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Ticket ID 2135
Subject S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System
Submitted by marclaporte
Category Feature request
Version 3.x
Feature Slideshow
Interaction (with the outside World)

Tiki has a basic feature to generate slides from wiki page data. This permits to prepare slides collaboratively and makes them highly available/searchable/accessible.

However, the feature is not very exciting.

1- I do not want to rely on an external service to distribute my
slides. I want to put on my TikiWiki-powered sites. And I want them to
be searchable & accessible. An export to Flash is not ideal.

2- I want something standards-based to make sure I can use when I am
not using my computer (like at FOSDEM). Sure, Regis did an amazing
presentation at the last TikiFest, made with Keynote. But now, how to
share, mix and re-use?

3- I want a way to collaborate (when preparing) & share slide
information in an easier fashion.
a) I have done dozens of presentations. The collaborative process
using desktop tools is very inefficient. I remember a long night in a
hotel room in Tunis where we where collaborating over Skype to
fine-tune a presentation.

4- As Dogfood, I think these slides could help to
A) Make nicer tutorials/documentation
B-) Promotional material on info.tikiwiki.org

5- Finally, I want something much nicer than what we have now. The
quality/design/features of S5 reloaded has nothing to be shy about
compared to Desktop apps:

Some goodies I look forward to using:
A- A second browser window which shows me a timer and some notes.
B- A special syntax to handle handouts.

6- Some of the concepts (ex.: image resizing depending on current
browser size) could be useful for Tiki in general.

Here is a proof of concept of
Wiki page:


Long-term collaboration/integration of one of these, or a similar open source project

Perhaps with jQuery?

Importance 5
Volunteered to solve robertplummer
Solution S5 is started in Tiki6, and will be better in Tiki7
Status Resolved - Completed
Resolution status Fixed
Lastmod by marclaporte
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Created Saturday 08 November, 2008 23:19:29 CET
LastModif Sunday 21 August, 2011 03:00:09 CEST

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