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Do not report bugs in wiki format on this page, or on the Dev Mailing List. Please log the issue and tag as 20.x.

Tiki 20.0 was released on June 26th, 2019. 20.x branch was created on 2019-05-25

It is a Standard Term Support (STS) version and will be supported until Tiki 21.1 is released as per the Tiki lifecycle policy

If we inform users before the release of 19.0, we can plan for increasing the minimum requirements to PHP 7.2 so users with only PHP 7.1 should know to stay on Tiki 18.x LTS. Ref: Deal with proposal for "PHP 7.1 as a minimum requirement for Tiki 19, 20 and 21LTS (proposal) and


If we increase requirements to PHP 7.2

  • scan the code for all issues
  • lib/diff should be replaced
    It is barely compatible with php 7.0 (the html diff doesn't work at all i believe) and uses the each function deprecated in php 7.2+

Potential major upgrades

Main release schedule

Planned What Completed
Saturday May 25th Branching of 20.xMay 25th
Wednesday May 29th Upgrade of May 29th
Wednesday May 29th Alpha May 29th
Thursday May 30th Upgrade of May 31st
Monday June 3rd Upgrade of Jun 3rd
Wednesday June 5th Beta Jun 5th
Wednesday June 12th Upgrade of Jun 15th
Wednesday June 19th 20.0RC1 Jun 19th
Wednesday June 26th Release of Tiki 20.0 Jun 26th
Wednesday September 4th Release of 20.1

Bugs & Wishes

Open or Pending Blockers and Regressions

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