Sample of code (produced by the the wiki's plugin help)

{CODE(caption="trackerFilter code used")}{TRACKERFILTER(filters="54/<=",action="find em",trackerId="13",fields="53:54")}
here ya go

I have reproduced this on a completely separate system, http://www.softaculous.com/

Brand new Tiki 6.1
Only Trackers turned on (over a default installation)
One tracker with one field

Using the filter value 1/>

It returns all records.

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TRACKERLIST does not show pending issues for anonym
Admins and other groups can see all tracker items if status="opc" is set, while an anonymous user can only see the open items.

~np~{trackerlist trackerId="1" fields="23:11" sort="y" showtitle="n" showlinks="y" showdesc="n" showinitials="n" showstatus="y" showcreated="y" showlastmodif="y" showfieldname="y" showitemrank="n" status="opc" sort_mode="lastModif_desc" max="10" showpagination="n" filterfield="43" filtervalue="C" ignoreRequestItemId="y" silent="n"}~/np~

The open and closed issues are fine.
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Trackerlist records can only be clicked at the values
- Imagine you have a record with ten fields, but you only have a 'n' in the last column. It is not easy to select this column.
- Since each field contains a separate field, it suggests that each brings you to some different page.
- If one link of a record is active, the record is not selected.
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trackers filter
Syntax error is present in the file "lib/trackers/trackerlib.php" row 870:
{CODE(caption="syntax error")}...
if (in_array($keys[0], array('<', '>', '<=', '>='))) {
[http://ru2.php.net/manual/en/function.in-array.php|Manual for function in_array()]:
{CODE(caption="manual")}bool in_array ( mixed $needle , array $haystack [, bool $strict ] ){CODE}
May be need correct row 870 for code:
{CODE(caption="syntax error")}...
if (in_array(array('<', '>', '<=', '>='),$keys[0])) {
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Tree view in File Gallery doesn´t set the child Urls correctly
1) Child links are "usually" (not always) configured to point to a bad Url.

Instead of taking you to :


it will take you to


and Sefurls (Search engine friendly url) is OFF

You can see if for yourself in http://mi.solcentral.org/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=2

I have changed Theme to see if its a Theme things and the problem persists.

The problem does not arise accessing with IE 7.0 since the Tree Control is not showed up at all (don´t know if this is also an error really, if you know tell me...).

2) Icons change. Instead of showing one type of icon in the tree structure, it shows two types.

Please Help

Tiki V 6.0 fresh install
Server: Windows
PHP Version: 5.2.6
Ram: 128 Mb

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TW5.1: database translation does not work for tiki-register.tpl
The {tr} tags are disregarded in the tiki-register.php and tpl.
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Unable to create a new page within a strcture (or as a child)
Verified using Tiki 6.1:

I attempted to create a new page within a structure, by using the structure navigation bar (add page). Tiki creates the page, but does not place it within the structure. Using the "add as child" option makes no difference.

This worked correctly in 5.3
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Unable to find images in gallery when uploaded, using only ID
Experienced with Tiki 6.1. Consider the following:

#User adds an image to a wiki page by uploading it to the File Gallery.
#After successful upload, Tiki automatically inserts the necessary code:
+{CODE()} {img fileId="99" thumb="y"... {CODE}
#At a later date, the user wants to update/replace the image. There is no way for the user to find the image in the File Gallery, if you only know the __fileId__.
Attempting to search the file gallery for the __fileID__ will ''__not__'' find the image.

Proposed solutions:
#Make the fileID searchable.
#When editing an image via the Edit Plugin, there should be a way to automatically go to the correct file gallery.
#Add an optional field in the __img__ plugin for fileId.
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Update to Tiki >= 5.3 fails on Windows ("Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active")
On updating Tiki 5.2 and earlier to 6 errors occur during installation.

^Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement
fetchAll(). Alternatively, if your code is only ever going to run against mysql, you may enable query buffering by setting the PDO MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY attribute.^

The problem is discussed [http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=39458&topics_offset=5&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&forumId=6|over here]

This does not happen upgrading from a clean install of 5.3 to 6.0. But it happens when upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0. The most problematic script appears to be 20100927_better_column_fix_tiki. The first query (getOne() on information_schema) seems to be the sticky unbuffered query sometimes, since the following, second query fails. I tried but couldn't find how to confirm what query is stuck. It's odd that this problem only happens in the installer. getOne() just like query() use fetchAll() so we shouldn't see this problem. Setting MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY doesn't seem to help. After some 10 hours of debugging I'm under the impression this is a PDO bug. This looks like http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=44081 If anyone wants to try fixing, I recommend speaking to me first. The PDO documentation is very poor, making this really difficult.
20100927_better_column_fix_tiki was introduced in 5.3.

I found upgrades would work with PDO in certain environments. I had the bug on PHP 5.2.13 but upgrading to 5.3.3 fixed. PHP 5.3 can use mysqlnd, which I suspect doesn't have this problem. The upgrade worked for me on vanilla PHP 5.3.3 or PHP 5.3.3 from EasyPHP, both with mysqlnd. I have no clue why this problem seems to only affect Windows, but I saw reports of similar problems on Debian etch, so it may not be completely Windows-specific. Anyone who experiences this problem, please report your PHP version, and if you use PHP 5.3, indicate whether you use libmysql or mysqlnd.
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Usability improvements for File dialog (icon in wiki page editor)
!Problem Summary
The dialog structure for uploading a file and adding a link to it in wiki page is much better than it was, thanks to the introduction of the __File__ icon in the toolbar of the wiki editor. But it is still cumbersome and error prone. Here is the process below and the usability issues that I found at various spots.

# Click on the __File__ icon
# Pick __File Gallery/Archive__ in __Type__
# Click on __Pick a file__ link
# Click on the __Upload File__
# Click on the __Browse__ button
# Click on __Upload__ button
# Browse the file system and pick the file.
# Once the file is uploaded, click on its name.
# Click on __Insert__ button

Besides the fact that this is long, there are many places where it is misleading to the user (details later). I had to try this more than a dozen times, clicking on different items, to figure out how it works. And I had help from some experts on the mailing list!

Fortunately, there are a number of very small fixes that we could implement to address those issues. See below for a discussion of the various issues and proposed fixes.

!Issue 1: __Type__ should have a reasonable default
Currently, the type is set to empty. It really should be set to either __File Gallery/Archive__ or __Attachment__ by default. Personally, I would favour __File Gallery/Archive__, because I think it's generally a bad idea to attach files to a wiki page, because it limits your ability to link to those files from other pages. But the point is: the value should default to what users most commonly use.

In some cases, the picklist only has one option in it anyways (ex: if the feature for attaching files to wiki pages is off). In those cases, then the picklist should DEFINITELY default to that single value.

^Fix: Set the __Type__ to a sensible default... I vote for _File Gallery/Archive__^

!Issue 2: __Pick a file__ link looks more like a caption than something you can click on
I never realized that I could click on it to choose the file. Someone had to actually point that out to me. Others on the mailing list have said that they need to point this out to users all the time.

^Fix: Change the link to a button^

!Issue 3: Too easy to miss the __Upload__ button
Once you click on __pick a file__ link, you are presented with the general screen for navigating and managing the File Gallery. But at this point in time, you are only intersted in uploading or choosing a file from the gallery, and seeing this complex dialog is very disorienting. In my case, I managed to miss the fac that there was an __Upload__ button on that screen, and I thought I had mad a mistake and someone pressed the wrong button or link in the previous screen. I had to go back to the previous screen several times and click on different things, and finally come back to clicking __pick a file__, and then I saw the __Upload__ button.

^Fix: Instead of having a single __Pick a file__ link (well, button, if we implement the fix to Issue 2), we should have two buttons: __Upload__ and __Choose from Server__. Or something like that (I can't think of a good workding). The __Upload__ button will take you directly to the place you currently get to after clicking on the __Upload__ button in the File Gallery screen. The __Choose from Server__ button will still take you to the __File Gallery__ navigation and management menu.^

!Issue 4: Not clear that you have to click on the file name after uploading
In Step 8, there is nothing that tells you you need to click on the file name after you uploaded it. I went through the whole process several times and it never occured to me that I had to do this until someone from the mailing list told me.

Note that there is a message to that effec that appears if you hover the mouse over the file's name. That message really should be visible at all times, not just when you hover over the file name.

^Fix 1: Make it so you don't need to click on the file name altogether.

Fix2: If that's not possible, at least put a very prominent messages saying that the user needs to click on the file name^

!Issue 5: Insert button is not clear.
In Step 9, you are back at the original pop up, and you need to click on the __Insert__ button, otherwise the link to the uploaded file does not get inserted.

Again, I had to do the process several times before realizing I had to do this. My natural tendancy was to close the popup, either by Xing it or clicking on the __Close__ button. The result is that the file does not get inserted on the page.

I think the problem is that the two buttons at the bottom say:

__Close__ __Insert__

And you naturally tend to click on the first of these two, i.e. __Close__.

^Fix: Change the order and caption of the two buttons as follows:

__Insert link__ | __Cancel__

Also, if the user clicks on the X to close the window, the link should be inserted (in other words, __Insert link__ should be the default). The reason is that it's easier to recuperate from that error (you just need to erase the link) than to recuperate from the other error (you have to start again from the beginning, to insert the link).
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Use of HTML into title and sub-title of site, not-allowed since 6.x, a way to a solution
I had tested and finally used in 5.3 HTML into the sub-tile of the Header.

This allows to comment or to have longer information and to be free of the content and look.

The 6.x version don't allows this anymore. So the title and subtitle is poor (fivealive style).

I do believe that the best way should be a table (not a frame because of HTML5) and the ability to define the content of to line (<tr>), one for title, the other for sub-title.
(then the sub-title could not be written, if long enough, under the login button... which can overlay it)

Both they could content HTML.

The style of each <tr> has the actual default value but HTML with common tags as <span> or <img> allows to build a good title.

Naturally there is a downside : The title and subtitle must be sometime used as text (to be print for example). Then we obviously discover (invent) that we have two different GUI objects :
*the title HTML block which should be displayed into the header
*the title as text

The technical solution is simple :
The syntax of an HTML title and subtitle "must" be :
<span id="site_title" title="the text title" ... {other attributes} > ... HTML content ... </span>
So it is easy to parse the content to get "text_title" and "text_subtitle".

This could be implemented for 6.1 and after into 7.x trunk
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Clicking Wiki Editor tools like bold can re-apply instead of removing formatting
This isn't so much WYSIWYG as the wiki editor but see no such feature checkbox.

Anyway if you click a wiki editor button twice, like bold, I expect it to undo the action, like the WYSIWYG editor. Instead it tries to make the text doubly bold, which is apparently not possible.

Also if you use a button and drop focus from the editor, I expect the preview Ajax to update as usual, but it does not.
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Version 6 WYSIWYG background with Darkshine theme
WYSIWYG editor is displaying theme background inside of edit box using darkshine. This results in the red and red stripe background behind your editing, but this background does not appear behind the wiki page when viewed (displayed on white, as is desired)
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Wanted: default class for images added in wiki editors
Images that are added using the wiki editor (anyway the normal editor, I didn't check the wysiwyg editor yet) don't have a default class. This is the simple case of no containing box or anything added along with the image. Therefore it isn't possible for them to have a default style such as margin or border unless it is added manually by the page author. Or if it is specified by the stylesheet (.postbody img or .wikitext img, etc.) then ''all'' images in those divs get the treatment, including smileys and external link icons, etc.

I suggest adding a default class like "contentimage" to enable a default style. Page authors can always add a second class if needed.
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Watch Object Tracker Descriptions
The watch object names for trackers in My Watches could be more descriptive -- i.e. use the subject name.
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Wiki link with equation tag fails
A wiki link in combination with a equation tag parses falsely.
This editor entry

{CODE()}((Fire weather index|{EQUATION()}FWI{EQUATION})){CODE}

displays the text output:

<img src="lib/equation/pictures/564a4dc730e638713aa76bb604088f85.png" alt="§7008f9602faf2722caf095a92ed8d624§" style="vertical-align:middle">§1a7e9ee2385aa1db7956a7f63689955f§

In HTML code:

<a class="wiki" title="Fire weather index" href="tiki-index.php?page=Fire+weather+index">&lt;img src="lib/equation/pictures/564a4dc730e638713aa76bb604088f85.png" alt="§7008f9602faf2722caf095a92ed8d624§" style="vertical-align:middle"&gt;§1a7e9ee2385aa1db7956a7f63689955f§</a>

The same in version 4.2 which is correct:

<a class="wiki " href="tiki-index.php?page=Fire+weather+index" title="Fire weather index"><img align="absmiddle" alt="FWI" src="lib/equation/pictures/04d4e88879dbf4f876f4b62fea56172f.png"></a>
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Wiki text returned from plugn not parsed
__Tiki:__ 6.1

Wiki text returned by the SQL plugin is not translated. I used the "Quote" plugin to verify if this problem exists for all plugins returning Wiki text and the value translated as specified in the data passed.

We make fairly extensive use of the SQL plugin on our internal department site. A technique for implementing this plugin we use is to enclose the return value of a column in double parenthesis. This enables us to have a web page reference for each of the returned rows.

This technique is used in several circumstances. One is that we select from our database stored information on hundreds of servers making the server name a link to a detailed info page. The example below is used to link to project detail pages describing individual active projects.

{CODE(caption="Example SQL",wrap="0")}
concat( '((', p.project_name, '))' ) as "Project Name",
u.user_username as "Project Owner",
tdv.value as "Project Status"
projects p,
departments d,
project_departments pd,
tsi_dp_valsets tdv,
users u
where p.project_id = pd.project_id
and pd.department_id = d.dept_id
and d.dept_name = 'TSI-KPHC'
and u.user_id = p.project_owner
and tdv.ID = p.project_status
and tdv.value != 'Archived'
and tdv.value != 'Complete'
order by tdv.value;

This issue is not restricted to link specifications as bold (double underscores) no longer work when returned by SQL either.

I have rated this a "9" strictly from a personal importance perspective and not as a definition of impact to the overall Tiki project. The customers of our department rely on these returned links for information and updates.

I have been all through the Administrative areas hoping to find a feature flag to turn on wiki text parsing of plugins (before trying the above referenced "Quote test") and am also unable to find such a flag specific to the SQL plugin.

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Wrong link encoding in Wysiwyg editor
When I create a link to a Wiki page, the editor changes the reference of the link until the fourth time when I edit the page, but this is not a problem. The problem occurs when the link points to a wiki that has a special character, for example - cabeçalho - which means header (in Portuguese from Brazil), since the editor corrupts the link and it crashes.

Here I have an example.

The link should point to the wiki - Projeto de Pesquisa Social: Quem somos nós ? Proeja 2010 - is corrupted by the editor and points for - Projeto+Pesquisa+Social:+Quem+somos+n%C3%83%C3%83%C3%83%C3%83%C3%83%C3%82%C2%B3s?+Proeja+2010 -

Here we have a wiki page as an example:
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WYSIWYG_6x inserts !'s into text before any text formatted as a header, saved, then edited again
When editing or creating a page using the WYSIWYG_6x editor, setting any text as a header then saving the file works correctly, however if the page is edited again, the WYSIWYG editor inserts a ! before or sometimes after the text you decided to format as a header.

Looking at the source, it appears that it is inserting the following into the page:


Attempting to remove it by deleting the ! in the WYSIWYG editor just results in it showing up again, either immediately after saving or on the next edit of the page. This results in people not wanting to use the header feature or finding other workarounds such as larger font size.
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

Each feature in Tiki has a wiki page which regroups all the bugs, requests for enhancements, etc. It is somewhat a form of wiki-based project management. You can also express your interest in a feature by adding it to your profile. You can also try out the Dynamic filter.

Accessibility (WAI & 508)
Articles & Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Communication Center
Contacts Address book
Contact us
Content template
Custom Home (and Group Home Page)
Database MySQL - MyISAM
Database MySQL - InnoDB
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory (of hyperlinks)
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Draw -superseded by Diagram
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
Feeds (RSS)
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Lost edit protection
Meta Tag
Missing features
Visual Mapping
OS independence (Non-Linux, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Organic Groups (Self-managed Teams)
Performance Speed / Load / Compression / Cache
Revision Approval
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Semantic links
Shopping Cart
Site Identity
Smarty Template
Social Networking
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Staging and Approval
Syntax Highlighter (Codemirror)
Tell a Friend
Terms and Conditions
Token Access
Toolbar (Quicktags)
User Administration
User Files
User Menu
Webmail and Groupmail
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki plugins extends basic syntax
Wiki syntax text area, parser, etc
Wiki structure (book and table of content)
Workspace and perspectives

Useful Tools