was running rock-solid 1.9.11 until 2008-07-11

Beyond eating our own Dogfood, 2.0 has some features which would be useful. The list below is a reminder of what to activate when we upgrade.


  • filter userlist by group (only developers should be in the list of assigned to)

I'm actively working on this for because I need it sooner rather than later. Will incorporate changes into 1.10 branch when working in -kerrnel22

Probably better to add flags to each of the user-select fields to elect if the tracker should send the email since those specific fields are custom to the dev tracker. Otherwise we're looking at a user-controllable options page for Tracker (probably not a bad idea in the vein of task-orientation, but I think Tracker code base needs to be cleaned up first before a major addition like that - am advocating a refactor after these two features are added). Would like to implement a "no email" to the user if they are the one making the change. Welcome thoughts since I'll be mucking with this shortly as I need this feature as well. -kerrnel22

  • filter on two values (added jan 2008) We want a report on bugs & usability bugs affecting 1.9.x
    • Report on closed or pending feature requests for 1.10 to populate Tikiwiki 1.10
  • Adding tips when people fill out trackers. So categories like "Bug : Regression (Newly introduced bug during stabilization (ex.: 1.9.7 -> 1.9.8)" can be much shorter
  • Stats to know how many trackers in each category

Tracker ratings

Tracker ratings have a few issues in 1.9.x so I pulled them out until we move to 1.10 and fix them there (if they are not already fixed)


  • Watch categories (ex.: I want an email for any changes to tracker items in all patches or File Gallery (for example)
  • Add link in each page of the Keywords to be notified about activity in this category