What is Steem?

Steem is a blockchain, based on approx. 15,000 Witness-servers (they pack the blocks), spreaded around the world in peer to peer networking. This blockchain has nearly 1 Million users, more or less active, depending on the exchange rate of its currencies. The users are located in developer business, or they are normal bloggers, writers, travellers and many other content deliverers. It is not a much professional group, except the developers. They are mostly outstanding good. The blockchain was founded in March 2016 by Dan Larimer and Ned Scott (Steemit Inc. NYC). Yes, there is a company participating the game, but they still tell us, the Steem it is decentralized. The amount of 15,000 witnesses is an evident proof of this statement. I am a miner on the Steem since Dec. 2016. Roughly spoken: it is a coin mine, but lots of grades different from other coin mines you might have heard about.

Proof of Work

We earn two currencies there, mainly STEEM and also the Steem bounded Dollar, called SBD, which is always worth around 1 $US. The STEEM is around $US 0.30 since 2017. We saw the 8 Cent in between but we believe, it will go to the moon one day. Nobody must understand the currencies at the moment. What you have to know is the fact, that this blockchain is much different in comparison to other blockchains. We have an algorithm running, called „Proof of Work“. Some readers may have heard about the „Proof of Stake“, the algorithm of the ie. Bitcoin blockchain. Steem is so much different, because it's monetarizing algorithm depends not on machine power, but on social interaction. That for the Steem is called a social platform, like Facebook or Reddit. We are far away from both of them,. It's just PR from New York, but we act highly social in a lot of different communities. Officially the algorithm is called today „Proof of Brain“. This expression matches the reality perfectly.. On the Steem the brains are working.

Not only Coin Miners

In short terms: Steemians write content, deliver it to the chain. Then the other Steemians read it and vote for it, when they like it. As more votes one Steemian gets, as more STEEM will come to the wallet of the account after a seven days vote period. Proof of Work is exactly, what the words mean. It is done by people, not by machines. While writing Content (no matter what about) Steemians are working. While reading content, all the readers proof, work of course and vote. Content is the matter of all media around the world. Music, words, photographs, art, movies, science – no matter what kind of. content Because of monetarizing content, the Steem ist called the blockchain for media.

Tiki should become a Condenser

Unfortunally there is not one condenser (software for interacting with a blockchain), fitting media needs and this is the reason, why Steemwiki.org exists. It should become the international platform for Steemians and media for using the Steem blockchain in a natural, human manner, covering natural human needs. In my dreams, once there will be a lot of Tikis around the world, connected to each other, and to the in- and output of the blockckchain Steem.

What for?

I have a very clear idea of how attracting media-professionals to use the Chain. We need them for the effort of our coins on stock exchanges. The Steem is built for them. On this way, the Tiki-way is far out the best framework to realize my ideas, how professional Steem-usability should really work. My expierence on the blockchain could be an advantage for the Tiki-world to become more poular very fast. That's what I believe. I want to integrate all advanced Steemians on one perfect platform to collaborate. Because not one excisting or planned condenser really fits the needs of

  • media business (authors, journalists, publishing houses, lecturers, etc.)
  • bloggers (all kinds of)
  • internet content business
  • communities
  • developers
  • coin miners
  • the „social“
  • the decentralizing
  • and so on…


I am @afrog on the blockchain, a prominent member of the German Steem-community. After two years of mining (what means blogging, reading and commentig like a maniac) I'm tired of senseless coinmining.
I am Martin (born 1952) and you can contact me via info@steemwiki.org.
My two blogs on the Steem, viewed by the Steemit-condenser:

OK. Some more ami…

I am in IT business since 40 years, always as an selfmade allrounder and never afraid of big problems. I want to help this genious blockchain by doing something pretty new. Something, what helps the Steem to become more popular, what helps the bloggerss to become professional authors, what helps the publishing houses to use their own blockchain at least. I understand the social function of the Steem very well, much more better than these business professionals from New York. Lots of advanced Steemians call the Steemit Inc. STINC. You understand, what it means.
Now I need a helping hand, To teach me how to code PHP in the meaning of the Tiki-way. It would not be so much work for you. I always learned by doing. I know Joomla, Prestashop, experienced in HTML, CSS and now a little bit in Javascript. I know some SQL statements, and once before when I've studied Anthropology I have been the D-Base specialist of my faculty in Frankfurt. My PC-OS is Ubuntu-Studio and the Steemwiki runs on a virtual Ubuntu server at the hosters site, Release 18.04. In 2014 I throwed out all the Microsoft-stuff from my Computers and there has been not one reason, to touch it again.

Thank you for reading and see you in SteemWiki.

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