The Copyright Management System (or ©MS) is a way of licensing your content, typically under and open or free content license, such as the Gnu Free Documentation License or the Open Game License. By switching this feature on you can define a content license for all your wiki content, associate copyright notices with individual pages and even display a full license for printing.


Investigate as a possible replacement for the current Copyright feature. Possibility even a more general feature to have custom meta-data on each wiki page & revision.

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(0) Copyright and license for *.tw.o siteSEWilco9 high45
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SEWilco-12 Feb 09
(0) Special Characters with tilde ~ don't seem to workmrisch735
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(0) Link in "license page" field is incorrectly displayedcarsten_ie735
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(0) plugin copyright produces nothing...Xavier de Pedro630
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(0) Copyright management is brokenmrisch525
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mrisch-19 Aug 07