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12.x: Ratings in articles don't show all options, just a single radio button
tracker item
13.x regression: rating_smiley icons in reversed order
tracker item
13.x regression: rating_smiley icons in reversed order
tracker item
13.x regression: rating_smiley icons in reversed order
tracker item
13.x: Forum Thread Rating doesn't display icons for value 0, wrong icon for value 1, and no icons when labels are set beyond values
tracker item
13.x: Forum Thread Rating doesn't display options to choose from any more
tracker item
13.x: Ratings in articles gone
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Rating Tracker Bugs - with field type 'Stars (system)'
If I add a rating to a new tracker, the rating is not saved.

Also the rating value star has an opaque white background.

These occur on dev.tiki.org presently.

~~#F00:Update:~~ Still not working on dev.tiki.org revision 48335. {sign user="Bsfez" datetime="2013-11-05T07:14:49+00:00"}

The rating gets saved now but is not displaying. {sign user="pascalstjean" datetime="2013-11-24T00:42:50+00:00"}

~~#F00:Update : ~~ I retested on the 28/11/13. {sign user="Bsfez" datetime="2013-11-28T13:22:50+00:00"}
Not logged i saw that they were 3 votes but could see star on or off;
{img fileId="645" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}

Once logged i voted and the score was reseted to 0;
{img fileId="646" thumb="y" rel="box[g]"}
This worked well in Tiki9., and it's still borken as of r49090 (December 15th). {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-12-15T10:27:49+00:00"}
If Rating with "Stars (system)" is supposed to be deprecated, could someone please help to switch the rating system in the dev.t.o Bug Tracker ([tracker5]) so that it can use whatever new rating system is not "deprecated"?
This way, since the new [http://doc.tiki.org/Rating%20Tracker%20Field|Rating field is not documented] as of Dec 14th 2013, we could see it here at least as a working example.{sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-12-15T10:39:46+00:00"}
Ok, added the new Rating system myself to the Bug Tracker (new field 152: "New Rating"). And it works out of the box. Good job whoever coded the new feature. {sign user="xavi" datetime="2013-12-15T10:45:10+00:00"}
tracker item
Sort-topics-by-rating in Tiki Forums doesn't work
Whenever we select »Rating (descending)« for the parameter »Default sorting of topics« (I hope this is close enough to the english i18n, because we actually make use of the german i18n of Tiki) in a forum's settings (second to last parameter in the settings), and try to view the respective forum, we are presented a page with the error message:
* »[[Titlebar:] System Error
+ [[Body:] Things to check:
+ 1. Did you complete the Tiki Installer?
+ 2. Is your database corrupt? Please see how to repair your database
+ 3. Are your database credentials accurate? (username, database name, etc in db/local.php)«
As long as we stick to »Newest Postings«, we can use the respective forum as usual. Also, the ratings of topics are displayed in the topics list with no problem.

This issue may possibly be related to the following bug reports:
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=3066
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=3667
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=2686
* https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=2695


Can you please retest in currently supported Tiki versions (e.g. Tiki12, ...)? Thanks in advanced {sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-02-07T09:48:35+00:00"}
tracker item
Advanced rating has no delete function
tracker item
Advanced Rating in Trackers
Any chance to get Advanced Ratings working with Trackers? Currently they are only available for Wikis, Articles & Comments
tracker item
Allow Tracker item rating to be seen or voted through PluginTracker and PluginTrackerList
Nowadays, Tracker item rating cannot be seen nor selected if using either ((doc:PluginTracker)) or ((doc:PluginTrackerList)). However, it can be seen (for anons) and voted for registered again, after some recent fixes by Sylvie! (thanks Sylvie :-)

I tested that here in dev.tw.o (for instance):


(not showing ratings even if they exist; check [tracker5])

2007-08-13 ML: But this will conflict with wiki page cache. (because value of my last vote is shown, and likely different than yours).

2007-08-13 Xavi: If cache is the problem for this feature request, why not forcing/advising the user to avoid using cache (at least in this page) if he/she wants this tracker field correctly show on the page? (in case this feature is considered interesting enough). I leave to consideration by coders... It was just a suggestion which I would find useful.

2007-12-09 ML: Fixed in BRANCH-1-9 by Kerrnel22. You need to add tracker field ID to trackerlist plugin.

__Wiki page cache with trackerlist ratings needs to be tested to see what the real issues (if any)__
tracker item
Bug in trackers with rating in listing
If you create a tracker with rating and you show the rating in the tracker list you have at least two problems:

* first you don't have just the rating but the complete voting grid in the list which is not what I expected but hey might be ok or at least should be noted somewhere but this is not the pb
* if a user votes click on the rating array two things happend :
** the global rating is changed which is not cool
** more importantly some other fields get changed to the value of the rating ! even fileds with drop down menu !!

So first the bug that changing the rating changes also other fields.
Second tracker fields with values from a list are not checked to verify that the value supplied is in the value list :(

Can you please retest with current supported versions (e.g., Tiki12, ...)? {sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-02-07T09:45:24+00:00"}
tracker item
Community Currencies
Create a conversion script for old rating field to new rating field format so we can get rid of the old one in some next release
tracker item
Cumulative rating doesn't get shown in tiki-view_tracker_item.php
When viewing a tracker item in tiki-view_tracker_item.php, the overall rating doesn't get shown. It worked in my test-installations, but not here on dev.tw.o.
tracker item
dev.t.o (12.x): rating tracker items is half-broken
tracker item
Display Comment Rating Results for Standard Registered Users
tracker item
Forums: "Posts can be rated" results in "Request URI too long" error when enabled and user tries to rate
tracker item
Additional Feature
Features Classification
tracker item
tracker item
Last field of a tracker cannot be edited when rating is allowed on the tracker
The problem is when you create a tracker and you allow Rating on it.
Then you can add new items, but when you try to edit an existing item, the last field of the tracker is never saved.

this line is commented (line 152 of tiki-view_tracker_item.php)

if ($xfields["data"][$i]['type'] == 's') {
//$ins_fields["data"][$i] = $xfields["data"][$i];
$fields["data"][$i] = $xfields["data"][$i];

so ))$ins_fields[0](( becomes an empty index in this array because the field 'Rating' is of type 's' (system).

Later in the function 'replace_tracker(...)' of trackerlib, ins_fields are parsed inside a loop from 0 to size of ins_fields - 1, so the last item is never seen.

I don't know exactly with somebody commented the line, but it works for me if I uncomment it.
tracker item
tracker item
Community voting (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2)
Rating doesn’t work for Anonymous anymore in 12.x
tracker item
Rating not showing below wikipages
tracker item
Reactivate the Quality Team and start using code.tiki.org
tracker item
Sort on Rating field broken on tracker5 at dev.t.o
Sort on rating at this tracker is broken.
To reproduce:
* Login here: http://dev.tiki.org/tracker5 (as user xavi, plain registered user)
* click on rating column (to sort items on their rating): it apparently works, even if it shows first the ones with the lowest rating.
* click again on rating column (attemping to sort the items with highest rating first), and still items with 0 in the rating are showed first.

url (only with open items, to reduce potential factors interfering): http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=5&sort_mode=f_152_desc&status=o

^ __Note__:
Please note that this is using the maintained (non deprecated) rating tracker field (field 152, type "Rating"). If you are an admin, you will see still 2 fields as rating, but one, the former and unmantained (field 62, "Old Rating - Stars (system) visible by Admins only"), is hidden from registered users (it's kept there in dev.t.o in case some devs makes an script to convert the data from the old tracker field into the values for the new tracker field in all tracker items of the same tracker).

I tag this wish a regression since I remember that this worked in past, years ago, but unfortuntely I can't say in which specific version.

I consider this isse to be somewhat important since tiki are being used more and more to allow communities to gather user feedback to prioritize issues, actions, strategies, proposals, etc., in a genuine "wisdowm of crowds" way, and this issue prevents using tiki for this goal, which is a pity when you are using Tiki in the same community for many other community needs... See http://doc.tiki.org/E-democracy

Maybe related to [item1446|item 1146: Trackers: Need to be able sort as numerical instead of text]?
tracker item
Suggestion for tracker rating usage
We can't use rating yet (hopefully soon), so at the moment it is just the priority user chooses. From 1-low to 9-high is very subjective and people tend to rate things higher, than they 'objectively' are. I just stumbled across this classification from Bram Molenaar and think that it is a good guideline for rating Items. As long as we use the Priority field, it would be easy to implement, later for Ratings we would have to add something like a legend or so..

--- copied from VIM reference manual TODO List ---
Priority classification:
9 next point release
8 next release
7 as soon as possible
6 soon
5 should be included
4 nice to have
3 consider including
2 maybe not
1 probably not
- unclassified
--- end of copy ---
tracker item
Tracker items don't appear in trackerlist when no one rated them (related to sorting by rating?)
To reproduce: create a new tracker item on this site. Add it to the Drawing category, but don't give it a rating. After, check the ((Drawing)) page and you can "see" its absence.
tracker item
Tracker, Rating field; It should be possible to set a different icon than the star(s) for the mode of the rating field user interface
tracker item
Tracker, Rating field; The tooltip (mouseover) should show the label of the vote option and not the value.
tracker item
Trackers :: system field types :: itemID & ratings :: strange behavior following bug fix
Some recent work from Kerrnel22 has improved the system field type in TikiWiki. (ItemID & Ratings)

However, this has uncovered some suprises.

1- When tracker fields are modified, a new "system" ItemID appears. It's great that it's now accessible but it shouldn't appear without active admin intervention.
{THUMB(id=28, url="tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=28")}{THUMB}

2- Ratings column moved from left to right after I changed some settings for the tracker.
{THUMB(id=27, url="tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=27")}{THUMB}

3- Any favorable behavior change should be ported to 1.10 as well.

I am not sure it's related, but I sometimes get this error when I add a tracker field:
{THUMB(id=43, url="tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=43")}{THUMB}
tracker item
Trackers :: Trackerlist :: Ordering by rating: each tracker item must be rated
13.08.2007 03:03:11 [nkoth_] marclaporte: The reason why items don't appear in the tracker for page=cache is because those items have no rating, and the default sort mode as set in the admin...trackers is rating. It can't sort stuff with no rating so those are not shown.

Nelson is right on. See the 4 attached screenshots, in order.

1- Unrated_but_Categorized_tracker_item.jpg
2- Dev_Tracker_theme1.jpg
3- Rated_and_Categorized_tracker_item.jpg
4- Dev_Tracker_theme2.jpg

These were taken on 2007-08-13, with latest BRANCH-1-9 __after__ Nelson Ko (nkoth)'s recent fix to templates/tiki-plugin_trackerlist.tpl


Possibly related to doc/devtools/cleanCatTrackers.php which Sylvie has been using to periodically clean trackers up.

null rating and 0 is not the same thing.


Can you please retest in currently supported Tiki versions (e.g. Tiki12, ...)? Willing to clear the list of valid bug reports on rating... {sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-02-07T09:51:44+00:00"}
tracker item
Trackers, Rating; Using the star mode with the rating tracker field require the deprecated (experimental) star field enabling
tracker item
Trackers: ratings fake vote by URL
{img src=show_image.php?id=9 }
tracker item
Trackers: Need to be able sort as numerical instead of text
{img src=show_image.php?id=10 }

{img fileId="396"}
tracker item
Tracking ratings behavior changed between version 2 and 3
It now shows things like
tracker item
Weird half-stars after clicking rating
tracker item
When editing a wiki page, the wiki rating gets lost.
under admin permissions:
If you edit a wiki page with a wiki rating, the old poll is deslected and a new poll is made with the generic name 'rate it'.

This means the scores are reset to zero and the admin has to edit the page again and reselect the old poll.

under registered permissions:
If you edit a wiki page with a wiki rating, the old poll is deslected and the page doesn't have a rating anymore.

Wiki ratings is a very nice feature, but this is a showstopping bug.. I hope it isn't too hard to fix ;).
tracker item
When selecting the Rating button in wiki, the rating window expands then I get redirected to tiki-index.php# (main page)
I am running tw 3.6 LTS in an enterprise environment (PHP 5.3.2, Windows 2003, Apache 2.2.13). We saw this same issue in 3.2 before our LTS upgrade.

We have tried to enable Rating (Polls) by following the instructions at [http://twbasics.keycontent.org/tiki-index.php?page_ref_id=366] and [http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Polls] (Poll templates). I have enabled the Rating, Categories, Poll options in Admin.

After adding the rating option to a wiki page, I save and revisit. I can see the Rating button in the top right corner of the page. When I select it, the button expands as expected into a pane with the options and a vote button, however the page also redirects to tiki-index.php# (my main page).

Why does the Rating button redirect instead of remaining on the page and allowing the user to vote?

It behaves the same in IE6 and FF3.6


Can you please retest in currently supported Tiki versions? (e.g. Tiki12, ...). Thanks in advanced! {sign user="xavi" datetime="2014-02-07T09:46:47+00:00"}
tracker item
Wiki Ratings doesn't activate upgrading from 1.8.5
Wiki Ratings doesn't activate in wiki pages when turned on in the wiki admin - upgrading from 1.8.5
tracker item
Wiki simple rating (and not simple rating) is not working
tracker item
tracker item
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