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Visual Mapping

This page combines "concept mapping" and "mind mapping", Topic Maps and Flow Charts.

Over the years, we have had wiki 3D as a Java applet and an option in Flash, none of which were really working well. So it's to revamp this to a HTML5 solution.

Topic Maps

Concept Map

Flow chart

How to add flowchart feature in Tiki?

An example:


Needs to work with Mozilla Together

SVG-edit idea

Could SVG-edit be used as a front-end?
It would require more intuitive UI with object autocreation on entering text and auto-snapping capabilities ala MindMeister. Signature luciash d' being

Trackers to store the actual data

Similar to CartoGraf, could we have a nice front-end, but with all the data stored in trackers (where it could interacted with programmatically)?

Items with:
1- shapes / icon / colors
2- text label
3- links to other items (and these links can also have shapes / icons
4- meta-data from trackers

New feature of 3.0 See doc:MindMap

 RatingSubjectSubmitted byCategoryImportanceEasy to solve?PriorityVolunteered to solveLastModifComs
closed -2 -1 1 2 (0) Help Dynamic mind mapping of wiki linksRegisFeature request
marclaporte-11 Jun 08
open -2 -1 1 2 (0) Help Backlinks between trackers and wiki pages (and maybe forums)marclaporteFeature request
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
open -2 -1 1 2 (0) Help Mindmap: blank page on dev.tikiwiki.org and doc.tikiwiki.orgBug: Error
Dogfood on a *.tiki.org site
MacLeod-10 Sep 09
open -2 -1 1 2 (0) Help MindMap support multilingualjp_eagleFeature request

Objective 1: Built into Tiki a mind mapping tool that will allow us to have a dynamic overview of all links pointing to a page.

Example : wikimindmap.org

Mind map should display :

- All links to a page
- Categories related to a page
- Tags related to a page

Comments :

- Make each page name clickable
- Make it easy to automatically re-organize the mind map (ex : select a secondary page and make it the central page - see the green icon in wikimindmap.org).
- Make it possible to insert this dynamic mind map via wiki markup in a wiki page

Objective 2: Built into TikiWiki a MindMapping tool that will allow users dynamic mindmapping (conceptualisation) in wiki page and transformation of MindMap into linear form.

Mind map should enable:
-Multiple users work in MindMap (all that have access to the page),
-Transformation of MindMap into "linear" form, which could be used as template for creation of wiki site (chapters, subchapters, ...).

-MindMapping is in process of wiki use (for example in project management) before creation of wiki page.
-Wiki page creation for project management is logical continuation of MindMapping and this tools belongs together
-How I work now?
a) I have to create MindMap in FreeMind (and this is NOT collaborative MindMapping!), export it into Word document, copy/paste it into wiki page and create the content in wiki.
b) I have to create MindMapp in MindMeister (this IS collaborative MindMapping!), export it into Word document, copy/paste it into wiki page and create the content in wiki.
-In my opinion MindMap + Wiki are tools which should be used together (one login).
-It would be good to have both an export tool to Freemind, such as in wikimindmap.org and an import tool from Freemind into TikiWiki.

I don't know them. Just see collaborative MindMapping on MindMeister and normal MindMapping on FreeMind

Objective 3: Enable future semantic wiki developments

Freemind, mindmanager, wikimindmap only enable hierarchical links. Tools such as Compendium and Cohere permit non hierarchical links. It would be good if the coding for TikiWiki mindmapping tool would permit such future developments. This semantic wiki developments could support the use of TikiWiki for collaborative argument maps.

Feedback from old test site:

Observations on actual features :

- Opening a page by clicking the name of the page works well so far. However it opens a new tab in the browser. Is this always appropriate? Not sure.
Also if you are not on the home page and click on the mind map tool, it will open the map by showing the home page as the center point. It should display the page we are working on in the center.

- Center a link by clicking the green icon works so far.

- External links are not showed. See Tiki mind map

  1. If you are on wikimindmap.org and look at the map, you see a node called "July 2003 Project of the Month" followed by a white and blue icon showing that it is an external link not an article. This doesn't work yet.
  2. If you click on mind map in this wiki, the external link wrote some lines ahead is represented in the mind map as an wiki page and only "Tikiwiki" appears not "Tikiwiki mind map". If you click on it the link is not working.

Future enhancements :

- differentiate backlinks
- add a pop up menu to see page related tags or categories


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