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Experimental Branches

Experimental branches are SVN branches which are not immediately destined to be released in the main code base and thus, are a good way to make tests, show a proof-of-concept, which when ready, can be merged into trunk, for release in the next version of Tiki.

This is a similar idea, but different than features which are part of the main Tiki code base but tagged as Experimental.

Experimental branches are great in the early stage of development because you can change directions without consequence. Once you merge into trunk (since some people are running sites on trunk), you need to handle the Database Schema Upgrade. On the other hand, things don't get tested as much in experimental branches. So eventually, you've got to merge to trunk :-)

This is a page to link to other pages about specific experimental branches

All experimental branches:


Page Status "Owner" Notes Last updated
ckeditor4 ongoing arildb 2013
xajax_removal closed jonnyB Feb 2011
coe_fgal_relook2? ongoing Nyloth? 2010 / 2011
wysiwyg_ckeditor_update done jonnyb merged into 6.x and removed in r30894 Aug 2010 for Tiki 6.x
ExperimentalBranches coe? ? Sept? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches coe_filegal_manager? ? Sept? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches eSheet? ? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches gettext? in progress UserPagerodrigo Mar 2011
ExperimentalBranches InnoDB Merged arildb To Tiki 8.0 SVN 2011-09-20 Added Sep 2011
ExperimentalBranches kernel-2.5? ? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches tiki-log-merge? in progress Sept Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches tiki-pdo? Merged? LPH? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches tracker_ui_macros? ? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches translationUIRevamp? dead? Alain D & jonny B Being done in trunk for Tiki5 Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches ui-enhancement? ? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches ui-revamp? dead? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches ui-revamp2? slightly less dead? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranches webdav? ? ? Added here Jan 2010
ExperimentalBranchesWorkSpaces Merged? Ben and Aldo GSoC project August 2009
ExperimentalBranches ws? Dead? Ben and/or Aldo? Probably a dead Workspaces branch Added here Jan 2010

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