This should be done either by extending a component already in Tiki, such as H5P or Diagram

Making nice banners usually involves a designers, creating a Flash file and uploading to the site. See also Prezitations

How about a web-based alternative? Please add your ideas, examples & links on this page.

  • Images could be taken from the File Gallery.
  • Output could be with jQuery or Flash
    • I vote for JQuery - Flash would need a lot of new stuff to generate SWFs from PHP/SQL data (jonnyb)
  • Perhaps instructions could be in a wiki page (so if text or image of banner should change...) with wiki to jQuery plugin...
    • We should use a YAML-based syntax so this can share parsing code with the profiles/install libs
    • A simple (to start with) handler based on the profiles handler could define events, timings, graphics, transitions, links etc
  • Banner should be clickable
  • Also
    • Banners need to rotate (by having several defined on one page)
    • What about compatibility with existing bannerlib?
    • Should be able to use and mix with external "industry standard" banner systems (if there really is such a thing)

An idea for animations vith SVG-edit in Tiki Slideshows

{draw id="100"}

In the next slides, we could add params so each slide could add/remove objects or layers

{draw id="100" layer=2}
  • notlayer
  • layer
  • objectid
  • notobjectid
  • etc