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Continuous Integration


Tiki releases every 6 months. However, the next release should ideally be "releasable at any time". Also, actual releases should be very easy (goal: 30 minutes for the technical part).

To get closer to these goals, we are working on setting up a community Continuous Integration server.

Wishlist for Tiki community

Pre-Dogfood Server

For humans to be able to see yesterday's data with tomorrow's code

Profiles demo server

  • Having a test server with main profiles applied regularly, for testing/demo.

Continuous build

For the daily pre-release zip file to be as close as possible to the final one

Continuous Testing Server

Machines testing code, according to a series of tests

  • Run all tests
    • Check PHP & Smarty Syntax, etc.
    • Check that all JavaScript can be safely minified with JSLint
    • Detect closing ?> tags from DevTips
  • Run the security tests regularly (monthly?) and report to Security Team about new potentially risky files
  • Ideas from How to improve the release process
  • etc

Please see Continuous Testing Server

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