Mail-in Revamp in trunk (12 SVN)

The new things include

  • Structure routing. Link mailed-in content to a structure. User filters specify routing rules.
  • Inline images (HTML email). These pages are written in HTML.
  • Permission checking. There was previously no permission checking!
  • Possible to auto-assign new pages to a category
  • Manual check trigger in the mail-in admin panel
  • Limit admins mail-in permissions
  • Possible to force HTML email stored in HTML format
  • Several fixes, including subject encoding

Mail-in requires a dedicated POP3 account.
A mail download can be scheduled (e.g. every 30 minutes) or done manually.

Users are required to have both edit and attach permissions to save a wiki page.

New permission: tiki_p_send_mailin
Can send email to a mail-in accounts, and have the email integrated. Only applies when the mail-in setting "anonymous" = n (tiki_p_send_mailin)

The new permission tiki_p_send_mailin is used to limit who can mail-in web pages (must have edit and attach permissions additionally).

The option "Keep HTML format" will for HTML email, write the wiki page in HTML format, regardless of editor availability and selection. This may make it difficult to edit such pages, if in wiki mode and no HTML editor is activated. However, the visual reproduction is much better in HTML.

The wishlist below should be rechecked.

Structure Routing

Each user can define a set of "structure routes" for mailed-in content.

In the example below, all email sent in by the user containing the word "gmail" (case insensitive comparison), will be routed to the root node of the s
astruct. (
= namespace separator)

Mail In Capture 20130625050007 821 0.png
The parent page must be located in the selected structure. If specified, the mailed-in page will be listed as the first child node.

Note that the "edit structure" permission is required, on the target structure, to add a page. Thus the user mailing in the new page, must have this permission to have the page processed. If the structure is linked to a category, the "edit structure" permission must be granted at category level.

Validated email clients

  • Outlook 2010
  • GMail

Setting up mail-in

First make sure that the interaction with the email server works.
"Allow anonymous access" will disable all permission checking. This is useful when first setting up mail-in.
You usually want to disable "Allow anonymous access" afterwards.

The adjust the mail-in security settings
You may consider disabling "Allow admin access".

Possible permission setup

  1. Create a mail-in category, and a mail-in group
  2. Mark mail-in category as auto assigned the mail-in admin panel.
  3. Allow the mail-in group the following permissions on the mail-in category: "view page", "edit page", "can view attachments" and "attach to wiki".
    1. Note: If structure routing is enabled, the mail-in group also needs the "edit structure" permission on the target structure.
  4. Assign the global "mailing send" permission to the mail-in group.

Users assigned to the mail-in group should then be able to create wiki pages from email.


RatingSubjectSubmitted byImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityCategoryVolunteered to solveLastModifComments
(0) is no longer getting messages from tiki-develMarc Laporte10 high770
  • Dogfood on a * site
  • Regression
(0) Rejected email are received forever if tiki user is not authorised to use mailinBernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist7535
  • Usability
marclaporte-02 Nov 19
(0) Synchronize Forum and external Mailinglist (Mailman)Frank Guthausen6424
  • Error
  • Feature request
  • Regression
(0) Tracker mail-in (in addition to forum, wiki & articles)Marc Laporte30
  • Feature request
(0) Mail doesn't work for wikiBigGosh60
  • Error
  • Patch
biggosh-11 Mar 07
(0) Mailin comment to a page using RE:RobKelley70
  • Feature request
(0) pop port appears hardcoded to 110dgm70
  • Error
(0) POP3 collected e-mail not correctly integrated into forumJan Krohn50
  • Error
JanKrohn-04 Jan 09
(0) Forum post by email - duplicate emails render forum inaccessiblejhamell20
  • Error
(0) allow article mailin to use both header and bodyRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties70
  • Feature request
(0) forum mailin should update on regular basisRick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties60
  • Usability
  • Consistency
jhamell-30 Apr 10
(0) Confirmation / Validation Emails upon registration encoding problemdexl9 high0
  • Error
  • Regression
(0) Bug in registration procedurealain_desilets90
  • Error
Nelson Ko2013-10-200
(0) Tikiwiki mailin is broken in 1.8.5; patches are simple, and attachedswampfox50
  • Error
  • Patch
marclaporte-12 Jun 07
(0) Mailin Article-Put doesn't post attachment?RobKelley50
  • Support request
(0) Remove Array() message on each and every Mailin post?RobKelley50
  • Error
  • Feature request
(0) Record Mail-in events in action logArild Berg0
  • Feature request
pascalstjean-09 Nov 13
(0) Adding POP Mailaccount to a forum causes WSOD for that forumTorsten Fabricius ☺️10 high0
  • Regression
  • Release Blocker
Jonny Bradley2017-05-020
(0) Mail-In to Forum does not follow thread when original post has movedwalls150020
  • Error
  • Patch
(0) Forwarded messages to a mail-in forum are prefixed with "FW: "walls15001 low0
  • Error
(0) Mail-in: recognize "from" email and assign action to the correct userMarc Laporte40
  • Feature request

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