The "Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM)" will go into maintenance mode, and the code will be forked and revamped to become its replacement, now known as the "Tiki Manager".

See also: TRIM use cases

Platform variations

Scenario Comments
1- ClearOS with PHP 5.6 connects remotely to another ClearOS which is PHP 7.0 Once this works, it very likely covers all GNU/ Linux use cases
2- ClearOS local ClearOS Test with PHP 5.6 Very similar to above, but since it's newer, there could be some edge cases
3- Cygwin local Cygwin with all components from Cygwin (svn, php7, apache, etc.) and store files within Cygwin's space. Ex.: /srv/www/htdocs/ This is the simplest test case on Windows. All self-contained. Everything should be done via Cygwin shell. Please document how to set Apache and MariaDB as services. Ex.:
4- Cygwin local Cygwin like #3 but replace with TortoiseSVN Now we add a little variation to make it easier for non coders to manage.
5- Cygwin local Cygwin like #3 but replace with MariaDB and Apache for Windows as per Have the Apache use the files stored with Cygwin space (ex.: /srv/www/htdocs/) This uses Cygwin SVN.
6- Cygwin local Cygwin with TortoiseSVN and replace with PHP / MariaDB and Apache for Windows as per, to make it more tricky, store the files outside the Cygwin space like D:\trim\ <- for trim and D:\www <- webroot for Tiki This will make it cleaner and a good test for /cygdrive/d/trim/ and /cygdrive/d/www/
7- Cygwin connects to a remote ClearOS. Use port 2002 instead of 22 If #1 to #6 are OK, it's very unlikely there would be an issue here.

Please do a quick performance comparison of #4 and #5 If performance of #4 is good, why bother with #5? With #5, we need to manually update Apache / PHP / MariaDB, where as with Cygwin, it's very easy to keep up to date.

Known bugs

  • As of r64042, make instance local on Cygwin installs Tiki outside Cygwin directory. Ex.: in C:\home\marclaporte\public_html instead of within the Cygwin directory, which would be C:\cygwin64\home\marclaporte\www in my case
  • As of r64042, make instance from Cygwin to ClearOS fails to install a trunk Tiki (Composer dependencies were not installed)

Testing sequence

The steps below are intended to minimize the number of steps and still cover all the use cases. Start the cycle on the ClearOS to ClearOS use case, fix any issues, and then, graduate to Cygwin.

Main tests (order is important)

  1. make instance 12.10 (clean install) A
    • This should create a database and user from root db account
    • Set file gallery to and upload one file Z
    • Indicate date, time, and 12.10 on home page
    • Check that alias from .htaccess to _htaccess been added and is working
  2. make instance of 12.9 (adopting a working Tiki, installed by SVN) B
  3. make blank instance C
  4. set up automated clone and upgrade from source A (12.10) to destination C (15.x) (you can run manually to test next steps right away)
    • Check C (now 15.x) that it has previous content (wiki page and file Z)
    • Update home page with time/date and upload a second file X
  5. make clone from source: B (12.9) to destination: C (15.x) (we are testing a downgrade)
    • Check that C is now at 12.9, and previously uploaded files X and Z have been removed and file Y is present and working
    • Test a make check
  6. make access to C and make sure we are in right directory
    • svn st to make sure everything is OK

Other tests (order is unimportant)

  • make watch on any instance, modify a file, and verify that it's detected (you can run manually to get test results right away)
  • test make fix on any instance
    • set incorrect permissions (ex.: remove writable for templates_c)
    • verify that this break the site (ugly white page which tells you to set permissions)
    • run make fix
    • verify that it fixes it
  • Provoke a failure (ex.: Disk full, password changed, SSH can't connect, etc.) on any automated operation and check that email alert is sent

Do test

  • access
  • backup
  • blank
  • check / verify / watch
  • clone
  • cloneandupgrade
  • fix
  • instance
  • restore
  • update
  • upgrade

Do not test

  • FTP, as we won't fix anything in the short term.
  • clean
  • convert
  • copysshkey
  • delete
  • detect
  • enablewww
  • profile
  • report
  • viewdb

Things to watch out for

  • svn version mismatch issue between ClearOS and Cygwin
  • make instance should offer sensible path for that platform
    • For ClearOS: /var/www/virtual/
    • For Cygwin, I don't know if there is a default path for virtual hosts. If so, use, if not, I propose /srv/www/virtual/