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Ticket ID 4360
Subject registration pretty tracker without captcha
Submitted by pianoliv
Category Bug: conflict of two features (each works well independently)
Version 9.x
Feature Administration

Using a pretty tracker as registration form doesn't allow to de-activate the captcha.
Since one of the point of using a tracker for registration is to allow special questions which robots can't answer, what is the point of forcing the use of the captcha (through which robots can easily pass)?
Maybe a duplicate of bug #1818, I'm unsure.

SHOW admin password: 01234

Workaround Either don't use a pretty tracker or accept to have a captcha
Importance 5
Easy to solve? 5
Priority 25
Status New
Lastmod by pianoliv
WishList Team - Workflow State 4 - Done - Ready for DEV Team
WishList Team - TODO - Confirm Bug on Trunk No
WishList Team - TODO - Find on 9x No
WishList Team - TODO - Find Culprit No
Created Wednesday 16 January, 2013 16:22:38 CET
LastModif Monday 28 October, 2013 07:08:34 CET

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