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Ticket ID 3103
Subject Generate valid RSS feeds from wiki pages, useful for ad serving and remote management of content, like a site footer
Submitted by marclaporte
Category Feature request
Community projects
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
Version 5.x
Feature RSS
Wiki Syntax (text area, parser, external wiki, etc)

This is an RSS feed:

It's not the traditional way of using RSS but it can be very useful :-) It permits us to get up to date info (Ex.: number of devs, number of downloads, etc.) from SourceForge, using RSS. We can then publish on http://info.tikiwiki.org/

This idea could be used for serving ads.

This is also in the same idea as:

Two immediate uses

  1. Manage the footer of all *.tikiwiki.org sites from one place
  2. Permit to push news & calls to action (Current version of Tiki, vote for Tiki in an Award, new release, etc)

Tiki5 as of now:

Tiki4 as of now:

Managing XML in TikiWiki for re-use by external apps

Importance 9 high
Easy to solve? 5
Priority 45
Lastmod by marclaporte
WishList Team - TODO - Confirm Bug on Trunk No
WishList Team - TODO - Find on 9x No
WishList Team - TODO - Find Culprit No
Created Thursday 08 April, 2010 08:09:33 CEST
LastModif Monday 28 October, 2013 04:32:15 CET

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