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This is a temporary page with notes for a __possible__ future project (no promises). The name may change. Type of page »  Projects

Infrastructure Revamp


Make Tiki easier to install, easier to upgrade, easier to backup, faster, less resource-intensive, more secure, and more robust on various server settings. Once Tiki is installed, making it easier to administer is covered by AdminUIRevamp

The main tool is TRIM, which may be superseded by Configuration Management and Systems Orchestration

It could include:

  • improvements to the documentation
  • improvements to the code
  • adding feedback mechanisms to detect, report and deal with issues.

Project would include aspects of :


SSH-SVN installs

  • Setup.sh and fixperms.sh have been merged. They should protect SVN directory so cron-secdb is efficient or maybe secdb should have two modes, cvs install and ftp install.

FTP installs

Warning system for getting hacked with cron job and optional notify tiki.org secdb + cron job should catch all for ftp installs
Mods enhance (at least the docs) for use with accounts that don't have shell.


  • Identify the main issues/opportunities
  • Identify who could work on the project
  • Check how other open source projects do it.
  • Prioritize and attack the point, one by one.

Possibly in this project.

Import and export stuff (ex.: importing data from other wikis or forums)



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