Some notes about the plans and progress on WYSIWYG for Tiki 12 LTS


  • Refactoring and cleaning
    • Convert all WYSIWYG related AJAX code into Services
      • AutoSave (save, get, delete)
      • HtmlProcessing (conversion functions, towiki, tohtml, )
      • Preview
      • Inline (save)
  • elFinder Integration
    • Use elFinder in a dialog to replace the current "popup window" filegal manager
    • Enable other Tiki functions in elFinder
      • Description (read & write)
      • Versions
      • Show fileId somewhere
      • Compress (and make extract better so it extracts into a new gallery)
  • Plugins
    • Make all plugins apart from img (only probably) non-wysiwyg. I.e. only images will look like their final on-page representation, all others will be shown as "fake elements" similar to how ckeditor shows page breaks etc.