This has been removed as it's handled by the browsers nowadays... You can add grammar checking to Firefox with

We need to deal with several languages (IE and Firefox propose spellchecker).

This feature is usefull when searching. It should be used in google-like way.

For enchancing perfomance, spellcheking dictionaries have to be imported into separated table in the Tiki database.

  • We should make more available and dogfood this.
  • Need ability to add new words to the dictionary.
  • Currently the spellchecker flags capitization as a spelling error.
    For example, if foo is in the dictionary, Foo is shown as a misspelling. IMHO, this is wrong.

With browsers/browser plugins offering spell checking, is this a high priority?

  • Maybe not high, but need a way to ensure the site-specific word spellings are maintained (by the site — not by the end-user).

Please also see:
(look up a word or a phrase in an online resource such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary or OmegaWiki.)


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