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Ticket ID 3808
Subject HTTP request productivity with lots of small images
Submitted by Dilshod
Category Bug: Usability
Feature request
Version 6.x
Feature Image Gallery
HTML page

Dear Tiki team

Trying to install Tiki 6.2. But just now realized that my quota for web server is 10,000 files only. Current compilation of Tiki is 10,648 files. Inside the compilation, there so many small images files that could be joined into one image file by categories, and this way HTTP request for pages elements would be enhanced. I think you know about sprites: Image optimization method (http://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/43-how-to-use-css-sprites/). Besides from reducing the # of files, this method will reduce the # of HTTP requests and increase response time.

Because of limitation on my server, I am deleting some files. Do you have any other suggestions for me.


Importance 7
Solution Use sprites: http://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/43-how-to-use-css-sprites/
Resolution status New
Lastmod by Dilshod
WishList Team - TODO - Confirm Bug on Trunk No
WishList Team - TODO - Find on 9x No
WishList Team - TODO - Find Culprit No
Created Sunday 06 March, 2011 00:50:58 CET
LastModif Sunday 06 March, 2011 00:50:58 CET

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