This page is to document "what Tiki should do". For feature documentation (what Tiki does), please see corresponding page on doc site


For what's new in Tiki4 and release notes, please visit tiki4.

Below is coordination notes used by developers.

If we do a 4.3: backport r26473 to proposals/4.x for inclusion in one last release of 4.x

  1. branches/4.x was created on 2009-11-03
  2. Tiki 4.0 was released on 2009-11-15
  3. Tiki 4.1 was released on 2009-12-15
  4. If you have fixes, please see Where to Commit.


  1. To release Tiki4 in October November 2009 with all features of bundled profiles working out-of-the box. In Tiki3, it was: http://profiles.tikiwiki.org/Profiles_in_30_installer (could be the same 4)
  2. Generate proper release/upgrade notes
  3. Try to document new features over at doc: Tiki4


  • If a feature is buggy and can't be fixed in time, it should be removed from the profiles.
  • Very buggy features should be tagged as experimental
  • After 4.0 is released, the Quality Team kicks in. It's more overhead to fix bugs after, so let's fix them now! biggrin



Daily snapshot

You can use & test Tiki4 already!


Version Date Notes
Feature freeze October 10th All major decisions are taken and stuff which is not ready is pulled out. branches like Kaltura must be merged in before this date
Make branches/4.x October 15th We decided to wait a bit more
Upgrade themes.tw.o to branch4 October 15th http://dev.tikiwiki.org/How+to+release#To_branch_or_not_to_branch http://dev.tikiwiki.org/How+to+release#To_merge_or_not_to_merge
Upgrade doc.tw.o to branch4 October 21st TikiFestOrlando (start)
Upgrade tw.o (community) to Tiki4 October 24th TikiFestOrlando (end)
Tiki4Alpha (skipped) October 24th TikiFestOrlando (end)
Upgrade dev.tw.o to branch4 November 1st TikiFestToronto4 (start)
Tiki4Beta November 5th TikiFestToronto4 (end)
Upgrade profiles.tw.o to branch4 November 9th TikiFestMontreal4 (start)
Tiki4ReleaseCandidate November 9th TikiFestMontreal4 (start)
Tiki4.0 released November 14th TikiFestMontreal4 (end)
Upgrade info.tw.o to Tiki4 November 14th TikiFestMontreal4 (end)

  • upgrading to branch4 includes keeping up to date every few days.
  • A note should be added at the top of each *.tw.o site that "This site is currently being used to test upcoming Tiki4. It's normal to see bugs. Please help by reporting and fixing."


  • Can we branch, then delete unfinished features from branches/4 but not upstream these deletions to trunk (because they will be worked on there).
    • Marc will add doc to restore
  • How much can we improve our release procedure?



  • Decide about branching for proposed branches (Quality Team)
    • branches/proposed3.x and branches/proposed4.x ?
    • ML has a suggestion to keep branches/4.x in semi-open mode for a few more weeks, while the merge script 4x to trunk is still working well. This would be until 4.1 and then, we go with the usual quality team process

UI & Doc

  • Better explanation for 5 leftover categories permissions that deleting: tiki_p_edit_categorized, tiki_p_edit_categories, tiki_p_view_categories, tiki_p_view_categorized, tiki_p_search_categorized
    • With possible work on categ upgrade script, or just a note in release notes
  • Group & Permission UI (Jonny & Marc): Default to new perm interface, with a link to old ones
  • tiki_p_modify_object_categories -> make more clear as it's not in the category section in perms


Upgrade error message


Image upload doesn't insert tiki code

When "Use File Galleries to store pictures" is disabled, a normal file upload button is shown to upload images to the server. But nowadays no code is written in the place where the cursor was, nor anywhere else of the page. r23238 in doc.tw.o . Using firefox 3.5 Fixed in current svn

When "Use File Galleries to store pictures" is enabled (again in doc.tw.o, using r23238), if the image was already in the file gallery, clicking on the image name doesn't insert the tiki code in the wiki page.http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=2&filegals_manager=edit Fixed in current svn

  • clicking on plugin icons inserts the code at the bottom of the page
    using tikiwiki4rc1: clicking on the backlink plugin icon, from the helper, inserted the code at the bottom of the edit area, noin t where the cursor was placed. Using firefox 3.5pre Seems fixed in current svn.

  • selection of category fields in tracker items is lost when you re-edit the item.
    inserting tracker items in dev.tw.o works fine (through Make a wish and directly through tracker5. However, editing those bug reports seems not to be allowed as expected, because selection to the category fields is lost when you edit the tracker item again to update it, and thus, since one of them is compulsory, the changes can not be saved if you don't re-select the category checkboxes. Works for me nowdadays. Maybe it was some sort of issue with firefox cache . After clearing firefox cache it worked.


  • tiki_p_modify_object_categories -> for module change_category

Easy stuff

  • List pages and last changes, should have an edit wiki page box (WYSIWYCA) because new users often don't know how to start.
  • tiki-admin.php?page=sefurl -> add a test to see if _htaccess has been renamed, or at least add a note at the top
  • It's because, we don't have PDO on our server. You have to add $api_tiki='adodb' in db/local.php Maybe someone could add a test in tiki-db to check if PDO-MYSQL is on and not only PDO

4.0 tagged wishes