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This has been removed as it's handled by the browsers nowadays... You can add grammar checking to Firefox with http://www.afterthedeadline.com/

We need to deal with several languages (IE and Firefox propose spellchecker).

This feature is usefull when searching. It should be used in google-like way.

For enchancing perfomance, spellcheking dictionaries have to be imported into separated table in the Tiki database.

  • We should make more available and dogfood this.
  • Need ability to add new words to the dictionary.
  • Currently the spellchecker flags capitization as a spelling error.
    For example, if foo is in the dictionary, Foo is shown as a misspelling. IMHO, this is wrong.

With browsers/browser plugins offering spell checking, is this a high priority?

  • Maybe not high, but need a way to ensure the site-specific word spellings are maintained (by the site — not by the end-user).

Please also see:
(look up a word or a phrase in an online resource such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary or OmegaWiki.)


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