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.htaccess issue, Page Not Found, 404 Error
Using the supplied .htaccess file, when a non existent file and directory is requested for OThER than .htm files, a 404 is not generated and an unformatted version of the home page is opened. For example see uticacurlingclub.org/junk/junk.htm which generates a normal 404 which is redirected to a custom page, and uticacurlingclub.org/junk/junk.pdb which does not. I suspect this is an issue with .htaccess.
tracker item
'Display Post new comment form by default' pref broken
tracker item
'Kyiv,' not 'Kiev'
tracker item
"A problem occurred detecting Javascript" on dev.tiki.org
tracker item
"Add or remove from a group" is broken in User management
tracker item
Ability to sort, edit and delete Forum Sections
tracker item
Add Conditional Actions for Tracker Fields
tracker item
Add foreach / concat calculation function on dynamic itemList field type (like we have with itemList)
tracker item
Admin's "Switch to user" broken at tiki.org
tracker item
Allow to create show.t.o AND show2.t.o for the same bug report
tracker item
allow to expose pivottable ui to tiki-monitor-stream (notifications system) with usual default time-based aggregations by months, weeks and days
tracker item
Anchor links on headings: Be able to select the headings it will be applied to
tracker item
Backlinks failed to display in the wiki page
tracker item
Better verbose on empty calculation field
tracker item
Bootstrap layout - site's title and subtile is shown twice
tracker item
Broken link from the Tiki Installer
tracker item
buttons to enter tiki with or without locking it overlap
tracker item
Change in condition inside a calculation field (breaks rebuilt index operation and calculation)
tracker item
Can't switch order of menu options
tracker item
Change how categorize.php works for sites with a lot of categories
tracker item
Changed names of custom modules will create a new custom
tracker item
Cleaning and improving console.php batch:upload command feedback
tracker item
PluginTogether should replace the url associated with the Edit page button so that co-editors are automagically offered to go to the session with collaborative edition instead of the warning of edition conflict
tracker item
clicking on marker of geolocated wiki page on a map produces no popup box anymore (loading...)
tracker item
console , translation:getstrings with a single language argument create (duplicate) an .old file for all languages
tracker item
Console commands no longer respect multitiki --site param
tracker item
Console, translation:getstrings argument basedir not working outside a Tiki (documentation missing ?)
tracker item
Console command console.php file:check throws a notice about storage location
tracker item
PluginConvene: avoid duplicating content under some circumstances
tracker item
Country user preference keeps resetting to Other
tracker item
Create a forum within a forum (sub-forum)
tracker item
Create a Tracker field type UUID similar to autoincrement field
tracker item
Create tiki_p_tracker_view_history to better handle roles
tracker item
Creating a new SVN/GIT instance using the web manager doesn’t work ( CLI worked)
tracker item
Deleting multiple files in a files archives do nothing
tracker item
Deleting user on tiki.org does not load confirmation dialog in Bootstrap modal
tracker item
dev.t.o search shows no output
tracker item
dev.t.o: allowtableexpansion in PluginList fails while in PluginTrackerList works as expected + icon inconsistency
tracker item
dev.t.o: plugin popup helper failed twice for pivottable
tracker item
Devlist archives on the Tiki forum = WSoD
tracker item
Disable Composer for official release package
tracker item
Display nicer message when composer is not yet installed
tracker item
Edit plugin helper icons stopped working on tiki.org
tracker item
Editing a Gantt Chart shows missleading messages: success and error
tracker item
Using actions menu modal (actions menu or plugin list) is broken
tracker item
Browse Gallery option does not insert files or images syntax into wiki page
tracker item
Error in statistics "Column 'parentId' in where clause is ambiguous" when Forum is activated / wrong visit counts
tracker item
Error thrown dividing a result from a date using a mathematical field
tracker item
Expose Action log data to the pivottable plugin
tracker item
Extend GanttChart to allow filtering as in other PluginList-based plugins for real-world use cases
tracker item
Extended support for additional user input controls like checkboxes and dropdowns (single/multi selections)
tracker item
Fatal errors when applying "Random Header Images" profile since 20.x
tracker item
File Galleries (File upload failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0)
tracker item
Files (images) become corrupted after upload (?)
tracker item
Footnote sameas tag does not function
tracker item
Editing a Page: Footnote UI (Plugin Helper) Fails to Open After First Entry
tracker item
Form element "select" are missing "custom-select" in CSS class to refine UI of themes using Bootstrap
tracker item
Forum pagination is broken when there is more than one page for a thread on tiki.org
tracker item
Forum post preview deletes post content
tracker item
Fresh install sets default directories for file storage which do not exist on fresh installs
tracker item
File Galleries: very long gallery name causes fatal error
tracker item
Gallery file deleted after edit
tracker item
GanttChart changes in StartIsMilestone and EndIsMilestone don't get saved across editions
tracker item
GDPR: Email Validation for Tracker Item Creation
tracker item
geolocated tracker items not shown in map any more in Profile GeoCMS Maps since 21.x
tracker item
H5P directory is not writable: storage/public/h5p + missleading success and error messages combined
tracker item
H5P feature partially breaks File Gallery when activated
tracker item
H5P Plugin: Cannot find H5P content with fileId
tracker item
Image galleries to file galleries migration script fails
tracker item
It is not possible to select a gallery when uploading an image using the toolbar (tested dev.tiki.org)
tracker item
Importing MS Visio .vsd in PluginDiagram fails with 'mxscript is not defined' while same process succeeds in draw.io with same tool version
tracker item
Improve pagination tools (Rows and Page vertical alignment is not correct)
tracker item
Improve the Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field type to include Javascript and/or PHP
tracker item
Improving the user experience when inline editing a tracker
tracker item
index.php in the storage directory folder shouldn’t be reported as an issue
tracker item
Insertion_syntax is broken when uploading a file in a wiki page using the Tikifile upload icon (plugin?)
tracker item
Installer encoding issue
tracker item
Installer steps list bad contrast
tracker item
It is not possible to name a page starting with "tiki wiki"
tracker item
Javascript error on the login page using Safari
tracker item
Like feature for Comments and more
tracker item
Login with user "admin" doesn't work when CAS authentication is enabled
tracker item
Make ItemsList Tracker Fields Editable
tracker item
Make PivotTable charts (plotly) responsive or map rendererOptions width and height from plugin params
tracker item
Mass replace in wiki pages fails
tracker item
media-alchemist package installation errors
tracker item
Missing 'save' button when editing a structure
tracker item
Modals in 20.x show tracker item edit fields narrower than in 18.x which were full width when tracker section format is set to tabs
tracker item
mPDF generates an empty (blank) document on the t.o forum
tracker item
New parameter to set by default (for all new gallery) the maximum of version (archive) per file.
tracker item
New user registration at tiki.org returns "An error occurred while performing the request" screen
tracker item
no progress dialog in tiki-21 installer
tracker item
No TAKE button shown once set a webmail IMAP account. Clear docs and profile update needed for Groupmail
tracker item
No Vue JS Tracker field Rules appear for checkbox or any other field
tracker item
No way to move or delete an assigned module
tracker item
Not happy change in the installer background
tracker item
Odd feedback messages when creating a page in a structure
tracker item
Packages Duplicate Vendors
tracker item
Packages fail with uninstallable package
tracker item
Packages Timeout
tracker item
PDF creation of articles
tracker item
Perspective's theme preference isn't applied on some admin pages.
tracker item
tracker item
Plugin Convene add name and choices at the same time with a clear "save" button (mimic Doodle )
tracker item
Plugin insert / editing inline is broken (regression)
tracker item
plugin list filter by category doesn't work on dev.t.o
tracker item
Plugin Convene should suggest by default the username of the user viewing the page as the one to be added
tracker item
PluginConvene UI doesn't display X number cells when casting choices after user added X number of new dates
tracker item
PluginGanttChart how to expose zoom level param fromthe jquery app to the tiki plugin
tracker item
Preference multiselect returning string instead of array
tracker item
Presence of a "/", problem of URL and inclusion of resources
tracker item
Printing page produce an empty document on Safari and Chrome, work on Firefox
tracker item
Profile "Preview Changes" button just brings up modal with fatal error
tracker item
Proposition: REST API "adaptor" code
tracker item
Recent preferences menu empty
tracker item
Registration confirm email and change password fail
tracker item
Reordering of menu options not working
tracker item
Replace Emoticons with Emoji
tracker item
Resource Checkout System and rental pool (to reserve rooms, books, cars, etc).
I would like to have someone develop a resource checkout system. This could be for a small library of books, videos, etc. or other resource that people can check out (company van, etc.).

Admin Side:
* Category admin
* Resource admin
* Users admin
* Inventory status (what is checked out, what is in stock etc.)
* Users who currently have the item
* Checkout length admin (custom settings by item, or blanket timeframe, or no checkout length)

User Side:
* List of items available (categorized by type: videos, books, tapes, etc.)
* List of items you are on the waiting list for
* Your position in the list (You are 3rd in line for this item)

Automatic Pieces:
* User notification of an item coming due / past due
* User notification that the item they were waiting for has been checked back in.

This might also be able to be expanded to serve as a rental pool with just a little extra work.

((Shopping Cart))
tracker item
Save and Comment and Save Returning to Item List doesn't work with Safari
tracker item
Search file name from top file gallery doesn't find it when it is in child
tracker item
Share broken on t.o: emails not sent and alert-warning box says undefined
tracker item
Share feature allows access 1 time less than value set in threshold
tracker item
Slides in 21.x: Section about wiki page comments wrongly placed on top of all slide titles
tracker item
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The following is a list of keywords that should serve as hubs for navigation within the Tiki development and should correspond to documentation keywords.

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