In addition to Online Publishing House - Image handling, we need a way to take advantage of Tiki Draw

Layer 1 Tiki Draw lets you make nice drawings thanks to SVG-edit Now, how to get a nice PDF?

Online Drawing Shelf

User can create an empty shelf
User can add objects to a shelf by browsing a library or d&d objects
User can save shelfs
User can add objects from shelfs to stages by d&d
User can customize Online Drawing for eg. Graphical Story Telling or UML Modelling.
User can access a Library of Vector Graphics (.svg?) and Raster Images (.png or other with alpha)
User can add a canvas area to a page
User can define multiple Layers within each canvas
User can share access to a canvas to allow Interactive Collaborative Object Placement (advanced White-board)
User can save key frames and define time interval for playback of those

See: flockdraw or drawmything (needs a image preloading)

SVG to PDF conversion