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Ticket ID 3022
Subject tiki_p_configure_modules (MyTiki Modules)
Submitted by yohomerr
Category Bug: Error
Bug: Usability
Version 4.x
Feature MyTiki

Load tiki-objectpermissions.php .... select only the "User" feature .... noting that "Show permissions for disabled features" is UNchecked .... tiki_p_configure_module does NOT appear UNLESS "Show permissions for disabled features" IS checked.

I think this points to something wrong; I don't know for sure about that; but I do know that tiki-user_assigned_modules.php dies with "You do not have permission to use this feature" apparently due to IT being unable to verify tiki_p_configure_modules which is in fact set for Registered+ groups.

<chealer> yohomer: it does appear if the options are checked in the module administration page...but this stuff is broken

<yohomer> thank you for the note .... my testimony above had "Users can configure modules" checked (sets user_assigned_modules) .... but not "Show module controls" (feature_modulecontrols)

also, with this configuration, "Modules" does appear in the MyTiki menu, but not in tiki-my_tiki.php

selecting the menu option (loading tiki-user_assigned_modules.php) dies with the error above.

Setting feature_modulecontrols ("Show module controls") enables the MyTiki Menus; but this should not be a requirement. It does help to point to the real problem. (I hope)

Best Wishes, and Thank You.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lastmod by yohomerr
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Created Tuesday 02 February, 2010 01:10:35 CET
LastModif Tuesday 02 February, 2010 01:15:57 CET

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