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Feedback for Tiki7 Use file galleries for wiki attachments

r35073: bug: if you upload a file to a wiki page, the file gallery is created but the file is not uploaded to this newly created gallery fixed for 7.1




  • File gallery names are chopped off at 80 characters, but wiki pages are sometimes longer
  • What happens if page is renamed or deleted?
    • File Gallery is not deleted and there is no way to manually delete ex.: tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=272 has no delete button and since it's not browseable like most file galleries, I can't delete from parent view
  • Once you activate, existing attachments are no longer available
    • yet, they are still in tiki-admin.php?page=wikiatt
  • There should be a way (beyond WebDAV) to navigate all file galleries that are linked to wiki pages
    • It would be nice to have an optional column here: tiki-listpages.php
  • There is no script to move data back and forth from wiki_attach to file_gal?
  • It creates a file gallery for each page (even if it doesn't yet have a file attached) and thus, since your last visit grows.
  • Archives are working at tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=6 but not on the wiki page
    • Workaround is to not use archives

UI to improve

  • All operations (Replace, edit properties, etc) should send you back to the wiki page after.
  • wiki attachments in File Gallery: search result link doesn't link to wiki page?
    • Can be fixed more easily with improvements in Tiki8

to test

  • Watch : does it work for file gallery attached to wiki page?
  • Search in Files : test with Lucene (expected to be OK)
  • Check if perms are OK


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Making Image galleries obsolete

Please indicate below what is needed to make Image Galleries obsolete. (and thus they can be removed because everyone will be using file galleries).

  1. A data migration script.
    • See Robert Plummer, who has a basic script
  2. Redirect scripts so old URLs work
  3. Features/characteristics that image galleries have that file galleries don't:
    • Separate thumbnail files are created
    • Can set size of thumbnails and regenerate
    • PNG images don't seem to lose transparency like they do with file galleries
    • Can scale images (although this has never worked for me)
    • Can browse full size images with one image per page with related info
    • Can sort thumbnail view by name, date, hits, user, size


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