In the early days of the project, a Tiki Backup (tiki-backup.php) feature was added.

It worked but this is inherently unsafe because it's like performing surgery on yourself. It was progressively removed from the menus and then from the application. In Tiki 4.0, there are no traces left.

Use phpmyadmin or mysqldump instead as described at doc:Backup.

Or even better, use doc:TRIM, dev:TRIM (Tiki Remote Instance Manager), a combination of shell and PHP scripts to install, update, backup, restore and monitor (check security of) a large number of Tiki installations (instances).

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(2) Offline Tiki: add a way to save/view content offlineedjusted339
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david@ndu-30 Jul 20
(0) Round Robin / Redundancy / Disaster planning for all * contentMarc Laporte9654
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marclaporte-28 Sep 12
(0) tiki-backup.php is completely broken. Do NOT use.Marc Laporte735
  • Error
Marc Laporte2010-01-150
(0) Pages with spaces in their names cannot be accessed from a Wiki dump.tikiuser32630
  • Patch
  • Conflict of two features (each works well independently)
  • Less than 30-minutes fix
(0) Dumps do not include wiki file attachmentstikiuser32420
  • Usability
(0) TRIM make backup and php console.php database:backup -> Community recipe for protection against data inconsistency in backups (especially for large projects)Marc Laporte8216
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marclaporte-02 Jul 17
(0) tiki-backup.php showing wrong path (img gal) for file gal pathXavi (as xavidp - admin)315
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(0) Suggested shell backup procedure using existing scriptsMarc Laporte315
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